Domenic Cortese 11-04-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, November 4th

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These we airs sitting in today for damage her father how we are joined legend Dmitry dead of its owner of the election roofing. I don't Dmitry. Until well Digg it they we're going to be talking about how things roofing so any questions you may have. Regarding your rough how to get ready for winter air replacing your rough. Anything like that give us a call the numbers are 80309301806169236. If you calling outside of buffalo. Stunning 34 cell calls and you can text us at 3093. Easier. So loud today we wanna talk to 32% to about roofing. You know we we see a lot of people have interest in metal roofing. We wanted to learn a little bit about different types of metal roof. And if you do have any questions a about any temporary already home improvements against those questions for you. Has also did you watch tells little about yourself first. I am the owner president of dale looks proofing. Her finish up our fourteenth here in business. Specialize. In residential. Roof replacements. That's asphalt. Flat roofs and some metal roofing is so. So we talked briefly before the show started about the different types of metal roofing. You know I think the common misconception that most homeowners have is that you put man on a roof. You have a lifetime roof. Which need to be educated before you make that decision and actually learn until yesterday from you we're kind of in the phone of this TV on the shelves at that. That there are different types of matter of that do not last a lifetime allowing you explain the differences. Cost difference is benefits are that. So our starting with. Least expensive. Metal roof would be agricultural panel. That's for yes CDX pros screws with over appropriate game it's. Both fifteen years or so don't align those game Estrada out now. Not a literal and also depends on the existing roof underneath that to keep the water well. Your staining seem roof is the industrial look that you may not like the way it looks like your home. That'll last thirty to fifty years depending on the finish. You're most expensive metal roof is going to be a metal shingle. That benefits with the residential and house. That'll be a fifty year rule for the last roof you're playing your house well so. It's just that something new all right metal shingle it's a never even heard of that before. That's been around it's not as proven as our asphalt shingles have been written that that kind of just exciting and I. I would do you still and saw high temperature on their claimants us. Synthetic. Pulp paper. Flashing. It's a good system. Does keep the water out nice so we know we you'd mention pro. That the barn style rough they're culture of because. That requires. A rough underneath Greg. That's correct because all the sensors are exposed the flashing their mounted over the top of the panel. It's not design could be on the house. So your recommendation would be. Four in terms of Matta roof thing would be to go with which option. They are wearing and can keep. Keeping in mind the different factors cost as well as longevity of the room. Asphalt shingles architectural Sherri knows are going to be here does bank for your buck account. If you were looking for a much longer roof. I do indeed either standings team. Or the medal shingles. That's the true fifty year oh fastball roofs if you go with the heavy designer. Shingle you can get up to fifty years as well. Let me ask you question they're saying riddled lifetime warranty on shingles. Cool I'm regular ask functional what does that actually mean. So look though lifetime warranties are. Depending on the manufactures Susie just a ten year up from period then we'll go over the materials and labor men and after ten years of parades heavily and if you and solace systems warranty by a select company. You can get twenty to fifty year non parade warranties. That is the matter. You being referred you have to go through training to install those singles to keep the warranty where the Aaron how can optional company warranty. A product not knowing who's going to be properly installing now with the systems warranty is. That's a direct or accurate from the manufacture. That requires. Training and as always teasing us for this. On we wanted to sponsors anyway you know ask a quick question we have Gary and I Gary's calling if more to park morning Gary hurry today. I'm doing well thanks guys we'll we'll do it. Well. Question or are probably your result on thirty year singles addicts. And I am just concerned I'm acting now ventilation. And there are there is stuff rich I've heard a lot level. I'm so I have bumped into different hears them on the rope. Serious in Asian. I'm more. I don't see your attic area not I am feeling but summer. Any cut its. Excruciatingly hot rhetoric that you're the stores what they pizzas being accepted. I do have. Couple out there. But I don't know death and about getting enough ventilation air and it's art should insulate the the the ceiling and bears well. When you say stealing you mean the roof deck. Yet the roof it's the