Domenic Cortese 6-23-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, June 23rd

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Well good morning buffalo good morning went to York it is Dominic Cortese and it is camera time radio on WB yen. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WB EN. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements. Dominic cork T good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time radio here and WV UN and how review today because everything around your. Outs that help line is now open the phone number is 80309. Rio. Outside buffalo twelve free 180616. WB and so callers to our 930 hand techsters at 30930. Care should be had today as we drive around Western New York. In that today is the right Roswell and though with somewhat of an inclement weather date is the extra mindful of the bike riders there that are doing there and they're good work to raise funds for Roswell. Special thanks to step from Ohio for inviting us to be part of his in news conference this week Wednesday. Where we actually used. One of our homeowners to bring the on this house as a backdrop to a project we're doing there for her. He and step on point is to. Be careful when you're shopping from home improvements in that it's now summer season here and be careful as to who you let in your house and avoid Jordan or solicitations and those kinds of things. A lot of people ask me you know Heidi how do you guys deal with the secret to your. Successes ferry is having good working relationships with your homeowners and Ike and a list a few of our tips infect these are actually time. The hammer time TV. Website as well as on the camera time TV FaceBook page you can check these out. But down the biggest one problem that they're all important but one of the important ones. Is when we work with a homeowner we do now act stipulate. In the allowance for a per for an item we actually include. The actual value of that night so let me say that again. When we allow for something it is an actual real allow it's not just the dollar amount why is an important well. You're setting yourself up as a homeowner for possible overcharge. Or extra charge when. The contractor has the opportunity come few and say. Yet your fixture plumbing fixture allowance was. 4000 dollars and I allowed to. Well when you first look at that tooth out you think well maybe that's enough but when actually and that being for guess what we got a 2000 dollar extra. That starts the possible degradation of your relationship with your contractor. So that's important he is. Is that if you. Deal in real numbers in that and just by monetary allowances. Another one that I. Put a heavy emphasis on with a all my sales staff is to make sure you develop a good rapport. With your customers. You know get to know them on a personal level beyond the actual project being discussed. Communication skills are essential to having a good relationship with the customer. He and you know it just a comfort level two is a homeowner that you need to have with who you're dealing with as a contractor. Comfort level is that your gonna be. Comfortable with dealing with them in and speaking about the specifications the jab and a few intimidated. By the contractor possibly talking county. And here's one of our biggest tricks of the trade and so I'm giving him giving away a big trade secret and the swim but it's very very important. In very valuable to. Our customers. Our relationship and our customers and that is. We use what's called the daily diary. We leave the diary on the kitchen table. Or the kitchens being renovated we leave it on the coffee table wherever we have a space for the homeowners going to be stopping. Regularly. And in that daily diary we have blank paper. That's my secret for a blank paper why is it's so important well think about this. Heatley US a homeowner you come home from work and the crews are left for the day. And you start looking around the project. And things are racing through your mind about questions or concerns. And year attempting now possibly to text or email. A half hours you know generally it's a little bit hard to track people down. Well we tell our customers do not. Take a moment of your time to room and eight over and the question or concern you have about your job while it's under production. Go to the diary. In write it in the diary. You know they always say when you're worried about something the best way to reduce health of that worry has to write it down. Well believe it or not that simple trick works. And we find that our customers. Are happier as a result the fact they have an open dialogue through the diary. And another big ancillary benefit is at the end of our jobs. How we don't have to deal with a lot of open items because we've been dealing with them as they occur. So. Very important tip and I I find it to be prevalent most important things we do. Is that working with their homeowners were immediately hire. We got a couple more to that will run through throughout the program. And mix and of course all of your questions. An 8030930. Outside buffalo 180616. Double B and so called the stunning thirty texts me at 30930. By the way you can check at the court he's website everything we do is there a room conditions. Kitchen and bath renovations weather beautiful delicate Tina custom kitchen cabinet line. Now being manufactured for outdoor kitchens. So that accurate living experience can be real with a deck and outdoor kitchen. Perhaps a retractable. Awning from a better living may be some room for better living. And solar shade. That backyard living experience could be yours just take it out of court he's gotten that and the less than at least two courses are handyman service including handyman. For a date open lines today whatever is on your mind 8030930. Good morning from Dominic Cortese and before you pick up the hammer. 