Domenic Cortese 11-18-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, November 18th

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Well good morning buffalo good morning west to York yes the court systemic Ortiz and yes of course hammer time begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WBBM. Which Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic cork tees on news radio 930 WBE. And good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time here on WB yen seven expertise beckoned studio after a couple Saturdays off. Thank you fell in thinking in the neck for filling and and now hopefully they filled the gap for an all your home improvement needs special show for you today. Methyl land from HW brick and send one of our sponsors here and hammer time good morning that way to them. Thank you for being a sponsor of the program. Is our pleasure and our thanks for coming in to talk about this important subject in that is they're keeping Arab furnaces boilers and heat pumps. Operating in tip top condition. There's lots of different ways to heat our homes. And you've been around town not an around the business long enough. What do you see as the number one methodology for heating. And I guess it depends in the age of the area live in you get down. Buffalo and there are than an hour follows Sony's or villages there's steam boilers. A lot of the matter county. Nowadays it's more. Conventional furnaces air conditioning ductwork anything new this being built today is forced air for sure. Forced their a lot higher end homes you own rating heats and air conditioning or many splits are seeing more more popular really. So we are seeing kind of a breakaway from just simply forced their being the only way to go via Mac just because it's it's easy jumpers one air conditioner month terms that. And people are zoning systems now so you can actually have. Different temperatures and if there's house. Or there doing many splits the Mitsubishi's carriers here while one unit producers and. When the arm when the industry evolved in the eighties to go high tech are forced air system. We saw a big change in you know the whole idea of not only what it cost. To install a system what it costs to maintain a system but also the methodology. And of and I'll with the engineering. Those systems aren't changed in the eighty. With that did that and then that's true yeah they it especially the furnaces you head if you had six maybe 67 different manufacturers they are their own ideas how. And to make them more efficient. And that's certainly have a problem nowadays because you're getting his or references 120 tiger's old. Ask Mary to provide parts for nowadays everybody kind of has a similar design he she injures. And guess those Steelers. There's probably three different designs. That we do you know manufacturers. Good thing or bad thing. To have garden direct cramped and in note of limiting the chimney. It's good thing if it. Investigated up the inventing away from the ground and that's been an issue here as fears Mount Everest now this now. In the snow melt Maria and I Niagara Falls county is not to bed. You get that snow belt where you can get previous known then becomes an issue. He's got to watch and keep invents cleared all that the intakes the exhaust. We've had everything from. Squirrels and mr. nasty BIs everything and. You know Phil had a bird by area and has. My point is though that high tech nature of up now. Here and furnaces now being that there vented their through the law he you seem a lot warm. Mechanical repair requirements for that kind of I think. Now I'm not really. Its the problem is the parts when they go I'm. When they go there are more expensive than a standard conventional furnace. That's that's really issue but that has been you could have and induce or motor that's and then. You could be 200 dollars or 600 dollars opening and manufacture personal. What about the nature of the chimney now the age chimneys or they're basically becoming obsolete and homes. But if we still have a chimney and we're still venting about water tanks through the chimney we need to consider downsizing. That yeah Jimmy to comedy just that one guessing that we have often overlooked. It is like temperatures we've finally go in after them for. Reasons of Jimmy sweating your leaking. An impression like Aaron and that is that is code to Egypt put achievement and it's it's required now via via if you're keeping his standard water heater. A lot of times now we'll try to is proposed you change the water heater to a power and water heater and eliminate that you need altogether. For your carrier dealer. Is carrier. Head and shoulders above the rest. You have. Carriers and their technology. Their communication is as far beyond what we've anybody else we've seen. I'm not familiar with the lakes and they have their communicating products. So if you have carried NYNEX are probably simmering there and there and Arum abilities to communicate and now control systems. But we've been them with them for sixteen years now 1516 years and I think there is the way they control things is just a lot better yet a lot more