Domenic Cortese 6-2-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, June 2nd

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I. Well good morning buffalo good morning west ER yes it's down and expertise in of course hammer time radio begins right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WBA. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements Dominic Cortese. In morning homeowners and welcome once again hammered ten radio here on doubled again how are you and how was your week. 80309. Trio anything around the house no agenda here today I'm here for you what can I help you quit. With your home renovations home improvements home maintenance. Gets you motivated kids ago and 80309. Trio picked up the phone right now and give me a phone call 8030930. Outside buffalo you can call me for free at 180616. WB cancel calls it star. 930 and or text me at 30930. And or email me camera time act court he's got that name when you're I'm lying there go to our website court t.'s dot net everything we do is there. He and it includes room additions. Kitchen and affirmations when they're beautiful Bellic a team accustomed kitchen cabinet line. And now course ballot could Tina outdoor kitchen cabinets. Part of our backyard living experience. Better living sun rooms solar shades retractable linings. All kind of tying that into the backyard living experience and our handyman service including handyman. For a day all there for you act court he's that net so no agenda today. Thought we do several weeks in a row open phones to give you a chance to get all those home renovation questions answered. To jump on the phone right now don't wait to the end of the hour eight all three. 0930. So here's the question I have for everybody. Howell text savvy are you here and are you going to let. The tech revolution invade your kitchen. And we have and Alexia. In the kitchen which has proven to be a nice little tool. Although she goes with single listened to our conversations you know that. Watson while she'll say something unsolicited the most little creepy at a but. What we use elects a four primarily. I used her for three things. In and of course. If you watched my sons and hammer time TB views see how text every day with all the gifts they have especially neck. He's got Alexa running his iRobot to vacuum his house he's got elects. Opening his garage door and turning the TV and turning the lights and then he goes and but so what we use elects a four is. Are grocery list out this is a very practical. Use of elects. You can tell her elects he had bananas to my grocery list and she will say bananas added to your grocery list. But the best part is when you go to the store. You open up the gap. And the grocery list is there for. So there's no remembering what was on the grocery list there's no calling home I think we meaning from the store it's all there. On the Alexa app and you just check them off as you go very nice feature. And I think I use elects a four. He is. To set a timer. From cooking steak house elect says give me five minutes on the timer. And she will start the countdown. And the last thing I use electric for. Is listening to W Ian. There's the the app. For what it's called now the now we have this radio. Dot com app which I am sure we can get elects to. Connect you. But he can just say elects a turnaround of the yen and she well. So those of the three things I use. Alexa for so question for you today is are you text heavy and you lending the tech revolution and major kitchen you know for many. The kitchen is the senator of the home and the locus for interactions that go beyond preparing and eating food. Now the tech companies and appliance makers are aiming to deepen. Their relationships with customers and increasingly targeting the room that is synonymous with togetherness. Household brands like whirlpool Samsung botched are racing against tech behemoth like Google and Amazon to dominate the kitchen. And Internet connected appliances. Are the new rage cooking gadgets and include refrigerator. Embedded with touch screens Smart dishwashers connected countertop screens. With artificial intelligence assistance that react to spoken commands. Yet believe it or not in spite of all that. Kind of cool stuff the Smart kitchen remains a tough sell. With a kitchen often a hub for families and friends. Habits there can be hard to change in many people see the kitchen and new times as a haven from there otherwise always connected lifestyle. Did you know that only 5%. Of US households owns Smart appliances today. That's only up 2%. From four years ago. And the reinvention of the kitchen. Is happening. But I think it's going to be a little slower on the uptick then the appliance manufacturers. Have have in mind for us. Now apart from their fears of disrupting the rhythms and patterns in the heart of the home people may be hesitant. To incorporate Smart devices in the their kitchen. Because of the costs of maintaining such appliances. Which is usually a big issue with all the appliances today. Either there planned obsolescence. Or they're just so complicated in. And now loaded with technology. So maintaining these appliances and difficult to repair expensive components touch screens especially. They may be worried about longevity. A touch screen refrigerator may look. Modern today but who knows how dated it will