Domenic Cortese 6-16-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, June 16th

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Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WB here. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here's your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements Dominic Cortese. Look at morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time radio here on WB Deanna hi that we sound well we're actually broadcasting live. Today from re east or north rival one Amherst street. The Mumbai today for our customer appreciation 25% off all items additional 10% off when you checked in on FaceBook. It's till 5 o'clock today here at the end her streak. Priest are okay. It's repeated next Saturday at the South Park avenue store. 25% all items in 10% off additional when you check in on FaceBook. That's today here at restore north. 501 amber street till five in restore south next Saturday from noon till five. Today is the 21 at annual discover Amherst street event and a lot going on here on Amherst street. And joining me now is a representative from discover Amber's treated his name is gain weight and good morning Jim. Lauren freedom I think being part of our show today. And information about discover amber street tell us what's going on today. Yes so the event kicks off at 11 o'clock to about 4 o'clock. At noon now we really kick off the parade it comes down Amherst street from arsons kitchen always down to wegmans. And after the parade we have bounce houses ice cream. All three for the kids Maryland to enjoy. It Dan plain black rock is ID go. And in the firehouse we have a lot of different drafters and events there and and roll halls and art exhibit drinks and and food as well. Great now you worry resident of the neighborhood. And death hug you while what you see happening here you see a lot of resurgence. Commerce street absolutely so I'd lose here about two years ago in this year our point person and her programmers street. It's actually on the rise the title reason we did that really are coming of age rule number eyes just like the sun coming up and really excited about what's on. On gamers street. OK so this is today till 4 o'clock he said the parade is it new and lots of other great events going and to. So is it is typical here in buffalo in summertime so much to do. But I would include a step today to the 21 discover amber street event here on campers street where we are broadcasting from. Part of it here if they reach store so thanks again. Thank you. Him weighing in from the discover and street event another event going on is going and in the downtown area. And pol my Howard joins me and the allies like Marty pol. Good morning dominant powers to cut like I said there's so much going on in the summertime here but this is another grow to a bank. Happening today in the downtown area. With your buffalo living tour tell us about it. Yeah this is the seventh annual bit reduce that epic one downtown one. And we're actually starting a little bit outside of downtown were at the action street 6089. LaSalle avenue. Right near the shell of metro station. And you start here and you can go to aid other locations are all gorgeous they're all laughter. We have beautiful buildings at buffalo lumps and is turning into a great living species. That's our high end they can get the map anywhere along the tour and you can start anywhere a lot of people don't start appeared actually beat sixty. Okay in of course you can go online for the map two and buffalo living tour dot net. And learn about this great event today taught our hats off to you for organizing. This effort to unity for west New Yorkers to see inside. All the great buildings that are being developed that only downtown but throughout Western New York. That straight Dominick hit the Wall Street to the shuttles are free and the a couple words reached over and we got. Grip beer at one location and we it wouldn't want urged line. Sampling it the match respect the law option so what it's a lot of fun a lot of different samplings and boots and another one to look at these cool watched that are being transformed into grade or. So the beginning point is the access 360 active eighty LaSalle avenue. 89 shell right 89 LaSalle and are all that's where you can get your start and then there are you could this really started any of the locations correct. Yeah that's right you can start anywhere a lot of people who already been out here we started 9 this morning and we're continuing to fight to date. And if you see a mall you're eligible for prizes that we draw next week so. Seal language for one anywhere you could also. Not only tried to teach but you can also. Take the street shuttle or boy who agree quite right two days ago or twenty miles in the it's it's a perfect they do. Okay it's the buffalo living tour the downtown edition and check out all that's going and it buffalo living tour dot net and when you look for pol when you get there for policy elements shake his hand Purdue and a great job in organizing this policy soon. I'm so sorry shouldn't their pleasure. Eagle three on 930 that's not refuted this Saturday