Domenic Cortese 6-9-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, June 9th

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Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WB EN. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here are sure host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvement Dominic Cortese. Good morning and welcome to emirates and radio on WVU and this is Dominic Cortese in studio for you. Within open phone line format today anything on the house I can help you with give us a call 8030930. That's 803. Or 930 outside buffalo you can call me for free at 180616. WB and cell calls are welcome at start earning thirty. Or we can take a taxed at 30930. In the way you wanted to reach out to me. Give us a call right now on WB and we'll entertain. Your home improvement dilemma. As we get ready to launch summer in western new York and a lot of activities a lot of plans for the weekend and on minimal time to get it done so let's. Do the short cut. And walk you through the right way to do things here right now and and WB yen so you hear a lot about curb appeal. And how important it is you know he Aussie here that a lot of people don't can't see the forest for the trees this firs the look of their own house goes. So curb appeal a common concern. Not only for homeowners but real estate agents as well. And it matters to everybody including those that are not moving anywhere. After a while as they said you don't really see your own house here's the trick for. Go across the street. Turn around. And take pictures. Maybe what you'll see. He is the faded front door. Maybe you'll notice that you concede the garbage can from that vantage point. Maybe your garden easily work. Now in that we are well past winner at this point the facade in entry might need a little work. Maybe little facelift the little guy cleaning job maybe with something cosmetic. So I've got some low to medium cost improvements that might help brighten. Your outlook on your home. Which will kind of highlight. As possible talking point for you this Saturday morning here hammer time radio. The obvious let's start with that. A clean up. Fun stuff like planting flowers maybe how about some new curtains. That might help move the garbage cans and clean around them again and get them out of sight. Clear the porch or entry steps. And sweep. Homes are being down wash the windows washed down the doors and tram. Clear the gutters. Wash the gutters prune the plants that touched the house. Get rid of the and a winner pile up to create an outdoor living space perhaps. Put away the snow shovels. He and a for tutor a few traditional well proportioned pieces give a sense of order to invite the rest like in nice welcome home Matt. Consider a hammock may be for the better care at some outdoor wicker furniture. A lineup of green white in primary color rockers maybe a bench for a table all arranged for conversations. Armory B for taking and next on the list is paint. And you don't have to paint the whole house to give it a good luck the country especially the door in the threshold. Might need to touch up long before other areas to paint is the ultimate cosmetic and an expensive repair. If you pick your spine and into which yourself you to a good job Rian rejuvenate a warning entry or add a new personality with a punch of color. Color can do a lot to brighten. Look about house. In debt Wear that Wear and at the time does come to paint the whole house used paint colors. And placement to highlight in maybe show off some of the deet tails of the house. May be too accents some brackets or shutters. Or some detail on the cable. A paint make over by color and can you along with and bring you a lot of value meant only for her repeal bush for resale. And throughout the show today we'll highlight some other little tips for. Maximizing curb appeal but in the meantime the help line is open 803093. Held at 8030930. I'll take buffalo 180616. WBE council calls it. Star 930 text me at 30930. Email on the camera time act quick keys that Nat check out the court he's website. Everything we do is there room additions kitchen and affirmations are gorgeous power pitching. Custom kitchen cabinet line now made for outdoor kitchens to that's right delicate Tina outdoor kitchens. In a course our outdoor living experience our backyard living experience. With the better living sun room solar shades retractable warnings in now our outdoor kitchens you know we can create that hole outdoor living space warrior. And of course her handyman service including handyman for a day it's all there for you expertise that net. Good morning from them and court fees and B forty pick up the hammer. Before you pick up betrayal pick up the phone gimme a call I'd love to talk. Before we talk to you know what you say we travel north and transit road to the Clarence side. Just be forced both farms on the right yup you know our ongoing pulling into lake your savings bank in my eyes out of Gabriel Matalin and the manager. Of the lakes or savings bank branch there in Clarence a white today gave. I'm well I'm well good morning Danica or you. Very good day Gabriel the manager of the lake your savings bank branch in Clarence. And is more important job the coach of might grants and give unease baseball team. I thought oh that's right that's right and what a great. Army had to affect her back and parallels set start little seventh at seven year old yet he's got a pretty pretty good arm. So we're excited to talk about a seminar with coming up this week on Wednesday at the Snyder rich tell us about it. Absolutely you know this is the home buyers seminar. You know whether you're first time home buyer or maybe you haven't bought a home and a few years that you kicking the tires and you're looking to you know find out more information about the process. You know over the years the process has changed a little bit and now we're gonna have only experts there. On Wednesday this once they coming up from 530 to seven gonna be at our spider branch. 