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Essentially one and hammer ten radio I'm WB and good morning from Dominique or tees and how are you 8030930. That's him refuted this Saturday morning. As we're running through a list here of tips that we've collected. Over the years about. Having a good relationship with a contractor and having your tragic turn out well and you be happy at the end. And again thanks to stepped from Ohio for inviting SP part of his news conference this Wednesday. It's a so far we've talked about. Avoiding allowances were with real numbers make sure you hire contractors ship good road working their report with its easy to communicate with. And our biggest tips so far is the daily diary that's real important one the next one I'm gonna share it you know we're gonna go to our phone callers. So hang on the line through there. Is do not allow changes to occur without them being in writing why is an important. Well you may be the one to say how much more as Willie cost if we had. Fill in the blank and it without a number you might be somewhat sticker shocked. After the fact and what has done it's too late. So let's talk about allowances. Terry let's talk about change orders and how much they cost before they're done as opposed to waiting for them to be completed. 80309. Trio let's talk to Pam and Amherst in morning Cammie Iran dolby and. Good morning earlier you mentioned that we've talked about retractable awning and our house with a split level. In the only way to install on it is that retractable one where we want it would be like on the road for the net hangs over that. How do you do that without compromising the integrity of the route. Whether it would error out with our retractable running our battle living product we can actually install it back to the garter line tests as well so. That may be high enough to get you the clearances that you need. Do you have an idea Pam of how much faith you have from the year eve too late to degrade. Is there a door on that wall. My kitchen door comes out on the stack the deck is elevated off the ground. And that do you have a door there. Yeah yeah it stepped down on the deck. Yeah so you should have enough height for us to mount right to a gutter line or possibly even. Two below the overhang above the door. Now my admittedly. Or is right under the overhang. OK so we have to go to the guttural and I understand that. And the got a line will work. Now admittedly. We would have. A lower height at the far end of the lining depending on how high it is. How far out the running extends. So that's another calculation that would have to be done to make this work. Is. The X to expand the expansion of the awning when it's fully open. I would have to be factored in to determine how high it would be off the deck at that point. Great and I think that that's why it if we get one whit are set up they would have to be like. The road which I've seen them done but it's like. Is it gives one pause. Well you know. Apple in that we have care partners and staff week if if you wanted to go with that option. And we have to of course see this to be able to tell you whether this is a and effective approach. We could very well build. What we would call into warmer. On the rough now with complicated life here substantially. Yeah exactly and you know we tend to be more. And in line with trying not to do that as opposed to making more out of the situation. So but just so you have the option on the table you could. Bill that former which would be a extension of the rough. In line with this cloning which would be a little bit shallower than the rough pitch of the house. Which is a little bit about another downside to that idea. But it could be done on if they'll that this was important to you. The first thing I would explore though is can we while the gutter among PO money rather to the garter. And that who the where the gutter issues. Okay we'll have to. It was set up there later on Campbell looking to some calculations and maybe get back Q I. Yet so you know what can be done you can even send us pictures are again we could send somebody out at no charge. The biggest question I have is when the awning is fully extended are we gonna be happy with Ohio how high it is off the arm off the deck and not that it drops a lot but it will drop you know a little bit over the expanse. Yeah so that flight in with the with the way that we've had our tech bolts. Many years ago and without overhang at lake the only option is. Particularly if we choose to do it if I have it like on the rough and extending forward. Yeah and I appreciate that as an option and you know over I guess the best way to to conclude our discussion about this is that. It is possible depends on which way you wanna go at it. IRA well. Maybe I'll go look some images and sending a picture and we'll feel we come up. Sounds like a plan. I am thanks for the call get a very much Pam hangs up and that frees up her line for you here