Domenic Cortese 5-5-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, May 5th

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Every time. Good morning buffalo good morning west to York yes it's Dominic Cortese and of course hammer time begins right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WBE yet. Talking home improvements since 1989. And now here's your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements Dominic Cortese. While we need round of applies with the new show open there think you'd be tied Brody. Yeah we have realized. That we are saying. Little late here in Italy the Hewitt Hewitt we are thing. Weird thing youth. We've been on the air for 25 years and guess what guess what folks that that open is five years old stuff Obama we are now. In our thirtieth year here WB and so I said the time what we can say. Since 1989 that we will wanna updated more so they ago. Welcome to the program good morning from them equities it is hammer time radio here on WB and special show for you today. Rainy mark carrion is here yeah we've never had Randy I'm before and I will be talking rugs. And oriental is so keep your questions ready but it we have a little pop in visit from our good friend. Stephanie Lawson from habitat for humanity house that. And that's always a pleasure it I'm like giving the regular updates as to what's going on at habitat and of course where in the middle of the women's bill week. We're actually just kicking off a mentally we're really excited we have all week eighteen. A lot of the folks coming out this year and last year. Teams this week careful what we're encouraging folks to get involved all summer we do when you build Wednesday's if you want to bring your friends your company co workers. We just haven't caught violence and so we have we have all the teams we need for this week that all the teams need for this week is really exciting teams of ten people. A lot of companies have come forward and registered on behalf apparently so that looks that house that were now I understand you're in the need for someone to provide lunch for the organization for the group. Yes it was a part of in the week we invite him leans who. Women who own their homes their habitat program. And we provide lunch for that me and for the volunteers what's the date of this one. So we are looking for lunges each day helping each day project and that families are able to sit down with the folks are out there. So Fave food provider listening to assist can help out to step up to help habitat that would be greatly appreciated something fell through. For them on this arrangement so we are in need of a donor for our providing lunch for every day this week. Get an idiot this week Amy. This is the real a real special part of the week that we are able to connect the folks are building homes with the folks for a living in the home. Yes okay so if you are food provider you'd like to help out give habitat or call 85 to 6607. Or go to have a tip off load that oracle wants him your direct dial. You can call me eat tie 2130. Fine I'm an extension and therefore we can repeat that. 852 and 305 extension 10 a war in real quick before we let you go while we wanna make sure we mention that the re stores are open. Yeah come onto the restart. Pay resident and where are actually looking for donations if you're if you're cleaning your house right now. Do you think of the restart your getting ready for those spirit leanings or remodeled. Give us a buzz tonight we'll take your kitchen cabinets wealthy after vanity if anything the EU. Iron and getting rid of and we welcome to keep at a landfill we will make use of and we will. I don't we make sure we take all of our reclaimed items to the resource at our customers are willing to donate so we do. Think that's a great way to give these products continued life. Yes it's a great it's a great. Great part of our organization because we prevent items from going into Atlanta we also use those items. We tell them we used and then our homes and the funds that are raised from the items that we telco grade into building houses in buffalo so it and it's really worthwhile. Learn more about habitat by going online have a tip off load dot org you can participate by shopping at the Reid story can participate by. Volunteering your time you can participate by writing a check it's all good. Good to have a tip buffalo. Dot org to learn more and he mr. stuff on television last week he said. I know I have to tell yet even my mom doesn't watch me on TV anymore after I don't see yourself. We adopted done hip and hammer time TV we adopted habitat buffalo could be. Because. That we are supporting and court's recent yankees the star of the show. Was interviewed I'm tack hammer time TV last week she did a great job. Yeah she's not camera Shaq. But we're grateful that we're part of it we're grateful for your support yeah we're grateful for your viewers and let look for more on camera time TV of him a tip off lows will continue that that relationship going as well as here via the you so much to me we're