4950 mainstream. And now we're gonna have certified appraiser to have a certified all the actor who can answer all your questions. Of course we'll have all of our lakeshore both officers there to answer additional questions regarding different ball programs. And you know if you wanna get pre qualified will be able to do that for you and not anybody wants supply will be able to that as well. But the the big thing to this anybody can think we'll we'll see. 400 dollars off an application fee for profitable through which received. Really. Now how does slow by a listener though and register that. They can. Give us a call they can call any Erie county branch because call my number as well which job my phone number. Is 6886114. Okay and it starts at 530. 530 yup those spiked 30 April 7. Space is limited so I would if you're interested but they disinterested opt please and I encourage the give us a policy it is possible. Think again Gabriel's number 6886114. At the Clarence branch. And of course we want also mentioned that we have the 3%. Fixed for a year home equity line of credit continuing at lake shore. Absolutely. While bonds' fixed rate 3%. On unbeatable and all of the Pentagon had all we take care of all app for you and nom. Just in incredible incredible. Product and reach for the time of the season where everybody is just looking to get some home approved projects done or whatever project of them available. Merry go 6886114. Gabriel's number give him acog Gabriel looked forward to seeing at the baseball game later. Out spread apart crypto for 127. Years later savings bank. Putting people first. Yeah yeah. Come in me being down. Got to show true yeah. The show and make sure. 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By the way they're available for full service sewer and Jack cleaning of your drain tile and your sewer lines. Video inspections of those lines too and they're on call 24 sevenths so column right now. He and a few mention your Dominic and hammer time radio guess what he's getting 100 dollar discount on a tank with water heater that's right a 100 dollar discount. But you need to call right now here's they're number 2972901. That's 29729. 01 each of the brick and suns let their family take care of all your family's plumbing heating and cooling pump today. On Dominic censored. Every time. If anyone is -- time I'm hammer time radio good morning from them expertise and how are you 80309 trio that's the number feed a call anything around the house. I can help you with this Saturday morning as we. Letter discussion off with a little discussion about curb appeal and how important that is. To kind of give you a new set of eyes by taking a picture of your house. And maybe some simple improvements that Michael Long way not only for your comfort and enjoyment but also for possible resell. Who makes that discussion in with your questions this Saturday morning as we start in North Carolina with the Dan good morning Dan you're on WB Aaron. Yeah thank you very much statement called that I do have a question. Relative to my home that was built in 1963. Bagram encrypt bucked off a report ranch. Chip brick and mortar chimney. Graham I had put in about under furnish and how water tank. About 1012. Years ago I think Leno. On the high tech if it was I think it would have been you know intake he. Are here to right our previous years on the coming out percent of the house but what's happening is and the ship itself. The brick itself its power being yeah it's about propping apart is someone telling me the bad. Maybe they're. What's right. Put an inside that Weiner yes it yes that you're getting expansion and contrition and you tell me think. Yes there's there's a lot to consider when we talk about what could be going on with this chimney let's start with the obvious. It could be simply moisture Permian age and through the surface. And that is not uncommon in a brick surface porosity is an issue with Brecht. Cracks can form very easily and brick in brick walls I'm brick chimneys and moisture can get him through those as well. Moisture getting in the brick freezing in the wintertime will cause this topic so that he is a possibility. You can check that out visually by looking to see if you've seen the open cracks. Especially at the top the chimney cap places like that now. The not so obvious is could be the issue of moisture entrapment or moisture lingering. In the chimney because of improper venting of the appliances that you speak of the hot water tank in the furnace. What happens are often is that a furnace replacement. Will go high tack. And the hot water tank is still left to vent into the chimney. The problem with that is that it will work but the chimney societies now is too big for just that hot water tank. And therefore the moisture. Will linger and be in trapped in that chimney in in the wintertime again we have expansion from moisture and possible freezing. And causing them popping. So eat hot water tank still in the chimney should have been left there with a liner to reduce the size of the chimney. And if there is damage from inside the chimney. Then we have a bigger problem to deal with because now the structural. The structural damage will be having to involve reconstruction of the chimney as opposed to simply. Re pointing or are fixing it open you know mortar joint from the outside. Yes exactly and that's my concern and I I don't keep the current consultative crawl back. Like I said it's got to