features. Internet capability. That. This that we found that this educators systems. OK if you have a question regarding your furnace there Fuhrman issue that they like to have diagnosed here on the air Womack in him that. He can cocky about the right equipment that you may be considering in replacing your furnace. He can give you advice on that if you're having problems with your furnaces for operation and it's cycling. We're going to be talking about that short cycling here to our time this morning. Light up your questions 8030930. Outside buffalo total free 180616. WB yen so called starting thirty texts me at three on 930 email me hammer time. At court he's done that in check at the court he's website everything we do is there. Room additions kitchen and bath renovations with their beautiful ballad Katrina custom kitchen cabinet I'm. Federal living sun rooms solar shades retractable linings. In our wonderful and union service including handyman for a day it's all their free you. Expertise that that before we go to our first break though. Let's squeeze in a quick call with palm hour. Paul is heading up the buffalo living tour today just started at 10 o'clock. Got a whole different. Itinerary we've moved away from the city were in the suburbs good morning prop. Good morning and yet we are alert and Williams go today. We're going to be doing and northern suburbs which is you go east Pampers. Ten locations so to pick tour a lot of things going. Ought. So we're starting and stopping at the world lead golf stormed the dome and it's on air Worley driving 8230 Worley. That's the beginning and ending point. That's correct yeah you can actually start anywhere that you want but if you wanted to shuttles and start years. Is a huge part was at the dome which between transit in. There are still. And get a pamphlet. Trees are an entry obviously did the right and that the other two itself. Pick a pamphlet here in your underwear encode all. We're having your. You're all gates tasting and want to call the dark side. We're doing Christians cookies and a couple others were also doing. Autumn creek we're going to be doing a 21 perch winery. Age and so there's something to do and each one in addition to seeing in really incredible living stations that you could you know look at wrenching if you want. Great tennis is there's an after party deck at the dome and go still 6 o'clock they tourists go ten to four. That's today ten to four beginning at the dome. Pick up the the directory and the guide there or even download it to his neck right. Yeah you can not downloaded at buffalo didn't toward that net. As well. OK Paul moral Puerto senior will be out to start the tour are more clocks with so we'll look for event. Okay thanks so what I'm an okay that's all my hour of the buffalo living tour today northern suburbs addition. And it starts at the dome the World League gulf storm are really driving 8230 were early drive. Go to buffalo living toured that net to download the map we'll see if there. Okay Matt Flynn is in studio your calls are welcome and before you pick up the hammer before you pick up the journal pick up the phone give me cause of the talked. Before we talk to you who would you say we travel north on transit road to the Clarence I'd say good morning to Mike somebody in my eyes nano Gabriel meddling there. The manager of the lake your savings bank branch there aren't transit route they gave. Good morning Dominique curry good you know it's so exciting to be associated with a late for savings bank there's so many things happening there are the 1% interest. I'm money market accounts unbelievable. The 3.2 five. Fixed for a year no fee. Home equity line of credit. And if that's not enough we've got some great celebrations for businesses with the buzzing explained that. Absolutely. We've done next Saturday being the national small business Saturday. Lake shores going out of our way to really. Recognize some of our businesses and giving them the opportunity. To do some free advertising with the that this thing app that bleacher offers our customers. And with this there's no being. You know we pick up policies. And it gives the opportunity for businesses to put a promotion at a discount whatever they want. 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In addition to that you can get a discount of a free room cleaning valued at 39 dollars that's right you heard me correctly. Calling today you get a free room cleaned they're expert team is ready whenever you are. Columns 7060003. That's 7060003. Are secure services. Tom Dunn an extension. And when he 3 attempts good morning from them expertise. My guess is studio is mentally and man is from eight W brick in the sounds they are eighth sponsor of the program. And there were talking about everything furnace in your home needle free on ninth real give your arguments are all this Saturday morning. Or Texas and likely at some context and good morning last year caddie efficiency for Aspen and 96%. And exhaust and intake coming out of earnest but they join together and only one comes on the exterior of the home. Is there irony for that pipe that exhausted and