morning here on hammer time radio that's equal 30930. Outside the 716 it's a total free at 180616. WBM. So calls are welcome it's earning thirty texts me at 30930. Email me camera time Matt cork tees that Nat. Check out the court t.'s website everything we do is there room additions kitchen bath renovations are beautiful delicate Tina custom kitchen cabinet I'm. Now being fabricated for outdoor kitchens federal living sun rooms solar shades retractable bombings. The whole backyard living experience there at court t.'s debt net and of course our wonderful handing and service including handyman for that day on there. At our website. Quick tease the net good morning from Dominique for tees and before you pick up the hammer before he picked up the drought pick with phony junior college love to talk to you. We talk yeah they'll limit travel to the village of Hamburg and say good morning to Nicole McKellen seized the manager. New manager of the Hamburg branch. Pulitzer savings bank good morning Nicole. In my being and I Ariel. How's things going in in Hamburg today. Get their eye on how hard it is to forbid me. Even the end. That's great you know we're so happy to be associated with the wonderful bank. Bleacher savings bank and we're so proud to be able to come on the air each and every Saturday morning and talk about the awesome services. And most importantly the cost some rates like the 3%. Home equity line of credit with absolutely no cost. At a deck chairs lining your home equity lines between 7500 and read. Under enough. There you go and not to mention the fact that there right now oh in the called tell me if I'm wrong. Lake shore is got some of the best mortgage rates in town. At her act on what they credit score of 740 or hire our thirty year rate. Are at work when you and act on year rate and that work. Are those are good rates and of course you get that person like service from like your savings bank. And guess what folks lake shore does not sell their mortgages that's right they serviced them for the light of the mortgage. So if you ever have an issue whether it's day one or you're thirty. Bleacher will be there to help you to call the phone number there at the Hamburg branch please. Export picked. 948. Giro. And for those of us that are slow repeat that for us. Fake birthday. 94. For 127. Years later savings bank. Putting people first makes or doesn't that do nothing about combat combat. I. 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For cleaning out your sump pump lines. 24/7 365. Is where they are available to you. Waters back heater replacement sump pump replacement if you call them right now. And you tell them that you hear Dominic and hammer time radio. Guess what they'll give you weigh 100 dollar discount on a tank with water heater that's right a 100 dollar discount if you call them now here's our number. To a 972901. That's 2972901. Each of the brick and sons but their family take care of all your family plumbing heating and cooling needs column today. Tell Dominic center. Audience hammered and radio good morning from them expertise and you'll live this Saturday morning from re store north rival on amber street. This is part of the 21 discover Amherst street event. Here in the amber street neighborhood. And lots going on on Amber's street today including a parade at noon. Busy busy summer in west New York in a lot of home improvements going on and we wanna make sure that your protected from home improvement scams. I'm joined right now by Erie county controller staff by my high low haystack. Good morning this place is wonderful isn't it there's a lot going on here and there's a lot of great inventory in this store and it's 25%. Off just because it's customer appreciation day with my wife actually the most dangerous words are I saw this on interest Haas all be here quite often in the XP who speaks in the Selkirk location as well pay a lot of thank you for bringing attention to this kind of timely and important subject matter something that's near and dear to my heart that is protecting. Homeowners is one of our missions here on hammered and radio actually to protect homeowners from getting ripped off by. Having them learn how to properly shop for home improvements and protect themselves from scams we you are the gold standard public Brinkley and you know my dad's a senior citizen and he lives in Kaiser town and you know fight a dollar her talents are people within a pick up truck a letter and some shingles in the back literally driving around his senior saying hey. There's something wrong with your roof there's something wrong with your citing for a harder bucks cash I'll fix it right now right. Now's the time of the year for seniors in the elderly to be really. I'm guard for unscrupulous contractors so called contractors. A little try and basically Scania for cash and not do the job. And basically leave you without the worked on in with outline money. I always still listeners and homeowners that. You know it's really never the case that this guy is indeed following in if someone makes it sound like there's a panic that needs something he's the urgently take care of I would. Use