grateful have a great weekend everybody and definitely get ready to come they'll let us this summer from when until Wednesday's final online had a conflict that aren't happy couple food providers are listing of the show I just know it and they gonna collier. Actually any amounts hill asked Lawson LE WS island habitat Coughlin dot ORG. You'll find how how case theft thank you so much time to get elite Gary's. Stephanie Austin from habitat buffalo she gets up and opened up the chair for Randy America carrying out. Folks he's a little nervous he's never been on the radio before. But I told me a year only here because you're an expert in your field or your outstanding in your field as they say Eric. I definitely think the morning Randi good morning to you it's great having on the air you know thinks are having me not tree to me Stephanie well yeah and you know what ended anybody who's a born and bred in Western New York like I am. Knows them are carrying name. Being synonymous with oriental rugs but of course you do more than that. Right we've kind of created the reputation. Gone back to grant his days of being in the or entering dealer in town put. We've been in the carpet business sense and the early 1950s. Start but there at the very beginning and tell us the story about our you're correct your grandfather's immigration. Well he came to the floor around 1918. And he started. Cleaning oriental rugs it was something that he knew from the old country of Armenia. So he would clean people's drugs and when he would return the row expect to their homes he had a way of positioning the couple additional regs and you'd go back and little by little his business grew and in 1920 when he had his first start. Now I am certainly are gonna admit my ignorance as to knowing the value of more oriental rugs. How does someone like me. Mean look at Mario rug can and say that that's. A good one I know I know what I'm looking that well most of our businesses in new area roads and oriental rugs. The first thing that you wanna look for is that determine if you can see the pattern on the deck the rug if you have a cloth. Barack and the over back to the rug gets an indication that is not a genuine hand knotted rug has what it would be a road that we refer to as a him tough to grow and then. Which is very popular online and all the home shopping catalogs and if you know the difference. Then you're you're gonna make a better decision for you. Will be talking about carpeting your home today Arafat he's quite the expert by the way I'm carpeting he will be getting into the act actual makeup of carpeting. And we'll be talking about how to identify good carpet. We were talking before we ran here about how difficult it is to shop for covering you can go to multiple stores. And think you're gonna make comparisons based on equal product quality and it's almost impossible to do that. Break from the face of the carpet you can have four carpets and look very similar and they could be. A huge range and quality based on that yeah Aaron. Contents the twist level as we're talking about earlier that if the density of the carpet so from the face of the characters sometimes it's hard to tell the difference in him. So light up your questions and get ready to speak to Randy mark hearing from are carrying drugs 8030930. That's the number to dial here on this Saturday morning and hammer time radio. I'll say buffalo it's that whole free call 1800. 616 W cancel calls are welcome at stunning thirty. You can tax asset 309 trio. And you can always email me hammer time act court he's gotten that and when your mind check out. The court t.'s website everything we do is there including room additions. Kitchen bath renovations. Are handyman service including handyman for a day better living sun rooms solar shades retractable linings. Outdoor kitchens. All there for you at court he's gotten good morning from them parties and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up that they'll pick up the phone to give me Colin blogs talk. But before we talked to you though we're gonna take a stop by and transit road. The Clarence side as you head north you know right price both arms there yet it's my good friend my eyes and a Gabriel Matalin a the manager of the lake shore savings bank branch there in Clarence. And yet another title he has the coach of my grandson give Chinese. Baseball team. More important title right. Program that's terrific affect back ethnic how are you. Good good good talk he gave look at that Florida seems you Manny and you and I like your game today at 3 o'clock that metal lakes. So will be there for that and of course were anxious to talk about everything that later savings bank has opera which starts with the 3%. Fixed for a year absolutely free home equity line of credit it's awesome. It it really is it does not get better than this Dominic. 