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Domenic Cortese
Saturday, October 7th

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I well good morning Buffalo's good morning what's New York yes it's Dominic Cortese and of course summertime begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WBBM. Which Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic Cortese on news radio 930 WBE and good morning home on. Isn't welcome once again to hammer time here on WB gets them expertise in studio. Within action packed show for you today with two special guests starting with. Stephanie Watson she's the development and communication manager of habitat for humanity buffalo. Followed off following a Stephanie will be Donna Scalfaro one of our sponsors from carpet care services. And will be taking your questions on your carpet care issues. After we say good morning to Stephanie good morning thank you for having me and so nice of you to stop by to help promote the big event next Saturday. And we're grateful for this Friday next Friday last Friday the thirteenth. Yes Friday the thirteenth I'll be I'm seeing this big event folks at the restart south. In its called find it and flipped Stephanie tell us about it. Sure so this is our third annual restart DIY and that. And we invite local craft errors from TI wires to come into every store find some buried treasure something that he can turn into something different. May be addressed or that the turning to a vanity the sleep pilot Archie seemed lighting fixtures. These folks are so talented they have a few months to put those together in the auction all these items off and all the proceeds from that night actually go to habitat awful that the research is one of habitats programs right. And though the many of may is next Friday are gonna it's gonna go right back into the community are going to use those funds to build homes. OK so let's set the stage this is next Friday the thirteenth. At 6 PM it takes place at the restart south which is 1675. South Park avenue in buffalo right across street from. South park high school and that there will be food trucks that will be beer and wine basket raffles a silent auction. And out. We'll remember a lot of final on Nightline. Yeah we're really excited and we encourage people to column minor tickets are available at only twenty dollars that's their of them right. And then you can find that link on our social media pages weren't they stuck in Japan and buffalo restart. Where they can find it on our website habitat booklet dot org are some interesting food trucks are including and international. Mix and menu he brought. Yet international cravings souped up. And we also have the ruling finally coming out so we're really looking toward to the food selection in the course of a beer would is generously donated by flying Verizon ES he's got some great friends at and the community buffalo really is the most generous community say needs and beer in the pretty eager to have Kia so we're excited. OK so will be there and there will afford to you you being there too it's the third annual restore find in flip. It's an auction to benefit habitat for humanity buffalo it takes place. At 1675. South Park avenue at the restart south that starts at six. I'll be your am C come on out it's twenty bucks all the proceeds. Benefit habitat for humanity Stephanie loss in the development and communications manager for habitat buffalo. Thank you thank you so much okay great avenue whether it's. 8030930. Is a number for you to doubt this Saturday morning to line up your questions for Diana Scalfaro. Donna of course the owner of carpet care services one of our sponsors here aren't hammer time. I know you've got some interesting carpet dilemmas at home there. If your questions ready 8030930. Outside Buckley called me for free at 180646. WV on so called the welcome and starting thirty you can Texas at 30930. And you can always email me. Camera time. Act courts he's gotten that and when your mind be sure to check out the court t.'s website. Because everything we do is there it includes room additions kitchen and bath renovations weather beautiful beautiful dolphin Velika Tina custom kitchen cabinet line. Better living side rooms solar shades retractable our earnings. Disaster fire or water restoration and of course our handyman service including handyman for a day. All the air for you expertise. That Matt good morning from Dominic Cortese and before you pick up the hammer before he picked up the drill pick up the phone gimme card loud guitar you. Before we talk to you though let's traveled to the aria. Clarence side of transit road as we head north right price both farms across street from transit metal you know we're talking it's right there lake shore savings bank. And Michael body in my part designed Gibril meddling in the manager of the lake through savings bank in Clarence Page gave. Good morning Dominic radio today good good looking forward to being with you next Saturday night at the Mike he's way fundraisers. Yeah we again are hosting a wonderful fund raiser. On the benefit Mike Easley foundation and a 100% of all proceeds are all going right to such a great organization. It's gonna take place. Saturday October 14 from five to eighteen I'm gonna live option. Are you gonna get. You know along with the cost of the 25 dollar ticket you're gonna get it includes. After raffle tickets and hit the fifty tickets plus food from the chaps who truck. That's right and now I'll be doing live auction so Friday and got the habitat event. And Saturday I have got the Mike he's way event for later savings banks will be a busy weekend next candidate we're looking forward to seeing everybody come on out to 21 bricks winery. It's not too far it's about a 45515. Minute drive. From the buffalo area