appear in five years what the the but kind O. Green and harvest gold. Of the future at bat back. And with many Smart kitchen appliances incorporating in that connections cameras or microphones digital privacy. Hi there is that. That felt dirty word again digital privacy has become a concern. Security researchers said that one problem with Smart appliances is that unlike tech companies. Household brands lacked the cyber security expertise. The vet products. For vulnerabilities. So now and nothing another thing to worry about right. The digital privacy issue in your kitchen. Anyway interested to know your opinion is about such matters 80309. Trio. Yes selects step place through two and and thank you for that text that's what it is it's tune in. And that's when you say Alexa turn on W. 803093. Open lines today. Give me a call when Eric India helped you this Saturday morning here on hammered 10 radio in morning pandemic or keys and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up Woodrow pick a phony gimme call I'd love to talk to. Before we talk to be protect you though let's travel to Orchard Park and say good morning to silly kind. Sally happens to be the manager of the lake your savings bank branch there in Orchard Park. He and she's here to tell us about a special event that's being held at the Snyder branch can money selling. Good morning Dominic yes we have a complimentary home buyers seminar. That being held at Purdue Snyder branch which is 4950 main street and Wednesday June 13. From 530 to 7 PM that this. It's it's a wonderful event because it came up for professionals are gonna provide. The valuable information. To help. Anyone thought to learn more about the home buying process. We're gonna have a special and there and attendees they actually can earn a mortgage application speak credits of up to 400 dollars going courage and anyone. Which is considering. Getting started to with a home buying process to go on line. And get a reservation. And it's a going to be just a tremendous amount of informational. In this despray. Yes it and as there is space limitation. At this time I believe we have. We still have some opening that's OK a lot of you out we've got. But it's there it's filling up quicken those don't hesitate. Lake shore savings that come to register. Yes indeed want you don't want people to call Richard Greco has branch who wanna go online to register. Well yes. The that number there is 89182101. Okay so either way point one no one yet either way go online or call the branch 8982101. To register for the thirteenth of June. It's a Wednesday. He and that starts at 530. Correct and okay. Now also we want to mention the 3%. Fixed for a year home equity line of credit with no cost whatsoever continues. Yes it does that again is sick for 3% of no fees associated to make sure will pay the appraisal fees. The mortgage tax all of these are paid that's a wonderful rain right now for anyone interested in right equity line of credit. Well thank you for sharing all that information with a Sally failure at the Orchard Park branch union and Michael wrote and Europe opened today. Yes we are we're open tell known for okay what's the phone number there at the OP now branch. The number here is 67420. Expect a repeat itself. 67420. Sick and. For 127. Years which are savings bank. Putting people first to let. Who. Tony Orlando lives at Niagara Falls and you can see you know. On July 27 and 281 Tony Orlando takes to the stage for two nights some unforgettable performances me. My. Tony Orlando brings a warm and exhilarating energy that electrifies an audience. He has sold me. Millions of records has had five number one hits. And has guard on Broadway in movies and on up popular television variety show. Visit call you casino resort dot com for tickets. Tony Orlando. July 27 at 18 at Niagara Falls you can see you know. Unita materials in celebration of twenty years serving west New York is having a bell Garrard do it yourself summit RS grade three builders on wild and 3360 while in the end appealed. Next Saturday the ninth at 930. Now's the time for you to do it yourself and to see what though Garrett Unita materials and spreads through builders has to offer. These professionals will be there to address the insulation of pavers walls fire pit so bring your attention to detail. Dispensary builders. For the bell guard do it yourself seminar next Saturday. And ninth at 930 that's June the ninth at 930. Bill guard hearts gates we have the passion to bring your outdoor vision to life and whether you're looking to add some old world charm your patio. Or contemporary for thirty watt way. Bell guard offers a variety concrete pavers including pavers with the look and feel of brick and stone. We can help you create eye catching walkway and driveway paver designs. Fire pits fireplaces outdoor kitchens and much more and be shared it the to attend dog guards do it yourself seminar. Next Saturday June 9 at 930. Because when you want to bring your ultra vision to life now guard paves the way. When it comes to doing good it doesn't get much simpler then loving your neighbor and treating them as you'd want to be treated. That's spirit of generosity is one we can all rally behind us here in the city of good neighbors. And your Catholic Charities 2018 appeal it we have the opportunity to do so much for so many in our community