3% fixed rate for twelve months. After that we're still gonna have a competitive rates. You know and we also give me the opportunity. To save money after the fourth month it's over by having a checking calico and having you monthly. Amount deducted monthly so. Along with this no closing cost no annual fees. And you know you really can use this home equity for so many purposes including eighty coming up to quit. An extension on to their house or who but what good cheer inside they're they're beautiful home. Well we send everybody to lake shore because it's just an unbelievable way to finance a home renovation you know 3% I mean it's really a low payment. A lot of people ask me Gabriel should they be worried about what's gonna happen after the year. You know and that's and that's the good concerned with you know being in raising interest rate environment. And that's what the reasons why we give our clients. The opportunity at any time the term Al. It took six straight. You know throughout the whole term of their line of credit any kind they call a stop they want to put this in north fixed term. We can turn it off for them giving up six straight and then they the we eliminate that worry all the other. OK so 3% for a year or no cost whatsoever take advantage of that by taking it in with Gabriel or any of the managers in your county. Also we want to make sure we mentioned that you're also paying 1%. For money market accounts. Absolutely FDIC insured there's no risk with this no risk at all or not. Depending on the bounty can go as high as one and a half percent. Okay gave the phone number there at the Clarence branch. Phone number is 688. 6114. Repeat that for us please. 6861. Report from 100 in 27. Years later savings bank putting people first. Yeah. OK. Okay. Hi I'm Roger hand check owner of town and country for churn Hamburg where we're making America comfortable again. I just got back from the North Carolina furniture merchants who. We found a number of terrific new pieces feel loved tonics at preferred shares outstanding selection of beautiful American made furniture give mom a comfortable place to relax and kick up her feet this mother stated with China countries line of American made the ladies refiners truce from a variety of sizes fabrics in features lake. Lifts peace and massage my will be so happy shall ensure she wanted to find a better price on line. 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That we featured Randy are carrying and carrying drugs here on hammer time radio and we're glad to have you Andy and let's talk a little bit about identifying quality carpet. Again we setter ready that is impossible to make comparisons when you go to stores. Manufactures. Label them differently than make him look like they're different and sometimes or not. They make a cup a caught carpet look like it's more quality than it is how does a average homeowner identify quality carpet. Well the first you're gonna run and it's no is that the fiber content there's four main fibers that carpets are made out of now there's nylon which is the most durable. There's polyester which would give you a lot of things for your Barca will feel thick and dense and luxurious but maybe not hold up for the long term. There's wolves which gives you the natural beauty and color that you get with wool carpet that you connect you with a synthetic. In there's some new yearns developed now that combined the aspects of all these. Products book when you touch infield literally feel much different. You're right. From the face of the carpet it's very very difficult to tell the difference then so don't you really do need to. Look at the labels and trusts of people Interbank for. Well there you go that's just that you just said at all trust the people you're buying from. Because it seems to me there's a lot of scams with. You know that in May be that intent Ayman retailer side but on the manufacturer side to mislead us in the thing you're buying something that would match. Well it's such of praise driven industry think all industries are. We hear on the radio the that is the low pricing and we do carry products that are very low land but if you're looking for carpet to hold up for ten or twelve or fifteen years. Yes he he can't by the entry level so what would you recommend for durability where ability long lasting. We still do like. Nylon for durable fiber. The new media are net Mohawk Industries is developed called Smart strand I still refer to it is new it's been out for about twelve or thirteen years now. Very durable very stain resistant and it's created a new. Demand for softness to talk about the twists factor with the with the threat. Well if you bark carpet. In the past we've always educated you on the density of carpeting. The thickness combined with how tightly packed together it is. People don't realize that the twist level has allowed to do with that her ability as well when you look at the iron of carpet you'll see that it's actually two strands of hair twisted together. No more tightly that's packed together to mark her ability in them. Better interpret hold up. OK regardless of whether it's nylon and polyester or correct movement yeah. We I get into debate often here on here about whether carpets are really a good choice if you