that as a cause for for alarm. And you know stop and think and say well let me talk to my family first. Absolutely I mean it as you're well aware any work with 500 dollars or more requires a contract and I York's state. Everyone at any kind of work the get go on their should be written contract explaining exactly what work is going to be gone. What the costs are and we encourage people to your use your credit card or check. Only use cash as a last resort and always he's a small percentage up front I can make sure that you're paying for the work in the work its done. You know I. I'm not an advocate for more government control but I think this is a piece subject that's right. Four for a promoting rip off because there's a big black market. Industry. Four home improvements because. Of the a tremendous costs for properly insuring. A contractor in our state. In clusters loopholes to. We're sole proprietors can operate without compensation insurance. And have minimal coverages in that has driven a lot of people you know underground if you will to to do this. Trade. You know kind of in the dark of night and that would be legitimate. And it's really hard for for you on this business men and women choose to do business in New York State right 'cause of the regulation. And the playing field is not leveled. For those we column drive by contrast right people get a ladder and some equipment in the back of their truck where you're doing the right thing you're playing by the rules. You're providing a great service and added. Reasonable costs for consumers. Yet these individuals we column drive byes you know especially if there's a storm. You know there's flooding people are panicked they they can't make a decision. Under a lot of stress in your true watering your basement or thinking oh my guess I have to fix this right now. Right so I always tell people to make sure contractors properly insured and again as you mentioned to level the playing field. It's important that you deal with someone who has not only liability but compensation insurance. It soap writers accent does not need count. Benefit if two soap writers come together guess what cap is needed and often the case you'll see that happen where there's no crap on the on the project. Natalie is that. Possibly. A risk four year ownership of beer moment is our as a liability side but at the media in May be a candidate for for rip off that way too. Cokie measure of someone gets hurt on it kind of job at your home in their account doesn't exist. On that's why it's incredibly important for consumers to be aware. And ask questions and never hurts and anyway she performed ask questions. Even if a contractor comes in has taken a seat contract may see your insurance right who insurers you. He never write as a homeowner to be named is additionally insured are not panic kind of policy to which is kind of an extra layer of protection that you could be afforded. To minimize your risk as homeowners so those are things that have nothing to do with actually getting ripped off but have a lot to do with shopping smartly for home improvements. That's correct and no more eat homework that you do is a consumer the better our product you're going to get from a contractor in the better job you're going to get and the most bang for your rock you're going to get a good product now. We desperately need reform in our state for workers' compensation insurance it's happening in some areas it spurs some movement to lower their rates but. Until the scaffold lies is gone. Was gonna continue to have issues. Of well over regulation. When it comes to going over expense when it comes to compensation insurance the scaffold lock everybody knows that great in the since the show. Is a lot it's on our books it's been here pretty. Workers' compensation. And it says that if a worker is injured on it works right. From a fall of greater than three feet the contractors liable for the full extent of the injury regardless. For the reason of the fall was no arguable defense now how is an American that there's no arguable defense. It's outrageous where else can you go in this country walk into a court of law and say no matter what the facts are no matter what the data says. You're wrong in your reliable. And this is the whole you know direction I think that our discussions should ghosts that Iran that is this is what's prompted contractors to ago. In in in in the black market because. You know how can you how can you afford I mean Ike and value our premium last year it was ridiculous. Our compensation premium was over a 140000. And now it's Regis yeah. So and you know god forbid you use your comp insurer because that guess what happens your rates go up. I even more yeah that's what's unfortunate New York State over regulation government should get out of the way. Absolutely positively ideally we should be creating a culture where you can survive and thrive and stay in New York State and flourishing in that state. But unfortunately drives people underground or out of state now tell me as your county comptroller what's what's your area. A connection and concern for this important topic. Well what one of the things