Domenic Cortese 11-11-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, November 11th

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Welcome to hammer time this is nick Cortese flying solo today in studio. With my real estate partner Josh broad. Josh brought and are both licensed New York State real estate agency that we own and operate the broad for peace team that Karen Williams realty. We're here today to talk about all things real estate as well you're construction. Related topics as well but he lets say Heidi Josh for you and Jack and I don't hear again so. Watch your little background on yourself and how you and I became the broad pretty scenic under the and and then we'll go from there. All laws were short started and the construction don't know I was eighteen and I skip college and renew the field nominee with my hands. Start in the Stanley business of concrete. And after that I shed and that you like doing your Conakry were hit and if Thomas in the field. An and realist it's always been a passion of mine. Since I was young. Now wanna get a real estate flipping you know when throughout the property and ants seem natural getting getting my license so after had a conversation with you your to be licensed. Now we decide it's our team and we are. Suggestion actually met long story day at work this father for years. His father actually quarter foundations. Four. Are a lot of our. In addition projects and stuff like that. And when they saw him driving the truck. They had a different name on a day and Elliott who had worked for. So I called the number on the track and it was Josh I said this key in this Keith worked there. And now he's as yet that's my father solos I guess I'm up but we can't keep friends quickly. My judgment and he works with us. In his country business and then we decided a couple of years ago I joined together as a real estate team at Keller Williams the reason we did so. His because there are a lot of real estate agent so to have the residential construction experience that we bring to the table. That's what we really bring as far as our our strong suit. In the real estate market but today we're gonna talk about all things goes they all things contraction as well we're gonna discuss the real estate home buying process which. As you all may or may not know can be very difficult not many people do it more than once or twice in their lifetime. So it's not something that you're fairly familiar way so will go through that whole process step by step. Roughly gonna discuss the crazy how awful roasting market right now. In Australia for this area it's not. Los Angeles or anything like that but. For us it's been pretty crazy. So we will discuss that will also discuss how to make yourself. A stronger buyer in that market because it is a seller's market you wanna make sure that you're getting yourself every leg forward. Possible in order to make yourself a strong buyer. NASA will be discussing all of those things but first let's do the home buying distressed when he let us know what the first absolute first step. Two starting the process of buying real estate. Well this stuff at the age of information out yet a lot of information at your fingertips whether it be online. It's your local. Bring us an agent Perry look you'll grossed an office the really wanna start doing your research early before you even euthanasia before you meet with a lender. Do your due diligence start your research and he had Tonya web sites funny of resource is our money you can go to to at least it's amazing information where you're looking to buy. You know find out with the prices are going for now on some other various options with. The housing market locally. And and number two before again before meeting with lender or an agent you know determine how much or how much house you can afford. There's nothing a lot of things that you know factor in this. You lenders generally recommend that people looking for home state. About three to five times their annual household income as far as the overall purchase price of the property. Priscilla and a big step and step number three in the prior consent process is going to be. Getting pre qualified and that's where you'll really I mean you may be other this ID I can afford I feel comfortable that I can afford. This much but you're gonna go meet with a bank and more or less they're probably gonna take you down if you can match itself. Bill then step three is getting pre qualified with a a mortgage broker mortgage banker that's gonna help you. Really get a firm number of how much you can afford that's not necessarily how much house uniform it's it's the down payment release are typically. You're gonna wanna put about 20% down payment down in order to not have to pay private mortgage insurance. If you don't you don't have to put wife present down will be discussing a lot of the financing options a little bit later here but. There are some options read don't have to put 20% down with a duel between them down that's really was gonna help you decide really the value how much house you can for. I think a lot of people really overlook the importance of getting pre qualified or pre approved before hand before looking for a house. Even. Great to your agent should have a couple letters -- to work with hand in hand out an element speed up the process but didn't pre qualified appear proved even before you talk to an agent isn't a bad idea if you know now speed up the process you know ensure that you know your