peaks so there's just more others there's inflation late. Between the that's. This. This hearing. OK so basically the rule of thumb with ventilation and roof. Is whoever comes whenever you can get in through the use has to escape through the rich. If you don't have the proper flow it's not doing its job. On the if you were to go ahead and insulate the roof deck you have to install baffles from your vented south it's up to the ridge. Or lets you just be frank the shingles is going to be hot hot hot hot. Mom any correct me if I'm wrong Dimitri you can add to this. Yeah I you mentioned you that out couple soft advance you wanna make sure that you have enough soft advance the air that's coming yen. With what you have going out on the ridge event do could have. Lack of softer than yet. It's got to be. Convection loop if you want to look at it that way whatever comes in has to be a way to get out circle we circulate the air and get it out the arrangement. Okay for costs but it's a question act cause you know you mentioned you're an athlete and wish them. Oh. You know what is what are we looking at yeah I mean it's hard there is there's it's much standards were put. Charge. In what material effect I really haven't thought before so that's sure what kind of off and. Army with insulation it's not if you're gonna do yourself it's not very expensive. Even baffles are very affordable as well. So. I mean really it all depends on how many square feet and you're gonna buy involved to do it relatively inexpensive. You know a small role of installations gonna caution you know forty bucks at the box and it's a shift handle to rule everything out. If you're gonna be doing in having someone professionally coming into it you gonna pay more obviously for for all that. But just put on people see how much can buy a your. You know conventional role of insulation and and you know do the math based on the square footage it really won't be expensive to to do it. But if you're going to insulate that roof deck you have to as the battles are going to be the most important thing. And then like Dmitry and I had said opened up and more Safi area. To allow more air to get in because if you insulate that roof deck. He going to basically be disconnecting. You be your conditioning your your attic vent. So the and it needs to be. Completely insulated from the elements so that. You're not making your household. So you you basically have to do it are you a complete. Continuous job if you're gonna do it that way and in order to get the air from the east to the ridge baffles have to go from the east to the red so. Just take into consideration when you're when you're walking to the the how little people to. Pricing approach appropriately. OK I believe it could be at a ridge vent because it's about a 22 foot stretch and there's only one bridge that that you are so I guess just. So I'm assuming it's that okay well I appreciate your. Okay Gary into the operating. Eric your things happen that opens up line for you we're gonna play the phone numbers here for your really quick. We're gonna take a quick break but again we're in studio here at Dmitry data that's the answer all questions regarding roofing. Cynically you may have please give us a call we're back right after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 error toll free line is 1806169236. Hi this is it neighbor keys we are on the phone here is silly pines certainly true savings bank case Ellie how are you. Of Baghdad area we're talking on the phone earlier. About your home equity line of credit these so we have going around 3.2 5% fixed for a year. Absolutely. You do to the overwhelming popularity. 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Call us where available all the time Madison helped you start preparing your home for the holidays by calling 7060003. That's 70600034. Car they care services. I. Welcome back homeowners again mrs. hammer time mining so court teases you with my brother nick in Dmitry dead in this and do it through things. Before we left after the break we are talking about different types of roofing. Another point that we wanna talk about is prepping that area of your house for the winner. You know getting the leaves off making tree take your flashing all sorts of things like that teach you much leverage. So some basics would be to make sure those gutters and downspouts reclaim our policy on accelerate any device taming of Vienna snowfall. Your roof is 1015 years old I'm doing now maybe at someone inspect though. Like boots chimney fire exchange Rolf flash shootings. Look for an email pops up through the mail is raising the shingle up about a quarter inch. Knowing gets to the roof boots. Big thing is driver. You know if you're not a seasoned professional roofer you know it's tiring and it's safe fat for the wanted to get you through or is it. Something that she she's a call from not to replace that to regulate. Depending. Here we go with letters the slope putter roof what's involved. I reached up penetration. Most though plumbing pipes and groups have. Neoprene. Covers them all around applied those usually dryer out ten to fifteen years. Down the line. You