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Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, May 26th

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Morning on hammer time radio which begins right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WP yet. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements. Dominic cork he did morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer ten radio here on WB yeah and it's down the court he's in studio for you what an open phone. This Saturday morning yep open phones this Saturday morning no agenda I'm here for you as we get ready for summer in Western New York. The numbers 8030930. Outside buffalo you can call me for free at 180616. W aunts uncles are welcome at start earning thirty or text me. At 30930. As we remember Memorial Day and the reason for the day. And that is to remember those that pay the sacrifice of giving their life for our nation. And Memorial Day probably should be moved right because. We mix it with the beginning of summer we mix it width. Planting flowers. Kind of has lost its real meaning which is that of remembering those that. Paid the ultimate sacrifice and you know as we get ready for Memorial Day Monday and Flag Day a couple weeks come on now. We should probably review flag etiquette and let's see how good you are pitcher flag etiquette. You know there's more to consider when hanging the patriotic symbol of our nation's in the hardware that you need to mount it. Did you know that in 1942. President Roosevelt. Signed into law the flag code. Yet if states that the proper guidelines for displaying the American flag need to be followed. We need to treat old glory with respect by filing these rules. First of all when it's hung vertically. Or horizontally. The flag should be is positioned with the field of stars. Where Jerry. There and care. Command you know he served our nation. Repeat the question okay. When hung vertically or horizontally the flag should be positioned. With the field of Steris. Asked. The top. Left exactly. If it's displayed in a window always remember that the viewer is considered to be. And the outside. Okay now. Here's a here's one that's often leads to a did a debate. What do you do at night traditionally the flag is to be displayed outdoors only from sunrise. To sunset. But it can be I'd displayed 24 hours a day if locked. It is fully human they grow to meet this requirement try a solar light ticket charge throughout the day and shine bright night. Or gardens by a spotlight that might be. I'm a timer now. The flag should not be subjected to harsh wind or to rain or snow unless it's made an all weather material. Choose one made from some synthetic fibers like nylon polyester that will stand up to the elements. And lastly. If your flag showing signs of Wear and care it should be disposed of in a dignified way. What way is that your. Burn it right it should be burned you can contact your local VFW or American legion both groups offered retire flags and a respectful ceremony. So there you go flag etiquette for Memorial Day. And open phones this Saturday morning as I said I've got nothing on my mind I'm here for you as we get ready for summer. Projects around the house that you've got that perhaps in Q that you need my guidance time. The need to meet them motivate you they get should go and I'm here for that too. 8030930. That's 8030930. Light up the phones folks as we have open phones Freel. This Saturday morning here on WBM. And always remember to check our website at court T for a week. Highlight everything we do to serve you here in west New York that includes room additions. Kitchen and bath renovations with our beautiful ballad he Tina custom kitchen cabinet line. Now being fabricated for outdoor kitchens that's right the ballot cortina outdoor kitchen lying now available. Federal living sun rooms solar shades retractable awning how about that backyard living experience now with delicate Tina haute or kitchens. And he solar shade more retractable awning or sun room. And last and at least of course are handing answers including handyman for ID. Good morning from down the court tees and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up betrayal pick up a phony gimme call I'd love to talk here. Before we talk to you though will then travel to Opie and say good morning to ask heat that Sally tying. He's the manager of the lake her savings bank branch. There in Orchard Park good morning's Hal good morning down and how are ya happy Memorial Day. On thank you thank you the end how's things out and Orchard Park. They're great. Weather's great looking forward to a wonderful weekend with the family and an Italian thing there really cocoon around here bleachers savings. I'll say I'll say hi do you beat a 3%. Fix for a year home equity line of credit with no cost Honeybee pet. He you don't you just don't get bit again that's. That's a one year fixed rate at 3% then I'd come. We sent all of our customers to accelerate the probably lining up at the door right now at that. Thank you because you are open today till noon. And of course closed for the holiday. The other big thing going on at lake shores were paying. Interest and money market. We are we have boy you know we've got some great rates out there for our business customers and our consumers. We have a lake shore ultimate. Money market account pain 1%. Actually can go up to one and a half percent depending. And the bail. And for our business customers which is kind of unheard of were paying a 1%. To and business and money market account. But a 5000 dollar minimum what a great way to end them your business money work for you. You know I'm