right here in only counties of Western New York. Whether it's helping families make it past a bump in the road. Are providing those in need with a steady source of hope. Our ability to do good knows no boundaries. When you give you support your neighbors with child and family counseling. Guide your neighbors with mental health and substance abuse services. Feed clothe and shelter your neighbors in emergency situations. And through it all love your neighbor as yourself. There isn't much time left to donate to the 2018 appeal but with your support today we can still achieve our goal and do some serious good. Discover all the ways you can love your neighbors in Western New York. Donate today at CC WNY. Dot work. Aren't you so happy that spring is finally here in buffalo. And you may have noticed that your carpets have gotten filthy over the long winner that we there's just endured it is Dominic Cortese here. With some exciting news cam dry of buffalo is the carpet cleaner that cares. That's because chem dry serve like I'm sorry carpet care services is now camp right. Let me say that again. Carpet care services is now camper right there offering the same great service you've come to love but now they have the best cleaning technology. As chem dry a buffalo. So what does it mean deal well it means they're using FDA green certified cleaning solution. An 80% less water for a cleaner and healthier home. Your carpets are going to look like Neil. And you don't have to wait for days for them to dry with cam drive buffalo your carpets will be clean and ready to use in just an hour and a half. That's right clean and ready to use in an hour and a half. And that's that means the cleaner Dreyer and healthier home cam drive really is the carpet cleaner that cares spring into savings when they. 10% off tile and grout cleaning service that's right they do that too. 10% off your title and drug clean here's the phone number to call 632. 60. 11 that's 6326011. Column today talent Dominic sense. Can't attack. Sent 23 on hammer time radio good morning from Dominique court he's watched camera time TV tomorrow morning at 1030 on channel two. And seeing Nicholas install a vanity that's right the vanity installation. Is featured tomorrow with neck and some other great features to our tomorrow show. And if you missed it you can always go to YouTube to see all the shows and also if you like to watch that segment again that nick puts the vanity and which is go to hammer time. TV dot com. He can debt put in the search vanity installation. And you'll see that segment repeated right in front your eyes very ago all the segments are stored there hammer time TV dash cam and all the segments. Are at YouTube so check that out if you haven't seen the show yet let them know what you think of it. I hammer time TV on channel 21030. On Sunday morning we've got a text her Hus texted in that there is a vote. Actually it's plural boats. Sitting in the road. At denying the east at the 400 so be aware of that. Course we don't have any way of verifying that it's true but. If you are out in that area ninety east at the 400. The right lane apparently there are boats plural. Sitting in the road. And down. Like they have met that fair fight if we could if somebody could let us know that's indeed true. Not a text or cyber security is important for share remember how those baby monitors were easily hacked. With some web page on line with many lives hacked images. Showing in real time you don't want a criminal turning popular heat in the sting TE nine you. Yeah I mean this is a real a real threat threat we live with today. With allowing so much technology into our home and you know just something as simple as well we just had to go through with thumb. With spectrum in the switch over to his digital. Platform. What a major inconvenience that was to have to deal with having to stop in the their stores and pick up the box and then installing and of course I don't know how you guys held it with that but. Nothing that when that that I installed worked well. We had to have them all we have to have them all come on come in and checked everything out and do it all over again and they walked me through it switched our phone service to spectrum too and walked me through putting that phone modem on. And that didn't work either so. Prepare that particularly tech savvy myself as I will quick quickly admits and certainly failed miserably. When it came to hooking up all the new spectrum equipment what do we got going on it's funny over there. Is it true that there's a vote in their own that it's true all ethnic. So. The fact act act passed. Traffic record on Saturday mornings. And here's Terri and traffic controllers here Cragg. And CV in the key here OK I just looked at the end night and looking right now tonight tech camera okay. My view I ninety between route 400 in route to nineteen in you can see. The bulk rate I'd attorney Wayne didn't get around it looks like tramp expect you know back in him might. What can you think does it look like is there a trailer near by areas is that both sitting there fun when I can see the camera. It looks like is just a boat sitting there around see any vehicle anywhere around there's one and a shoulder maybe at this as a plural Euro just won this from what I could see one but the camera might be limited today I have Mike look into it. All right very young so we have verified that there is indeed a boat in the road at the ninth on the ninety's at the 400. 