come out and seal it this is just starting. To dry up by Nia would you recommend to seal that way. The silicone based sealant you could also. Purchase. Hitting home people cells on there neoprene covers are probably two or three dollars a pieces and and it just slides right over the existing you don't have to undertake any shingles or Carter or anything it's pretty simple as that work well. That'll take care of that fight for next 1015 years involved park. Very cool. Those fires. I seemingly weird kind of touching a high a year roof ready for away and here but how a lot of the big misconception. In terms of ice damning is the fact that. You know when you get leaking from that or ice damming itself people. People don't think I don't know the reason of the cause of that sort and glamour and a little bit of the cause of a standing because it's more insulation right then. Then you're roof potentially can correct. Also this or mice and water shield in solar roof that's of product that goes on that supposed to keep the water out of the house on the ice the game happens but. To keep ice came from happening it's an insulation issue. Right so so his fire is. Proper roughing goes to you know keep you in my rough I hit in if you have an issue. If you haven't no he's in your house isn't a better chance at a standing is gonna bring water in here house. If you have an installation issues so. I mean between the process of ice and water shields who what when it does how it stops the water and how you guys install it. In order to make sure that especially in a house with no heaves that it doesn't allow water to get into the home. So Kate style homes or homes without overpaying is. Without this if you have building and overpaying. That you wanna use a height tempered Trace of water shield destruction bullish order shielded doesn't develop taxes passes a standard based order shield law. And long live our lines we use a term called envelope be gone envelope PA's water she'll look to drip edge. That way if there's a nice stand in the water gets trapped thing gets underneath the shingles. It. Comes out and that the cutters and it doesn't get stuck underneath the roof and on that on what. Right so what you do is you install a layer of ice and water I'm down onto the facial board been behind the gutter and then also another layer. A placing water over the drip edge into the gutter current. Over the drip edge at the very bottom of the regret OK and outscored six footers it's is it. And the change in all of them six voters pretty standard. So a six foot from the eve to the BC a home that has pour insulation and it is as those challenging design with a lot of flashing. Well and so is water she'll hire who. Depending on the situation. So with and I stand the reason you have a week is that the walk in the heat from the inside escapes its roof deck warms the snow op. It turns and illiquid than the cold air freezes it and it just except except except. And the damning happens when he gets up behind the shingles and the ice and water is actually under the shingles to protect. The roof deck in my in my clinic correctly. Just so this order shield of his zone state to vehicle waterproofing membrane of the water it's underneath the shingles. One Autoruns sounds of a daughter that's the outside that's not needed anymore same thing with the overhang and that's pretty tasty and swords to build. Some mice and the daughters is pretty normal Ali wanted to pay attention to is the hasty and starts to build on the roof yeah. Know what you do then when you recommend you want people up there with a hammer knocked in the loose very. If it's reachable if you paid. Stockings and Bill Nelson calcium yet. And you can get an up there calcium now rocks off right that's right well there will either way and calcium also kill plans character. I don't know calcium safer. Today. And whatever runoff was gonna. Usually end up in the daughters is what you're going out salting the whole rule should urges the melting a channel on the ice that if there's any water behind its the water and come to commit. Get down we'll just be aware of fear downspouts are Hun interior landscape being not to have any have plants are on exceed. I've I've gone through a few tall box with the the last few years of the people don't end there and it and it hit it damaged. Box would so I mean I guess maybe just the runoff. Constantly. To their plan maybe heard it you know it is trying to surround over the winner whatever was but and it's still can just make sure that you know it's not running off anywhere. In the landscaping but the reason for not getting up there with a hammer and chipping Iran is these are gonna damage that route you're also not getting anywhere is adamant. Could fail. But any basically you know another big topic is you know have a hot Havoc with the grooves and I see this people. Want to. Re roof that are rough and I mean I am a big believer in that being just demanded. And I know you are as well also any kind of talk a little bit about why you. Re roofing is not the answer no can be cheaper and can mean pacing to do so but it's definitely not and you know and in my