beautiful little drive a lot nicer to drive out there to the 21 Briggs winery I think it's import bill New York. Pop pop Portland or Portland New York okay. And that starts at 5 PM next Saturday and buy the tickets at any of the partly true savings bank branches is neck cracked. That it actually correct all right. In a course where are also glad to be able to mention everybody listening to us gave that the 3.2 five fixed for a year home equity hard credit has been extended well. Absolutely. And now you know that this probably the second or third time that would extend at the rate. And you know buy out extending the raid I think it's a great testimony. Of how make sure they can thank really listens to the community where this particular customers to listen to the committee that which we serve. And they want it because we have been taken and so many applications have been so successful with this. And we're hoping so many western New Yorkers to finance that over program project or made validate that. How do you how do you beat 3.2 five fixed with no cost. It's unbelievable. No annual fee no closing cost at all. Right and also ongoing at lake shore is 1% on your savings. We're absolutely so not only we're gonna take the money would have great home equity. But we're gonna help you to earn some money would agree money market count 31%. On all the money above 101000 dollars. There is awesome what a great bank later savings bank is. Gave metal and the manager of the Clarence pressed the phone number there. 6886114. Repeat that for us please. 6886114. For 126. Years which are savings bank putting people first. Who. Okay. The show they shortened it to match. And save up to 40% on your annual heating bill and get a big upgrade and saint rebate if you act now. To learn more visit oil heat New York dot com. Brought to you by Norma. Big big savings on your heating bill and a huge upgrade and save rebate if you act now. Visit oil heat New York dot com today to learn how. Talk to you by Nora. One size fits all has no place in your bedroom. 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So we're making great deals to get those vehicles on the lot we can actually hear if you've been giving any thought to sell your current vehicle this is the time to ask. Riverfront is making deals like never before we get extra here Tahoe try to sell your vehicle eyeliner in the paper you'll get a much better deal with a lot less hassle and riverfront ourselves. Anything you wanna add a little Martin we got yeah three years Iraq that's that I thought stop by riverfront auto sales today and find out how much cash you can get for your vehicle called riverfront. Now at 88616268861626. Visit riverfront today Niagara street. Well it's time for me to introduce to you down a Scalfaro from carpet care services will be our guest for the rest of the show hate. It's great having you in studio and it's great to be able to talk about the services. A carpet care services you know leaves are turning the air is getting cooler air and it's time for far cleaning. In your carpets are the ideal place to start now before you put in those storm windows how about calling down our. He and shook cannot help you with your carpets her phone number is 706. 0003. While everybody thinks about spring cleaning follow cleaning is just as important. Carpet care services can get your home ready for winter. Were they full carpet cleaning if you work if you eliminate the dust in your house of keep your intelligence down and get your home ready for all those holiday get togethers. If you have soiled or stained carpet called carpet care services no matter what the condition it's in. Don't know that what to do and of course if via pets and those pets can have multiple accidents they'll help you with that too carpet care services can also clean your poll street. It's not only gonna look great that'll be rid of bacteria that grows whenever food spills. Call today to schedule an appointment and you'll get a free room of cleaning that's right a free room but you need to call now if they 39 dollar value. Minimum charges apply begin your far cleaning and get a room cleaned free by calling 7060003. That's 706. 0003. Call carpet care services today. That's funny it's hammer time and good morning from down the court tees and how are you 8030930. Is in number for you to dial with. Your questions for Donna Scalfaro from carpet care services that's a great discount that you're giving are listening audience down a free room cleaning. Yes it's a busy time of the year for us we our customers want a clean before the holidays so I hope that just encourages them to and do some cleaning before the holidays are here for they have company and on the aisle this summer stuff that came into the house let's get rid of it chair. Well when you talk about that and we we did mention that in your commercials leading up to back to school. Of the kids have been in in and out all summer alarmed. Bare feet as one of the things we mentioned he never think about their feet sort of interpreting. Us from your feet attacks happening certain types of carpeting and it has an cars are to get dirty quicker because the rest. I have a friend who called in a couple. Week weeks ago who said he was gonna attempt. To cleanest on carpet and he was going to the store you know the big box stores red carpet cleaning machine. In those RO you know walk me through this and exit stop. I think it's down. This is one thing you don't wanna try to be yourself because you're probably you know screw it up and leave water in your carpet which means it's gonna get dirty or faster. So many reasons not to first of all you probably gonna spend six to eight hours in your valuable Saturday afternoon doing yet. You're going to leave a residue behind on your carpet which will