offers heard at the table. And you know really just organized a process from the beginning yeah so. Except for my favorite topic. Finding the right real estate agent so. You know obviously Josh and I. We feel we pride ourselves in being. You know the guys that know residential. Construction because of our background in you know residential construction. And so we can bring a lot to the table and went when your fine when you're looking for the regular season wanna see who works well for you. Working with somebody you know everybody knows or OC international mention the statistic earlier this morning that there's over 2820 under agents in the buffalo area so. Everyone has a real estate agent that they know what working with the real sea in that you know. Is not always the best because things can get kinda hairy in the real estate prices sometimes in the boy lesson you wanna do. Is ruler relationship so. One of the best things you can do is choose someone that you can have strictly a working relationship with. Again gesture I which I should bring the team let me. That's different from a lot of the other agents that are out there is that we do have an extensive. Experience with cute residential construction so. Where that will help you is. You know when you initially see a property may like it has medically looks good. But Josh thank you look at the structure in the bones in and move in the mechanical and stuff like that and see if it's something. That is going to be worth you buying that'll save you in the long run because they go to contract. On a house that has. You know foundation issues that we could have spotted in the in the process. Of looking at the house. You your home inspectors saying and catching you're gonna be out for 500 dollars for the inspections so. It's a big deal to make sure that you picked the right agent summit has a good working knowledge of homes and in the and the residential. Not only market but the residential construction space. The best thing to remember too when working with the real state of by a real see him as a buyer is you do not pay your real estate agent. That's a common misconception sometimes people when they're looking for home they think they are going to. Have to pay a buyer's agent and they think they're gonna save money if they don't use an agent. A lot of times that is is the case and what happens and as they go into the home buying process. They find a house that they love there is some an agent selling the home they go and they say I don't have any agent. You know can you right the contract for us that agent Dan writes a contract that agent. It Eddy its fiduciary duty is to the seller. And into the buyer as well but you know that their best interest as a unit is going to be in in the in the interest of the seller so. Those thus a buyer's agent when you when you choose to work with an agent that. Buyer's agent is paid it's they're commission from the seller so you you do you don't pay anything to use of earnings what's in your best interest always use an agent. That that's Sowers in those contracts about a seller they've already negotiated that commission affront. So that's being paid to you know the seller the seller's agent regardless brick so it behooves you to have representation that. Isn't you know looking for the Sowers interest and for your interest there's no reason not to have a proper agent. Exactly so. Read take our first quick break here when we get back we will finish the remaining. Five steps of the hope home buying process we'll get into a bunch of other things. Real estate if you do have questions real estate or construction related rated related give us a call 8030930. When he 106169236. For calls outside of buffalo. Starting thirty from cell calls or you can tax us 30930. Will be back right after this. On the phone now we have John Huber from lake shore savings bank Ki Jana are you doing. Good morning neck and not regard here topic today which are savings bank can definitely help people with pre qualifying for that person home purchases a lot of great programs for that. And now also look at just wanted to say I'm on behalf of all of our employees in the board of directors currently sourcing thank. To our veterans out there. Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice for our country. And honor our veterans lectures savings bank is observing this day to remember all of our branches are closed for today and we'll reopen again on Monday. Thank you John and could you tell us about the amazing special that your bank is running now on the home equity line of credit. Yeah absolutely that I'm at which our savings bank we are currently running a great special on our home equity line of credit. We are offering an excellent fixed rate of 3.2 5%. Guarantees for the first year or home equity line of credit there is no applications see there's no appraisal the nick there's no closing cost. But the specialists could just for the month of November only so make sure you do comment that any of our branches before the month that is over. He can policy set up an appointment we can even start the process online at our web site lake shore savings dot term. That's great channels so someone's looking for more information what phone number can they call you on Monday. Well sure and I'm nick broke speculators wanted to mention that which are savings bank has a great great money market savings account. We're paying in interest rate of 1% and that is the great that is not a teaser rates it's not good for just sixty or ninety days it is our regular rate at which are savings bank. One cent on a savings account with a qualified checking account. And our phone number with a few office is 8982022. Okay you homer to Eminem number again shirt and 9820. To a great things and I side and you. Today tomorrow and yesterday for over a 126 years later savings bank putting people first and it. Thank you cops. 