have an allergy issue on. If you're looking to have you know the cleaner breathing environment in your home may be error allergic to some of the isle guessing that occurs with carpeting in either and other building materials. Is harper it's a good choice. Well and some presentations and indoor air quality in the past and there are some studies that show that carpet X is a filter and actually. Trips some of the costs in the room so if you're allergic to dust and character. Maybe exemption for everything does outcasts carpet even some of the woods that are imported from China have formaldehyde in them so we have to worry about that. So there's really nothing that's truly safe. Break we. Done studies as well and carpets do have a new odor just think paint hitter who order new cars have an order. But we recommend is just open up your windows slipped air move around we try to open the carpet does anticipate that and that this is there anything that's completely natural. There are carpets made out of plants. There's sisal players cute leaders. Core and sea grass these Euro plants that they can make her an out of many of those are woven so they don't have any excuses holding them together and it truly is and natural product but they do feel its course and that's exactly as little rough it's a little scratchy. When people field in their hand the get a little turned off to the Wednesday. Walked on it they realize that that their feet are not as sensitive as their hands and it's not as Russian strategy on the floor. The health plan is open it all three only 930 that's not repeated out here on camera 10 radio this Saturday morning as we travel west Seneca and chat with Jim good morning Jim Iran Dodi and. Lauren down things are taking my call. Have a question I have a four foot. Fiberglass or short surrounds. The one piece. I'm gonna have to be replacing evidence and has a side. Drain on it and the 1 that I am in Lebanon have all come with a better drink it duct work is going to be right in the middle of grain. I wanna move to duck who. That are similar you know take it up that I sort of bottom over the main trunk. When you say that Duckworth you talking about heat register yeah it's in the way of the drain because you have to reposition the during. Have to reposition the ductwork. For a drink a war. Got it I understand so that's fairly easy to do. You can attempt to do this yourself pretty wanna hire somebody. Yep so. Are you really need to do is find another spot in the bathroom at that register can go and he'll feed off the main. From exit point of the trunk line to. Redirected to that new location. It should be fairly easy to do with twisting the either it's flexible doc or gore it's spiral duct work. To that new location it should not be too difficult to. Work from the same opening on the dark or hang on the line will continue your question after we check in with Mike Bagram and he standing guy. With the latest from the WN newsroom good morning Michael. This morning at 1030 from the WB and news from off my back and here's your top stories. There's a shooting overnight in the 200 block of playing field drive this is one of two shootings that buffalo police are investigating. In this particular instance of one person was struck by gunfire. And was transported the EC MC with what police said were Siri is injuries. The shooting happened just before 1 AM. Then a couple hours later. Another shooting this time near Allen street the incident happened just after 330 also near college street. A 26 year old was struck in the leg by a bullet and he's in fair condition and EC NC. At last look about 12100 people are still without power in Niagara county as. National Grid crews have been working overnight to restore power might remember at one point as near as much as 40000 people were without power. Most of the power outages right now are in the new train and Wilson areas and according to National Grid to website the estimated restoration time. 6 PM if you see the latest numbers at WB EN dot com. And in Chicago investigators are combing through neighborhoods searching for suspects in that ambush of an ATF agent who was shot in the face. Local state and federal agency working around the clock to find the suspect. The agent rushed to the hospital and miraculously. In stable condition. Yes that's strike force teams have been targeting gangs trafficking and illegal guns in the neighborhood. The agent now the fourth member of law enforcement to be shot in the area in the past years. A reward now more than 60000. Dollars being offered this morning for information. That leads to an arrest. That was will car reporting. Checking your WB Ian First Solar forecast for today it's going to be a beautiful Saturday definitely one do a lot of eight yard work high of 68 plenty of sunshine tonight partly cloudy. Lows around fifty tomorrow it's going to be hit and miss depending on where you are it's going to be dry in the southern tier with a high of 68. By everywhere else time. Periods of clouds and sun and also a couple of rain showers in the afternoon cross your fingers hope for the best Monday sunny to partly cloudy. And a high of sixty currently buffalo. Partly cloudy and sixty degrees Mike Ackerman news radio 930 WB yen. For over five decades Twin Cities spend the name that you can trust for anything to do with class in your house and especially your bathroom. Twin city the name you know since 1964 they have built their success and the simple mission. Making you a happy customer you can come check out there Hugh showroom it's open right now they have full life sized displays. 