a little bird told me saline that the mortgage rates right now at lake shore are some of the lowest in our area. Extremely competitive extremely high had a couple appointments yesterday customers came in the shop and around which we encourage everyone to do they think you know. You alone carried out there and I putted well. We are at this moment in time. And with their service and all of our originators to hear all of our offices. I mean that's what we're doing and the if it's a boom and now market right now mortgages in and we can we get the job done. Quick math and now we're one stop shopping here. Merry go Sally crying she's been around the banks since it started here in Erie county. In the phone number there at the Orchard Park branch is. By the numbers 674. Two year old picnic repeat itself tension Dominic. We have a team of professionals. Because auto web site on Wednesday. June 13 at our Snyder profit in street nighter. We have a home buyers some internal our web site check it out. Great team of professionals for anyone who has any questions. I guess shopping around her have some honest. And be a great great place to come and yes and qwest. This is that Richard Greco has branch the main street in Snyder branch. Correct and you say it's the thirteenth at what time. 538 at 7 PM. Okay RA guard them more information at lakes or savings that I am the phone number again at the Orchard Park branch. 74. And zero for 127. Years later savings bank. Putting people first to. Okay. Later many ships. You name it we ship it. Let's talk big valuable and break double click a 100 year old grandfather clock that needs to get to Alaska for a valuable car parts you sold online. When I heard many shippers don't at all. They know their shift that's right we're partnered with the all major carriers to make sure you get the right service and price. Coming your mayor owner Len termination for 35 years we've been handling large shipments for both families and businesses so don't worry about your fragile they're loops are expensive equipment. 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Well if you're like me then your pretty excited debt summertime is officially on our doorstep here in buffalo up. But you know you may be noticing that your carpets have gotten filthy over the long winter that we've just in third. It is Dominic Cortese here with some exciting news chem dry of buffalo is the carpet cleaner that cares. That's because carpet care services. Is now Kendra that's right carpet care services. Now a chem dry franchise there offering the same great service you've come to love. But now they have the best cleaning technology as cam drive buffalo. So what does that any two year you ask well it means that they're using FDA. Green certified cleaning solution. An 80% less water for a cleaner and healthier home. Your carpets are gonna look like new. And you don't have to wait for days for them to try with cam bray buffalo your carpets will be clean and ready to use in just an hour and a half. That's right clean and ready views in just an hour and a half. For drier cleaner healthier home cam drive really is the carpet cleaner that cares. Spring into savings and get 10% off your tile and grout cleaning. Yeah they do that too. 10% off tile and grout cleaning if you call now 632. 6011. That's 6326011. Call now get 10% up. Tile grout cleaning tellem Dominic census. Every time. It's Antawn EI hammer time radio good morning from Dominic Cortese and how are you 8030930. That's the number to call here on. WBM. I've got an open line with your name on it he wanna mention news that the Clarence hollow association will be having a chicken barbecue on Monday Memorial Day. Ship that is chicken barbecue that's right it's chicken with a beverage ten dollars hot dogs available twelve noon till sold out. This will take place in the main street town park pavilion right after or during the parade the parade starts at the high school and ends at the park. With a memorial service at the end the chicken barbecue in the pavilion at the back of the park. The address for the park is 101405. Main street you won't be able to get down main street. After after 1 o'clock till about 2 o'clock. So you may wanna enter from the back side eaten gold down main to show us where and then there's a road that'll take you into the park right to the pavilion. The barbecue is 500 tickets at 500 chickens to sell so. Plenty of time and planning a chicken at ten dollars chicken barbecue. This will benefit funds for the high school scholarship he could eat at dairy can take it home. And that's is Monday Memorial Day from noon until it's sold out. The Clarence follow association. 8030930. As we go to Amherst and speak with the Judy good morning Judy you around WB Aaron. Good morning Dominic. The question for you. We can't ran out wit AM on an addict that can't react that panel to it okay. And you never had a reason to really go up there in the last couple years but. Just tore up there and would com learn to our surprise. They are they asked room exile in Lawrence is not vented at the outside it's just Melbourne city attic stack. Yeah that's what I figured there. You know I think some will have probably cut a hole through the rough. Yep couple of couple a waste ago. The depending on where the bath the end is in the house in the footprint of the house. It might be easier to go straight up. But I'll walk you through what has to happen then or another option would be for it to lay down under the insulation. And go to the are okay that's another option so let's talk about the first option first let's say we're smack dab in the middle of the house. And the shortest route