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Today we are talking about all things real estate as well as Heidi your armory for sale renovations to do to your home ready for sale that type of thing. If you have any questions for us give us a call eagle three on 930. 1806169236. If you're outside of the area. Not starting thirty for cell calls and you can taxes at 30. Nine for easier we're gonna go and take a quick call from Kathy in buffalo was a question regarding your bunch portrait and get the. I'm doing good thank you neck. Yeah you ever do. And great foreign airports. And I went to the troop the only candidate decides that he used for I. On the porch. And I'll let them say that it is as. Ports epic at Cree is less than a year old you gave you said so I was wondering if you have any idea what I could you. Here that's a question for cash actually it's perfect. Then again I don't. And you gotta go good. So yes so for the first two years is not for my customers oil and I'll do is I'll recommend a course grit sand. I had to be a course Christiane what would best and it was just gonna provide traction it's not necessarily going to know the ice. If you do happen using calcium chloride on the concrete. Just make sure that you're shoveling off to slosh it's actually not the salt and calcium that. Her psychiatry is a constant freezing inclined to actually damages the concrete. On so that being said. I would go ahead and all the ICU you can use Kallis inclined to make sure shoveling that off right away and then you scores grit sand for traction. And where would I get the course brits say and. You can find any big box or Home Depot Lowe's. Oh. That's one of those mornings the -- really you know wanna he'd ML of beacon. Ignore but that runs down on it will definitely ruin the finish on the concrete. So I would definitely pay attention and also making sure that the country was sealed properly before and to really doesn't invade their big difference as well. You can. Okay. Well they had sort of afraid of I don't hunt you know ain't think they have been to a BI assistant to a new flow are. Understand yeah. Felt I had I can't place and I sucking you out YouTube. Does he hangs up that opens up line for you again give us a call 80309301806169236. Outside of buffalo so called a stunning thirty or you can text us at 30930. So. Just before the break we were talking about the real seat home buying process. Again we were on a believer in step five. Set five year usually at this point you've. Already Don necessary research you determine how much you can afford you got pre approved. You found the rate or a city in. In now you're ready to start shopping for your home so. Once you start chewing touring your home U obviously wanna get an idea of exactly what it is that you're looking for what what things you need. In a home what things you don't need. Common issue that I see with our clients. A lot is that they ire judge did the dream alive so I wanna three carrier item on this on that. And when and the Lebanese and there's no then they have no. They have no. Real criteria they picker curious to too stringent and there are many homes that meet their criteria so. B&B as. He is open minded minded as you can. And angle from their so when we start looking at house who gonna wanna do things. And this is what we do with our clients all the time and women make sure that you. He tests up the planet the plumbing make sure that the water pressure's good she along it takes to get out water translates which is obviously when you're just looking at a house for the first time in economic wanna get to wind up. With you know messing with stuff in someone's house but you might you know check windows make sure they open and close properly checked doors all that type of thing. Check out the maintenance of the home beautiful home is is not. Hasn't been painted in 25 years that means they definitely you can also keep up on maintenance on there each species that customers in the ninth Datsyuk. Those are the types of things that we look forward to our clients. You know we're sorry to note to a pearl and an. Generally in my experience you know when I first walked into a house for the potential buyer with a buyer of the house. But in thirty seconds I feel like they know if that houses there's not seen also you know for a gain in the mechanics of the house to see overall feeling is walking to the front door the first time you know we know this house for you or not it. Fisher but nick actually on her FaceBook page just had a question command. So I was asking that if there at the buying a house how many house or should they look at first before actually making an offer so. You know injection attack what this a lot who. We in all of our clients we have. You know the fall in love with the first time we can see when somebody when it when it's a house for that person they're excited about it they're they wanna stay there for an action half an hour they walk through the house or four times. So we know when it's house freeware a lot times it happens where people in the first