Domenic Cortese 6-30-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, June 30th

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Good morning buffalo and happy fourth of July and happy candidate day. This is Dominic Cortese and hammer time radio starts right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WB yet. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements Dominic Cortese. Good morning homeowners and welcome once again he's camera ham radio here on WBBM is down and expertise in studio. For the special show for you today as we talked rotary and rotary connection to the humanitarian world. Through an organization called shelter box in down with Ian studio. Is a gentleman who drove all the way here from Watertown New York just to be I'm double duty and this Saturday morning his name is time to use and he's a volunteer. Shelter box ambassador and he's a member of the Watertown Rotary Club hey good morning after the morning and thanks for being part of our program today and just delighted to be here and it's it's an honor to have you and to talk about this very unusual humanitarian program called shelter box the connection of course to hammer time. Is the words shelter. Shelter box. Provides emergency shelter and essential items for survival the families who lost everything because of a natural disaster. Or a conflict. It's quite an amazing. Idea. Where did where did the idea. Come from where was it born. You know wait a lot tonight two great things have happened. It was the idea of one man. In English wrote variant. Who had been a royal navy diver into in many areas of devastation. And started observing that for the most part food needs were being taken care. First a neat we've been taking care of but no one was really helping people in the shelter arena. So. He recognized that in many cases families were separated. Women children and the elderly one direction. Yeah and men and teenage boys and another and he said this isn't right. What can we do it changes so tell us what's in a shelter well. If shelter box is a very big green box it weighs about a 130 pounds. It has a very large tent. Capable of holding an extended family of up to ten people in withstanding winds up to 160 miles an hour. In addition to that earned the other essential items. Like solar lights. Cooking utensils. Round plus blankets. Mosquito net to it's that kind of climate even a child children's activity it's included. Now is one thing to assemble and to possibly even arranged to deliver a shelter box there's another thing to setting everything up and there's an emergency response team that does that. Yes. We can have internationally we have to about 200. Shelter backed response team members that whole long. With the aid that we provide. Their job their task is to get it to most vulnerable people first. They're highly trained and take over Europe for them to actually be ready to become a response team member. What is a shelter box cost. Well a shelter much class that 1000 dollars in the shelter kit. Costs a hundred dollars. That money. Not only provides for the physical items. In the aid that we provide but it also provides for their transportation to get it to where it's going. Along with that transportation. Of our show too much response team members as well and rotary course is a part of the shelter box community it it's absolutely huge besides being founded by. An English military and most sheltered box of volunteers I wrote Carrey and spun that everyone. In addition to that. When we get on the ground shelter botched helps us. So much. Getting through logistics. Giving us a warm place is sweet seven times. Helping us with customs. And also. Helping us provide the aid within the culture that people that we're dealing. At today's program all going to be talking about this remarkable program cultural about access if you like to participate and speak and meet Tom. Two weeks and you can do so by calling us. The phone number here in studios 80309. Trio if you're outside the 716 you call us toll free 1806. Point six. WB and cell calls are welcome missed earning thirty or Texas at 30930. You can always email me hammer time act court he's gotten that. You should check out our court t.'s website everything we do is there includes room additions. Kitchen and bath renovations with their beautiful delicate Tina custom kitchen cabinet line. Now made for outdoor kitchens with the blaze it Grail and concrete counter tops he got to see it to believe it. Outdoor decks. Retractable linings. Better living some rooms solar shades are there and available for you at court he's got that including our wonderful. Handyman service including handyman for a day on this holiday weekend as we think about helping others with shelter box. Good morning from Dominic Cortese and before you pick up the hammer before you pick up the grow pick up a phony gimme a cause of the talk. Before we talk to you they'll gonna travel to Snyder to the Snyder branch of late for savings bank joining me on the live line is Richard Greco the manager of the lake your savings bank there branch