opinion a viable option. Barring that it's shatter a garage roof. That the deal only when it's hitting it's. Should be okay. For your house he's its bases when you've to a rear roof. You don't and solidly on their claimants noise from water shield. So you really depending on the layer underneath that the keep the water out. If you don't care off the roof. Either you don't know if there's any game explode some old leaks may it is incumbent on the ceiling that is enough to route that would underneath. C a second layer would be fifteen at one year reply and that's as long hitters. There was a lot of flashing or anything Ernie says he's just not installing it. Right we're gonna go to the news and numbers reach us or 803 own 930 so called this turning thirty. Outside buffalo 180616936. We'll be right back. Good morning it's 1030 from the WBN news or my Mike back there and here's what's happening. Two more shooting incidents overnight in the city of buffalo. Multiple people were reportedly struck on Roosevelt avenue near the daily Kensington area. And an update this morning buffalo police said four people including three males and one female. What struck outside a party or some type of gathering when a vehicle pulled up and one or more people opened fire. Three people were taken EC MC including the female nobody was killed. One victim was transported to women and children's. Elsewhere another man hit by gunfire on wood avenue in buffalo near daily involved in that person was rushed to EC and C according to buffalo police. There's electronics recycling drives later today the Erie won both season west Seneca. Senator Patrick Galvin sponsoring the event which runs from until 1 o'clock this afternoon interpret her computer and quicker. Former marine cargo in new assessment of our war. He said you can bring anything with a circuit board or record such as a computer and its accessories. Even a microwave plus old cell phones do. But he can't bring any large appliances like refrigerators. And they also won't accept any televisions with broken glass again that goes until 1 o'clock today. And this weekend marks the end of daylight saving time make sure you set your clocks an hour early tomorrow. You can read all about the history of daylight saving time in our lead story at WP yen dot com. First Solar forecast calling for a cloudy day today with a high of 51. Tomorrow breezy and warmer the rain will be on and off to and the week and a high of 63. And a Monday. Showers in the morning otherwise it's just going to be cloudy for most today. Right now buffalo B of cloudy skies it's 41 degrees I'm like Bagram and news radio 930 WB yen. Fits it lasts for five decades now they've been the experts in the room your house that everybody sees at one time or another. Yeah it's your bathroom. Twin Cities in the game you know when trust in 64 they have built their success and one simple mission making you the customer happy. Come check out their huge showroom with polite says displays not much Arizona while. You can talk to display you can stand and it's the other door swings but over the many available colors types of hardware like Tabasco. Shower doors and only if the best way to get a real feel for the quality. Now whether it's installing death enclosures in shower doors are crafting custom glass in the air products to its it would all make it all hassle free for you. Considering that 90% of their business comes from referrals. Hey they must be doing something right to mark give my friends at twenty vehicle 6943300. Stop either their cribs incredible 3000 square foot charming well it's a part. Or check on online at twin city that's dot com either way you reach out to them come down and expected the Twin Cities that. When Kathleen Kathleen Kennedy bureaucrats plan to placing methadone clinic in our residential area. Understandably your neighborhood was up in arms the quality of life would have been affected immediately. We went to work to organize and fight back. We reached out to every political leaders to help prevent this clinic from bringing a drug Ellen onto our streets. Nearly all or helpful in lent their support every one but timeline. He refused to get involved and told us this wasn't a county issue. Which was a total lie time log in would not listen to us and he turned his back on our neighborhood at an important time of need. Our neighborhood won the fight and we stopped the clinic but with no thanks to Tom line. When Tom Locke and comes around this fall looking for your vote. Remember how we got treated when we needed him the most turn your back on timeline and like he turned his. On us sometime our lives are running for county legislature and I approve this message. People are friends of timer numbers don't lie and last year over 101000 of your Western New York neighbors switch to do their very health care for Medicare Advantage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The great console group of the seventy. The spinners. Who lives January 19 and 25 at Niagara Falls few casinos. The Spinner. Bringing you all clear classic yeah. No you don't. Timeless music this. There. Those spinners in concert. 