one or two houses that they've seen. They are super excited about it but. It's the first one or two losses that they've seen so. They don't wanna make a decision right away or they think that the might be making a decision to re actually but. In our experience if it's if you feel like it checks all of your boxes in your excited about it and you like it. Putting an offer and especially in this market that the seller's market. Putting an offer right away. Is probably your best second what you gonna do is if you if you will be a lag on act you're gonna have. And up with you know a a situation where you lose that house and then you compare every. I've the other house through that process itself. That was back to doing your research appropriately first as well you know if you had if you did you due diligence you know you put the research in the time and you know you'll notice this house for you so you won't have a problem making an offer on that first house right yet. So now we find the right house so we're on the steps six year of the home buying process. We found our house put an offer and the offer was accepted. That they the offer what to attorney approval which I try to explain where attorney approval it's so New Yorkers and it and it is an attorney state. So after the contracts written in its acceptance on mile parties. It goes off to this hours and my attorney at that point time the region the contract to make sure all the stipulations and I contingencies and causes and there are our crops and then within three days get the approval and you go to inspection contingency Drexel steps six. Is getting home inspection you wanna make sure that you. That your home inspector well as well as well because this is the guy that's gonna walk through the house with a fine toothed comb. And find all the things that are wrong with it. If any of those things are missed. You know it's really on on your home inspector or on you that's your chance to make sure that you look through the house with a fine tooth call and so. That's not on you it's not your real estate agent it's on your home inspectors for choosing the right home inspector. Is a big process. You know you you can. Dugard due diligence by a looking them up online looking at reviews you can ask you really speedy junior OC you typically have. Few home inspectors that they work with that they can recommend you. And you know that that really is a very important process. So so upset in in the home buying process. Work with the mortgage banker to select your loan. When we know we're gonna talk about all the different types of loans. The little bit later in the show here but Josh when you give little bit of background on what the different. Loan types are. Well with the the hop off the realist American now on being a seller's market in your type of financing has become all on a more important. Has become all the more important. You got to cash conventional FHA VA into a three Candace and M fuel so. What we'll do is we'll get more in depth into those different. Loan types when we get back from the news we've created this. On the deputy again from my back I mean here's what's happening. Buffalo police announced that a man has been charged with murder in the second degree after the November 3 shooting on Allen street outside for Aziz bar. More details on that story at WB EN dot com. Elsewhere it's now business as usual for the staff oh shy Children's Hospital which opened yesterday. Collide health officials completed the move from women in children's at 5:42 PM and you can see the emotional goodbyes to the Bryant street location on our FaceBook page. And on this veterans day we give thanks to that thousands of western New Yorkers who bravely served in our armed forces to BBN's David Bell via served in the army overseas it's the days that you get to kind of look across all the generations and you know with everything so polarizing politics and football and you name it. It's one thing that we can all agree on where one team together and we all shared something common in that serving our country. Read more of our top stories online at WPN dot com from the WB yen newsroom I'm like Bagram and. 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Yes so especially in a seller's market non partisan say cash is king so well we've been seeing a lot more cash offers racing in the past couple years. Really just as a way to looks stronger suit to a seller or not there's been a lot of times where will go when and why the finance offer when making an offer on the property. Now with the buyer and the looks at the lower cash offer great and you'll see that for for some reasons but. One of the main reasons being is that the need buyer that's financing a property doesn't have to. Her about this financing has been through continues to period they have to go through clauses in the lone. You know there's ought to pay the process of the woman who praised the right things and it there's a lot of things that on the back and I have to I have to do that yet to go through. Just to get the money so obviously in that situation cash is king. I'm but what what let's just talk about finance offers for right now. Comparing conventional thought they'd say it's severe to Afrique loans a conventional loan is nothing and look the strongest that we are going in and in a multiple offer situation. I'm generally speaking you'll had a higher down payments on a conventional loan on that. That looks stronger to a seller for the simple fact is