8030930. Is the number for you here on WB yen as they've. Said yeah it's an open phone format today whatever I can help you with from the house. Hey lots going on at habitat the restarts having a spring sale stopped in to either location now through Tuesday the theft. And take 50% off all furniture that's right. 50% off all furniture at the reach stores either of them you'd shall use selection of tables chairs couches dressers. I on items they repurchased and picked up by next Tuesday nothing will be held your purchase of course support habitat buffalo. And the mission of building safe and affordable homes. Construction season has indeed begun and habitat poplar depends on. Are generous community to build homes for hardworking families make your purchases from the restore better yet go to habitat buffalo dot org. Forward slash give and help another local family achieve their dream of home ownership as always thank you for supporting. Habitat for humanity. We are scheduled to be broadcasting. From one of the restart I believe it's restore south. And the couple weeks so we'll give you bad information. As we get closer we'll tell you about it next Saturday if that's indeed going to be the following Saturday looks like that's the plan. I'm broadcasting from I believe it's restore south two weeks from today so stay tuned to after that. Let's see I'll which direction is a question that's come in on the text line curious too whether that's east or west on the it's the 400 merged into the ninety correct so that would be. Ninety east yep ninety east if it's the 400 merge into the ninety from from the 400. The look like that yeah he's nodding yes so that's apparently the directions. And 400 at the through way. Heading east and the ninety there's a boat in the road. Okay 80309. Trio we are talking about. You know how tech savvy. We wanna be an hour allow our homes to become. And all. Okay it's westbound we just we just got a correction it's ninety westbound that eastbound. So that's at the 400 and friends then at the end of the 400 at the entrance of the 400 going. West and the nineties is where's this boat apparently wrote. So back to where point there about about how high tech we wanna be he had the Arab the kitchen. The appliances now guy and so Smart bright they're talking to each other there you can even get gadgets now that'll tell you. What's left in the container like we really need to know what's left in the container. But one thing I did hear. The whole issue with. He India and greetings or the what's left in the container apparently there is a sophisticated application. That will actually help you. Planner recipe and what's left in your refrigerator can you Haitian man. Anyway bottom the hour time for the top of the news Michael Beckman standing by with the latest from the. Don't the end newsroom good morning Michael. Good morning it's 1030 from the WB and newsroom I'm like Bagger mean here's what's happening got a traffic note to pass along to you. Those of you driving on the nine the cease fire the 400 between the 400 in 219 watch out because there's a boats yes a boats that's in the right lane it's blocking. Traffic right now you could see a photo of it hopefully not while you're driving but you go on our Twitter and FaceBook pages. You can see a boat that apparently fell off the hits of someone's car and then nine the east right by the 400 exit. Michael late pull a former executive with Al peace and now he was cleared of any wrongdoing in the buffalo billion scandal used previously charged with bribery as it pertains to bid rigging. The trial set to take place in two weeks in Manhattan. Buffalo police arrested a seventeen year old student from high stack and charged him with three counts of making a terroristic threat. That's student allegedly create a fake profile of a different student and use that account to make the threats. OP or deaths have dropped in Erie county according to the latest numbers released by the county last year sought 251. Deaths. A 17%. Decrease from the year before tax for the first time in years that OP or deaths have dropped in Erie county. However nationally the rate continues to climb. And a summit between president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is back on its scheduled for June 12. It WP yen for solar forecast we are looking at lower humidity today a high of 75 will be very comfortable for your Saturday. Tonight lows will dip into the upper fifties tomorrow a passing shower in the area high of 76. Currently buffalo cloudy and 58 degrees or reminder that the radio dot com that is the official new home of WBE and download it today favored WVU and and listen to us maybe when you mow the lawn today a might fragment news radio 930 WB yet and. Between city glass for over five decades it in the experts in the rule of your house and everybody eventually sees CR it's your bathroom. Twenty Vinnie you know and trust since 1964. They have filters success on a simple mission. Making their customers happy come check out their huge showroom with full life sized displays not mock showers and a while. Touch a display stand and then C have a door swings look over a bet that many noble colors and types of hardware like Tabasco. Shower doors of elegance it's the best way to get a real feel for the quality and whether it's installing bat enclosures and shower doors. Or crypt crafting custom glass and near products twenty will make it hassle free for you considering that 90% of their new business comes from referrals. Hey they must be doing something right to learn more give my friends. At twin city of call hears their phone numbers 6943300. That's 69 war. 3300 you can visit them online at twin city last dot com. 