be at least ten to twelve years old and there is no. TV people I you don't see anything you know seeming exiting the side both of the house is what you're doing here. So yeah and going wait. The as a new high check out water change as well as as a termination. Then keep covering off here covering roster refined and that fit the you know yeah as opposed to having a new chimney restrict rebuilt there we. Yeah if we if we can take away the actual mechanical need for the chimney by event team how water tank and hot water and furnace through the side while. Then the chimney becomes obsolete that's true and then they can be dealt with either as you say with a dismantling approach or. Army could be just left to sit in a deteriorated state. My concern with that of course is that if we have bricks are to follow. From it being extensively. On damage than you know that might be a and that might be a cause for concern for safety so. I don't think about it's like to see it go that far. You know well it's it's in every year you know we do goalie who bit the winner. And Eric Peter comeback kid there's more and more brick laying on the rustling. That's record here so so my advice would be to. First of all make sure that we know whether the the appliances are vented. Conventionally or through or through the our high tech method. And then maybe consider going high tech with them so we don't need the chimney anymore and then address a simple chimney is a separate issue whether you're gonna take it down or whether you're gonna simply. Have it you know repaired so it structurally sound. And not Dominic I've been listening to you for years just wanna side championship to everything down and it was always there are street that's a fact it's. Well somebody's got to do the dirty work around here as the it is and here but I do appreciate ITN and thanks for the call don't forget the record show that. I go yeah we're gonna head up their fourth this afternoon. Thanks for the call the end the end hangs up then that opens a bullet for you here on WB and the numbers eagle three on 930 as we travel not time Wanda. And Mer lean good morning where your house he got the coffee on. Yeah I do argue right over. OK won't you tell me what flavor you like I'm like yeah it's dark roast Italian guess collect the odd that you like the F. But thank you for being a gracious hostess what can I do for you today. Three or four years ago. We had laminate flooring installed in a rental property. It and that I don't know how long ago hysteria haven't you because I would have made aware of it. It is starting to separate a little bad word today. Board but together. Not now a lot on the whole length but at the end of the board yeah. Because like 18. Up to one quarter separation Celek that it's an annoyance he excitable but it's not a huge. What can be done short of carrying out the floor like I don't want it to. Yeah that that problem is not uncommon in it's a drifting issue that occurs. Over time. And a lot of it has to do with the traffic patterns that. You know slightly slide those boards as you walk on them. Time and again. It speaks of the methodology of the locking system and how it integrates one panel for the next. End and the deficiency in that design that would allow for the movement to occur. There may be the possibility to jockey him back in place by trying this scuff them back in the place. You could try that but it might reoccur because that again is inherent in the design of that product. And a lot of the newer technologies. For. Flooring like that have designed in components to not let that happen. We have moved in the direction. Of a product that has a cork back. It has clicked together. And has a piece of vinyl. Surface not at calamity surface. He ended we've been very very happy with the rule with the quality and the and the where ability and the their ability in the east of care. Of this floor product. And my prediction I've said this before on the here is that this kind of product this kind of flooring is really gonna take over the flooring industry. And in the next few years as being a staple in Tennessee and everywhere. So. Other than that you know you could consider. Trying to repair that but ultimately I think replacing it might be. A more definitive way to deal with the problem. Coming up to the bottom the hour time for the top of the news we re back with more right activists. From the WP EN newsroom I'm Jacob buyout health. Care should truly be a right in this country it should not be privilege for the wealthy. That's senator Kristen Gillibrand she visited the John duke senior center in Niagara Falls Friday morning to push for the stock price gouging act. This will allow companies to be allies for gauging and priced out and without cause. The bill would also involve pharmaceutical corporations to report any increases in the price of their products. And imposing tax phony on corporations engage in excessive or are justifiable price increases. Awful police are investigating a shooting it's at that let the sixteen year old female critically injured Friday afternoon. Police responded after the teenager Rodney EC NC with a gunshot wound detectives believe the shooting took place on the first block of Karl street. Authorities say the female was initially listed in critical condition. Annual with information is asked to call or text confidential tip call line at several 168472255. From the WB EN newsroom I'm Jake a fire. For five decades now Twin Cities class have been the experts in the room of your house that everybody eventually sees. Your best from twin city and name you know and trust. They've been around since 1964. And they have built the success and a simple approach they make you a happy customer. Come check out their huge showroom they have full life sized displays there and what's a park that mock showers and while. 