that you're you're not only in about your financial situation gamma might have put down. So. In another in others reason that the commercial loan is going to be more desirable to a seller is because you're putting more money down that means the home has to a priest a lasso. The appraisal process. Is actually a little bit less stringent with the with the conventional mortgages oppose some of the other stuff you're putting more money down and often does help break. I'm comparing that to an FHA or San VA loan. I as an access the appraisal processes more stringent more things to me callable. On the premise and that means is that the seller when they're determining who's gonna sell the home to. They have to understand and really think about this is where a minute and comes in the play with they had to really think about the financing so if houses in good shape. I know me that isn't too much of an issue it just comes and you know person a home properly but if there's peeling paint you know rotting wood. On voters know missing siding you know voters falling down a feeling that it's NB callable in FHA VA appraisal. What symphonies and has to be fixed prior to this prior to the closing of the house. So either the buyer has to pay out of pocket for that the seller has to do it what most things happen happened. So you explain what 23 Q owners as I'm sure a lot of people may have heard or maybe not. That explain what it is because it's clearly not it's not that noticeable by the by the name it. Yes I checked we just got a new one but two months ago race. But pretty much it to a speaking alone a better term for as a rehab alone is really what it is. It this more common and foreclosed properties or properties that are in disrepair. You know happened and I lived in are countdown for quite some time. But really what it is is that the financing is also including the repairs as well so would happen is I'll have the feasibility study done. Where oh home inspector and a feasibility. Studies done by the homeless factor. He's licensed to do to do these kind of I'll walk throughs but he'll he'll go 30 price on the job he'll price how what has to be done. To give you a list of that it contractors who can do the work. And ultimately answer to the bank and then draws will be taken on on those repairs are there repairs are done draws are given and the contractors paid and the works on. Right so to look to your typical types of loans that you can see usually they're more but. Those are the tip ones that we see. We're gonna go to some questions in a second look to finish up late the pens that process after you choose your loan the home is an appraised. Hamas of course it's a cash. Cash deal. The home's appraised so basically the Lander will arrange for an appraiser to provide an independent estimate of the value of the house you are buying. They're praying the appraisers a member of a third party company is not directly associated with the lender. On the appraisal well then let all the parties involved know that you get your pairing paying a fair price for the home so. So what what that basically does it it does the evaluation of the the property in its current. State in the current market and all that so. You know that's a lot of people get assessment and appraisal meant mixed up so. He preys on your home is a different than the assess it later Holmes says they has to do with your Texas a Paisley has to do what it's actually were. On C if you want if your home praises properly for what your your you're asking for with a mortgage so say announces a 200000 dollar house you're gonna put. 20000 dollars down. The house diesel praise for underneath thousand dollars so. As long as an appraiser underneath does not as we move on step nine and so step nine is coordinating the paperwork so obviously as you can imagine there's a lot of people work involved. In buying a house or your one girl will range for the title company handle all of that people were to make sure that everything is all set to go. And then the last step is of course closing on sale of the home. At the close any sign all the people were you can make all your payments to pay you're closing costs all that stuff. And then you ninety to move ensor at closing is is is a process hopefully that ten step process hubby has a little bit more that's something that we over with our buyers every time. We work with them. So that they're you know they feel more confident about the process again that's tied the biggest hit based decision that he'll ever make. And most people only do it one to two maybe three times in their life so. You know if you have any questions on they can always reach out to Josh or I and a FaceBook page or or Rican home run in. And get some phone numbers but when it goes to some quick quote calls here we have a bunch to get through we have. Sue and alma who has a question regarding your gutters CC you later on. All right thank you. I need you garter so what's happening is due out out. Is always covered by leaves. And you know heavy rain. At the gutters they just splashing water out and I can't keep going up there with the latter. And I was wondering if I get you know gutters were about aluminum copper gutters. Yeah there's a lot of different options of of Goddard. Cobbers that you can do. I a yet haven't found any that I didn't com today in completely like recommending. Right off the top but. Gutter helmet is that is what war is one of the ones that I think would be a patter when it does is it