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Every time. 1038. Is the time and hammer time radio good morning from comic or keys and how are you I guess the studio is Randy mark here in and we're talking about your carpets hate. By the way I've been meaning to tell idea that the clearance rotary club foundation has brought back the Porsche raffle. That's right the Porsche raffle is back the governor finally let us do it. And you can be the big winner of eight Porsche 718 boxer forum McCain and acts. Or two or 45000 dollars in cash you pick what you'd like out of the 315. Additional 500 dollar prizes. Limited tickets are sold only 4000. And this will sellout so be a part of it it's a fifty dollar ticket price or three for a hundred. He and all you need to do is go online Clarence rotary raffle dot com Clarence rotary raffle. Dot com be a part of the Porsche raffle the drying by the way is August the sixth. At 8 PM at the taste of Clarence in the Clarence town park. And though we'll look forward to senior them. Hedo three on nine trio back to the phones we go and when we left off was Jim in west Seneca we've got got cut off by the news there and wanna make sure you got that direction. Correctly gem on how to re route that done quirky clear honored he wanted to go through it again. I don't know what my problem is that the very small bathroom and I don't think I can relocate to register inside of bad. And have more I don't come off the main trunk line. Somewhere else on the act. How about this is there a vanity. Diaz but I can't move any that goes live way to plumbing and a willingness. No I'm not suggesting you move the vanity but there is a space in the toe kick of the vanity. Where you may be able to get a flat pan. That will actually adapt the heat run to the toe kick space of the vanity. Which is actually a great place to have him the heat they'll come right out at your feet when you're standing there. Okay all right now the next question I have is. I'm kinda torn between India crow what goes around and this solid surface which would you please. I happen to be a big fan of the product line that Koehler makes called sterling. Sterling ST ER LI NG. It is a fight cruel product line and vice crow a little bit different than firing last. But in that same in general category. What I like about the vice crow is very durable. Very easy to keep clean. Very reasonably priced and is a very good looking. Okay and one more question before at all or. I will always four foot sliding. Shower door. Give me enough room to get into the shower. You'll have about two foot. So I guess the answer is yes but. You could have a custom glass door made by twin city that would have a swing door it's going to be a more expensive. Are your pro A Jim thanks for all through the news. Thank you okay 80309 trio is number for you here on hammered ten radio as we speak with a Randy are carrying about carpeting. Now we are kind of skipped over the Horry analysts and are just getting into a little more of a discussion on that. Gloria just come from a lot of places in the world. Can you talk a little bit about or how do you identify them based on the work where they come from us for is equality. Sure well we know where they come from because of our IE in the importers that we deal with that domain countries that we're bringing drugs in from our India and Pakistan. Some from Turkey still. In some from your end here and there. Really we relate to educate our customers and the different styles of drugs there's some that are new and made to local and there are some that are new that they're very bright and vibrant so we'd like to have a few minutes conversation with our clients just as you attraction they're going. So you you're an authority on Korea analysts in pain are we trust what you tell me about what your quote from buying it from buying an oriental. But other than what you mentioned about turning it over and looking at the back what else are you identifying its. Quality piece will hand knotted oriental rugs are all done by hand and when you look at the deck you actually see the nuts so you'll see. Very very tiny knots as opposed to very large Nazi and a pretty strange country drastically. And is that re arranged to pace and where they come from. A little bit but all countries that make rugs do make a different qualities. You sell them based on what what's your what's your drivers to what to identify him by angle the rugs or you're gonna so he just wanna provide a variety. For a country's different countries