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So we'll learn more about a new system work schedule your chuck got called John Locke. 8946408946400. Or John Locke heating dot com. Aaron hammer ten radio we're proud to have united materials is a sponsor of the program and the sponsor of my. Home improvement tip of the week that airs. At 8:40 ounce in the morning you know. Unita materials and celebration of twenty years serving west York having a bellow guard dude yourself seminar right now it's Grand Prix builders. At 3360 while an avenue in the pew. Head over there right now. It's 3360 while the not too far from transit row and it is that time for the do it yourself. In used deceit which you can learn from though guard united materials and scratch and three builders they're professional standing by to address your installation questions for pavers walls fire pits. Bring your attention to detail to scratch and three builders. Right now for the dog are due which yourself seminar. I'm going at that location Bogart hearts gate we have that passion to bring your outdoor vision to life. And whether you're looking at some old world charm your patio or contemporary flair to your walkway. Now guard offers a variety of concrete pavers including pavers with the look and feel of brick and stone. We can help you create an eye catching walkway driveway paver designed fire pit fire place outdoor kitchen and much more. Right now by heading over to scratch and three builders for the fellow guard do it yourself seminar because we knew what to bring out provisional life. Now got to pave the way. Well tiles made of hardwood or composite strips. Can be delayed over a slab. For as little as three dollars a square foot. What a great idea to transform a concrete patio especially one who perhaps is not level now first of all. Make sure your tiles won't interfere with doorways or create tripping hazards. The thinnest ones we found worry me seven eighths inch thick. And they actually sit on plastic grids. The old rule would ones which are available as well might use that has no one in eleven sixteenths inches. And they do rely on corner connectors. Checked that the slab is pissed away from the house by at least in the eighth of an inch per foot. And insufficient slope can sometimes be corrected by trawling on a topping mix but that's a lot of extra work. Phil dips with concrete patching compound. So we can try to get this new would patio as level as possible plug cracks with a collier thing cracks UN. And grind down any arm and even this. Next if the tile edges are visibly are visible and unsightly cover them with solid trim pieces. If your tile maker doesn't offer trim you can match your own by using some would. And lastly. The cut ends of the hard wood strips should be coated with the way acts emotion to prevent splitting some tiles are sealed at the factory. The IPE squares that we found where nine dollars and 77. Cents per square foot. And they were available online it'd be managed lumber dot com. When installing have sealer or on hand such as the IP CO 22 hours a quart. From Home Depot dot com in case you need to make cuts transform a concrete patio with. Would tiles great idea. If you miss sinister. That is my home improvement tip of the week brought to you by united materials if you would like to receive my. Home improvement tip every Saturday morning you can do so by simply. Texting me the word tip right now to 309 trio. Tech text the word tipped T I EP. 230930. And every Saturday morning. Might tip will arrive in on your device text and data rates. May apply. My home improvement tip of the week brought to you by united materials. 8030930. That's the number of petered out here on WB and as we entertain your home improvement questions and taking a 2:11 o'clock in the use time as we travel now to Hamburg in chat with Sally get money sell your next on WB yen. Good morning I have a question concerning a stamped concrete patio that was installed. I won't fifteen years ago. We had it painted gray. And it had a brick pattern and it looked wonderful. Kick a little earlier it had a crack. This colorful fated. Both he and the stamping has faded so I'm not interested in and yeah clearly seeing the brick scampered anymore. But any tips you might get four. Improving. The look of it. Yep down it could be out cleaned up the end power watched. M re sealed. And it'll get a nice bright. New luster by having it be re sealed that's certainly a possible solution. Coincidentally to do we just aired. My area home improvement tip of the week we talked about overlaying. He would tiled surface. On top of an old dilapidated concrete patio. Another option. You could. Go with the new surface finish by having an epoxy covering put on that concrete patio. And what I've said in order the power washing and re ceiling. The concrete the who would dec overlay. And then the epoxy all. More expensive as we go here so the cheapest solution would be to car wash and have it re sealed. OK but definite gonna help you with the correct. Now the cracks can be filled in a color coded talk. So they'll be less obvious. How bad are these cracks are they lifted. Only one who. Because we have not a walkway. And it ended at walkway we get a garage built and when they were building a crash. They really did some damage as far as cracking and that was lifted the other one hour. They look pretty much like they're the crap but the deeper so I don't know. So cracks that are open but level with each other William let level on either side of the cracked can be filled. With a color coded concrete car. Elevated cracks while that's a whole other