Tate and is it okay this is going it's called concentric fitting. Considered going to smaller holes in the house. One bigger hole but it's it's blatantly it is it's days penetration in the home. That's common practice. The whole idea what from the law venting our accomplishes is it saves us from chimney. But there's a lot to consider with that Natalie life off the grade but also the distance from the exit point to the furnace yes and it's very important instilling contractors. Just really pleased. The install. You're going to be at least 1015 commitment most of them don't know who didn't want anything over a hundred feet. A lot of them will decisions that comes on a proper installation you've talked me. How to who equate that the distance requires a sizing in the pipe change yet. Yep and every fitting is a certain amount of feet per manufacturer. We know I don't carry by art so it's. Every of if you look at it and nine needed then it's by feet so you take that you detector over playing him and in the fittings. So it's a pretty close Maria he you know where you need to be if you have it too far in the papers to Somaliland issues with the mush you know the Newser more networking right. But it bloopers as kick up coded toes and everything they're pretty AD groups they shut down it knows he'll. Which is frustrating dementia right down and then here which is frustrating because then you don't have heat many got to get out the manually get affair with a code is and you know that's not something that easily reset. Right dells resent months and then it'll just you're in Europe on ninety presenting it. Which you know gives you the whole idea of how we improved our life by having electronics be such a big part of our furnaces that. I get that a lot of times their technicians as they Cheryl technicians. When I started in this is 26 years ago. Used to references and fight working parts he had a transformer gas fellow blower motor in and limits which that was it. Easy to diagnose these effects. Nowadays there you have that he could actually use a laptop to help diagnose these things. They'll they'll diagnose themselves in an email and you can look online and see what's wrong with your furnace it's. If it's. The efficiency is great it's just the other the other the other party becomes problems so we really gone forward with all these electronics. Again efficiency by saving fuel. And natural gas or that or propane electric. That's the great part about it the headache is. Giving even new guys coming into the field to realize this is an. It's more of a technical IT job beginning to get immediately. Diagnosing troubleshooting. Repairs he really active small fingers my hands and get in because there's these things are tight there there. And I getting bigger the first are getting quite a smaller I think I told this story. On the Erin and inmates spoke with you at the time and down I have a pin high efficiency boiler at home. And you know isn't it works great is very reliable and even though it's higher electronics are we haven't really had any issues with it however last year kept shutting down at hand know what to figure out why I spoke to you about it there was an error code that kept popping up. Every so often which shut down well it turns out long story short. There was some utility worked on on the street in the U Reid did that they've they found a gas leak out of the wrote. They are replaced by highlighting. He and they replace my meter and in so doing they put on the wrong. Size guest to a small meter exactly that. So it wasn't getting enough gas. And with so many Erin at certain times when everything was running at the right premium exact perfect storm so that was very difficult to figure out there and it may get that a lot now generators people opening generators and and they don't let national you know around them generators sorts them. Roughly about 300000 need to use. So in the summer and they were great and the winner and give it to 1018 for his heart doesn't meet U turns and sports. Most gas means or 425. Cubic feet. And residential. As soon as you get that generator you communicate that to an extent the next size meter. But that is populate them. From the middle one of the common questions we get here and hammer time is right furnace is short cycling. Meaning it's turning on and off and rapid connect succession. Does that it generally an indication that the wrong size furnace was in south usually. There's usually it's three culprits for that. Oversize furnace. Undersized up work on the spurs could be sized house but the duck we're snapping enough orders and enough he runs or. They have which we hadn't gone our customers that neck upon his back and first trip and a limit. And guys going there and she is that they got boxes although overall cold there returns every so if it's their sixth goal there returns only one of the most work. News on it tells me chief currency cancer through when he runs so a lot of people don't understand the importance of a cold air return can you in simple terms explain why they're so important if they're they're they're important for the reason that you can't push air