there main street. Good morning Richard and happy fourth of July weekend TU. Good morning Dominic. And right back at it and hopefully you're staying cool and that air conditioning. Exactly right and you know. We are so enchanted with everything that play through savings bank has to offer. Our community and we're talking we talked at length about the 3% home equity line of credit in the course of 1% interest paid to business accounts. But there's some amazing in damages to the checking accounts to tell us about it. Yes we have over thirteen thousand dollars for their free value when you open up whenever retail checking account. Things like personal identity protection. Felt home protection roadside assistance to help me in America and the biggest feature that I think is what we call but staying. It's coupons and discounts are too small businesses they're national retailers. Are restaurants. We're retail stores in even construction companies like yourself. Are offered in the air to our customers to our mobile app. And again a free service that they can sign up for when he opened. And a talent and discounts in coupons for all of the businesses. That are out to them at no cost a lot of wonderful service to provide the Western Europe community. Any minimum balances required Richard. There could be depending upon the account but we have a couple of accounts of just simply by. I direct deposit you can qualify Ford as well self calling any of our branches we can get albeit mansion are looking for. OK and again we wanna make sure we mentioned stilled at 3% fixed for a year home equity line of home equity line of credit totally free. No application fee no closing costs no mortgage tax nothing. Totally free to keep it for three years still available at Laker savings bank to take advantage of that as we wind our way through summer. Richard the phone number there at the Snyder branch it's. 8982101898210. From 127. Years extra savings bank. Putting people first. Want to. Yeah OK. Yeah. Got to show they shortened it but. That. It's our leaders talking about the trees on your property poor DJ streak servers were there any trees that suffered damage due to this past winter. Do you have overgrown trees to post your property then call eight jays tree service today. Okay. He called AJ is trees service and ask about their free summer assessment features tree service will evaluate trees in your yard for free from tree removal plant health here treat recruiting ends up driving if you have any concerns with your trees take care of them now call AJ stream service for your free summer assessment and I know wait 1282 and I know wait 1282. Earnings season. Okay. Hey. You know we I'll keep valuable things in prize possessions in our garages don't we. Think about or what the items might be sitting down maybe thirteen Dustan may be cracked and damaged country. May be if they hated concrete floor. And it kind of embarrassing to even have people are guests walk through your garage. Well about thinking of transforming your garage how would you do that it's easy a phone call. Two gorilla go ride each year the guerrilla floor it's a state of the art overly coding with long lasting durability a beautiful look. In easy maintenance we take our guests right through the garage now we're so proud of our guerrilla garage floor. Really grads here props the surface by diamond grinding that the important part of their service that diamond grinding. That opens up the poorest. And that gets everything to soak deep into the surface to prevent elimination they don't use the one quick one day applications as CEO but all over the Internet. They use the right material to ensured deep penetration into the concrete. To prevent elimination. A guerrilla Florida's finish with a high tech terrible top coat that feels that protects the floor against long term Wear and tear in oh yeah guess what. A guerrilla Florida comes with a ten year warranty. Now you're gonna be calling Joseph follow here's his number get ready to write it down this is Joseph sell. 7156927. That's 7156927. College Jolie now and say goodbye to that dusty dirty pitted garage floor. Column today for a beautiful new floor from gorilla grabbed steer or visit in my mind a guerrilla garage here dot com. Go go gorilla. Every time. 1018 this camera time here on WB and good morning from dynamic talent expertise participate in the program the Saturday morning by calling us at 80309308030930. Outside buffalo 10616. WB yeah and so called stunning thirty or text us at 30930. My guest in studio. It's time to use and Tom is a volunteer shelter box ambassador. And a member of the Watertown rotary he's been involved with shelter box for almost a decade in in the organizes the shelter box ride. Bicycle ride in Henderson Herbert New York to raise funds for the organization. The right has raised 72000 dollars for shelter box and Tom himself has raised more more than a 100000 dollars overall. As an ambassador and earning him the hall of fame status with the organization. Congratulations that's pretty cool and Mary Howell and yeah I think it's a