party of quality standard that you're looking for a little bit of both we. But I would we think is gonna sell and that's driven by the local interior designers it's driven by the customers are coming in the store. We never know who's gonna walk in the door next the is it true that Horry annals swell made are really gonna Wear like iron. Sure it's not unusual for Greg's last 708090 years of marks a well made drug very fascinating and interesting discussion unto itself oriental rugs yet. 8030930. That's number for you here I'm WB yen as we traveled out of the island of grand good morning tenure on WB yen. One I thought you came here joke thank you. Aid. Both the south side pupil. And bombs on ports on the back. And above the fun part is it walk out full. We noticed that we've got some one that is a big storm. We put some water. I mean we did doorway. Between the sun room on the main power. Will be looking and he wants the court. Like power flashing all the way around this or. I don't really wanted to be there are other reasons very calm I don't rather it out but I alone investigate whether the water coming up what did you. Yet to watch. Water I I think here on the right track its firs of being a little more exploration because tar. Ends up being a band aid. That may actually makes it harder to finally diagnosed the problem because. It its has I'll be removed in order to really get to the core of the problem is. So doing from the underside is a good idea because you can actually then watch where the waters entering. It very well may be flashing problem if it's wind driven it could be related to deciding because citing hangs on the wall like a picture. So water can infiltrate around the citing. Get behind flashing. In leaking in that way. So I think you're on the right track from doing it from below. Are there were. Oh I don't think this. OK so it could be just the flashing them that's allowing the watered and her. But putting terror and it is not the answer at Selena. Oh are. Bogut is is. Our quality of construction Google Talk about. Yet we would actually do that through our handyman service I would send out our senior handyman Jacob follow and he would do it help with the diagnosis he would actually give you an idea. As to how many hours it would take to figure that out. And then you can decide if you want us to do order you're an attempt to do it yourself. All right well are they Tim thanks for the call the question. Tim hangs up that frees up a life for you here on WBN. As we traveled cameras now and speak with Sulu Sulu good morning your next. Good morning thank you for taking this golf hey and old vinyl floor. In the house originally came with a and B have been living here for 45 meters. And what do you want to do is it's looking a little art out of places. And Reid tried to the plate says it and you don't want. Ceramic. Because that's scored on the floor badly it'll. And a catch a little bathroom. And we weren't thinking at least saw. Love unity rhino yes do you think it's been good paying to put. Put it on the same floor. Yes we we were having a conversation about the attributes of luxury vinyl before we went on the care I happen to. Had been initially skeptical as to. Oh. How effective luxury vinyl. Would be an applications. Inject in general applications and I've since now changed my mind because. They have invested a lot of an engineering effort into creating a floor that's really very easy to install and very durable and wearable. And in some cases are offering them with. A very extensive but warranties in one case noble product as a thirty year warranty. So I'm really have changed my opinion you can get a lot of volume floor crying at a very reasonable price with. The luxury battles he and they're very easy to install so that's helps keep the price down to. It I appoint the got into rubber which you can get better. Cork back is my favorite. It does help. Absorb some sound in makes little more comfortable to walk kind. And I've been finding that our customers are them are very happy with the cork back about collagen annals. All of its. The fact that they don't blow it is that okay. Yeah absolutely I'm at actually speaks of the ease of installation that they clicked and they clicked together so there there is very easily Stalin no glue means easier cleanup. Oh all right thank you so good question. Still hangs up and it frees up a line for you here on WBN as we speak with the rainy Mercury from our carrion rugs you know three on nine trio that's a number for you to dial here. You're listening to hammer time radio on WB he had. Well this spring cleaning time and we're talking about putting in new rugs and maybe cleaning your rugs with effect can drive buffalo and we think about cleaning drugs treat to think about washing our windows but if you remove your refrigerator and you looked underneath that we'll all that gone that's underneath there. Guess what that's in your dark court. And your breathing that dirty air that's traveling over all of that come. The only way to really deal with that is by having