complete covers a daughter allows the water to roll. Down in over the gutter and then into the gutter but keep it basically 99%. Conversely Goddard who keeps a lot of leaves out. There's another product you can buy at any of the big box stores called cutter stuff. And basically what that is a foam piece that allows the water to travel through it. Body keeps all the leaves another jump on top promise that is you know all the little stuff pine needles the the little were early birds from the maple trees all of those things will eventually start to get stuck in that so. And and heavy rain that actually will Philippine that are quick because there's less you know there's less volume at the gutter can handle. On bass that. You that you can do is. Is keep progression going that's the best thing you can do. You know that's my were my recommendation again some of those other ones can. Certainly you know. Act you know. In in in that sad but. I would always recommend keeping your gutters clean keeping the downspout freeing clear that's what's gonna make the cars were the best. Thank you okay no problem thinks they'll. Those who hangs up we have another call here from Kayla who has a house question you until. I'm doing good is. I have a question about you looking for our new house that have a house the house and it may help right away years should alien type binary house but it we want to I. And that that is actually a great question and I'll let Josh ring in here on this but in you know in. From my our experience and Josh will elaborate on this. Because we're seller's market we handle this a little bit differently international agreement. Well what we're looking at houses that we don't wanna put to a in the driver's seat to be a more competitive fire that being said if you don't put her house in a market first. And you have to going contingent. You know that looks less favorable to a seller because you have some baggage you're carrying with their. That being said if I injuries and I would titlist a property first how we can Duffy still look at house's. But I like to list and sell your house first that let you go 19 contingent and if we have to we can always duel run back with the purchaser of your house. In case you saw the live there while you're still looking for a house so. Our recommendation would be let's let's the house was Cattrall sold animal fighting house. Mary these Kia gasoline that situation we typically. It's typically easier for us in as a seller to. Ask for. Concession of sorts. From the buyer in this situation. I ran back it's easier for us s.'s seller from the buyer for Iran to act as opposed to walking and as a buyer in a seller's market. And saying hey I'm I got to sell my house but I wanna buy your house so they're gonna say okay we'll take your offer but we're some initial house or. In order be as strong as buyer wished we definitely recommend selling your home first. And then you know if we do have to worry about if it doesn't time out perfectly where you move out of your house and into the new house we can always worry about Iran back. From the buyer is again in a seller's market that buyers and is a sure whatever you need hopefully. What went to do that too is that if say disorders eccentric contingent offer today at any point can also take another offer not contingent and your offer off the table exactly so. So we're gonna go take a quick break here after we get that we do have a bunch more calls to get through but will be back right after this. So on the phone now we have Peter Gordon from indoor air professionals I don't Peter. Good morning. Good go to Rio. No question we're heading into the fall peak duct cleaning he's in right Peter. So the cold temperatures are coming this week and obviously your furnace to be taking on you're gonna smell that roasting garbage that we talked about how last week. The dead skin cells dust mites dust mite feces construction debris pollen and mold and even the occasional salmon smell right here and there serie Peter. Yeah I'm Gary's or next call this time mentioned. And an error. Able to remove all net stop. All all the list system once again we were just starting your house. About six weeks ago so what can help you guys know it. It was my my wife is there like like like I mentioned to you I was actually work but she saw everything sent some pictures of of everything that came out of there and it was it was unreal there was actually a lot of a lot of vintage. Stuff in there as well as garbage there was. Hold on once and let anyone know it was conned the docile it definitely it was a very noticeable. You know. Visually what he mild but the effects afterwards were also. Very noticeable so I have I have pretty. Pretty strong allergies I've noticed that this I've been far far more. Undesirable in the house. After having the cleaning done there's obviously last dusting that needs be done as well so it's been been pretty great. Yet that's it I mean it's all about your health that's why we're we're it will include 95 and 90% of all the contamination. So people. Sometimes they're able to pay triggered duct cleaning and less than the year based on. Cope haze in the deductibles bird you know her medical expenses for allergy medication and even over the counter stuff. In blog that's why over a hundred eating their contractors. That's exclusively. By twenty of them used to do duckling in other words they bought the equipment. Real light and it didn't work very well they were losing customers they're