remarkable organization to wrap your arms around because you're doing so much good. What impact does that shelter box have. Well you know if you and he if you think you yearn. Building business if you think. House has a structured keep you out of the elements of debt that's true but it's far more than that. It's a place where family feel safe. We feel secure. Where they feel warmth. And where they. Feel love. So it's a game changer. After people go through a dramatic way. How long would typically a family stay initial. Well. They're designed to be used war about eighteen months however. Doubt that would we we would prefer it to be a much shorter time of course. Now I mentioned before we went to the news break that there on the commercial break rather that we run into an unfortunate. Step along the way and that is dealing with governments that have made this a political issue. He you know. It it's hard to believe but it's very true in many cases. We have real challenge is getting. Getting relief into countries. A great example of that is right now in Kenya. Which is has been devastated by terrible flooding for many months. We like to work there but Kenya as well law against using. One use plastic bags. Am wearing them trying to negotiate with them so that they will allow us to get in or if we need to pay a small fine. And go ahead and so play these people that are totally displaced it. MoneyGram when their card or his no I don't think so I I think an environmental thing that. With the consequences. Never it was perceived how do you define a single use plastic bag now like. Top shopping bag during that use those you use those already that this is something that's wrapped in plastic so it tailored and he can't be really used very rightly exactly. So. How does shelter box make that decision as to where they're gonna go in the world. We we have an operational team and monitors weather conditions. As well as other side natural causes. And conflicts. And we look for places where people are displaced we look for. Many in many cases the most remote vulnerable people. In entirety and get to places. How about even domestically. Well we've we have and deployed in the US about six times. Hurricane Katrina. Her cane CNB. Tornadoes in Oklahoma flooding in Arkansas. In hurricane Harvey justice last. Fall. These are they delivered by helicopter are all right I've seen photographs sometimes of them actually being parachuted. Well. They they're delivered in any way that we can get them in everything from people carrying them on their backs to canoes to. Putting them on a bicycle walking it and so force so he wouldn't get it there that's how we do it. Our discussion we'll continue with town this Saturday morning here and hammer to am radio will mixing your calls. As well at 80309. Trio that Theo Theo and I parity as we go to ten more and say good morning to Mary Mary year round hammer time radio. I hit crowd in the fourth should go about them almost black boxes. All of that I window frame window in this. Oh yeah I remember that now. Having that okay sell my daughter here and she was taking a picture that. And it is say. And remember getting. Did now but I wouldn't and number I think it means. My email this hammer time and it court he's gotten that. Are now labs has people unfortunately. Think that we're dot com but we're not we're dot net. Okay collecting and he's like that without construction. Yeah it's hammer time at court he's gotten that. Yeah I would have deftly responded if I done it's I'm sorry I didn't get it. That now that could that now what I have got to let does this say about. About could you just give me an idea of what she yes stay emailed. Well if if she takes the picture she can from her phone she can email it to me right from her fall. You have bread the bread and says who went she emailed this collection under. It's this when I just gave you hammer time at emirates Tammy TA MM ERT Miami hammer time act court he's gotten that. Yeah I'm anxious to see what it looks like look ever sent it to me. Nelnet dot net. Primary. And generalities thanks for calling. Let's move along to we as well and sailor Francis Francis here in Pakistan hammered him radio. My daughter. What is an old post from both Boston area had to new concrete floors and all of them. In the solar. Contractors. Screwed up but it is in order to work to make it. Pulling her since she's got those very gusty sort of share. It's certainly true that can be done about it. Yes. There's a couple things I can suggest depending and how much time and effort and expense you want to. In past and definitive solution that I can actually guarantee will work is to have Joseph follow come out. That's going to be an expensive solution but it will definitely so the problem and he will do the epoxy. Guerrilla floor coating. And it'll give you know give you would guarantee of ten years on that. That's an expensive I direction but a definitive one. A step below that will be to try to do an epoxy coating yourself with. Now my steps would be first you need to vacuum up as much as the dust as you can. Then