into something that you can take her out of if the doors are wide open it's open concepts you can have. Called their turn in the house. You see seventies track homes it even going and there's just one return an email files them. They're great but then you look at the doors and indoors or cut up an inch and half so that's another guess coming here in the air sucking him on meet the door right it. H fixes don't work much better vehicle they return and a supply in the room that your trying to heater cool. You'll find Sony's older homes the cape house isn't on Honda's that are 5060 years old I grew up in on it know called their returns upstairs and youngsters it was cold. In the wintertime. Just because theory it you're trying to blow smoke if you take I am muffle smoke and tribal and a milk jug you just can't do it and put a hole in the bottom of jug. The problem. Okay quite a few questions for Matt 8030930. That's it 0309 trio outside of buffalo 180616. Double me and so called starting thirty. Texas at 30930. It is about the hour and it's time. For the top of the news Michael Bagram and standing by with the latest. From the doubled the N newsroom good morning Michael. Good morning it's 1030 from the WBBM newsroom I'm like back mean here's your top stories. We have some sad news to forward. Long time buffalo entertainer Joseph each and time has passed away he recently suffered several strokes. There's a rally this afternoon at 2 o'clock at Delaware park is also park conservancy advocates. Wanna stop the state from continuing with its planes can Jack put recorded or project. Advocates want the park to be an integral part of the community and not split in half by the planned road Brian told the director of planning and efficacy at the conservancy. Or speed it together to ask the SE. Two. We think the DOT shortsighted plan for her could get record or were. But it gave right now we've got unprecedented opportunity to restore old goats legacy of buffalo park. It'll only happen if we can convince Governor Cuomo to how policy of the park so we're coming out. To say that loud and clear. Ten new plows were at entity you recount he fully as we prepare for our first significant snowfall in parts of the region this weekend. Officials also encourage the public to download the ready eerie app on your Smartphone. A former teacher from saint Gregory the great school was sentenced for sending sexual text to a twelve year old over the summer. 44 year old Scott Shafer will spend the next one to three years in prison. UWB and First Solar forecast is calling for some wind this afternoon in the city high of 49 for your Saturday night lows drop into the thirties. But it becomes very windy overnight gusts could peak around forty miles an hour overnight tonight and the same all going to your Sunday 45 mile an hour wind gusts. Could possibly damaged property. Otherwise it will be cloudy with lake effect snow squalls coming and a one to three inches in ski country high of 38 tomorrow more rain and snow also expected on Monday high of 42. Right now buffalo we've got cloudy skies it's 47 degrees. I'm Mike Bagram and news radio 930 WB yen. We are proud to have HW presence on sponsor of camera time they've been around for over thirty years and even the experts in the plumbing heating and cooling industry. And with merit in studio this Saturday morning we have a very special discount for you if you call them today you get a hundred hours discount on your. 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HB AC products and maintaining your furnace and keeping it operational for the upcoming winner. What should a homeowner do math to ready themselves for the furnace. For the heating season. Simple things go home or canoe is checked the filter that's the biggest problem we find its plug filters. Just make her ratings being around furnace there's no. Volatile chemicals around offers you paint cans we've been finding also. Kitty litter boxes in the basement near the furnace and will cause. A white residue inside the burner compartment. If it's tea and if it's a personal offers it takes her from the base and if it's new refers with a two plates as I'm concerned business has trying from outside outside. I'm boilers especially. And the kitty litter boxes into the boilers a big problem. We had a few that that is. It was a for the whites almost awaits that is that a black and manages. And you guitar monoxide issues he possibly. But so just make sure you area's clear on the firmness of these things what's happening with highlights are they Barack. There are few and far between. They're probably still about 4% from its work still session standing pilot. Or sparked pilot which as you know ignition module that sparks the panel lights but lights and and once it senses that definitely itself but. They're more of the present on answers ignition. So which explain how network answer is ignition is and different composite rod bitch disclose bright. And no spark no spark just closed gas turns on the lights off. But salsa and in some of the purses those girls earlier plane's sensors so that's where the clean air. Comes into effect that the