eating customers by doing partial duct cleaning up all the felt so if you do it right to make it huge difference. Right social what they were tense session for today going to be Peter. Are equal first volley wanna remind folks that we evidently you I can't beat each humidifier peoples they have more parity bill this is completely get I'll play different paradigm. It really get treated a lot municipal league we also that the medical great Yorker buyers. Yes we're still look there are those upper course customer touched the actual. The old city as always Coca per customer. Then Beltre in the military. Being veterans day. Yeah and so you don't want to miss calling in today gave court you're answering your phone call now without beat Djokovic that under our belt so we've you'll get one of us if you. Get the voice mail leave a message and will get their due to day. It's a really Peter so give Peter called and they at 633000. That 633. Top thousand. Got IAP get it today. It's way. When you go grocery shopping this week I would like to save some money. Pretty silly question right of course you want to show head on over to the market in the square. Today if you're in the south towns go to the newly remodeled market and square the Southgate plaza and if you're in the north towns today and get over to new blood ways market in the square in north tunnel London here's why. They're having a one day sale with deals so spectacular and you cannot miss out on that. Warm fresh boneless chicken breast only a dollar 38 pound. Pulled beef Reebok just for 98 pound assailants Campbell off the bone only 399 a pound. And original pizza logs it right here in Western New York only 699 a boxed up there are many more specials. In addition to those so whether eleven north towns for the south town shop local and save a ton of money. During the one day ACL spectacular yeah. Today at the newly remodeled market in the square in new Southgate plaza west Seneca and new runways market in the square in north tunnel want to. And it's flat. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He needs. An awesome tires great dealership lousy jingle. We won't let a technician to more than more earnest custom tuned today it takes time to do it perfectly we couldn't water on the soon. Charge about the same and do a few more but that would composers and you'd find out. 1 frigid winter morning get the hardest working test and tune in the land your furnace a lot of. Inspired by the recent buffalo Niagara hundred flights when it's appropriate and oil is adding their support with this author mentioned the sad when you sign up for new propane service and went to make a 100 dollars donation to honor flight in your name and install your tank. Free venue to say I'm glad I went with the wives went proving you know central and Western New York counties from their headquarters in Sanborn. Check them out and went Spokane Noel dot com join many satisfied customers who say I'm glad I went with. Let's. I. Welcome back to hammer time again this is nick court he's them here with my real estate partner Josh broad. To get their own and operate the broad Corky seem and your team we are. Filling in for my father today and the topic is all things real estate but also anything else any questions you may have so. We two more calls here to get there were gonna go to scary in the pew with a question re carrying housing. Housing questions in your. There are currently there are again had a rough. Are are part of the question for all of a group are looking for our first call are. But they're out there five years or so or had a return. Cola because there will look at our. A prospective partners but it's a very small place and that particular political and outfit. What could be. Would be better for us if we worked our partners bought the law if you pick a figure exit where equipment is starting group. Net total easily to let them go forward battered old. For the production appeal. So. That's when you go from a three to a to really get a four bedroom house that you set we're saying you're gonna switch it with three veteran. I would say shirt do it for. Yourself for those for the largest base in four of the fact that people like more open floor plan now but. When you're talking switching a three bedroom house to a two bedroom house. It drastically going from three to two drastically reduces the scalability of the home so not many people are you know look at or want the two bedroom house what to do attraction. For you to just to take a three bedroom house. And in turn into a two bedroom house. But if you were saying hey I was gonna come and go oh I'm only here for until I dial I'm an you know leave the house my kids. You know it's a do it for do what what makes you comfortable what if this is your first home. And you are you have plans of being out there in five years I would keep every renovation that you make in mind. For resale so in this situation American nation be. Not to take away a badgering especially on a smaller home not to think of the way a bedroom. To make a larger living area. Our current group are no prime Gary Reiser. So Gary hangs up that actually Harley ease us into our next topic which is renovations that you. May want to make in order to get your home ready for sale or like Gary's doing even before he purchases home he's thinking about. You what to do. In order to. You know make it saleable in the future so. Before we we actually had to solicit tax came in here before we start getting to