you want to employees some acid etching. That does something similar to what Joseph owes diamond grinding does it gives the concrete Mort tooth. So that we get better adherence. And then you can buy a proxy floor covering paint. Dry lock makes one DR YLOOK. And you can roll that out on the floor yourself. In that it's a basement floor. And he knows that is important. Four car traffic wouldn't be for cart traffic it would be just foot traffic yeah I would think that that would be a good way to try and solve the problem without. Investing the big dollars on the guerrilla floor. But if you're looking for something that will give you a guarantee. And definitely sell the problem it would be the growth more. All right. Hey thanks for the conference is the question. Francis is line is now free for you here on WBN. At 1026803. All night trio that's 8060930. My guest in studio again time to recent Tom is from the organization called shelter box he's a retired gentleman who's spending his time now. Promoting this unbelievable program that brings shelter through around the world. In times of need both. In natural disasters and in cases of civil strife I think it would seem to me that in the cases of civil strife. It would be where you simply more typically run into the political dynamic. Unfortunately. In death snap might take. If it. It is in in both case really OK yes and you know the need for shelter has never been greater since World War II than it is right now. There 85 million people around the world that are displaced. Sixty million of those because of conflicts. 25 million because it yet to possess. Now huge. So. How does that responds. Process work a walk us through that. Well first of all. Every time we respond. See that only deliver. The physical items but we sent people along with those items to make sure. That they get to the most vulnerable people. So our show about response team each key to that. The other parts and dad are we didn't. That we actually where house shelter box. Spots items in different places around the world here so it wouldn't. When this disaster strikes. We we can get to the people that need us. Yeah I mean this is our supply is there's there's there's supply a you know shortage mean if you have three families and to available shelter boxes. Heidi make a decision well it's it's the most vulnerable people that did we choose to hope first and so. So keep going with that you see that there warehouse around other literally around the world. They are no good example of that was when hurricane Maria. And Irma hit the Caribbean. We had assets in Panama. So that it was very easy and very inexpensive. For us to quickly get to those Caribbean islands by cheap which is the least expensive way. To the shelter boxes have a shelf life. They they they do in that depending on the climate the UV rays are at the biggest enemy of the ten of course but. We we responded to Haiti. In 2010. With about 38000. Shelter box tense. And last fall with me or had another deployment. To Haiti. We found some of those tents about a 100000 of them still and you really. For 500000 people nations aids still live that's. That is so they almost could he be adapted her quasi permanent use in some cases you have that would that's not what her goal as time goes to keep people in communities among family and friends I guess it's time to use and from an organization called shelter box he's a fellow libertarian. Your participation program is welcome 8030930. It's the bottom of the hour and it's time for the top and those were back but more. And activists. From the WP EN newsroom I'm Jacob black. We could be seen record high temperatures this weekend and buffalo is a heat wave will be hit knee area. The National Weather Service warns will be at or above ninety for the most part across a region they are also heat index is near a hundred at times. Because of this mayor Byron brown has announced cooling centers to be open for the public but thinks we can handle it. We are capable of handling it but flown in some very tough very hardy people. So whether it is snowing cold. For our record heat we can deal with it in the city of buffalo. There'll be three cooling centers the autumn wood senior center in the Richmond summer senior senator will both be open today and tomorrow from 10 AM the 3 PM. The senator and they probably markets senior drop in Sadr will only be open today from 10 AM the 5 PM. 