Domenic Cortese 12-02-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, December 2nd

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Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WBBM. Which Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic cork tees on news radio 930 W. The heat good morning homeowners and welcome once again the hammer time here I'm at WB and it's Dominik which he is in the studio with a special guest stuff orbits bill senior bill junior. From big gal windows indoors great having you guys in studio how aria yeah. Okay we've got a little bit of a feedback arm mikes and argued there corrective real quick to apologize for that ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna start with a little discussion if we could about the ego. Now called windows and doors. Him. The evolution of the company from its inception. I tell us about that the start of the company in the seventies. Yeah we started back in the 1976. Almanac my father and in a night in actually I was out of town and he invited me back into help him get it started to weasel storm windows and stormed irrespective of the. I mean we've known each other that long so our idea remember those days as we re young man and a half half half a well you Ellison better about this whole story bill. Is that we have your son with us here today to dislike me we've got another generation gonna take over for us. Yes it's exciting for us Billy's been involved in the business since he was a little boy. And more importantly the last ten years he's taken a more much more active role in her and now he's vice president car owner. Yep so there you go we've got parallel stories to tell and that's great to see that your traditional continue like ours will it Ortiz construction. So you started with storm windows indoors and now Lenovo in two pulls Keogh. Replacements with that primary them Armon and. Yes he really it was interest in you're talking now as we are walking in about the evolution of everything in it really kind of went from storm windows because. Single glazed windows are very inefficient. To the first replacement windows made out of aluminum what kind of a functional thing they they helped put. And then vinyl windows and energy was the big thing that I aesthetics or secondary but I at that point. And an hour into energy efficiency and we wanted to look. Good to right. So the aesthetics of kind of taken front and center. Yes that's correct so with like to ask you ladies and gentlemen in the listening audience to participate in the program with the orbits bill senior and junior from pago winners indoors with your questions anything yet that you have regarding. It window or door concern is welcomed the phone number 8030930. That's 8030930. Outside the 716 it to told free at 180616. WB and so calls a welcome it's Darren in thirty or Texas at 30930. Or you can email hammer time act court t.'s dot net. And check out the court he's website everything we do is there it includes windows indoors now after it kitchens and bad room additions net kids are beautiful delicate Tina custom kitchen cabinet line. Better living side rooms solar shades retractable uneasily that you windows and doors. In of course are handyman service including handyman for a day it's all there. For you at it Cortese debt net when we talk about the evolution of product. Now you mentioned you know the the move from aluminum to vinyl what's the main product mix now is is forever that's taking over. They'll build genuine. Reckless is taking over slowly it's still not known very well in the industry. But it is the future of the replacement window wasn't it Smart and who apparently started the right the of the five bricks material being used as a as a melt nominated to wood product. Yes it's actually all tricks of the fight breaks was instantly Anderson the all tracks is a paltry at fiberglass. And they were really the front runners that they started using it in this stills of there patio doors because it was so durable and energy efficient. And they had such success with that they thought well why don't we make a wind a lot of this. And since that point it's been extremely successful form. It's durable long lasting. Stronger than vinyl. The characteristics that are kind of for perfect building material so as it compares to woods. As it went out. In efficiency and their ability to block it that the fact it'll last longer yes it does something aesthetically you know. You can't really compare to the beauty of what but it gets pretty close and every other thing when you factor. In the low maintenance required for. You know windows and doors get a lot of abuse from the weather whom and when you're talking about. You know trying to keep energy efficiency there front and center. And maintaining a window you know it just makes so much easier when you don't have to worry about. The caning in the car king with a product that doesn't need that great and yet. Poulter to fiberglass is definitely the best and it from the Mitchell itself doesn't really expand and contract at all in extreme weather change. And as you know our our weather does change a lot over the course of the day sometimes. So experience Texas raised class doesn't which is not very much at all when we come back we're gonna talk to them orbits about their role they're playing in Buffalo's rebirth if you've driven around town and see Tom all of the