creep. The rapid re smiling that everybody worries about so in two months he's gonna look at that I've veteran machine again. After 48 hours you run the risk of mold and mildew growth it. There's just so many reasons not to the other thing is if you have spots on your carpet. And you start adding products to it makes it more difficult and sometimes impossible for stick him in an actually restoring what's that those products on top of the stuff. Would you say hands down the number one thing why people would want to cause you are as opposed to even try to do it yourself. Is that you get it all the water under the carpet yes we don't over wet there's no need to over wag your carpeted camp for about four hours. Dared the Wii is great products we is great techniques and we have state of the art equipment so all those put together more water is now battered doesn't give you better cleaning results OK if you have a carpet care dilemma. Eagle three on nine trio that's in number for you to go out here. And WB and we got a text her sending in a note that. Fuel spill on northbound 190 at the engines exit very slippery so be aware if Europe of 119 north that the engines. According to a texture we have a fuel spill there to the phones we go and and T is our first stop in Gerri good morning where your house. I I do and today military are only help you. I question it's really not much a question. Actually am one of those people that. Actually start. Your number worked perfectly in my own and mr. collier like a hundred times haven't done it. Because I am at a crossroads my carpets so badly stained from multiple ads and an elderly. And so on and so sport that's got one of those net conditions bill in the house. I would like but it the carpets are tigers go but they were very you know pretty expensive are the bank outpost that's where it was in the business. I bet you know some pretty good on the market. Hillary's like and it was considered not rip them up ends that trying to get them you know professionally created especially with someone like yourself to. Seems to specialize in a problems. And I do understand. Six you know and it's in its if you think it's like something you could make at least livable. Idea. Yes the fact that you're carpets only five years old definitely outs in the in the process and we deal with pat issues in about 80% of our homes sell. You know I I didn't I never wanna say we can definitely do it because everybody's situation is different. But certainly we have the tools the products in the training to be able to approach it the best way possible. And it having a great good grade carpet is also important south. And the you know we're always willing to come out and take a look I couldn't I can stop to see you I consent of the technicians out to see you let's take a look at let's let's give you an honest opinion as to whether we think we can make them great results are. Give you an idea of what results he could expect and then look you know you can make a decision going from there. So would you will you would offer consultation in that way wary you would be able to assess whether it's salvageable always always happy to do that happy to always give advice. And stepping out looking at it sometimes clients will send us pictures via email. And it will depend also on you know how many spots there are what's highs dog you have you know the larger the dog the more challenging it is but we have some tools that we bring in two. Into play when we have larger dogs enlarging yearn issues what about the. We'll do what's look at that text question that just came in with it and add this sector. Crack. I wonder if that's a joke or a real item that was awesome hospitals and a what about the actual pay adding beneath the carpeting when you haven't are pet's name. So we haven't had a piece of equipment that we use called the water cloth and that is that as of time we attach her back into it which is powered prior eight cylinder and a engines that's very powerful. And what we do as we heavily saturated fat eerie and were able to prince flash and extract right out of so there does get right down into the pad and I just into the sub floor and then we can also follow up with some products that actually will kill me the bacteria that's left in the car that they can create he orders out. You know every situation is very different every every clients. Definition of being at least they'll can be different. So please feel free to call us I'm happy to stop about eight year convenience let's take a look in you know we're giving her honest opinion is what we think we can do for. OK let's go our separate. I am over a wonderful wonderful things qatari hearing. Let's touch or toe in the water on this tax question here. I will read it but I know read it just says. I adopted intruder from driving my home. How to weigh removed seven pints of blood out of a no with them much from a white carpet that is six months old. It will be very difficult for a homeowner to remove that on there because a lot of them a lot of the spy removal is extraction. Blood is particularly difficult because we need to brands we need to neutralize and we need to be able to extract and flush it out of the carpet. Seven pints of blood is a lot of lied that probably would entail two visits to your home. Because carpet tries from the bottom up so a lot of times only halves cloud removal. And it's difficult to remove it all at the first pass we wanna let it dry it it will resurface to you know PQ and then we'll come back a second time. We have had success in completely removing it and began the fact that your carpet as six months old will definitely aid in the. And cents a mile to I exit not to show how high name C a couple I know I did not. A. What they can stay album. Shoot we had those we've had a couple