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Or currently shower. Well you've come to the right place at the right time because they've got some tips for a now the for installing a floating band be remembered order enough flooring to cover the space under the cabinet. Goff and install blocking behind the walls to support the extra weight. That's important. He might wanna consider a six by six steel L Brackett especially. When there's a stone vanity top because there's a lot of weight there. Plumbing that comes out of the Florida needs to be roughed into the wild to. Unless it's an exterior wall in a cold climate like ours then to guard against frozen pipes. Keep them tight to the law and box it in and hide it in surround it may be painted to match. And that would give via a floating vanity very much in right now and called also in our currently showers. Whether you put in a senator drain or a Linear one off to the side. Hitting the floor pitch right is the essence to keeping water from peddling are seeping out under the door. Using a title ready performed shower pan can take away the guesswork. You need a quarter to a half inch pitch over four feet or less and you may need to build up the whole bathroom floor just to allow for the slope. Also we should it drains have lower. Then the tile during the installation. And voila it currently shower. I. 1038 to spare time my home improvement tip of the week airs every Saturday morning at 840 here and W yeah and with handling Evans. And part of the of buffalo early news morning show Saturday mornings here. I'm at WB and good morning condemning a court these were talking about shelter box here this Saturday morning time to listen as my guest. Going on right now in Clarence is that how fast and the president of the Clarence follow association gene panel joins me on the live line to get to give us a rundown of what's going on. This weekend at the hollow that's good morning Jeanne. Good morning great Ametek. Let Garrett go we had a busy day and a great day was nerds gone wild last night. At the how fast what's going on today. Well it things going on. Them for an app with more right ever. And has a lot more vendors and end up well under this year we would be growing as word. Brad I think you're doing alpha. Important new attractions and one of them were very popular yesterday it was a little children look at it. And that includes a five in the afternoon today and now all well. We have hit Iran tonight at 7 o'clock. And we would have afternoon is that every day. Definitely at the battle for autism and read up five. OK and I know that when I get to the market new and I'm going to be in charge of the hot air balloon tell us about that. Well we have both the hot air balloon from what we're. I'm not positive a little run today because of the winds. He did call it yesterday and we're expecting the wind speed right now as a you know hot air balloon. After that. And the way be disappointing if it doesn't happen but the car we are planning it though. Yes we are planning itself. We're hoping that'll happen but you know when it and pollute our next. You know and true. Tomorrow I'll be hosting the hot dog eating contest tell us about that. All the phobia that you're going to have to cut cut winner obviously that's one of our prize. You know most does. Great before that we don't do something a little special so. Our power association with some of our proceeds towards a thousand dollar scholarship to one of the seniors who have volunteered over the fifth here's. Helping us but how all that other events which I'm in order to be awarding scholarship to hear everything here at 1 o'clock race for the owls. That's how. I thought that pop up to a common beat him into the war and then you know what man you know I. Not to mention of course we do have fireworks tomorrow night here at 10 o'clock the end also were selling a chance for you to win it. Our cruise for two. Crack mice mice being yesterday. Something prince picket put on a rock that right before the half. Fireworks night 1 o'clock. And a really great cry if it well tonight. I didn't want people. But by day or night. Well they're being crude hit it out myself sitting way. And it also is airfare. Up its scheduled for September of what you can be free to change the date if you win the prize I was pretty much open. And that's the play dollar hit yet and opry host he's got back from the help from the hollow with all of the things that we do. Okay and of course the help us takes place in the Clarence town part which is on main street in Clarence. Six miles east of transit road on the right hand side you enter about it. Many a time head to the hollow fest today. We they're starting at noon and look for media by your raffle ticket and then trying to beat gene and the baffled I don't know. Yeah. And we'll see a later development. Thanks for calling and team first. Team O'Connell the president of the Clarence. Follow association what do we do with the money well goes back into the community to beautify main street in the hollow. And we have a lot of projects in the works including a clock tower that we're just about ready to assemble a foundation. Poll has big dog and we've got the clock are ready to go. So that's going on today and tomorrow at the Clarence town park on main street in Clarence fourth of July fireworks tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. 