redevelopment going on of old warehouse spaces into living spaces a lot of the windows that you see. Are indeed from big Al with their Marvin product lines so we'll learn about that and of course we'll take your questions at 8030930. Good morning from Dominic Cortese and before you pick up the hammer before you pick up the drill pick the phony gimme cards of the talked. Now before we talk to you though what do you say we travel the Orchard Park and say good morning to my good friend Sally kind she's the manager of the lake shore savings bank branch. There in OP I union and Michael road hate cell good morning down and can I am so excited to be able tell everybody our big nose. Every point 25 continues to the end of the year. Yes yes and well I your program that is going to be going live. I'm a year and down lake shore as a supporter. You and panic toward peaceful program. With the lake shore we're gonna be interviewing our CEO and manic and myself. Is a branch manager. And Jeff we're dine her commercial loan officer and we're just so here because support this whole new endeavor that you have going now. Well that's great Sally thanks for saying that and tell us more about 3.2 five fix for a year home equity line credit. Yet we have expanded this promotion until the end of the year if that fixed 3.2 5%. Four. Six for one full year that's our intro rate or home equity and again lake shore savings bank. Paid dollar fees and here we discussed earlier. You know it's a busy time for everyone shopping and might not be thinking about a home improvements but you know. Wanna get cheese in them that good grade and then you can kick up the new year would come a great hit improvements in your home. And don't forget to mention as well Sally B 1%. Money market account is still in place. Yes fairly sure ultimate money market savings account 1%. Earning that and the entire balance in the account 1% that's not a bad rate right now. So the Orchard Park phone number is it's. The number can be reached at 674. 206 to repeat that for us 67420. Picked. From 100 in 26. 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And that we were talking about the history of the company. And we were talking about not products that they sell. And of course the fiberglass. Component now that's permeating the culture of windows. I touched our toe into the discussion we got a lot of people calling we wanna get to them. But I touched our toe into the subject matter of what's going on downtown. In this phenomenon that is just spoke it impressive to see and watch him be apart of and actually experience a bill you'll appreciate this when I say. Who would have thought it would happen in our lifetime right we you know whether it's through all those years of our downtown looking pretty derelict now it's pretty cool. Right downtown is is really growing in and we're kind of excited now we've been involved in some community projects. The revitalization is spreading passed down town. In Peru where involving two projects now re using buffalo schools coli and Minnesota avenue and I'm Plymouth avenue. And this will be affordable housing and these really great it's they've great bones these structures big windows tell their big windows and they've they'll be really nice living spaces and affordable for people say your retrofitting. All right those Kate there are some guys who were re rehabilitating. Existing sanctions and then a brand new windows in some others. In another project at Niagara street that's also affordable housing and it's called aggregate way it's the old buffalo milk company. Just amazing what let me get to all of your calls and questions as people lined up here. Five deep so let's get to that at 803 on ninth and ninth trio as we start in Cheektowaga and neck in morning where your house. Good morning Dan. And act big melted my entry doors I guess it was about eight years ago I'm here here he was found they were at only energy efficient but they've held up really well they look nice. I have a window on the south side of very large wonder it's probably about eight feet a maybe by six meters seven feet. It's a case window. IAM tired of doing the Seattle with the pain just can't keep paints him when culture replace that. Once well it's big L did custom windows because they are window he had window inserts which in Atlantic character to the house and the front. But the house I was wondering if they creature thing. I don't think there's anything they can't do when it comes to windows yet definitely we can help deal with it. Width and we know that large there's a lot of options. For you could split many differently secretive four placements to Iranians operating. Picture window in the middle. It's Antonia I'd like to keep the same style on the same. Statements. And then. I believe you could even go with. Old world class if you are wanted to pay enough for that right query at that swirl pattern and it the embassy in the eighteen hundreds and seventeen under. The actions are endless we can do anything from a simple real pattern. To replicate what you. Leaded glass options. So I'm sure we did a epic budget that's an important part of the discussion here or maybe this'll help in that two bill. You know you do have all these options you do have all these bells and whistles but when it comes to the practical the decision of how many of those you should employ. He knew UP EU council your customers. And