clintons is being thirty. And please come on come off you know we. Yet the mowers are calling for service calls. That try to explain what's going and it's really good to us to know what type of equipment you have in your house in your home. There boiler or steam or hot water. A furnace. It it just helps the technicians range of art form. May your carrier dealer and that's considered a Cadillac I guess in the marketplace so Q in you give a pin your opinion and know how much is too much is spent on a furnace and Kenyon spent too much it means that a lot of bells and whistles that you don't need. Perfect and the years. But it is not now is because you get a lot of the rebates available no Linux and carriers they give rebates manufacturer rebates or not. Discounts from them from the contractor. And certain times a year that they did. When that comes up and it's good to take advantage of and you get Cadillac for the price of you know for the position and that's not what you've given up if you don't bio. Yeah the high end up and furnaces usually are much awaiting gas though Adam variables days guess though as variable speed furnaces. They're easier 9790%. Efficient furnaces. Your next step down usually 95 percentage. Most of the manufacturing and government changed their efficiency minimums everybody went to 95% so there's really few that are what are you saving Clinton powers on furnaces by stepping out in 95 some day if you're not taking advantage of the rebates probably 300 dollars three former Italian manufacturer. So when you talk about that in terms of cost vs value columns are taking your money back how much money saving gas fell in Holland is gonna take it that. Well. There's truth to rumors a look at it if you're already buying a furnace anyway. Troops. Upgrade to the next furnace steel pavement and a couple years. If you're just buying a furnace just to save gas and differences can currently working. And again depending on usage in the carrier in your probably five to seven years so. Because it depends on a country you go with these two carrier contractors one's going to be X amount dollars tournaments and he acts plus like rusty pipes so. It depends on your it really comes on do homework when consumer when people call me to say what you recommend for heating of course they do recommend you weren't in the ACY Ericsson because they'll will. They'll come when you call her. And you wanna judge if you wanna judge Denny contractor Brothers are we're constantly especially was coming to do with. If something as important as he kept them we have guys on 24/7. 365. We have a nice and look real good group of guys that'll if somebody's sick or if it's a holiday that Geisel flip flop and I'll take a ticket today. I say it really got a really good group guys answering service goes right to detect any time now or or call rate and then there's. When you comparing brands prom is it safe to say that the top brands are all basically the same. Efficiency wise yes it just comes down to central shooting parts and they stone contractor I'm. When you get to the high end brands. Again it's it's it's come down parts com. That is certain brands at least the other certain brands and on naming them they should stay away from yeah and we just don't recommend certain brands as causes the parts availability hard. That's when we went we stay with were carrier first and York. It's our second line. Because their parts are. Rarely go they've been great product on other different manufacturers are they integrated many fair and there are many for. Five manufacturers. Each manufacturer has a couple of sub names like Carrie at Bryant New York in talks area have an X and Mair and that your friend but yet train in them American standard they're younger sister companies. A tax question has come in there what is done when he furnaces inspected for heating season excellent question picked and depends on your contractor. They should be in there for about an hour hour half. So what they'll do is then depending on that tape a furnace if it's an old fashioned natural draft. Standing first there isn't much to look at you look in your integrity and he changer. You're looking at you know that is the pilots claim proper the average on the motor make sure the motors are good. And Jeff that you need that that thing and with that there. A high tech furnaces gets them involved you check in me into it scared the you know exhausted that you can check the and yet it's the Newser motors and bridge. That vacuum on the heat exchanger maturity Jeter's packeting plugged. You're looking at the drain. Imprint on the blower motors gas the gas pressures all that stuff and I'll come and play a bad. Like Europe or Hillary or take an example if it gas pressure got too low won't burn rate and you're lucky your borrow Smart enough to know that that's what kicks off some of the furnaces aren't. And you that's for you get sitting in improper combustion and I'm sorry techno that all of our technicians have. Combustion analyzer. And their trucks that it's will you can able to tell the oxygen in the CO2 of the CEO all the axis air. When a homeowner is going to