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Well it's already started and wrote some bed bugs to be another invasion are you ready national pest controlled is always ready to help you stop these invaders in their tracks digger locally on solution to eliminating tests they know all about stopping local tests national pest controls highly trained staff has been written in Western New York have passed for a long long time and all service calls to perform discreetly to protect your privacy. Be prepared call Ashland pest control today 847431. Or visit Ashland pest dot com. Western New York simmer tradition return alternative Buffalo's Kurt couple presented by ride Buffalo's new ride cheering so. Saturday June 16 thank you know outside featuring live performances from Iwo on the Asian. That and give. Manchester orchestra Finley of the year Robert Duvall. Mary. And Taking Back Sunday. To get there on. In buffalo dot com. Well we're certainly happy to have the scripts rebel hasn't yet materials as a sponsor of the radio program and America. Home improvement tip of the week you know Unita matier roses in celebration of twenty years serving UN western York. And they're having a bell guard do it yourself seminar at scripts rebuild theirs at 3360 while an avenue in the pew next Saturday at 930. That's right next Saturday the ninth at 930. Now's the time for you to learn about doing it yourself in this he would bow guard united heroes since grant street builders had asked to offer. There will be professionals on hand to address the proper insulation of pavers walls fire pits so bring your attention to detail. To Scranton three builders supply for the bell guard do it yourself seminar. Next Saturday at 930. Bill Gardner hit hard skates we have the passion to bring your outdoor vision to life and whether you're looking at some old world charm your patio. Or contemporary flair to your walkway. 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It was only 795. And we found it at Amazon. Now you're carpeting. Is little different. With this tool that we found. It has a self cleaning head so you don't need to touch a single referee bet. With a pad extended. Pulled the tool towards you. When the pettis fall retracted into the base where bristles lift off the off the firm. Open the hatch to drop the mess in the the trash can. This was the whole act so firm lifter. And it's for our carpets it's called the carpet rake it was 35 dollars on line and OXO. Dot com and lastly hardwood floors now this extra large sticky roller picks up everything it's perfect for grabbing for clamped. Clumps around the baseboard or trapped in hard to reach bath. Peel off and half the use sheet and then collapse the extension handle to hang for storage. Made by ever care it's called the mag got lint roller it was thirteen dollars. Refills were 998. And we found that at Lombard. You would like to receive my home improvement tip of the week it airs at 840 with Henry never ends as part of Bob Buffalo's. Early year news on Saturday mornings. But if you liked it to come to your device I can text it to you simply text me the word tip. To three hole 930. The word Tet TIP. To 30930. Text and data rates may apply and I will send you my home improvement tip of the week every Saturday morning at 10 AM. Just as we are ready to go on the air here I'm double B and so that's the word tipped 230930. And depth. Both and give a tip and I thank you united materials since transferred builders for sponsoring the home improvement tip of the week in of course for sponsoring. Camera ten radio here on WB and so the abode in the road has spurred a lot of a text activity. And we've got somebody who's a Rio. Comedian. Should I area some of these corny jokes here why did the chicken cross the road. It's trying to get into the ball. Or maybe she was being chased by the vote. What do you do with a sick vote. Take it to the back. Three guys are on a boat with four cigarettes but no lighter or matches anything like them what do they do. For all once David overboard and the whole ball becomes a cigarette lighter. And why did the chicken cross the thruway she is being chased by the bow okay. All right so there is that our votes story for the day big news boat on the thruway. It's still there are you know. We'll get checked to see it yet we'll see we'll see if it's still there in the meantime. How are ya and what can I do for you this Saturday morning the help line is open. I got a phone mine with your name on it 803093. Don't outside buffalo 180616. WB and so cause it's turning thirty. He and you can taxed three on 930 no more chicken. And through wage okay. I've got some I wanna tell you about and you know I've been to get a lot of questions about this and that is. Huddling Noelle if I need to consider replacing the window and it might win a seemed to work OK they are operational. The go up and down they