is straight up well. That makes sense we will have to put a rough proved on the rough cut into the cart in the them through the shingles through the plywood. But that lie Maine it Judy that travels from the rough to the attic floor we'll have to be insulated to. Because otherwise in the cold of winter. The moisture will condense inside that lying in the it'll fall back into the fan and could actually drip into the bathroom and could actually burned the fan so. Just keep that in mind if we go straight up the line will have to be insulated. If we laid down underneath insulation then work covering the pipe. With insulation so that's gonna help. Keep it from condensing however if that run is very long and I would not recommend that root because again the longer the distance. The heart of the draw in the strong the fan we'll have to be to compensate. For the distance from the air from the outside. Okay yes. Not that are friendly. You know while at the house. Yeah Greg so maybe under the inflation will be picked the easiest and then to the eve. We're actually could go right to an existing socket spent if you like as you're just advancing moisture. Oh now another concern I have for you Judy is the fact that this has been pumping moisture into the attic. When you piqued your head up in their did you see you mean black mold on the underside of the rough stacked on. No we didn't we didn't notice any perhaps at the yes definitely needs correction. Who would do that thing anywhere whether we need to go up through the rough for a treaty. Well you could you could hum going to handyman infect you could go with our handyman service I would have Jacob our senior handyman come out he would assess the situation. For UN he would give you an estimate to cost. Right. All right happy Memorial Day. Okay right Judy thanks for your car up. Judy hangs up and that opens up polling for you here on WEB yen my number's 80309. Trio. 8030930. Outside buffalo total free 180616. Doubly in some calls it's turning thirty or text me. At 30930. Got a text question. Why is it so hard to find anyone to work I've been trying for two weeks to find someone to do two to three hours of backyard clean up. Yeah her. Join the club. Word why begin with this car. You know starting with the fact that way let me ask you this question who delivers your newspaper. There are it's not a kid right. It's an adult driving a car. I don't know what's happened to our society that even. Children aren't. Talk the work ethic. From a young age I had a paper route from when I was eleven. So did my boys. It's just I think part of life to know that you need to work in order to make it in this world. And when that teaching the work ethic. You know used to be that you find in the neighborhood kid to do yard work and it now that's not the case anymore I know everybody's so busy. With sports and after school activities. But still I think parents need to provide the momentum for children to realize that hard work pays off. It's very it's just fining people in general we're struggling with that because. There's just tremendous shortage of skilled trades people and that's gonna get worse if you haven't heard so. If you think you're paying too much for Plummer now Huff. State tune. In about probably less than ten years that's that costs is scheduled to skyrocket. One of the trades that is now now building as ours recruits. Same thing goes for us and carpentry or we're just not seeing people. I'll come down the pipeline so what we've decided to do is create our own pipeline. I'm expertise we have an incubator where we'll take a young man with very young lady. With whom strong bullish and and good work ethic and just the interest to learn in a good attitude. And will put them to work at the bottom of the latter which is where I started and where my boys started. And will teach in the trade and basically it's like planting a seed in watching it grow. And fertilizing and along the way and hopefully be bearing fruit by having the person excel in developed the skills. To eventually perhaps become a Foreman for us down the road. That is Ben believe it or not ladies and gentlemen more successful for us. Band trying to recruit people who party have scales. So it's a struggle and down don't know haven't don't have an answer certainly. But I think that if we talk about it smarmy we can get people to realize that we need to go back to our whole ways of learning how to work. From when where kid to the follows an ego and at Jerry Egan morning here on hammer time radio until the end. I dammit Gloria good thing and how are you. I'm calling and millions had to get therapy for. About concrete driveways that their editors faulting the armed might carry it weighs about four years old. It was never heal properly. I did put it at least you know that. Two years ago OK and it's gotten worse. It's gotten worse meaning you're losing like coal hole surfaces lifting off. Okay that's cults bawling and that is a condition. That is generally related to the quality of the installation. And the quality of the mix. It especially if it's if it started happening soon after the installation. We Aaron coming up to the bottom of the hour news breaks so I'd like to spend some time with you Jerry. In giving you some good direction are on this but I don't wanna rush it's so. How about you stay on hold and we'll get you right after the bottom of the hour news break. Okay from an open channel right now. And we're gonna get ready for Michael bag men who drew the short straw with me working on Memorial Day weekend. Good morning Michael bottom of the hour top of the news. Good morning it's time thirty from the WBN news or my Mike