on WB and it 803. On ninth trio that's 8030930. Outside of buffalo you can call me for free 180616. WBBM. So causes turning thirty or text me at 30930. Like this person did. Can't you adjust the fascia board on the house the awning. That houses the awning to a steeper angle. So let's think about that can you would just. The angle of the fascia board that houses the lining to a steeper angle of course you could but. I don't see that is being an advantage effect actually think that is that disadvantage. In that if you tipped the facie downward. And then when the awning is extended fully. It will be lower to the ground as opposed to higher end pans objective was to try and get this haunting up its highest possible. So you have good sight lines underneath it. So I don't think that cutting the patient and an angle would be the solution that we're looking for. Another question has come in we just moved into our house it dates back to the early nineteen hundreds. He and we love the how's the sale ashes in our bedroom have been pain it's shot. With summer here would like to pop open up and have some fresh share. He and what can we do to free these windows well there is a tool that you can get. That. Made two. Free the window from the paint yen down. It's a window opening tool with a sock to hedge and it tips through. The old paint. Now be mindful that we may be working with lead paint here so just be extra careful. To protect yourself Ian don't protect. You know your respiration actually is the most important but also though your laundry if art issue he should get this lead paint on. The reason I'm concerned it being let pain is because he mentioned the house is older so there is cause for concern but this tool. Has this serrated edge. And you actually will run it between the sash in the frame a session sell and you can wait let little issues slipped into the seemed. And the more you're able to scrape through the more you're more likely to then freed the paint. That alone may be enough to free the window why someone paying a window shutters separate question but I have this ash is still stock. It may be again having to do this again from the outside he and treatment have to do this from a letter from the outside. And we can talk about other things we can consider as part of a repair process of that. After we take pause for the bottom of the hour news break we're back with more right activists. From the WB EN newsroom object a kayak. The first round the 2018 NHL draft came to an end in Dallas yesterday. But the Buffalo Sabres holding a number one overall pick it did surprise anyone when they selected Swedish defenseman grass missed a lean. Here is Darlene talking off how he will make the team better. Probably my competitiveness I have I really want to win and saw how well you bring. That's the competitiveness where it made two to buffalo so I'm I'm super excited. The second day of the NHL draft will begin today at eleven as a sabres will kick it off with the first pick in the second round. The Niagara county grand jury has charged 29 year old Gregory Roy with second degree murder of his stepfather is 64 year old Rudy ray rockets senior. This comes after the deceased body of rocket was found on May nineteenth in east auto with multiple gunshot wounds. Roy has been a range and remanded to the nagger county jail the investigation is still ongoing. From the WB in newsroom I'm Jake if Iraq. You gotta love this summer weather and even when he gets hot and sticky your air conditioning will feel great right well not always many people actually get sick with headaches or allergy symptoms with air conditioning running. 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I hear about more about your reason for writing in the right but let's get to the point of how important it is to future ductwork cleaned first. And the extra special hammer time radio discount that we're gonna featured today. Eight at their Secret Service nobody asked her Bagger at. Don't like because they need to get you air with the I didn't get it then you're at the end of back over here you're hired. The bureau and I equity. Be printed here. Yeah that well again today. Any. Job did he Blake and Victor Altman and here you can get that art and October. Forty million dollar lot that when you do bad people today. Beckett personally donate for that right or block the odd it also. There's it's a great deal I'm medical Brady air here higher than that I can't guarantee that. Peters actually writing right now in the right Roswell and you heard him 42 dollars off with a donation from Peter. To Roswell park 6833000. You to call right now got I AP. And today. 