buy a replacement. Filter for their furnace. What should they look for and should they necessarily buy something that's. You know super fancy. We've been blocked. We usually tell people I'm sorry to 3 AM what we tell them stick with the glass. I asked once if they have just the once filter. A one inch pleated filter is very restrictive. For an old furnace that's fine but for in the newer ones unit who were more. Reliable and proper air flow and it becomes an issue you'll probably get more nuisance. Overheating issues because it just can't. It's up through that that pleaded if you want to pleaded then. We can come in our country just commit to put a four inch to get filtering which is a lot less restrictive yeah you know you you know losing a lot of pressure cross that filter. Because it is so large. Another question that we often get here on the show is that our knowledge that my furnace replaced I have a lot of oil caning sounds coming out of my dark work. That is usually the cold air return. Sucking in went for owners turns on and then letting go and it. And it turns out for the power difference the power difference between the old and the new yet that and it's probably eager to quirks too small we find that a lot as the returned of course not enough when are changing up furnaces. We usually change the return drop to the proper sides. And we have. Formulas about it. Air flowing diapers are exercising on you factor in when your sizing the replacement or furnished to her home in Maine with a existing network. This whole equation because. You know the whole technology into artwork has changed over the years and you know what what makes sense then doesn't quite make cents today Wright issue with the equipment size. There's there there's a tipping point where you would. How much money you throw at it so a lot of the furnaces now are designed with a modular these motors. Are designed to overcome a lot of Toppert deficiencies. Not all of them. Of course their return is the most important and it's easy to change all right fanatical return your return and knows Ayers in the space for the floor grilled right relatively easy target Iran he run. And get it into law and match which we have we usually tell customers there's two things you don't wanna removing your house one is your toilet location because obviously it's attached to the forum's main sewer. The other is your firmness to them relocating your first means relocating your car yes. Lot of houses worries that huge a little houses or the the house is from the seventies knees with a sunken and the room in the back behind the garage. And I like to talk the first all in that which is so you have sixty feet yeah right well our biggest complaint comes I can't get any heat today invention right the very far. So in that case we have relocated for an assistant middle shirt that the more differences in the middle how's the better but you're redoing the darker but your read on. Because you're usually move in a furnace and make it bigger the other way so Matt Valenti is my guest. In the studio and we're taking your HPC questions here and hammer time he'd 03093. I'll tune in aren't yet Colin and give us a column with a your question and well. Get that diagnosed right here in the air I'm WB Aaron. We'll very appropriate to our discussion at this Saturday morning with map and plan for me to leave African sons. To not only consider it the proper operation of your furnace but also what that's connected to car. And that is your dock where we're talking about duct work and we're talking about. That's integrated right in the the heating system. And man I'm sure you would agree that tell you probably see inside a lot of dark worked came out of sight out of mind you probably see a lot of debris and I dust collected inside don't worthless and Peter because it's as Tom what type of things we actually pulled that yes scene he's given us the list over the years dead Salman tops the list. The lasagna the pin was my favorite though. And the dust mites and dust mite feces may be a dead rat war now bird or birds also is our markets growth. All of that it could be lurking in your dark work and of course you need to get it out and the only way to do that issue. And that Peter Gordon joins us on the island good morning mr. Gordon. Marty damage he had been listening in yet Mitt is a true friend in a lot of our country acting partners one of our almost 100. And kicking partners and we're just delighted they have HW brick. As one of our partners and one of the they're one of twenty that actually went down the road bought the duct cleaning equipment. You know any shifted here's the problem with the industry is that the equipment paper by these low volume air sweeps and precious sit. Due back yet you know a whole lot much more than 50% now we're blessed with this. Columns system from you know with the high volume day or night that gets about 95%. Of. That's where the rubber hits the road is the actual blasting of the gunk off you don't while doc while both sides it's the only way to get it done is with the columns are cleaning system. Through in their professional Peter. Mets giving hundred dollar discount today for the new HVC installation. Featuring their carrier product lines with the going to be an orderly and a bundle deal here. All this cold weather is still I got it in the bowl on busy mode word that you know you gotta you can't wait any longer if you like this before Christmas were booking out to. 