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A NE HB AC system that's right a 10% discount and any standard installation HW brick and sons that their family take care of your families plumbing heating and cooling needs to 972901. That's 297. 2901. Come a time. Welcome back homeowners to hammer time again is still Cortese in studio with my brother nick and Dmitry from Felix roofing. The numbers reach us if you have any questions on. Roofing or any type of home improvement questions the number here is you don't freak owning thirty cell calls are welcome it's our 930. Outside this 716180616936. Or you could Texas at 30930. Before we went on the Brinker talking about re roofing couple questions that I had before we go to our phone calls here the the structure with the re roof. Do you ever concern yourself with that type of framing it was done on the roof. Before you say okay let's re roof and put another few thousand pounds on on the roof is that a concern. It goes on and make sure that the structure and can handle the weight. Some guys with the proper inspection you can see dips Irsay is General Motors it's obvious that there it's of something needs be done beef from the new group gets installed. I understand it's safe to say that. Adding another layer of ash fall singles ads about five pounds per square foot rate which. What you have to be concerned with is this arsenal rating involved also we need email and that action five pounds per square foot of a shingle and then also be able and the fifty pounds although that we have in buffalo so. I mean I'm sure that as immediate concern especially in the new amended that and in certain towns are required permits her for a thing or anything and then. So code in general for most of the municipalities as two layers. We. Usually don't do reroute son. Residential houses. Tara is always the last and only because wait loan book on the workmanship and the ace Mark Shields is well. Rate and another thing you got to be concerned with and I see this a lot and I'm sure you do as well. Is the fact that when you re ruffled Roth. It's very difficult. To reach step flashed the house and supplies times roofers that do roof referring won't won't suffer actually just. Caulk the in the regular car that the edge of the rough and explain you know if you can what's that pushing his thoughts are pushing his plan. Part of your rough butts into another part of your house and and and the staff flashing is done every other layer showing up everywhere shingles underneath deciding right so. That's Lou Rome common knock copper still leaking uses well. Every time you and solid each angle has its own piece of fighting as you worked your way up the wall. So when you when driven rains in the water would hit the sighting and them and the roof at the same time that flashing is what keeps the water out. When you read roofer put on a second later. All that's key is that's there to keep the water out is that cock and then when that when that fails which is just a matter of time. You're depending on run inning on their knees at the try to keep order or. Tiring in retiring it so it's like a lot of you may may see on your house or on how she purges or something like that. And giant giant can hear of Tyre against deciding. And your rough and that's what is the what the issue is there's so is this just continual addition of tar. But anyway is another question that we had. Is far is Brooking goes is how do you know this hannitizing two solar panel question them as well but. How can you tell how much tying you have left on your rough. You know and I oughta not be blessed you don't talk to her seat is now we need or need a rough next year you know that everything. And you know it's really hard to tell. You know obviously hot summer very easy to tell in the mean Rifkin it's on far too long but. How do you know when you should start thinking about are planning for. And who rough. You certain go finding large amount of grain noodles in your daughters. That's Italian at the group is senator follow our calm wind damage. There's cracks in the shingles. Missing shingles. Lifting up at the edges are currently on the shingles. Best way is to. Probably didn't expect that it's OK in that's in the new is doomed yes we do inspections overall cool. As such so it double dealing and that. Question. When you install solar panels obviously know a lot of solar panel companies will not install solar panels of the rough is bad enough. On the Mickey had the reform place prior to installing solar panels but. Com what we know what is that process as far as as far as installing solar panels over what he recommends on more solid sort him over here just in rough. And to make sure that the roof is in good condition good workmanship modify or change the pipes on all of that is installed correctly. The roof is only got a couple years left on it. You're you're better off to replace the roof before you put the panels on because enough. Five years ten years on the line when you have to replace Peru it's gonna add to costs. In the long run. Right I mean since I we're gonna do a quick call we have Mary intend nor did you marry. Him. Then of course