is we have a large bully pulpit with our office. We can reach out to state legislate were county legislature or present them information and say well we're crushing businesses. By being over regulated. And overtaxed Erie county in New York State. Mean how many people listening hand to see their children or grandchildren and hip hop on a plane to see their families it's so unfortunate but. Legitimate businesses like cue it's so hard to succeed and thrive with over regulation over cash. So you know I've been waving the flag for almost thirty years now on this issue. The scaffold up from barely. It seems to and I've had Robin Sherman you're around and we've talked at length about. You know possibility of reform it doesn't seem ever go anywhere and have always told that the the strength of the lobby in in the state for trial attorneys that's what's keeping on the book. Oh absolutely is money talks in Albany and Washington unfortunately. No I would you strongly encourage people in a part of the people get out there and vote. You know when when you don't vote then you're basically stuck with with a government that. That is in officer people who did not vote force I strongly encourage people involved in the and the public process call your state representatives. Let them know how you feel. If more people were involved in that process that I think things can change. You know what though I can't say I'm disappointed and and our listeners ship in our. In that in this regard because nobody seems to every really do that how I wish people did do that because it might make a difference while I was talking Magellan is a member of a school board in Cheektowaga. And out of roughly 121000 registered voters in this specific district for the last school board election 250 people showed up about. 250. People. I don't know why that we don't think our vote matters in these regards but that's a fact well my my dad. Was my whole family. Was born reason Ukrainian team the United States of America and they lived in a country were they did not even have. The right to vote. And you we have that beautiful freedom here we don't exercise themselves. The more participation in the process the better government people yet. That from a title eureka county comptroller joining us an important subject matter preventing you from getting ripped. For home improvements it's about in the hour time for the top of the news Michael affect any guy with the latest from the double BN newsroom this morning might. I think it's mostly cloudy and 73 degrees at 1030 how Mike Ackerman here to top stories that we're following for this Saturday June 16. The new York state Department of Transportation announced yesterday they're implementing pedestrian safety enhancements along Niagara Falls boulevard. There adding high visibility cross walks because there's been six pedestrian deaths along the boulevard in the last five years between Taiwan a creek road. And Ken Moore avenue. The Department of Homeland Security announced yesterday. Nearly 2000 children were held by Border Patrol after being separated from their parents according to the trump administration's. Zero tolerance immigration policy. That was announced in May. President trump continues to repeat his claim that Democrats are to blame for the policy and demanded immigration reform built and it. A vote is likely on two bills next week in the house a trump spokesperson said he would support the bills which include funding for the portable. This weekend is the annual June 18 for a small buffalo which celebrates the end of slavery in the country and the progress made by the African American community. The forty their parade will begin a half hour from now Genesee street and most cell and roll and net Martin Luther King Jr. park. And it toy drive is under way called Christmas in July unwrapped toys to be given to kids at O shy Children's Hospital. From yesterday through July 25 there's drop off sites at Amherst libraries and also the Williams hill office as that of assemblyman ray Walter. UWB yen for solar forecast for today you're looking at a beautiful day sunny skies a high of eighty. But tonight a strong thunderstorm could come through the regional late. We'll also dip to the mid sixties to mark breezy humid high of 87 and the thunderstorms might linger into Sunday as well. Monday no storms in the area except maybe in the afternoon. However very warm and muggy high of 87 on Monday. Right now buffalo 73 degrees and mostly cloudy skies the radio dot com that is the official new home of WP young. Downloaded today favored us and listen to us any time anywhere. A Mike Ackerman news radio 930 WB yen. Twin Cities last for over five decades they've in the experts in the room of your house and poverty eventually does the yet it's your bathroom. Twin city the name you know and trust since 1964. They have built the success. I'm making you happy customer come check out their huge show on its open right now in Willits or park they have full life sized displays not mock showers on wall. Touch to this place stand in the seat how the door swings. Look over the many available colors and types of hardware like Tabasco shower doors up elegance it's the best way to get a real feel for the quality. Now whether it's installing a bad thing closure or shower door. War crafting a custom glass piece or mere product twin city will make it all easy for you. Considering that 90% in new business comes from referrals navy must be doing something right. To learn more give my friends at twin city call 6943300. That's 694. 