you know how far is perhaps too far to go with some of these ideas. Yes and anal consultants and come down. And see what's currently there it's very helpful again. They can figure out what's necessary. Natco to fire secretly trying to reproduce what yeah yeah. So you have a lot of latitude as to how to design with a customers thinking they want and it comes out the dollars and cents and they cost value proposition with windows is a big deal. Yes. Yes Dario together is that there is a yes. There's a varying price in materials. In appearances and aesthetics. And we have. Basically a product that almost every budget but like it what it is like a light like to say is that. Regardless of which brand or which level of product we put in big yellow always comes with a product. There you go that's a good way Clinton. Let's go to a cell collar Debbie good morning you're on WB Aaron. Good morning gentlemen thank you kicking I called him even calling it I can't any ideology or it. This green. Who wine into its magnetic and it wine and keep it. Now holder forests here which is scary dangerous but because that they have opened it so much. Summer fingers can get caught and it's really. I don't like it at all but I was told that these very difficult to replace because there's no. Track. For a screen it's to put a more conventional screen and if I replaced the patio door. You know what brand or it is. Our. Okay Arctic cold is it. Probably about seventeen year old. That's a pretty new technology though isn't it the but my dress it's a retractable screen it winds that just kind of rolls in like a roller into housing. Using those are retrofit take things so. The it does depend on whether as a track and the outside to put more conventional sliding screen and the port screen round. Sometimes they can be added but it's kind of a thing that's really for a the service pack Korean man to take a look. Could she do a storm. Of overlay. I'm an idiot or it's it's we don't steal these days. But couldn't you have been to customize the storm overly to a fair pay Canada Italy with the they really great day and there hasn't been. A market for men and almost think they disappeared because that would kind of solve this problem would be another layer of glass but there would also be screened yet it's a difficult problem but it's not on sultan. Right. And I give them McCollum and all we can have a service. Tech take a look at it and come out seeping about the dissolution. I we give your number out now before we forget. It's 8958484. In just as for the service department. Terry Debbie thanks for the call. All right Debbie hangs up that opens up the line for you here on WB and the numbers eagle three. All 93 no outs have awfully calls for free 180616. WB cancel calls are welcome it's turning thirty or text me. At 309. Net at 30 let's move along the west Seneca intently Gary Gary your next time hammer time radio. It's a court date aria and while hearing well good well I'm really give you kudos for both here it appeared. And also for big out. Carol thank you for that. Give it to the guy hit harder in middle of last year's winner. In put in a great out which no I would open up. Great part about ten targets go up to your needs now boy. This worked out I can't begrudge these warm liquids. They did a good job what did. Well thank you for saying that. I mean I would. You know decades back. Toga like appreciate that very much thanks for the comment. He also have a comment about the go. Yes the upper what else. It's summary now it's chilly temperatures or whatever but I got a hole I thought all the guests coming out common problem. So. I called your company. Paid. Well nobody else. Because that's the end of the windows. So big you know so when it is guys out here. Mean I did it it also I'd could be one of perfect it is super good job. To put their upper window it. It played. He was hit here body of forty type it all about. Salute about to witness today is say well this is super. That's a good thought topic for us to delve into which I think will do after the news break at the bottom the arrow talk about the what happens when you lose the seal on the window I think it's a very common. Scenario throughout Western New York a lot of it does have to do with a temperature changes that causes that. At the crew look at we have frost yeah frost wouldn't exactly and it was in the inside but it was. Dot you know it he was inside that we don't. Yes sure sure okay well ferry Gary thanks very much for your comments are. Okay thanks for the call. Gang Gary's life is now free for you here and double B and the number 80309. Trio my guest in studio the Hormats. Bill senior bill junior from big Al windows indoors and we're taking your questions. For them here and hammer time radio this Saturday morning it is the bottom the hour is tying for the top of the news Mike Bagram and standing by with the. Latest from the double BN newsroom good morning Michael. Good morning it's 1030 from the WB UN newsroom I'm Mike Bagram and here's your top stories. Governor Cuomo said the senate tax bill that was passed overnight will be devastating to New Yorkers and that it actually just a redistribution on steroids. It taking from rich states like new York and California. And this subsidizing tax cuts. In the poorer states. It is the ultimate hypocrisy. The ultimate hypocrisy and the ultimate fraud. Building a middle class and