80309. Trio my guess is you time decent. We're talking about a great organization called shelter box I've got a text question that's come in any beat the heat tips. For those of us with no AC. Great question and I do actually have some. We wanted to try to create some induction of care when you don't have air conditioning from the cooler side of the house the sheets had a house by opening those windows. And keeping the heated side of the house windows closed this'll help induce the cold air. And then with fans move it about that house another great idea is a whole house fan. Motive on your rough that Natalie it's the heat out of your attic. The house can get very high with entrapped Heidi air so moving that Heidi air out of the house out of the attic will help. Ceiling fans are great and that they do help covering the temperature down. In the in the room by actually making you feel cooler. With that little breeze. And also staying cool yourself. Pouring cold water on your wrists. Has a great impact lowering your body temperature. But cool air coming from the cool side of the house is probably the best tip that I can give you if you don't ever conditioning and I know it's a challenge. When you don't have air conditioning if you have hot water baseboard heat especially. We did have that for some thirty plus years at our house and we. Finally bit the bill that letter bullet and put in a overhead conducted air conditioning system it's a separate system obviously heating system. Has changed. Our whole. Opinion of the summer. And kept their screens cleaner. So I can keep going out with the advantages no more cottonwood the deal within our screens. So yes. We were lucky enough to be able to do that but if you don't have air conditioning. Now those those floor mounted units that that go through the window. Are nice to their few hundred dollars. You do have to have the right kind of window to adapt them to. That would help as well bring room temperature down. And lastly you might wanna consider it wall mounted. He mall markets with system. Like a Mitsubishi. Wall mounted. Split system and Natalie Cole's but it does heat so those are some tips from you via. To beat the heat here is we seem to go typically from winter to summer. With the blink of and I. Who would have thought we'd be talking about hundred degree temperatures. Just a few weeks ago actually last Sunday. I remember being at my son bill in the soccer game. Feeling chilled having the rain jacket on in the number over my house as a that was just last Sunday we can go tomorrow. Here we're talking about a hundred degrees anyway. 8030930. It's 1045 iron hammer time here and WB Aaron. We're talking about those who don't have air conditioning but for those who view that deal. That cool air is traveling through doc quirk the end if you haven't stopped to think about it or haven't done it in the last few years. You may be breathing contaminated hair. That it is Layden with dust dust mite feces the list goes and wire is this airlifting your duct work and at that debris is all there the air travels over it. So you need to get all of that cleaned out and howdy do that a courses only one way. That is the patented column and duct cleaning system. It's it that bless all of the gunk off your side walls of your dark working with negative pressure they suck it all out and they leave you with the fresh scent. Of can vary gel. Peter Gordon joins us on the wiling to morning mr. Gordon. Ecuador and don't forget about the daughter all. We just on the cool cold closing it what we are great sweater sixty million in both locals and police say detonate it. Extra while the right and. So it is the holiday weekend leading up to quality and Wednesday. We're looking for a two way dynamic extra special hammer time radio discount what do you think it's going to be. All loving it we have a lot of people that are houses that are moving into the houses that we have all want to treat our little girls or clues. Eighth medical grade near the fire at Oakmont people say well I can't eat you. All their savings on the product like unbelievable in every few dollars off of her Butler and or actually more area are on the scene here. It is possible option is all we are on the air all our candidate back in particular equality bill. What our record on that it's 6833000. Or better yet. You want me one week besides the lead you name it crept into all of that will have a civil excellent in blog the fix itself. Okay that's Peter's personal cellphone so just see aware that your texting him at 8181335. That's 8181335. Or call 6833000. Either today Iran Monday Tellme heard about the camera time only. Discount of 42 dollars take advantage of that as you get extra special discounts for listing to hammer and radio. 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That's 632. 60. 