seem to be in good working order. So I found something that you might find interesting. And we'll do that essence we've got some time right now we call it the pop. Window quiz. So you think you know the ins and outs of windows here's the chance to test your assumptions about windows all the new. And these are simple true false answers. Keep at Haley as to how well you're doing and I'll give you the answers as a week ago. First question. Windows are the biggest source of energy loss in the house. True or false. Cheer. Don't think too hard. It's faults. Every even single glazed windows in poor condition. Believe it now account for less than 20% of the energy loss in a typical house. Significantly. Less. Than the cat. The attic ceiling this feeling of the house the attic floor is the number one source. Of heat loss in house so even if you have single glazed windows it is files that they are the number one source for energy. Number two. Historic windows. That means like windows that have authentic policing are costly and difficult to repair. Truer files. Files you're right all the windows are designed to be easy to repaired because. They are easy to take apart. So therein lies the whole issue individual panes of glass. Sash cords police and hardware are usually available at local hardware stores where builders -- stores even the frame can be passed repairs with a proxy. When properly maintained a well built historic window will last for more than a century. That's quite interesting to me the third question. Old windows don't operate smoothly and are difficult to opening clothes. True or false. And the answer is twelfth series. Here is lost than these questions I was looking at the vote it's hit. And that it looks like repeat the question but it looked like the boat has beans but it's okay all the windows that don't operate boat is gone folks know mark Botox. All of our old windows that don't operate smoothly are difficult to open and close tour policy. The answers falls. The weight and pulley counter balance system used in windows built beef before 19100. Has never been improved upon can you believe that. You know the waited and waited there issues with the court that's still considered stated the air. Let's see and I pick another good one house is built before 1950 use more energy than newer homes tour files. True that is true. But it's not necessarily the fault of the windows older homes consume more energy and Baltic per square foot basis. An eight per household basis because they have little or no insulation in less likely to have efficient heating systems. The trend towards larger homes since 1990 however. As offset improved efficiency. Showing higher energy use. Per household. Interesting hold dynamic about oh we perceive what is reality will do a couple more of those as we have time for. 80309. Trio you'd like to speak to me I'd like to speak TO it's 1046. You're listening to hammer time radio and WB yen. Well we. Had a warm made it we now I think we've broke the record for the warmest may on record in debt that meant there peace he fired up early this year. And heating get to it guess what that case he care cool air traveling through dirty dark quirk not a good thing. You don't work is clogged in side of it with dust mites dust mite feces that skin cells that animal parts. He hamburger wrapper or two may be a lasagna pan yet it's all there in your duct work you don't know what's there because you don't typically look in there very often if not at all. My friends at into our professionals will come over. They will open up your dock work and they will peer inside and with the column duct cleaning system. Blast all of the gunk on the dock while sides in socket all out with negative pressure leaving you with the fresh scent. Of Canberra gel. Peter Gordon joins me on the island good morning mr. Gordon. Good morning family yeah then absolutely you will happen and of course the fact that people shed fifty million dead skin felt that gate. That goes into that block quote him and the moisture from the cooling coils that you describes goes over a net making mole in there or that's a lot of more people get sick. You know what if you know it's NAACP. And. That's right. So we look forward to your call every week but more important and that we look forward to what the extra special camera ten radio discounts gonna be for this week. Okay personalize it true or false people make you think we're professionals per I would not cleaning. Or the medical grade air you're byers former high capacity eat you live byers. Andy get off and dedicate a killer. And alike. I'm in this game and. You say need true. True act act back at how we. Oh operator who who weren't on the hand. Oh he is. For. In all those areas the puck move the Michael gray air fire and I hit the EE humidifier and go for about the only thing. And Eric. Don't like it so where is first. I don't get 42 dollars I'm not a more importantly let's not forget about our our military while four and street bombers in senior. Many agreed that this count and netbook take advantage of art or. Okay 6833000. Of your first timer you heard Peter. 42 dollars off called right now get that camera time radio discount got IAT. And today. You do everything at a 100%. You do your own work because you want perfection. You've been fixing and tapering censure a little tyke. You keep your tools clean them in their place you love your mother and your mind your p.'s and q.'s. You can make some money installing furnaces firmer so call us right now. We only need to work. Lean. 