back reducing top stories for Saturday may 26. Wayne county officials resumed their search of the 350. Acre farm in sew this where they're looking for all in Hidalgo Kolb there on a fourteen month old. Who you probably receive that AMBER Alert yesterday he was last seen may sixteenth the same day his mother was last seen. Before her body was found Wednesday morning. The search continued at 8 AM but the Wayne county sheriff believes that the boy will not be found alive. One man is in custody he's facing felony tampering charges and he'll appear again in core on Tuesday. State county and local police department will set up more DW I checkpoints this weekend for Memorial Day. There's been nearly a thousand arrests for impaired driving in Erie county this year. The buffalo zoo opening up its boring island exhibits today the exhibit has around 300 different types of birds which you can actually feed in person. Check out what the experience is like at WUPEN dot com and also if you go there you concede the map brow of the buffalo marathon tomorrow. See the full list of road closures for tomorrow's 26 point two mile race. And also this coming down earlier this morning major news out of Venezuela. I've been jailed in Venezuela has been released that is what president trump making that announcement this morning set on Twitter Joshua hole was arrested on weapons charges and held without trial for two years the 26 year old says he's been falsely accused earlier this month hold posted a video to FaceBook on his face the accounts. After a ride in his jail Joshua halt uploaded an emotional video on FaceBook pleading for his freedom saying many fear for his wife amid an ongoing rise by fellow inmates. I calling on the eagle it's okay America he you know I guarantee display. Scott Hoch was jailed in Venezuela's most notorious prison after police say they found weapons in his Caracas apartment. Hold a Mormon missionary from Utah had traveled to Venezuela in 2016. Senator Orrin hatch had been working on Holtz release he would sit issued a statement saying that he is honored to be able to reunite Josh with his sweet loving and long suffering family in river ten. I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news. WB yen per solar forecast were looking at warmer conditions this week and also a little bit more humid. A high of 81 today tonight there could be a shower or thunderstorm in some spots in the southern tier. Mosul dip into the lower sixties tomorrow temperatures approaching the record high of 89 set in 1978. Might be an afternoon shower as well high of 85 tomorrow Monday high of 86 partly sunny skies. Right now buffalo its are no warmup 72 degrees. With fair skies a Mike Bagger main news radio 930 WP yen. For over five decades now twins to the glass has been the name the in trust for anything to do with glass around your house especially in your bathroom yet the name you know and trust since 1964. They're built the success on a simple approach they make you a happy customer they were just at the house this week. Replace some broken seals that I had. 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I will be the emcee for the big drying and you could win it 2018. Porsche. 718. Boxer in the can that square 45000. Dollars in cash with fifteen. Additional. 500 prizes. Gotta be in it to win it Clarence rotary raffle dot com before the news we were speaking with a Jerry in Niagara Falls. About his driveway and let's start at the top their Gerry you've got its borrowing. Pitting but more than that it's wholesale loss of the surface correct. Yes correct. And it's gotten worse over the list for the winner yet but it's about four years old. Okay well so here's what happens when a driveways being install there's a critical balance of how much water should be added to the mix. When it's at the street. Now what happens. In the summertime more than any other time of the year it's very difficult to get. Not moist concrete to flow out of the mixing machine so generally. To make that happen. The concrete installer will add water to the mix that is generally where we have a problem because in over watered mixed. Will be a weaker MX now it'll go down easier it'll finish just the same it'll look just as good when it's done. After we have a first winter cycle. We'll have a lot to the surface because we don't have the strength in the concrete that we need to end the war the freestyle cycle what to do about it. Not much unfortunately. The the truth is that the concrete was flawed from the beginning. Now to give you a tip as to how you can repair it. You'd have to try and remove as much of the sprawling as you can so that's gonna mean that you gonna be looking at kind of a pop mark surface. And you could try using San Crete which is an epoxy cement. That will give you good bound ability however it's going to look at different color. Which therein therein lies the rub. Fits the whole driveway. And I'm not gonna be happy with how that looks. If it's just here and there you might wanna try to see what it looks like it's if you're happy with that. But I suspect you're American. There. It has nothing to do with the ceiling that has nothing to do with anything you've done it probably doesn't even have anything to do. With who wrote so it's largely related to the quality of the next. All right our. Yet serie to burst your buyout bubble on holiday weekend but unfortunately that's a reality. Thanks for calling Jerry ever. You know I mean you could seek legal recourse very very difficult to prove. That in Stalin did something wrong arm it's just one of those things that if something doesn't start right it doesn't and hey be sure to watch