3300. You can visit them online twin city last dot com. Or pay them a brick and mortar visit in their credible 3000 square foot Chara in blitzer park. Ideally we chart them and tell him down an extension to twenty. I'm DeVon I deliver sandwiches for Jimmy John. Strict our population that it will deliver one sandwich minimum rates or hundreds of sandwiches and debris however many you want your mirror a break down debt and reduce Branch Rickey back. 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Over the wet spring hey it's down to court tees with some exciting news chem dry of buffalo is the carpet cleaner that cares that's because. Carpet care services is now Kemp right that's right they're offering the same great service you've come to love but now they have the best cleaning technology. As chem dry of buffalo so what does it mean to you well it means that they're using FDA green certified cleaning solutions. And 80% less water. For a cleaner and healthier home your carpets are going to look like new. And you don't have to wait days for them to dry. With candor I buffalo your carpet will be clean and ready to use in just an hour and a half that's right. That's clean and ready to use in just an hour and a half. Drier cleaner and healthier home will be a result can dry of buffalo here to help you. And their phone number 6326011. That's 632. 60. 11. Column today and Tom Dominic cents. 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Check this out online at united materials LLC dot com. And let us be your one stop the. Higher at construction materials. WB ENN presents your home improvement tip of the week with Yemeni courts these are you thinking of adding perhaps he freestanding tap your bathroom. A standalone soaker makes a strong design statement but. Listen that's folks once filled with water not to mention the weight of the day either he can easily weigh over 500 pounds this could strain the floor beneath it. Censoring the joists are doubling up the sub floor of three quarter inch plywood under a pedestal. Or one piece tub will help shore up the floor. If it's a cast iron club foot. Well you might want to add some extra to buy material they flap between the Joyce and supported by cleats under the legs keep in mind. The QB sacrificing. Tax base. By not having a deck around the tub a small table or stool can perhaps sidled up alongside for toiletries. And the lack of alleged to rest and mean that's who goes with limited mobility factor in plumbing placement to this is important if floor amounts of filler offers floor plan flexibility. But a wall or deck amount may make sense of the bombings are ready in the wall and it will save you some big bucks on the faucet. Running supply lines in the built out ledge as as we've seen in many applications will create some landing space. And if your water heater is an able to handle any increased demand. You may want to have an upgraded after all what's the point of a statement soaker. Your date leaving you cold water on. And fortieth every time good morning from them expertise you're listening number ten radio here on WB NM broadcasting descended in point from reach store north at 51 Amber's street. He'll be speaking with Stephanie Lawson in just a few minutes about everything that's going on here at habitat. But we're here because today is the 21 discover Amherst street event there is a parade at noon there's a pie baking contest. Players have raffles and strawberry festivals and lots of activities. Going on up and down Amherst street today until 4 o'clock. Come on out kind a stop here maybe you're gonna head to the living tour as well. Lots to do in buffalo and Western New York. After all we packed everything we can in the ten weeks of summer isn't that correct hey watch hammer time TV tomorrow morning on channel two. At 1030. See fell up install a mailbox. With his brother's help and seen nick do a roof inspection. Would this drone yeah. That's tomorrow's episode. At 1030. On channel two it's hammer time TV I'm here with step by my hi Lou he's the Erie county comptroller. And that we're talking about home improvement schemes and the whole home improvement industry. And how it's not really regulated in any way how anybody could enter our industry with just a truck and an attitude that they think they can be good contractor. And sometimes that will make a difference. But sometimes it leads people into napping properly capitalize in their four leads him into the life of crime and ripping people off along the way. I happen to think and I am not an advocate for. Government control. I think less is more when it comes to government but this is an area staff and where. There really isn't any platform at all for for contractors and possibly licensing structure might