my friends at indoor professionals come out. And blast all of that gunk off body your dock where Qualls in suck it all out with negative pressure and leave you with a fresh scent of Canberra gel. Peter Gordon joins us on the live like good morning mr. Gordon. Earnings dominate yet you know let's address once again where does this come from fifty million dead skin cells. Per person per day create. While a lot of the mess and now unhealthy stuff. When Mercury in it was over my house pulling up the old carpeting putting in new carpeting. You could visibly see it because they're so I Nagle under. That carpeting through the carpeting in to the fear that adding and it's a match here. And also take people's sakes what should I do that duct cleaning before or after Mercury inputs the new carpeting and just not on the same day we would whip Smart caring and they take the extra care they caught around boot to make sure that. It doesn't get you re contaminated. I still think that the court should be done after. You're right after what I did that happen are all right so each and every week we anticipate a phone call from you which we are in the middle of right now but more important is speaking fuel although I do enjoy doing that is to hear from you with the extra special. Indoor air professionals hammer time radio discount for the week. OK well first of all I gotta go back to the dead skin cells for one minute what some people say why don't have duct work. Don't forget about the medical grade air purify. That is something bad is constantly we have the best pricing. On the planet for those again you can pocket Eddie today about pit. Also hold the high capacity. 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Stop in today the storms are open let us be your one stop supplier of construction materials. 1056 is the time on hammer time radio good morning from Dominique part he's watched hammer time TV tomorrow morning on channel two at 1030. And watch nick and Michelle do it tiled Barack splash. In the kitchen. Tile Beck's question to kitchen Mick Mickey Michelle. Working together tomorrow. And the DIY episode. Hammer time TV we spent the hour with Rick or any wreck caring from carrying drugs he ended Randy. First saw your location is on Delaware you have one store yes for just south of the two non Indian and Olerud and he end. The location is very central to Western New York are easy to get to. Why would someone want to deal with mark here and rugs and show what do you offer that's different than the average carpet and stow. Well we'd love to have the opportunity to. Talk to our customers before I even show than any samples. The first three or four minutes and finding out if they have pets in the house if they have kids in the house to entertain a lot. Though there are good questions and it's gonna shape the direction I take them to I'm gonna show them. What's the right product for their needs. Simply eat is something like its simplest do you have a swimming pool with a lot of foot too wet foot traffic in the in the summertime right exactly doesn't that it's gonna affect where ability and the cleanliness of. Where exactly and whether these chlorine in the pool that the young kids running through your family room and dripping chlorine and the carpenters. A lot that we can ask in the first few minutes let's go to and AT and speak with Margaret you Marty and Margaret your hammer time radio with Randy mark carrier. Good morning again. I have a question. You walk the walk are sitting in my living room and I would like to put down and area oriental mountains. Get this one over at the insisting her bit get a wise thing to do. Sure we do that all the time sometimes it's a small area rug under the coffee table for little splash of color. And there's no reason not to do anything that you just did that at a customer and I'm Grand Island absolutely we are inherited and and Arianna on top rate. Great nice touch yes. Golfer Margaret yeah okay do you. Okay stop in and tell me you're listening to Randi on that kind of radio I share okay. Let's go to Amherst and sale of the day and good morning Dan your next. Yen down thank you same question actually but I cavity out larger. Rectangular rug made in China. Which have been holding onto also an old rod made Turkey. Again any problem with putting it on the existing now rock that's bound already. No not at all sometimes you'll get some wrinkles in the area rug when it's used on top of carpet that there's some pins. That we can provide that help minimize the wrinkling. The advantage of this really is more for the look at affords them you know as far as protecting the right thing to correct him. OK and thanks for the call. Anyone I think you again for spending the hour and and and whether Fannie have you on the show you a picture of me it's a treat to be here but we'll have to do it again. Have a great week everybody look part of senior next Saturday same time same place same station. Watch hammer time TV tomorrow on channel 20 and remember like may be hard by the yard by the inch. It's a sin.