share. I'm lying. The windows on my front door steps. I can't get in tiny tiny black spot there like that veto be now. Wondering if it's this step for this Eagles hit at. And even gets conduct I window station. In so that that may be exactly what we're just talking about so might be time for new rough so as Dmitry mentioned. When you start to see those little granular. That that might be time for Europe but I'll do meeting inland real element mark if you like. While I had to do is great that op. Yeah that could be though something in the in between your betters and your drip edge. It can also. Know that incidents occur related. So is it it might be. It's it's sticky since stock and nine year. It stuck and your future are stuck on the and the patty they said. I'd be out front steps. Okay and not need it then yeah. Okay it's stuck on the and a in might be insect related. In bugs or something like Internet legislators fighters dropped. Now or maybe even a step in and also held as Europe. I. Okay. Yeah I mean and maybe time that I mean if they could get in the circle in this that the stones in the singles will be the first thing you'd see in around there wouldn't be stuck on here you can just leave those. Content what I thought but is his and infect and take. Glazer and check it states that got a bit windows. Yeah slash season might be insect related I would mention. But then maybe you train car makes an exterminator someone that you've been the end in sight for area in Iraq little media rock city which are looking for a few roofs gone. Really and it would fall off. Yeah you can sweep it right up it just little stones but they typically would follow in the gutter when necessary and make it to the patio or anything AT and cutters. It was a torrential downpour I mean in Atlanta its ups. Our mayor would think you for the continuity in other quick call from David in Laporte. Palin David. Hey guys. I'm good I just sort of the question when I urge you parked in a couple minutes ago I have three different places on my roof where the route meets. The aluminum siding. When I'm and the house was built the seven before and I was told. That the rule was redone a year before book place which would make it nine years old that. And my question is if I have that barring these caulking like you're talking about and also. What I believe is called it. That I see on other houses. You know where that car in the caucus put. And that what what it is circumstances why would somebody removed at that. So though the it's probably removed by the previous roofers. I can't answer lie but the so maybe they take enough to get flashing me and they can you see flashing the tentative. It's a bit of a mess now it. Popular Greek. Wap is so you may issue of the digital economy just colored entire. Gone under very different mr. order for twelve foot runs where this is like this where there's no. I mean I can go down the road and see that game oil and other people's houses so I know I'm mr. and that fit and. And yeah I area. Is that flap in the wind that citing. Part of it is if lamp with a disease and others it. Now it's it's gluten clocked I don't have any leagues now out of would hear line. I'm guessing they've little roofers nine years ago when they replace it if there was a lot of powering cop in place. That led in that case channel. Probably came off with the old rules and and of them or never bothered him in the background so you can only be in my view thing their minds in the put education on now after the signings done. Yeah is going to be. It's possible cards that do little tougher especially with the aluminum. It has got to go in the back of the aluminum siding yeah. I am. Well guess at this tyrant and now you have a weak general fight tactics KM and maybe if you do I get any meaning in a roof I would. I would say give us give I give a roofer colleague of major college and get the proper steps questions don't get that tower off there. And at that point to it may be temporary say they send Allison an aluminum siding. Is going the last forever but I'm if you're listening to each other that is an important part keep the signing in place so. Because constant piece of aluminum bend. You know with them with rolled aluminum or break some light that that some than any man can take care of Korea. As well if you wanted to do it go that Ron you and have to necessarily tuck it behind the deciding so. But either way if you wanna give either us or Dmitri call we can all run and the guys can you hear the phone numbers. But I am I don't totally great now so I really don't want to. Keep your coming in just yeah discuss your fingers and a nothing. Allow listen to that show for a little out there and write your phone number down. Indicate they are pretty even money that thinks that a call Harry data things up in that opens up a line for you the number you as a caller 8030930180616. 