be in order here. And as it licensing in many respects mean the a good idea to weed out the bad apples. I Dominic you're the gold standard when it comes a contract you have insurance via copy of contracts. You look your customers know exactly what you're doing when it comes to the services you provide. But unfortunately because there is no formal licensing when it comes to this some with a cell phone instant tar and some shingles. It happened a truck and say hey I'm the contractor let me do work in your house. That's right appreciate this opportunity to be V ended to really let seniors know especially after about scams of warmer weather when it comes to the drive byes we call them. People are truck you know look at a license plates keep their from out of state make sure their insured make sure you. Have a contract. You know and I find myself doing an ant night he really. Have to stop myself sometimes when when this happens to me defending my pricing. When people say your price was higher. And in I think of course who enemies competitive as we can right. But when my price is higher in you really stop and think watney but guess what I guess why is because we have the right and assurances. Insurance has ended a high quality of work you get when you pay for specially when it comes to contract and and that's why seniors in the elderly need to be really careful about. Giving individuals catch someone who solicit you either on the phone or pulls up in your driveway please do not RA. Which your money in that respect always pay with a credit card or check. In New York State anything more than 500 dollars requires a contract through you can cancel my contract and three business days as well. Now at least we have those. That framework in place so that there are guidelines and you can find these at the I believe you can friends on line that that you New York State got dot gov or the attorney general's website. Where the standards are that are published but. We can run through them here real quick on the air. As staff France had a contract must be in writing a must be in plain English in must have reasonable expectations this first time starting in completion. It must bear resemblance to the status of the work as far as the payment structure. It must have the three Dave Wright to rescind. A clause and it. And I must also state that the contractor. Has a right to lean your house if you don't pay him. And also that the monies that you pay him will go into eight escrow account. Which is also as part of a state law. Even something as simple as. A senior and elderly individual asking what's your address which a business address. Is more than likely if this so called scam contractor has a cell phone and pick up truck. They're not reputable so folks really need to be aware especially now with warmer weather rolling around but to be aware of that. Do you know what the average lifespan for contractors. In New York State now take a yes. Five years close sovereign wow yeah. It's tough to do business in New York State unfortunately there. The right way at least record right wing here stayed with stuff I appreciate you having taking the time to come out yesterday yeah I think and we want to mention that of going to be together on Wednesday as well on Wednesday are we joined by sheer power and ultimately Howard we're gonna talk more about is really important message. Two. Elderly population across Erie county in Western New York for that respect buyer beware be really careful when it comes to. Not being the victim of this camp very good and it's. Erie county controller staff found my idol thank you step on you very appreciate it all three on nine trio that's the number here we can squeeze in some calls between our guests 8030930. Outside buffalo 1800. 616. 9236. Missed earning thirty on the cell and text me my can't technique that it exports are packed and let's Jerry Kennedy attack but we don't have attacked sports year. As we are coming cube from the re store north. It's down the court he's and is it is hammer time radio here on WB yen. Each and every Saturday morning here on WB and we look forward to a phone call. From our good friend Peter Gordon from indoor air professionals and of course indoor air professionals is the place. For you to ago for your duct cleaning it is summertime and you gotta love this summer weather even when it's hot and sticky your air conditioning will be. Are great but not always so many people are getting sick and they may not know why. Allergy symptoms and air conditioning and in the air conditioning can make you sick. The air is of course an air that your breathing that's an inside that dark work traveling through that dark or. Dust that's in south decaying animal remains maybe. Yeah might I dust mite feces. These are things that are lurking in your duct work and with the air conditioning the moisture from that it just seems to be the right atmosphere. To breathe that's terrible air so what you need to do we need to call my friends of the indoor air professionals though come out with their pets that come duct cleaning system. Blast all the gunk off your duct work Wallace. And suck it all out in league view with the fresh scent. Of Canberra gel good morning mr. Gordon. According Tammany yes that's what happens in the air conditioning you know what a time to chime in though on you wanna talk about how not to get ripped off. I mean we'll hear some statistics on duct cleaning alone OK so we've been around for 26 years and done 52000. Holmes. 