11. Column today and tell them down an extension. I. 1053 is hammer time here and never came radio good morning from Dominique court he's my guest in studio is time decent. The organization that he's represented is sheltered box Tom is a Watertown New York wrote Terry and he and spent his career as a Sears manager and then went on to have me sign painting business since in his retirement now has. He embraced the cause of shelter box we'll continue our dialogue. With time in a moment we've got a couple text questions coming in. One that could keep cool tip is a Howell called coupe spelled K Ole Pete. They're six dollars they were kind of efforts of cooling and provide reasonable personal cooling. That's a good suggestion. Next I have my attached garage it's super hot it's not well insulated though the garage door kids. The dryer is in the garage is it better in the heat to open the doors to get air in. And leave it or leave it closed there's a man door in the back of the garage any revelation certainly would be valuable. Especially the heated air that your creating from the prior. I would suggest you might wanna evening considering getting an estimate you have the garage walls insulated. That older remarkably help keep the the temperature more moderates. In the in the summer months and actually a little bit warmer as well. In the winter months. Flow through ventilation if any structure is gonna help lower the temperature so keep that in mind. As it is the garage it doesn't necessarily affect the living space. But just for your own personal comfort for an actor exiting and entering through the garage. It may be worth eight at least getting an estimate how much it would cost to to insulated. Look Tom we've learned a lot about shelter box here on this Saturday's edition of Hamilton radio we're looking florid. Two featuring new I'm here retain TV coming up our new season so will be talking more about that by the way the closing episode for this season. Maritime TV is tomorrow at 1030. On channel two so be sure to watch that as we wrap up our first season of hammer time TV. Tell us about. How you got involved with show about it. Well Aaron you know it was and he I think react to that day you know it's actually a gate. It happened that night Rotary Club by sunrise club that the morning after the earthquake in Haiti. We immediately. Decided that fun for additional shelter box. And we also decided to start fundraising for shelter box. We were able to use a shelter botched it equipment. Get a set up in armagh. And worked it every week it not only do we do that we went to the events policy and and in a few short ones in our small community. We've raised nearly 30000. Since that's great. You know rotary is motto is service above self the end you see it yeah epitomize through. What you just told us helping others by putting towards service. Explain the partnership with the rotary. Well not only weighs shelter box founded by English wrote Carrey and but animal shelter box volunteers are also world variance. About 40%. Of our funding comes from rotary clubs and remote areas and one of the most important aspect. Is that because. Rotary. It is in about a 110 nations around the world when we respond. They're almost always are roach Iranians and the ground. They can hope lies with local knowledge. Traditional warm bed. Help us through customs and logistics in those kinds of things. Being part of that response team is another matter that's pretty rigorous twos it is it's an application. Process that is very demanding. But once you're accepted into dad it's about Europe training. Both in the US and actually. In Great Britain as well sounded the article I read in the proletarian magazine last month it sounded like it was almost militaristic and inform as far as the training goes well are the people to do it and go on the ground. Have to be load of be able to handle almost. Any kind of situation. That that they face so that they have to be very clear in speaking in an have priorities that are thoroughly understood. And embraced so where is a shelter box presently being deployed right now as we speak. Well we're working in eleven countries you've heard about. The earthquake in our excuse me. Volcano in Guatemala. Were working in several countries in Africa. I share. Nigeria. Chad and Cameroon. We're working in Kenya Somali land. Indy he'll play yeah. And in Syria and Iraq and in. That ends in the actual theater we've provided shelter for 45000. Families. And we're also working right now in the Philippines as well. If you'd like to learn more about shelter box you can do so by simply going online to shelter box USA dot org. That's shelter box USA. Dot org where you can possibly donate. Or if you been inspired by Tom story. Participate in the program as becoming a volunteer to help with their fundraising initiatives. And spreading the word about shelter box you don't hear too much about it in the public in them in the mass media. But it's a great program and reduce appreciate you spending the hour when businessmen my pleasure how many thank you for him. Tax question has command late here can you see Merrill's fireworks from anywhere in Clarence town park generally yes. I can say you know see them from anywhere within name about a mile radius of the art so. Yep so that's where I'm headed to the Clarence town park for that how fast we'll hopefully see you there. And if not so we'll see you tomorrow morning on television on channel two camera time TV. The farewell episode of season 2018. Were back in early February. Actually Super Bowl Sunday. In 2019. ID like that in the meantime enjoy the fourth of July and be safe and remember let me be hard by the yard by the rich. It's a sense.