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So we're talking about their ways that I'm suggesting you have a better working relationship with your contractor. Yen down. So far on the list if you've been following along. We talked about avoiding allowances were with real numbers. Make sure that you hire somebody that you have a good relationship with the spurs. And then that if you you feel not not feeling intimidated. By the contractor. Our tip about the daily diary which I find invaluable to help control communication on the job. Do everything in writing do not want change orders to be. Acted on without having a bid on that extra item. The end. Here's another important one. Agreed on the payment schedule now this is actually part of New York State law if you didn't know that payments must spare reasonable resemblance. To the status of the work. So agree on that payment schedule but here's an important part for you as a homeowner. Honor that payment schedule. If you agree to it then live up to and don't leave the costs were hanging and the contractor rather hanging in worrying. That or he's gonna touchy issue. For the money now a lot of people ask me how much money should I put down. Well that's a good question because it's gonna depend on this kind of job we're talking about for example. If it can happen ethic kitchen is being renovated cats heavily weighted. With the cost. Of cabinetry. So my advice there is to have discussion and dialogue. With the contractor is to the value of the camera component. And agreed to pay for perhaps half the cabinet. Vessel we do we take half the cabinet value down as a deposit for a kitchen. That way the contractor has the money. Two. Supply. You with the materials. Which is important thing obviously we all worked with cash flow that's an important part of being in business. In in an important element here is that homeowners understand. That. Contractors are in business in there and business to make money and their business to actually operate with cash flow cash flows an important part. Of the whole cycle in so living up to your payments. When their due is important. And Wesley. We talk about this often whether customers we don't expect them to be. Hopes it's ours is entertaining and feeding and in fact we don't want them to do that because it slows the job down. Will we want them to you know basically I'll open up their homes to us and let us do our thing but. Couple things that we do talk about with our customers is is her bathroom that we should be planning and using or should we send the man. You know to the McDonald's or for the gas station. And that's important because you wanna make sure you know as a homeowner that you agreed to allow veterans to be news as opposed to being surprised. By a bathroom being used in your house. I'm as far as being gracious he you wanna make sure you're polite and say hello and get to know the men that are working in your home. In May be a nice cool drink and a hot day. And of course best of all this is my man live and die for. A compliment at the end of their day at the end of their work. And they live and died for that ladies and gentlemen so. My tips as to have a better working relationship. With the contractor. We got into a course for long discussion with Stephon about to. The whole issues of scams in home improvements and people are putting up money up front and having no work follow through warp or workmanship follow through you know those are all valid concerns to. But at the core of at all if you're a legitimate contractor which most are. That our advertising of course in Western New York. Then it's just a matter of you as a homeowner and finding the right match for you based on the skill set and the job that you have in mind to have done. 803093. 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To visit them online twin city last outcome or. Pay them their brick and mortar visit to their incredible 3000 square foot journal in what's a power. Come down an extension to twenty feet. I. Technically what is camera time here on camera time radio that morning from them expertise and how are you eagle three on nine trio. So we spent some of that show today talking about a shopping for home improvements developing good relationship with your contractor and two at and T we go and Jim good morning year and double B and. I don't wreck a poem about. Same problem but it took away okay on the contractor that did buy out any old or do admire rule. We call them back what we need to do dwindles to a whole polished. So we're soccer 41 window for twelve to order to win but he did. They're crank windows. They are reducing either the order trying to separate treaty when those that are at our option early dodger. What's wrong with a (%expletive) budgets are crank. It like jewel from ID two hands shot and and and as not working right okay. And these are replaced what you replacement windows Jim broke contrary they were replacement windows. More and move. Yeah but they were replacement windows media they were made to answer within the full frames. Were okay I'm very shrewd OK here's the thing. Probably what's gone wrong here is that they weren't sized right whenever I see an issue with. Fights ashes or heart cranks it's because the windows and fit in that opening to tightly. And it's it's actually deflecting in bending so it's not closing properly. And I green which he did make shots and people are going on now the country accurate and do anything. To help me and a brand new I call all they do is take my message. Nobody calls me back. On the eighteenth one what was what commercial route which screwdrivers and and you realize what you were told me I think he made me shut when they'll. Kids so just keep that were little shut and locked. And that nobody ever got actually got to allow pitchers some apple war cheap nobody called me back under. Us from that are created. All right well I do appreciate that it's a valid concern that you have it sounds like someone made a mistake and they don't wanna hold up a live up to it it's you know it's honorable for a contractor to follow through. And you complete the cycle here to make sure you're satisfied customer because