of them currently kind of wonder what we're cleaning up after by. An entire question. Just I hope your protective manner protecting themselves absolutely always speaking of which you know do we aren't in similar. Services and that we have. People that we hire going into other people's homes. And I know that we put a lot of effort into making sure that we hire the right people. You you probably have the same issue I'm sure when someone shows up at opposite customers Torre wanted to be presentable. And I have the right attitude. Absolutely. I tell my clients if I'm not comfortable having them in my environment and MySpace and certainly not gonna send them out tears space out. The people we hire are professional their uniform. They're shaved in there they are and they handle things in a professional manner. In our. Arab our biggest pot as we don't want a customer to come to the joins seeker we care services is here and I'm afraid to answer my door we want you to feel comfortable from that first sight of our technician at your door. All the way through the process so you have Orton. You have a whole job site etiquette that that I'm sure would resemble ours we don't allow smoking we don't allow blaring music we don't allow any swearing whatsoever. And we do have the uniform record. Absolutely it's important here on in your ear coming into people's personal stake so we wanna make sure that they're comfortable we don't want them to feel like we can't wait till this personally kids who want them to have a good experience. Same with you gotta Scalfaro as my guest in studio she's giving UH free room of cleaning today 39 dollar value he need to call her today you know. It's 7060003. Or give us a call here in studio 8030930. And we can entertain any carpet care issue you have also. Donna does steam cleaning of tile to get into that after the bottom of the hour news break which is coming up right now might beg him and standing by. With the latest from the Adobe air newsroom good morning. Good morning it's 1030 from the WB UN news or my Mike back remain here's your top stories we've got breaking news this morning coming out of London there's been several pedestrians that had been injured. Police are on the scene will go to an update from ABC news momentarily. Cults where Governor Cuomo made a visit to Western New York. And talked about a money dispute between New York State and Seneca nation and it's significant marijuana bust in Erie county yesterday. Those stories and more but first this update from ABC news. London on alert metropolitan. One man has been arrested after a car hit pedestrians outside London's natural history museum. Police say there are reports that a number of pedestrians have been injured. Officers are on scene and no details about the person who was detained. It's the latest incident for a city already on edge there are reports that the driver plowed through the crowned the police have not confirmed if it was intentional. Peter Curtin and a former metropolitan police officer tells our partners at sky news that the police response has been swift. At that closely Aaron still have a Protestant and went out some minutes after the things happen. As it just rubble suggested by outrage in excess certainly potentially. Delivered to track. Beer Kirk and a former metropolitan police officer police are still investigating September 15 explosion on a train at the Parsons green train station in London thirty people. Sustained injuries in that incident from burns and as they tried to run. I'm Michelle Franzen ABC Newt's. And you may make sure that you continue to follow us on Twitter at news radio 930 will provide updates as this situation progresses how in London. Locally in a visit to Western New York yesterday Governor Cuomo commented on what they're not New York's it would provide more funds for Niagara Falls who's caught in a money dispute between Seneca nation and the New York State government. They had the up side. They got paid well in this state got paid. But why would I have a guarantee their loss you know maybe they want to make up historical events. Governor Cuomo said the state hopes for an expedited resolution between new York and Seneca nation. A raid was conducted in the city of buffalo yesterday. Tony year old Joseph juror from the village of Alden was arrested charged with endangering the welfare of a child because his one month old was in the apartment at the time of the raid. The raid seized. Four pounds of marijuana plus nearly 4000 dollars in cash. Child Protective Services was notified insurer is currently in the Erie county holding center pending his arraignment. You're WB and for solar forecast calling for high of 81 today it actually might pass the record temperatures eighty to set in 1955. It's night lows dip into the low sixties tomorrow highs seventy to win tons of cloud and sun. Right now buffalo cloudy and 66 degrees how might Iger and news radio 930 WP yet. Hw brick and sons for over thirty years now they have been the experts in the heating and cooling service industry. HW African sounds as the main contrast. Since 1985. They're built the success and a simple philosophy. Treating you like your part of the brick family. Every home is unique in HW breaking carrier will find the proper solution. To your family's comfort needs whether it's high efficiency furnaces. Air conditioners. Boilers a show we brick and carrier can handle it. 