working for at least. This does the exact opposite. The tax bill now heads back to the House of Representatives who were they able likely reconcile and present it to the president to sign into law by Christmas. Political operative Steve pigeon plus two of his associates were indicted by state attorney general Eric snyderman yesterday on election law violations. They face up to four years in prison. Coats for kids under way until 1 o'clock today crystal on he's the VP of Colvin cleaners. He packed three entire trucks full of donations that people stop by on the way to work on the way home from work they are watching new talk health. You know can opt outs and come donate for the cause and I think we collected over 600 coats just an out one day on Tuesday. And elsewhere at buffalo river works 716. Mess will be underway starting in the next half hour and mission is five bucks and there's going to be a lot of vendors they're selling all local goods. In what's considered the biggest shop local event this winter. Your First Solar forecast is calling for a pretty good week and clouds and sunshine today and tomorrow with a high of 46 for both days. As for Monday. It actually gets a little warmer high of 52 to start your workweek mostly cloudy skies and mild conditions that day as well however the rain returns Monday night. And expected to continue through Tuesday afternoon. Right now buffalo cloudy skies it's 37 degrees how might back Herman. News radio 930 WB yen. Propensity lasts for over five decades they've been the experts in the room of your house and every sees eventually yes you guessed it it's your bathroom. Twin Cities is the main you know and trust since 1964. They have built their success and a simple approach making you. 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From foundations two drops they deliver affordable engineering services for the property owner. 2602330. For our AC engineering tellem dumb extension. For your hammer time discount. I. 1037 is hammer time good morning for endemic court he's my guest in studio of the harvest bill senior bill junior from big Al windows and doors in you've got an uninteresting financing special going on that we want to make. We mention yes right now if you if you get some windows for us installed. You don't have to make it down payment. You don't have to hand in minimum payment and there is no interest for twelve months currency at the new windows start saving some energy. Press everybody. This winter in Hewitt before for twelve months that's great it's a great deal. So give them a call 8958484. And talked to him about that mission getting your windows installed before you pay for them and there's no interest for twelve months that's a great deal. 803 on 930 that's a number for you here on WE as we travel west Seneca and chat with Jim good morning Jim you're next on hammer time radio. How are you today that got a question about double on Andersen windows that I have now that were installed in 68. I'm thinking about a replacement window. I don't know my choices materials would be and how much. That would disturb. Around the window. You know Dwight needed to put new hanging or anything else. Our round holdings around and I hear of the buttons exterior now. I don't know about what the markets again and are now. Okay the question yet that it that's a fairly easy. Installation. It's what we call it it can be an insert installation where we don't have to disturb. The master frame of the window that's in good shape. Those fiber glass windows are perfect for this because. One of the things about the fiber glass it's a very narrow profile is so strong and you don't lose glass area here. In it can be inserted inside there. And as far as the grills you could still have them if you want but now there in between the glass so there be no cleaning to me it's really easy to clean line right. Yes it's yeah a replacement or insert window can be put right inside the frame. We can cover the exterior frames and some maintenance free materials so you don't have to maintain a but. Did not disturb the inside or the outside hardly at all tech. Lot of what we're really hearing room right now you should not have to do any of that thing as well all right our thanks to the collagen. Thank you don't know we out we touched the and the discussion of a broken seals and and what the process is for dealing with that. Obviously that's a rare that a very big annoying thing to deal with the in New York have a clean looking window you're looking through clouded window. Is the scenario to replace just the glass and perhaps equal to considering a replacement window. It usually is you don't need to glass today is a little bit further along technology wise than it was even five years ago. But most glass is easily replaceable you know. A little plug for twin city grass they do that they do that type of stuff but if you have if it's a large piece of glass or if you have two for instance an adult on. You'd probably be more cost effective to get a hold of wind. Yeah okay so they go. 803 on nine trios and travel even now it's that was bill good morning billion next and hammer time radio. Good morning Dominique or you could call their promotions they go open the door to savings promotion. And maybe even save big earlier window to the future they get a lot and I and the BB NN great company. Yeah well thanks very thank you thanks for that idea