2000 have had the ducks clean before. And we're pulling out like bushels a dirt left behind. Okay that's also evidenced by the fact that. Of the hundred heating and air conditioning and directors contradicting partners we column that refer assert Bubba. Point four of them used to do duct cleaning equipment need to do not only get 50% now. We can get 95%. It's just that what goes on out. There are at 6833000. That's the number you gonna down here and we're gonna hear it now the extra special camera time radio only discount for the week is. Okay we're reaching out for people that are stuck on father's days this may sound crazy but can get her high capacity he humidifier OK if it's. People say I have a deep humidifier hey I had to. In als like it was in my electric meter in and I got one high capacity one with a five year warranty made in the USA study Chinese fire starters we call them. That's amazing and also in medical grade air pure fire that you have. Is another option in academic email use these certificate today. Yeah pretty two dollars up front duct cleaning and of course the greater deals for military. Senior law enforcement. Auction actually father's. Cup. I have to happen. Our state party buried here at the 6833000. You've heard Peter 42. For the first time. First timer for your indoor air professional needs column right now. 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This is the best -- offer we've had a trends of 22018. And this may be the best -- offer why have for the rest of the year Jeep Compass four by 4169. A month the trends it's OG Chrysler Dodge Ram zeroed down payment just taxes and fees at signing this four by four G just loaded with apple car play android auto heated seats is during we'll college and had lips remote start daytime running lights and more 169. Months zeroed down payment just taxes and fees assigning it's the best -- ball for this year only a transit sound -- -- -- at least 36 months we've lessons from oil over 2000 miles per year must -- to preferred vendor 305 disposition Feeley said was he responsible for maintenance or repair requires conquest lease at thirty dollars the most well while supplies last offer -- 63018. Jeep Compass four by four very well equipped just 169. 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To prevent prevent the elimination. A guerrilla floor is finished with a high tech. Durable top coat that seals and protect the floor. Against long term Wear and here in oh yeah up a guerrilla floor it comes with a ten year warranty. And if you call them right now you'll hit a 200. Dollar hammer time radio discount that's right he two men are discount. What you need to call right now here's the number of Joseph follows number 7156927. That 71569. 27. College Joseph right now and say goodbye to that dusty dirty pitted garage floor. And getting guerrilla garage your floor you can visit in my mind guerrilla garage here dot com. Go go gorilla. Okay we're back here on hammer time radio and I'm gonna tell you that you can win eight Porsche. 718 boxer a McCain and acts or 45000. Dollars in cash. By participating in the Clarence rotary club foundation. Raffle that's right the cruise night event will be August the sixth with a drawing will be held. You do not need to be present to win the tickets are fifty dollars each or three for a hundred you can buy them online. Clarence rotary raffle dot com only 4000 tickets are being sold. So by yours today Clarence rotary raffle that count fifty dollars each three for a hundred. When he 2018 portion 718 boxer or McCain and math or take 45000 dollars in cash. Fifteen additional prizes of five dollars each. The event is August the sixth at 8 PM at the and again you don't need to be present to win you can buy them online Clarence rotary raffle and dot com. Joining now by Stephanie Watson from habitat buffalo good morning staff. Here are well it's it's nice for you to spend time to invite us and also for us to be able to broadcast from east or north. This is 25% off today customer appreciation. Yes Celek customer appreciation day we're excited to do in conjunction with grand Amherst business association. And Amherst this outbreak in her history day so they're activities up and down the road where inviting folks is stopping in to our north. We store location this week for some great deals 25% off storewide. 