hammer time TV tomorrow channel two at 1030 and see Michelle segment and a bathroom re fresh. Fell installing drywall. In Tim Barton campaigning tips all on tomorrow's show hammer time TV. On channel two. 80309. Trio that's a number for you to call this Saturday morning when an open mind your name on it as we travel to west Seneca. And we speak with allies in morning Allah Iran double B yen. You comment please write. Which one now know why and how bout we don't have words ethnics like please can. I turn ninety Lawrence. Number. And yeah I'm not yet beyond stoked and so that gold in the golden years. You sound you sound like a spring chicken command. The wind is good bad and I don't cooperate with that. I've been calling this. I have said to my family. More than once this is an oil like collapse flip and every time I saved it and put out. I don't know what I'm talking about but when you live long enough he. I don't. Know ideal live on your own Allah. Yes I still tight pit of my old coach Lou I live alone. Good trio. I feel it are you still driving. I know I gave that up seventeen years ago. Com. I had heart surgery. In because they never wish all. I discovered that. My husband used to always put an extension and that can't settle. Couldn't find anybody could put it to you mentioned I don't think that's legal analyst I don't. See. Why. I. I just I didn't Q won't that and properly. Again without. Very well said now who helps you are arm around the house do you have emling. What step I guess I pray every morning. And I am accused of being negative but pressing. I didn't ask. You don't sound I think this has the greatest country in the world. But we've got to get back to some playing simple common sense. What do you suggest we do our. Well I think that really shouldn't get Harry education assistants and see what their hectic at age and they young people. Yep Errol is gonna be a lawyer read doctor Eric CPA did you know that. We know he is. People can do service. There right payment. You're preach in my your preach in my a sermon now Allah. Well I've been preaching that for a long time but nobody wants to listen to. Well I'm listening to you right now and a lot of people on the radio or listening tear right now. I have one question. Neck I have like eating and the end I could shed at all and that control it just wouldn't that spot in what is the top. They'll read it helped me and we put it and it kept. Be careful now. It could be it could be that that the heating Candace is failed and you you don't wanna you know wanna have that short out it could start a fire. Because these men are on the strip. What I have to do it I have the pull out your aunt. Well that's at all but it then it'll work but it that they. Yeah now I writes Amy we go to two target our Wal-Mart and buy new one that is how does that sound. Well yeah I can't get out of up and we do that but that's what I was wondering about because. The only thing that haven't stepped there's still plug. The leaking out the. There just be careful with that because that could short out nine and wants silence or a fire. Listen now I want to wish you a happy Memorial Day and thank you for sharing your stories with us. Well as say a prayer for me wait for the right into the. Country. That. They go okay thanks for calling. Allah on west Seneca Wesley there. 803 on 930 good morning from Dominique or teaser listening to hammer time radio I and WB yen. Well and Ellis 94 years I'm sure that you've seen a lot of change in our country right and that. One of the things that I hope by everybody does that was they reflect and Memorial Day. As they think about things that they might have around their house that might be causing them some health risk like Ellis heating pad off. How about the unsanitary parts of your house that you don't look at or see or can't see like your heating and air conditioning duct system. The one place she can't clean that's the one place that affects your health in your pocketbook in a big way the dark recesses of your dock work and its walls. 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Good morning Dominic Dominic idea of principle I agree with. 100% with you and a lot on the app work ethic CNET about that. I am wondering from the fellow who calls and the ball. My question is. Concrete today. Do you have a favorite. Concrete company debt you'll you wouldn't you know to work get a favorite. Concrete. As far as an installer grows. Well before even installer. In the U what what you purchased. Yeah well in one of our sponsors united materials a concrete supplier. They are probably known him my best for their quality of their concrete mix the reliability of their Macs. So I do recommend united materials as a supplier of concrete. Out. They're headquartered now is on wall then in had a few actually about a quarter mile from Sprint's three builders. Mom I'm Walden on the same side of the street. United materials yeah yeah you know it's in the years past I'd seeing your concrete work and it's really stands out. On the surface it doesn't look look chocolate yeah city. There are. You know that's one of my heart breaks you know Sonia over the Earth's while how many years we've been around now since 1951 do the math 67. Years. We no longer do country Urquhart and it's just a matter of not having the right people on staff to be able to do that so we gave gave up concrete work. Hey listen everybody I wanna. Say may remember Memorial Day and have a great week a look Florida senior next Saturday same time same place same station where we've banned since 1989. Right here. And double B yen remembered life may be hard by the yard. But by the inch. It's a sense.