that topic. We've attacks it's as what are the odds of purchasing. Hollows at asking price in our buffalo market I've put into bids on to house's. Like you do after they were put on the market and it got nowhere so. I yes it's the app had I don't know cancer question. Where you're looking but it's if I'm would imagine maybe north buffalo some are in that area and there's a lot of areas that are very very hot. And is reading we get today to get touch on that day off maybe Anemia and send them was a time we can touch and Tampa. In that there is a lot of areas where you're you're gonna need to go in over asking. And quickly and you gotta be strong buyer could you're gonna get beat out your pen if your profile. A mortgage loan you're gonna get beat out by. Cash offer more than likely I have a client that was in Josh and him kinda work. We were working with that eventually we will define them home. If they were looking in the Allentown area in the west side which as everybody knows right now is very very hot. They put into offers an on two different house is very strong down payment. Conventional mortgage they got beat a couple times my cash offer the reason being is because the reason that the by a lower cash over the reason that. Judgment touched on this earlier the reason that buyers and so I sellers are are doing a ticking lower cash offer is especially in the city. Is because these homes. Are drastically inflated right now and they're worried about the homes you know off a house that's obsessed man route it lets us flavors appraise. Assessed at 50000 dollars is is selling for 250000 dollars so. Those sellers are. Happy that they're getting to her that you otherwise offers on the house but they're worried about taking a look I'm a mortgage loan. I'll mortgage offer because of the appraisal process so. You know if if you have to go in mortgage. Eight you're gonna wanna make you go with a strong down. He meant. You know I to answer your question please I I would imagine you're you have our finance team might be getting be now. By age cash offers. You know that might be the situation. Obviously there's nothing you can change about that but going into the strong down payment. I think would be probably your best baton NIC getting in their early. I'm maybe putting a time limit on your offer sometimes works not always known when in on market. So those are kind of recommendations on that. As far as the clients that we work with we were able to find them home in downtown on the peed 101000 dollars over asking price and the we we sent Patrick four hours after the almost let's itself. And I got to be quick and you gotta when strong. With your efforts especially if you are financed so. And aside no I just purchased I'll someone for two Tucson and now which is it's a small meal tolerance is to score for ranch and I paid 20000 dollars or restaurant prices and that was it was a top market knows you know there's a competitive Africa yes if you're if you're if you're mortgaged. And your you don't look too good from the financing side. The best thing you do is maybe going higher so maybe Europe meteor approved for. Up 200000 dollars and the house is honored listen to her. Fifteen maybe go 170 because your finance offer. You're gonna look better than maybe a lower cash are so. But by different little tricks if you do have any questions you always reach out to us on our FaceBook page or or wherever and if you have any further questions. But as far as the topic of we have a couple minutes here to talk about the home improvements that you can do. And minority to your home ready for sale what ones are valuable ones are. You know Roy out of touch touch base on the ones that don't cost much money you know I mean really when you're looking to sell a house are looking to get out you know for as you know this cost effective as you can. So a couple of things you can do do you cluttering. Reorganizing. One big thing that people don't really understand had to go over this every time with sources do you personalize yes. You know they're personalizing a house so that donors are needed baby pictures to. What what when someone else loss of the house they wanna be able to see themselves. You know to live and house and a picture of you your family although you know it. It's near near your are you may wanna put that away and allow them to see themselves in the house first to see you living in the house right that's big. That's a huge huge one not painting. Scott you know really bright colors make make the space to see more open that's huge. Staging you know let there be any foreigners are removing searcher I just moving it around Macon the Spacey more open. Thank you really wanna take your use out of it and picture you know other people wind coming in an NC. And then curb appeal you know landscaping new malts does a lot you know weeding. Basic maintenance. You know the thing is. It might be subs on the ball well but. Official the other day there were fingerprints all over the white doors in the house just clean those off it don't I mean that was the one. Thing that dubbed our buyers took away from the property was the third she helped her realize it's a very easy simple thing to do he can paceman fairly cheap pleaded to do as well so. Million dollars block slated for tips there again you know we are net time here but I wanna. Sign off for Josh and I it was a pleasure being with the guys today and always remember life may be hired by the yard but by the inch it's a cinch.