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On a tank with water heater H Olympic and suns let their family take care of all your family's plumbing heating and cooling needs here is they're number 297. 2901. That's 2972901. Column today. Tell them down an exception. Kept. 1054 is that's how I aim I'm hammer time radio good morning pandemic or keys and how are you today. You know we have got to I think we've got the vote issue resolved so we can skip over that I've got a text question that has come and can you suggest a way. To clean the outside of dirty gutters and a second story. Hmm okay that challenge them. Now for me is to give you the directions and how to clean the outside of dirty gutters on the second story and have you do that safely. I'm I can tell you that might all purpose cleaning solution. Which I will give you in a moment will work quite well at cleaning anything outside your house whether it's aluminum and vinyl concrete. However working safely. On the second story. On a letter that had a second story elevation. With a pale in a scrub bush means you have to have something to hold pale and summing holt and and then your hand this all the scrub brush. So that means you're probably only and I have one. Can on the on the latter so this is this is a concern is is at a Safeway fear to clean the gutters. Assuming we could get you up there safely you know a working platform or a bracket they could support the the pale. So you can hold on and then use the other hand scrub. Here's my solution you take a quart of bleach. And you add that to. 83 quarts of warm water. And then you mix in two thirds of a cup. Max and the acts soap made by UGL. And that's available all the home senators. You mix that together. And again he scrub brush and then maybe you can rinse that from the ground you'll be so very impressed at how well that will work. By the way I don't know whether I'd use a scrub brush and painted. Aluminum gutters I would maybe say aspirants might be better it'll work just as well. As the town has a scrub brush well. The park cleaning agent in the Mexico is quite remarkable it's grandma almost any surface. Little scrubbing action and then rinse. Again be safe with the latter. You may wanna have some even hold the letter. On that we make it you're gonna work safely in and I want assumed that when I make sure I throw that caution now. That you need to make sure letters while planted that it's rising at least three fed him a three feet above the gutter line. And that if you are gonna use your hands that one is always on. The latter in the other hand then. Could be go hand in here working with us if you're gonna have a pay out there are bracket you can get to so to hold the tail on the matter and again that the V. Safest way. To work. Cleaning gutters on a letter. So back to error. Our window quiz this this is quite interesting as I said to me because a lot of fallacies are dispelled with some of these issues here's another good one. New replacement windows save more energy than restored originals. The answer is true but just barely. A high performance replacement window will save slightly more energy than a retrofitted to existing window on an annual basis. Factor in the energy costs associated with carrying out the old window in installing new ones and retrofitting looks like a better fit. And then the original in a 2012. Report. The national trust preservation green lab found that restored windows equipped with interior window panels or exterior storm windows. Paired with cellular blinds performed almost as well as in new replacement window within 3%. And average nationwide. Can you believe that. Mean that's really quite remarkable. Number eight and on the list replacement windows will pay for themselves in five. To ten years guess what folks. That's false. Research shows. That recouping the cost of replacement windows can take up to forty years especially when considering the initial. Carbon expanded during the construction process I don't wanna take anything away. From the largely on inoperable war. Broken broken window glass seals. Yeah and rotted out sash is. And a lot of extra maintenance campaigning and and I'll coarse whole idea of eradicating lead paint so there's a lot of reasons why you would still replace. Replace your windows is just a matter of the practicality of it well and comparing it to an old window and the yen a fallacy that. And no wind it was night and as energy efficient but keep in mind what I said the number one place that we lose energy as a matter windows it's our attic. Okay well I've had fun today with. The vote in on the threw away and the window Quinn is and talking it tech savvy with you here on hammer time radio. Tune in to hammer time TV tomorrow morning on channel two and you'll see the whole Cortese Stanley there and again hammer time TV dot com for all of our segment stored. And YouTube. To see the eighties the holes the whole shows repeated if you like. Have a great week everybody we'll see NX Saturday same time same place same station where we've been. Since 1989. Right here. I'm double B and remember let me be tarred by the iron. The audience. It's a sense.