guess what happens when you are. He spread the word far and wide that you were happy conversely when you're not happy he spread the word even further so. If I were him I would be all over this and making it right. Now having said that. If he's ignoring you then I would suggest a couple things. First and foremost if they're a member of the Better Business Bureau you can be a thorn in their side. By filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Nobody likes that. But it is a little jab in their ribs to get off their dot induce theme here. If they ignore that then maybe they don't care about their reputation because we enjoy an eight clocks. Better Business Bureau rating that's the highest rating you can hand up now I'm not sitting here live on double B and telling you Jim that I don't have a complaint to Q. That's not true we do but what we'd do this we handle them. And the essence of being effective at this in this business is being complete. With any issues that come up and following through on them. And this is how we keep our a plus rating now they don't care about their rating they may be assigned that they may be there in financial trouble that may be something else going on. I would quickly moved and suggest that you file a claim against them. In a small claims court. And dump that might also be a way to get their attention. Now before you jump in all that I would column again say listen I talked Dominic on the radio and he thinks she should get off your Duff and do something about this. And if they ignore that. Then that I'd say Better Business Bureau and then filed a small claim. I'm Islam that you want big government. I don't I'm not I'm an older jump I'm not really that people should just texting. Or rolled down every time I called done they hawkish. It's 35 times I call war we picture rippled servers bishop I want to report how many times I called them. Double sentiment partially defeat is that a good way to classical small claim on my. Any proof you have that your view that Europe a that your complaints were ignored I mean they they can't obviously come back and saving him nobody. Which is they're their only defense if they've come out and they've identified there's an issue. Then you know it's really a shame on them scenario here Jim so I'd say you know don't take line down. You know be that the warrant that you need to be and hopefully you'll get satisfaction it's a shame absolutely ashamed that you have to go through this. And I am sorry that a contractors now representing our industry properly in your regard. But I would say don't give up keep up the fight. In hopefully you get satisfaction which is the bottom line and know in know it seems like an uphill climb in May not be worth the effort but it is. And hopefully he'll learn a lesson which is really important that he not repeat this to the next the next customer. Because I didn't want to go to another company could have dumped action doesn't try to go to law and. I don't do that did you have a hard time possibly collecting on that. I would say wait until you win the small claim which you should have no problem doing because you have pretty easy proof that the windows were outsized right. Indelible mark that he wanted to get I don't know just a little more individual adult. Maker's name and I will also be on the side on the top. You're entitled to know the manufacture it absolutely is and not in any paperwork or on the windows themselves. No I yeah I even checked what are your guys and he told me to look for that. On the side of the weather on the top of the order went right and just not there and I even asked the opposite it's really give me they always the gold toilet she would take. All right that's another good approach. Shot there whitewash. Well I'd say. Monday morning Better Business Bureau. Welcome Donna I really appreciate it sites and what are your man. Speak about the election I think Andy did great as it was shaped. Oh yes that's right because of our past thank you Jim for sharing that. And I'm sorry can hear about are your window shall hopefully get a result let us know how that turns out okay. All right our area premiered him. And he when I hear stories like that because that is what gives our industry it's bad name and that's why people. Earlier when they're having to deal with the renovations because of people like that it just don't follow through. A text question I dime I have to replace the toilet is the higher price one piece toilet worth the extra cost in your opinion. Absolutely not is my opinion. I think that if you look after the look of a one piece. Then here that pay the price if you after just simple functionality. Then no. It to peace toilet in fact I have no reservation in recommending hampering and the Kohler. The Kohler well worth. In the high line higher seat is my favorite toy reasonably priced. Works well with the low flow look low flow requirement. And again it's a simple thing that. I always tell our customers that's my favorite toilet if you want to spend more money fine it's gonna work just the same. He's gonna spend more and have the same functionality so now I don't I don't gravitate towards the one piece toilets only because the cost. Hey I forgot to mention to you that the Porsche raffle is coming up on August the sixth at 8 PM at the Clarence chamber of commerce taste of Claritin cruise night. 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