9236 outside of buffalo cell calls it stern 930 York's Texas at 3093. Easier will be back right after this. It's no question that we're heading in the fall so Pete got cleaning season is underway cool temperatures are coming in this week. And your furnace will be kicking in soon and you'll smile that rose the garbage consisting of dead skin cells dust mites dust mite feces construction debris pollen and mold. Even the occasional passing him later you don't hear. Hey create a good description. I would say that's what takes place that's what is in people's duct work and I got to emphasize every personnel live and breathe shed fifty million that didn't help the states. That is what is. That he did chief culprit especially when it comes to your health. And Hayes speaking of mitnick when you're out your house toward the end of September and he can bring if you notice the difference out. There is ready is where we we get everything ready for the new baby and we hit you guys out my wife couldn't believe what Dina are professionals pulled out. Of art our duct system I was actually at work but she was home. And she sign off send me a picture and it was disgusting but I have definitely notice a huge difference in my allergies have been a lot less dust. You know to clean up what she's heavy about the hassle it's great. So yeah I mean really it's all about your health that's what drives says that indoor air professionals for the last 25 years and over 50000 satisfied homeowners. Is the fact that we get people healthy we get them up medication. Yeah and you know it's just that it's amazing but there's other things we do. And we have medical grade here here fires which are amazing. And we also had the high capacity. As far as what it does to your you know to to dry out your intake killed Malden pick. Period in Paris so what's the average and specified today in a B Peter. We have caddies speaking up to a point five year veteran so she'd been there since that nearly the beginning so he's anxious to take policy still offering. Even though we have a couple week backlog as it is peak season. She's still offering 39 dollars for a first time customer. It and we also have half price on Dreier thank cleaning that Ali to wit the duct cleaning up the package. And actual upgrade you do for around him Mary Joseph Wilson magellan's new course. And it ties with air freight Vietnam microbial reduction agent of the in there fighting in whip plea related to roofing. We do my edit bold treatment when people sell homes that comes up all the time and a lot of them know this. I make sure you give Peter conduct call today at 633000. That 633000. Got IAP get it today. These tires called tread city discount tires the tiger story your door for new and used tires or lift kits called tread city discount tires 6934800. Down and expertise here for Brothers have mercy I'm here with business development director Nancy B geno talk about the latest addition to their wellness campus a new state of the art outpatient rehab clinic that's opening soon so Nancy what can you tell me. With this brand new PT clinic will now be able to help our patients transition from inpatient to outpatient status in addition rehab services will now be available to every one in Western New York seeking physical therapy. So I'm not he'll be able to receive the same high quality of care you expect from the Brothers of mercy. Home without having to be admitted to. Thanks Nancy. It's your choice where you want to recap. Tell your doctor if you want to eat five star rated Brothers of mercy warm. Compassionate professionals to help you recover and gain the confidence and ability to return to everyday life the Brothers the mercy locally owned. Locally operated and non profit for more information call 7596985. Or visit. Rosa mercy dot York. Paying taxes on your carpet or Warren would be fine carpet dumb that's like carpet Smart is discounting the amount of your sales tax and every purchase for the final time until spring. Carpet Smart will pay the amount equal to the sales tax at any carpet before you buy that's right look at the tax amount. And carpets marvel at their tax this is an addition to carpet courts already rock bottom pricing on the best selection of carpeted floors in New York State. Acts the checks and stayed free carpet X detects an inch stack cover rolls extra tax on remnants laminate flooring and area rugs if you could walk and it. Carpets route will discount your order the amount equal to the sales tax plus everybody wants great installation. Carpet spartans also right the first time order now it in stock car African beauty your home with a two week. The ax the tax event one last time only if carpet Smart. What whenever Cheektowaga across from Wal-Mart and Niagara Falls boulevard of the 290 entitled want to don't like carpet dumb pipe carpets mark. The breeders' cup of racing is this weekend at Del Mar and you can wager at your local TV easy better online with the ticket that's. Thirteen Breeders' Cup race is over two days starting on Friday. Former derby contenders battle it out in the classic on Saturday night. Visit the TV down through their Breeders' Cup party. We're twenty dollars get to a buffet breeders' cup of Batavia downs live racing program for their 3:15 PM races at fifteen dollars and free play. Dying play in state Batavia downs gaming and hotel located just off thruway exit 48 in Batavia. We quit doing checking claims years ago