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A free event sponsored by the buffalo new home finder and blue rock energy today from potential for. Clean your home before park and after the holidays. Soon schools of thought whichever you choose your masters Canadians here presumes they're lessons pleading before and after a few have so much to do to prepare for the holidays for me any college. Dare plus various kitchens bathrooms bedrooms etc. just true in general cleaning for only 89 dollars Clark's uniform room deeply for only two are now a three room carpet cleaning only 139. Goes to teamster clusters dot com the book your appointment today. How. And if I've ever attempted mourning condemning expertise or you at the way it is my guest in studio we've got questions coming in active morning. In the ruling on the intake exhaust pipes be extended. Is it a short run from the earnest in the wa it is a short arm rather from the rest of the law for the seven years old 9% and 95% efficient. Also saw pension Ernest who met the performed. So let's take that a part the length. On the intake exhaust we talked about extending his his requires an equation factoring the size. And that's as long as it's within the manufacturer's specs usually is not a problem. Most houses. And are. I and all how often chilly for Pete and we. Counter treatment once a year mute differences and gas deliveries. Gas bill is basically spring. Which puts pressure on as a poster castor. Springs mechanically we needed. Him so that's really. Pressure gas pressure checking. Let's go to blog and talk to rob good morning rob your on WB Aaron with map a lamp from each shall we Britain's. Well we'll particulate call. Me older artists and questions what was that is. They lose proficiency. Principle that Italy 1% efficiency every year you have that's separate question and reckless and designer of the court that long relief short courses. And so I haven't seen I don't hear a lot of good air flow is it a good idea to upgrade. The hardest work talk court as well the first all of the things I could do not prompted me corporate. If it's running through the floor joists that actually cut through the fortress not using Kerry is saying rather that the Joyce cavity is the actual dot court. So that's the goal there term that. That's common practice. And that. Being called they returned it's not you didn't really no need to upgrade that. Maybe cleaning it you know giving that had duct cleaning is as important as the b.'s price much stuff is in there. And in as far as the delivery of those supplies. That that could be you could have four inch lines there's there's a lot of ma houses up there are foreign schline verses six inch now. Furnaces and air conditioner designed for six inch runs. And that's the standard for the air flow. This and as far as your efficiencies for the furnace. Is on as it's clean they they don't lose 1% a year is if you had a twenty year old furnace it would be Tony it was a must finish deficient that's not true. That they might know it's it's a twenty year old furnace it might be. 2% 3% maybe. You know depending on the age of the furnace. So is it safe to say there's a furnace is twenty years old that you still get good operation are out of his songs it's and maintain proper maintaining it that's where our we have those computers we put on it can actually tell the efficiency of equipment. To Boston and Charlie good morning I'm double the year. Barney. You know it's just so I have a question about I'm actually base. And I do it chimney repair some. And what we've been noticing. The last few years a lot of people are telling me that they'd either switched from LaSalle or they go onto the set up this or else. And just about order technical and a true these great strengths of okay would seem to be happening over time in connection gesture really short time. The basic research become saturated with one sure. That's exactly right there a chimney liner would be appropriate and that actually now required is that if told us there's no moisture from they're combustion will do is acidic and it eats the more out that's what you're seeing that might think actually cause harm and acts like contamination it. The drops back him up. Okay Matt hey. Thanks for spending the hours are a lot of information for me again thanks for being expansion of the program. Will afford any line in the spring to talk about their mission absolutely right you have a great week everybody will afford a senior next Saturday same time same place and remember. Might they be tarred by the yard by the inch it's cents. AFC east between Niagara Falls. He had that we're everywhere he goes to be on the air time. 98 point five FM HD three streaming live at WB EN dot com on the WPM mobile apps and on your Smart speaker Alexa played WBS open.