bill. Now we've got like the triumvirate of bills that bill senior and bill junior and me here. It was really nice about them because they're even on William streak to talk about bill she's a that you wake under the electric mines along the Julian. There on the left as a company I went there once they heard all the different ads and WB and perfect out distributors and it was called that. And it's a wonderful facility inside all different kinds of doors and windows are basically well organized. I saw the president I was thrilled like the propaganda on the radio built orbits senior and I hit. There's a church down the road and I needed a favor from and I have this light side is about the size of the door framed picture. And there was edit the framers I needed some way to get it to the church and if that is granular with your big trucks maybe you can help me out. And you remember this stuff. Yeah yeah I remember yes I read. Yes it was coincidental that we met that day and remembers yes and well. And he had down. Yeah had a crew in the area where that the frame or was that it was an especially windy day and he did afford it and I'm really eternally grateful for other. That's a good story though they do during that. And I still remember the old single if you want just to close out my colleague could kind of give you a couple of bars in that. Area. If it's so window or door our people know more at the goat this the other you know more. Our models and make our men and seeing signs. It'd be big this distributors are people know more. That's great I think as he very well thank you appreciate you think are very much. You still use that. We we still haven't we haven't we all sing it at our parties and have her back. So we Larry touch part of our discussion into replacing doors to. Again we talked about how old you know wood is still available however when you think about what's better for your door. And again less for maintenance you might wanna consider progress there too yes. Definitely you know that. A lot of times people come in and they wanna wood door and they start looking at a fiberglass stores and our showroom. And they said yeah I wanna adored dislike this. Yeah hat it's not pirate or its outlook and also time it's it's taking them out strength usually those are steel doors as well I think that with a Lira far regress this as a skin. Actually there's no stealing them anymore OK so this five relates technologies come along far enough where. It skin of fiberglass is strong enough I'll Wear it can you can stand at that time. But there's foam inside demand gives super efficient path. He and the green detail is so great these days and the way they stand it. You'd be hard pressed to tell it's not real wood and you don't have to deal with any issues with temperature fluctuations when you talk about the endurance of the farm where stores appears as composed compares to a window where exactly. Would in our prime minister just. You know goes back and forth so much in its entirety and to keep and maintain Federalist last a long time the stain stays on for a long time with very little means. And that's heavily ten Mars and say hello to Mary Mary good morning you're on WV ERN. Good morning I have. One does they. In it to go out and I noticed that things like the heart they get through it yeah. Home and not bump it. Looks like them then here. And I was just I mean yeah yeah. Yeah damp yes that's sound. Okay well it could be a heavily talked about earlier on the show is over the hill from where no moisture is allowed to get in between the veins. So if you give us a call and just as for customer service didn't come around and check it out. Free of charge and see what's going man and feel we can do for you. Oh and then thing is. Still others. I'm going to get it in dire threat China's geisha like you know ward or meadow. Yeah well. It's a common debate but fiberglass is really the best thing these days. It's warmer warmer than steals deals local the Tudjman and what is really expensive these days as well as hard to maintain its of these fiberglass entry doors. Our sound secure very efficient. So that could be your best bet we have a lot of them on display in Marshall room. And another question is how would it mean. Life is Diller. And get right. Somebody came and then tell me. Black pepper that there are at until it gets you right. That's correct. Right and first and now the door first dark damp. You know. Yen and we know that Jay you're going to do a rug when we verified will make sure that we deem enough clearance for a new rug and the interior you know they go that's one of the reasons the other when would probably have something to do with the sell the cut out of the door to the frame and the cell. I have a different profile with a new door. And lastly the durst dirt and debris that's created from the other construction work you animation that's out of the way before you replace. Put the new rugs. And another. I mean this is different some. Odd on my windows I respect goes. And I don't know whether this is just sat front. And ended on that I am cycle and frontier. Insider outside. Maybe some kind of tree sap. That beat you know what kids have witness the recent ads you know the said that well. The birds must. Put it that. Yeah with I would suspect it would be something like a tree sap or something like that that's causing that two that residue on the glass it