to today's furnaces are too sophisticated we do test and yeah. Which takes a pro choice and want to do properly but we don't charge twice as much we get off your furnaces business. And guarantee their work for the entire season. For only a 116 bucks if we return this season and services are all of. Me. Come a time. Welcome back to your time this is an accord teens with my brother Phil court he's here with Dmitry debt and its owner of the elect's routine. We're talking about all things refereeing. We have a super taxed. Question it says please discuss the black streaks seen frequently and roofs. And mosque growth associated with it how does one. A dress that. Dmitry. Here the blacks feature CN our roof the way elegy. There's heavy vegetation knotted trees or the north had a house that doesn't get the son he gets the shrieks. They have products now off spring and forget where you can just sprayed on the channel doesn't hurt Peru. And over a couple week period it washes off and keeps it from grown for a few years. Okay Coleman and you can read that anywhere because online okay. Cool well hopefully that answers your question we have another question here from Lee in Cheektowaga. Regarding committee you don't wait. I kid yet you look we'll do it I'm right. My notebook in this passage of Iowa is great. We moved up for it is about. Four years ago had Brando and low it would those but it. Brave new furnace. And it insulation put up and then hit it and. It's just came. Lately so well. He's been getting progressive. Usually if you cut indication. The wouldn't steam up the we have Julio real and and and the we've noticed sent at night. We've got to hear anything. Get the morning. And all the windows. Has more here right now. He that I have done it 22 good image let me ask you one question before we say too good a thing you have a humanist I committed. Shoot I know humidifier. They got April air some inland on your furnace. Well look for it so we have one end. We have organization. I. Generally with a with the did you have an off our energy audit done link to how to the installation process work for you. No what is. Oh lead somebody to look and they tell me some legislation facility and got. Now okay. You might be worth it to. Have someone come back into an energy audit. If it is too tight. The house is too tight Pierre can't actually breathing get rid of that little bit of moisture that strip then. You know without testing it really having the board or test on on this chilly and the only way not to north that is the case. Come here the other other option the other common issue when you see moisture on your windows if you might have your humanness that you your humidifier turned up too high. And that would cause a two point and you said the windows so. Army we don't piano I'm guessing that's the only other common issue that you see with. Moisture on the windows so. I would say that it might be a good option have you come. Can have someone come in and do some sort of energy outages to see how tight the house is that could also lead to health issues if they're if it is to 02 on tight. I'm meeting natural ventilation of different you know. Carbon monoxide in and that kind of stuff they would naturally be with a two be released out of the house you never know how tight is it is until you haven't tested. So I would say that would be your first step just to see how tight it is an in his it is to tape. And energy Sarah rated. I contractor would be able to install mechanical ventilation to properly vent the house and make sure that you do have good. Ventilation throughout the entire home. Would you recommend it by air and. I don't everyone at the top of my hand but if you go to and asserted that com. I'm sure the be able to pull up the a recommended element if contractors in our area. Is that NYSE RVA. Correct. Our rights. Case are good luck this. Our rate while waiting and that should be it for us here on C think he would Dmitry toward joining us I think you guys from the calls. I will be back again next week well from my brother and I were saying and remember. Like many hard by the yard battalions to say. Its hourly Summers in the air but soared dust particles standard dead skin cells and contaminants that leave your indoor air stale and unhealthy thousands of western New Yorkers love what indoor air professionals is done for their homes and their fairly self here's Laura from East Amherst. Son has asthma. And sell my constant concern is what is he breathing what is in the environment and our home the previous homeowner had a cat. And some always thinking is there some thing around the house that is just lingering from the cat. And he would wake up in the night I cannot believe it came out of our air docs I couldn't believe that that all of that was in our paradox and we were breathing that so I was relieved when I saw what they were able to pull out of the docs I have recommended indoor air and I would again absolutely. Force spring summer or any day take control of your homes indoor air quality breathe easier get healthy and stay healthy call indoor air professionals at 6833000. You'll love it and so will your family.