story in a couple weeks we're gonna have a representative on from a one concrete leveling. Will be talking about this very subject of what to do about that circumstance. As to how to level concrete that might have a tripping hazard. And a drop side onto the crack. So stay tuned to the show off in a few weeks we're gonna have that topic but in the interim period I think you may be on the right track to. Think about the idea of cleaning and and Henry sealing it and then maybe we can have that cracked level. Okay thanks for the call fairly appreciate that our guy and a couple weeks I believe it's. My memory serves me correctly I think it's the first week in July and have Peter Easton and from he won concrete leveling will learn about that service that they provide here in Western New York. 80309. Trio got a couple of lines with your name on it as we travel next. To each era and say good morning to Tim Tim Euro and double B yen. Lori and our attempt. You've got to get a question would not freestanding bill. But not popped up on it sudden by the other decent work are work folks who write and comment. You know double. It is not twelve inch possibly beyond the joys. Of my question is built in spirit and what your record and. Well the first thing we need to know is how heavy is this unit can that be when it's failed and I might suggest week. Take that step for security sake and consult what an engineered to make sure that the loading is gonna work. If it wasn't for that. I would say I would not have the joy span anymore than ten feet. Britain out of bread about. We doubled and we doubled up duplicate Europe orbit but you don't agree. Yeah I gotcha yes for years you're well within I think that range of tolerance if your only had a five foot Spain and to a beam. With that weight under consideration and I'm shooting from the hip in giving you that from a you know from got experience. On but yeah as they said definitively an engineer would have to have to do a calculation to determine. The standing in the low capacity. But just shooting from the hip I think you're well within the tolerance at a five foot span and a two by ten. To a salad beam that's supported to a post that supported to appear that's bored into the ground. Below frost lines so that we don't have to worry about movement. Yeah we didn't duck. We didn't use I don't but we went straight down. Did you bury the posts in the country. Yeah they're not my favorite thing to do but it it works you just get a better job with race a race here above the grade. And then mounting the post to that. Depreciation open does that give you up to it. If Doug our. Got you got you understand. You should be okay I'm at five foot span. What about Dodd the joint economic. Yes this just regular. I would use joist Joyce connectors and the Joyce sitting on top of the beam. Yes so then their their choice connectors. Two for that application to. And in our attorney Joyce that are being Hong. Than you would use a joint I need a hangar for Napa doesn't sound like that it's on the you're sitting on top of the beam. And then there's a oh and again UD you vary the post so that there were at their posts were being monitored here there's there's fasteners for that the product minus Tico TE CO. And they make all of those hangers and fasteners French for Joyce and duct work. My other arm over Beers and about tying the Dutch and the the old soul into each other. Cross piecing them together. No real value to that. I don't see any real benefit. As long as we have the right anchoring in our posts are indeed rigid and supported below frost. That we can count on them not to move at all. And how far part of a aren't there IP yeah now the data needed to. There are. All right. Thanks for the call good question. Ten design is now free here on WB and it's hammer time radio good morning from Dominic Cortese 8030930. Pick up the phone and give me a call here on WB yen. But each and every Saturday morning we look forward to a phone call from Peter Gordon from indoor air professionals and you gotta love this summer weather. Even when is gets hot and sticky. Your air commissioner will feel great and that's what we count and not not always though right many people actually get sick. Headaches or allergy symptoms from their air conditioning. And air conditioning makes you sick well yeah it could happen. Here's why you're more than likely breathing the same DOS dead skin cells decaying animal remains dust mite feces. Yeah and who knows what else circulating. In our air through our homes duct system. Maybe that's what's making you feel so lousy some people think it's the cool air itself however. It's all that disgusting and Mac stuff I just mentioned loaded in our dark work. Now you're shocked by showering all that unhealthy gunk with moisture that is created from your air conditioning cooling coils. That my friends is that perfect formula to make mold or bio film as it's known in the industry. Now they've discussed and everybody good morning mr. Gordon. Yes good morning hits it a perfect description that the what I call the eight grade science project. You've got dark you've got the nutrients which is the fifty million dead skin cells per person per day that goes into the ducks system. And shower that with the moisture from the air conditioning coils and yet we are. You know what would all but hundred heating and air conditioning contractors they wreak persons Sabah. They're out they're doing ATP tour reps now and that's a concern my main concern is that we can't schedule anybody they called them today until. The July 5 and of course we do have a priority move up list for people with allergies asthma sinus or other needs like that. Okay 6833000. That's in number for indoor air professionals and here comes the unbelievable. Offer for this week what's going to be. 