should be easy enough to clean off. Maybe maybe a a razor blade might be needed to get off to scrape it off and might even come off with wind acts. 803093. Well that's a number for you here on WB yen as we entertain your window and door questions with my friends from a big L windows and doors bill. Or at senior bill Corbett junior it is hammer time here on WB yen. We're talking windows and doors with a big Al distributors. Bill Corbett senior and junior and that's a replacement product that you might wanna consider for your home. It's something you see every day you touch and you feel your windows in your doors I've got another thing that you should consider that you don't touch and feel every day. You breathe it though and that is the air in your home. What is it traveling over well it could be dirty what the Duckworth is like in your basement and immediate that cleaned out so that you breathe breathe clean indoor air. In order to do that you need to have my friends and indoor air professionals come out and thoroughly clean and sanitize your dark work with the patented column duct cleaning system. They will blast all of the gunk off your dock where Qualls and with negative pressure sucked it all out Peter Gordon joins me I'm alive and good morning mr. Gordon. Good morning damaged yes. Very good explanation in the air and then as we like this thing especially as we're starting to move indoors more with the cold weather at the calendar says the amber it's supposed to get really cold next week. And it it is all about your health lately it has you can't see it but I'll course a lot of people say hey I use the dot three times a week. Now I just once or twice a month. But better than they had its people are getting. Relief from an allergy shots you know that not having to get dad and a asthma inhalers right. Getting up machine it's amazing what a thorough duct cleaning can do. To improve one's health and you know that's what's so what does every data in order. So each and every week when you Colin Peter we anticipate a super duper discount for the hammer time listening audience what's it going to be today. It will we are its deep amber we're still a couple weeks now so but here's the thing. The I wanna pay special attention to Christmas coming up and you have a loved ones. And it might have allergy Kessler cited a medical grade air pure fire it's right that perfect. It in the stock. But it will it under a large tree. And or if you have they have must beat it in your basement high capacity he humidifier which we have now created is the I need to eat Peter dry cool. So any great perks go back to duct cleaning we're gonna upped the ante a little even know there were two week out. We arrow will do 43 dollars off her first time customer while with the fifth straight time dryer vent cleaning with the duct cleaning okay. And great deal Christmas deals medical great year here fires and hiked its okay he admitted fires. Tonight the ones here answering the phones today I'd be happy to take care of anyone that calls into the. 6833000. Deaths a number fewer call right now 6833000. You've heard Peter the hammer time discount for today is 43 dollars but you need to call now that I AP. 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Or was it DPO dot org today. National Grid wants to now are you looking for more control over your energy bills. So cozy in here yet it feels great doesn't sure but it's not so great will be just months energy bill actually National Grid has a ton of billing solutions we can choose from so we should be able to manager energy costs no matter what life throws Ireland have so you're saying we'll be as prepared for her bills this month has may be nine months from Newark exactly why. Well I'm 20. Oh really. So it's good we're taking control of those deals now how. This major National Grid can help you manage your heating and lighting costs with billing solutions even if your family grows a little bigger. From budget plans to payment assistance to energy saving programs discover how you can gain greater control over your energy usage and monthly bills. Learn more at and green dot com slash still control. That's like finding greater. I can keep. We've got to get this please ready. The holidays are retiring for traditions and the sweetest traditions of all started walls Candice where they've been making their delectable sweet treats on site for three generations my son loves the mall it's Santas and my daughter's favorite as a Charlie Chaplin I usually go there with a list. And I'll pick out different items that they like can. Filling stockings with some what is features wonderful items you won't find anywhere else pick up a prepared assortment for design your own custom plate from my mom and for my mother mom. I thought I'm dish of candy and every year I'll buy them something different. My husband goes every year to walls and no buybacks of candy first customers because they enjoy it and it's convenient. They are different the candy very nice and it's easy it's a nice gift from classic sponge candy two hand me slicing through peanut butter ribbon candy. Walz has at all sugar free chocolates available through the sweetest traditions of all sort of Waltz candies 130 loss and move golf union in Cheektowaga nothing compares to. We are so grateful here at hammer time radio to have such a wonderful group of sponsors to the program and that