10% off if you check in on base but and then we're hosting the same promotion and our South Park location just next Saturday this happen and you. For the great deals. So let's give our listeners an update I mean that's going and I could have attacked them how many homes we have going on right. Oh wow we've gotten more and I projects under construction right now tons of opportunities to volunteer its summer seasons of course construction and old slaying. If you're interested in volunteering please go to habitat booklet at port find some pilots on social media where habitat well on these applicants to Graham and Twitter. Tons of opportunity to get involved so he wants when you hammer but you work. Otherwise he can come work in a restart work and our office they're so many ways to be involved in our organization and pick so what is a particular need it we have right now. Great now we're looking for volunteers. Not just out on sites me humor but to come on and help us in our office. Our our organization has deep roots of volunteers and volunteers make act. Our organization work until we need help rate rate and by the office raid an army location helping to answer phones and now. Just making sure that our. This is a great way feud help restart to folks is by bringing. Items that you want to rid yourself of that are still in working condition and that broken. Two here to the restart where they will be resold and you know what in the money goes to habitat and not only feel good about donating. Years getting rid of stuff that you need to freer your household of but you're helping habitat with that with that the nation. Yet enacted tax deductible donation and you don't even have to come that's got us a call we're happy to pick it up. And we accept household appliances household furniture building material if your business in here about to change all the pictures and your story we'll take those pictures that you're emptying the building. We'll come help yet and Tia. We use those items week helped keep them out of landfills. We've re purpose them we sell them an almost proceeds help us build homes and buffalo leap over 300 houses I have to houses here and in Western New York. You know one man's trash is another man's treasure and that's certainly the case if you walk through the restart here you'll see things that still have brought some life left in them. You know maybe they're out of date yeah but they still work. Yeah where actually gearing up already for me are Reese our mind and look where people come and find them treasure and our restart. Re purpose them in the auction them off an October yet all that money goes to building homes you know we have a lot of fun doing it's very dead and I'm looking forward to that coming up again in the followers as it's in the follow it in October more details will be available in the coming weeks and out where relating. Local via wires and actors and designers to participate so. If you have if you're looking for information on habitat upload app market in China and social media. Course the phone number for a pick up from re stars 85 to 6607. That's 852. 6607. A prompt pick up will be arranged and you'll be prompted this too well which store. Is closer to you whether it's in north or the south either. Or in a course you do our goal by geography has to Wear this with the donations growth. Yet we tried Easter to strategically pick up and they're in neighborhoods at certain times so give us the commonwealth at a time. Okay now the F sites was looking for volunteers for. For the trades to if you have a skill. Especially Europe plumber electrician bomb or heating contractor and you like to donate some time. To habitat that is another area for need absolutely if you have a skill that can be used in building home we absolutely take advantage of that. Please again go to our website give us cause he reach our office 2040740. We'd be happy hunky aptly be grateful and again this is your business this is a tax deductible donation taken and this is aired out and went for the service. And that he's that protect her if that's. Now the it organization has been going through some restructuring and candidates on a growth path now for really becoming. A substantial developer in the city. Yes so buffalo. Is is really on the rise but had a chance in a big part of that we were building in buffalo before it was cool to build them up right. At one point we are the largest residential home builder. And now we're really changing her structure because of me are competing with all the other folks trying to buy up properties there aren't pastors there the first Arab renters. I and and we wanna continue to have a piece back. I understand that's kind of cramping the style I have a style a little bit in that it's hard to actually get a home donated anymore or did something I donated from the city. Yet you know it hit historically private donors have come patent that he telegram moving up her eye on the west side and get that home habitat for a new family. Try to buy property on the last let me out more challenging than ever before so we do take house don't need that you are moving out of the city would like to Tony work habitat. Take that tax reduction at its belly that's really valuable to us that's great and rehab at lake knew it and it held to a. Okay the customer appreciation sale continues today till five in next Saturday reached herself. Noon to five have a great week everybody was in activity same time think placing station where it been since 1989 right here and double B yet in the meantime. Remember like maybe tired by the yard by the inch. It's insane.