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Shop the embers store location and June 16 in the South Park avenue location on June 23. For sales streets in celebration. Shoppers can enjoy complimentary stacks that snacks and ticket 25 doubt that 25% rather off. Storewide that's right the sixteenth at Amherst street and the 23. If South Park your purchase will support haven't FE amenities mission to build safe affordable homes. And habitat buffalo. Depends on your generous donations to help build homes for hardworking families make your purchases from the restore or better yet go to habitat buffalo dot org. Forward slash give and help another local family achieve the dream of home ownership. That's habitat buffalo. To the phones we go east or ours our next stop and Jeff can morning he ran hammer time radio. Where Dominique a quick question we had concrete done last year patio. I want to read seal that I'd. Don't think EU but the right and good enough sealer because it all kind of plea to the breaking off. Question is I'm gonna do it myself out power wash it right what why and where should I get a really good -- yeah so executed caught. So I would send you to US grand street builders are united materials and young street your Easter are so. Heading to the pew shouldn't be too hard of but along with travel for you. So Walden avenue 3360 Wheldon Sprint's rebel leaders there and while the near transit. You wanna talk to them about a saturating sealer there's a couple brands that they can guide you towards and depending on. The kind of folk head unit are talking about here do you know at all Jeff. How it was what it was sealed with a originally. You know what I wouldn't pick that this is a bad story I'd like to say who it was so nobody ever wrote to him but he he ran out of money or whatever so. I went. To a police on trends that you shop at Genesee. On the and I can't remember the name it was a concrete supply place. But it is like it was from a hundred bucks a gallon which I'll bet they're I get five Gail I thought it more than. That's still a lot twenty dollars a gallon. Well it is okay. But it does stop that they put on my back or while they charge a little more than a fellow who did the back job. Our slab which did a great job on the you've been different by different fight than it was 300. You know around 300 he told me for a fight daily pale but. On the that this is taxed your daughter I was stamped concrete should use that part I'm. Gathers there's there there's acrylic Steelers that are made for stamped concrete. Again that reason I'm asking about the original sealer is that. It would be kind of important to know what it was so that we can either try to remove it and then use the right saturating sealer. Or. You know. Apply the same kind of material but it sounds like you're saying that it it wasn't the right choice if it's waking up. I I think it was a topical because compared to just stop that the it contractor put on the back. Our that would if you didn't see why didn't. You know it was absorbed by a concrete yeah well obviously that you know that was a different type the other stuff left the real shiny. Our purpose on it but then it kind of bubbled and he had me put some more on at night. And then he told me that almost too hot when you did it that's why Bobble like there was an edited and even take you know and it was like. 75 the. Well over application. Also can cause. That the Eelam nation especially if it wasn't as they set a saturating product. So ideally. Small very thin crack not you know very thin air line in those separations. On. Should write code but I'd watched some on the bat that he told me to do what I call them. Well that they sealer is not gonna help with the crack in any way shape or form now on there's really thought. Yeah exactly. So I would say power wash it off the end goal indiscretions and maybe take a picture of the surface. And bring it with you and they'll help you choose the right see you there again we want something saturating. You can measure the Glock the gloss level two as to how high gloss you would want I if I find that the lower that Sheen. That the century see there's typically have lower Sheen is how I should say it yet. So that's growth senate's grand. I'm glad I called him and I'm a quick other question on that didn't crack. It's very and you know you can see if you know there yeah I'm not sure I caught that maybe just light it and what might. You can try that my concern is that it might make it more prominent so yep it looks good then go for that hate this time's gone and I've enjoyed spending the hour with you will see you next Saturday same time same place remember like maybe hard by the yard by the inch. It's. Buffalo. USC can keep three Niagara Falls. Right in this country it should not be a privilege for the wealthy. That's senator Kristen Gilbert she visited the John duke senior center or Niagara Falls Friday morning to push for the stop price gouging act. This one allow companies be penalized for engaging in price gouging without cause. One of the things I keep hearing over and over again is the issue of drug prices it is literally crippling. Families. It's hurting seniors it's hurting. Anyone who relies on a daily prescription. But the high cost of prescription drugs is really harming people's ability to. Function well in the economy to make ends meet to be able to save for their future their retirement serve for the kids. Will the bill would also involve pharmaceutical corporations to report any increases in the price of their products. And impose a tax Tony on corporations engaged in excessive or justifiable price increases. Gilbert also.