includes my friends and each W brick and sons. For over thirty years now they've been experts in the heating and cooling service industry. Each W brick and sons is a name you can trust they've been around since 1985. And they have built a success on a simple approach. Treating you like your part of the brick family every home is indeed unique and each of the brick and carrier will find the proper solution. To your family's comfort needs whether it's high efficiency furnaces air conditioners. Or boilers each W brick and carrier can handle it they are indeed a full service. Each BAC contractor they can deal with all of your heating. And cooling needs call them today and mentioned you heard Dominic and maritime and you get 810%. Discount. I'm yours are many standard installation of any furnace replacement that's a 10% discount. Call today carrier turn to the experts and HW brick and sons they are factory ought to raise Deere dealer for carrier HB AC products. Here is their phone number 2972901. That's 297. 2901. If W brick and sons that their family take care all of you pay at least plumbing heating and cooling needs. Counterattack. Well regular listeners. The program. Know that about three months ago I lost my dad and this week we lost my uncle Tom my father's partner. My dad was 92 when he passed and my uncle was 91. And the tight three months apart from each other. They did everything in life together and to see them die within a few months of each other's and a remarkable. So the original court he's Brothers are now both on and me both breast and he's welcome nick apparently an issue that's Fisher. My guest for the hour have been they harvests bill senior and junior from big L windows and doors and so obvious texted in these spectacles on the outside of a window may be spider droppings okay. As window experts have you ever seen spider droppings and I'm on windows before. Well it seemed to expect those bullet that is news to me here that it could be fighter you know for doing the show for almost well between nine years in this coming April shall be on WB and at this time there at the same time the same station between nine years. Every week it seems that I learned something new. If so this is another new one the spider droppings on the outside of windows oh lead spackle so anyone else have that that this year I want to do that give us a call us now. If you have sparkles on the outside of your windows from spiders. I saw there were there was a Lincoln actually last night on Marvin windows FaceBook feed about tips for cleaning windows I'll send them to okay great yeah I'll share that with the audience. So again the the store and son William street the big L store what's the address. 2727. William street right there into two of them off the through it felt to me and the others rated straight up through exit and the former saint 958484. I don't know why I was remembering your phone number but. Yes Yahoo! is that we are lucky to get that number way back there in the seventies we've stayed with that the whole time and how about a website. It said WWW. That big L windows debt Kemp campaign and don't forget that special that they're offering for. No interest three year. Yes and nominal payment a don't think that's gonna cheat to log and chat with the erratic in mourning the route you around double B and how are you. Well I think in our you dear. But I accusatory I would really installed in my home and have a warm double hung windows has this. Cloudy appearance. And unfortunately the people read install it. I do to get another winner that would match. Well we did if we come take a look at it you know it could be just just the glass that has to be replaced. I'm if it does have to be the entire window. We we usually have something that'll fit the current appearance of the other windows so that you never notice the difference in manufacturers. Yeah doesn't look very inaccurate when you created still look it'll be. Yeah nothing's worse than that even though he you wash your windows are still a terrible in the seal is broken him. Looked across the hole about a book the window yeah. Terry is so what do I do Korean people up who have left. Yet even call them that it is just the glass they're gonna send you to twin city last which is another one of our sponsors. Either way but I would start with a phone calls with Tobago because you may need a whole new window. Okay are a little bit and looked it was the other Wendell. I've got to listen different. We should be able to lift check it out to make sure but we have examples of what we Cary. So both of us can check it out and see if it'll work for him. You aren't a lot of things going on here. Well thank you guys for spending the hour with me. And you we learned a lot about the product line the primary product line yet they go courses that Marvin window product line when doors do you typically sell. The ring true fiberglass and treat door systems the virtue is the inventor of the fiberglass store category over thirty years ago and there's the number one selling brand in the world. Okay big L windows and doors are William street check them out and again thanks for spending the hour. Think that part of seeing everybody next Saturday at same time same place same station but it said what we've been since 1989. Right here on WB and have a great week old bills. And remember. Let me be tired by the earth by the inch. It's saint.