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Tiles steam cleaning and grow Brighton and tell us about that. Customers don't think about hiring a service a lot of times there's certain talent in the kitchen and bathrooms and we've had great process it's a tumor cleaning process is very hot water switch that piece of equipment. So were able to flush out any. Annie as do any sailing in the drought we also offers healing services. And people really happy with the results. Trick of that is to take a look along the edges of your kitchen or bathroom that's supposed to mean if you achieve high traffic areas see how those collars compare. So you can restore growth to its original. Color and then what Reese seal it so it protects it from Greece from soiling yes yes exactly awesome. Eagle three on 930 that's number feuded as we say good morning to a friend of the show from reuse action Mike Gaynor hey Mike. It's nice of you colleague and you know I saw you are. Feature on the news about are you taking a barn down it was very intriguing and interesting. You're taking down cars and environs in debt and then. Making that would available for reuse that's great. Eight thank you yeah we we take a lot of Byron there a lot of folks that are entered it and the run it Bartlett but we also then I think a lot of those embers that noise that warning that exactly. Manufactured in new product so we do a lot of table top sent. Reclaimed lawyers and all kind of different things that we we property through our horse stopped here on the side about well. So this is a greats resource that you and are now providing. People that are in the midst of any kind of DIY project or renovation project especially if you have an older structure are immoral or stop out to reuse action. And see what they have that might match up to what your needs are. Especially if it is an older structure you can save money doing this and you're helping protect the environment and that's sending this material into landfills prisoner right Mike. Yeah that's exactly right and you know we find that our customers come from all kind of different backgrounds three. Got poked at are doing more contemporary cap that well that. Go with a more finished look but really like being a cash they are having something that reclaimed it and unique. Often you get. A wider planks and longer length and it can cut down installation time and you get a long term quality product made from old growth material. And it doesn't need to be respite in fact reader this summer we salvaged about. 60000 where it people gym floors we've seen those going to. You know built in condos and apartment and I'll kind of building our prosecutor. What if any are well. We all those candles and pieces. And we severed all kinds of different products as well as having old house park circle that are. Trying to fix something and times cells to offer a variety of products are welcome to the per customer. Okay Mike Gaynor from Rio section what you are with the address there Michael. Wherever you're not needing North Hampton street in buffalo and we're here on Saturday Sunday night or. You can also. Find out more information on let's say at least actually dot com okay we really appreciate what NASA. Share with your customers you're you're listeners. Or it reduce air about. Grow my hat's off to you for being conscious of the environment and and salvaging old structures and giving them new life. Okay Mike Gaynor from our Rio sector thanks for calling him. We got a text here that says can you recommend a product that would make atop his widest possible without replacing it. You can give a tub new life by. Simply having it re coded. Oh within epoxy finish it's a process that typically one hire professional for. But that works very effectively to brighten and again extend life. Of the tub making it look virtually brand new. And that process. To the phones we go and Lovejoy good morning and acts. All you. Analysts here vote or talk to it. What because they don't look at war. Down Russell Farrow. That's C a now they are all her company is carpet care services. Are. Care services. Right. Number yup and 706. 060003. Those Israel three yeah. There certainly are well. That type of steam cleaning it carpet cleaning the air furniture. Give a question for Ghana. No I really don't it. Where you know you can come on take a look at what has got that white tile around the world. Have flipped the law. Okay. Can you clean while we sometimes cling while highly would look at it in and take a look concede that something we could do we do have attachments for a while time. Which opens up the whole a question of maybe steam cleaning eight title in the shower yes yes we have done and also on the right. Okay that you call. I think for the call at hangs up and then opens up like that you hear Adobe yen you know the number eagle three on ninth trio. As we traveled out of Hamburg and see college argument Jack Euronext and of the year. Quote I am HM. But it also is about seven years old and considering put an. Natural gas. Fireplace insert and they chimney okay. He gets claim has already run into the Sawyer place. I guess my point analysts hit chimneys swept first. I my concern is. The chimney brick. And cited the attic crawl space can get whacked after heavy rain. Bomb it means we have water infiltration occurring correct there just are. What can career that he could either be the problem at the chimney. Cap. In the chimney walls. Or it could be flashing between the chimney in the road. Are typically. When you. Talk about me yes. Fireplace. Even if that's what partner there would be asleep installed in the chimney. So as to affect the fireplace. They generally never rely and the existing. Flew. All so. You know keep that in mind when you're shopping around but be that as it may. This chimney will have to be assessed so let's determine. What the water filtration source is because that could lead to bigger problem. It and. It's been reached flashed a few years ago but eight. Still continuously I'm assuming that's come in and rule. The bracket. It could be right through the Brecht or could be from a cap. So some things to to do or to look at would be from a cap if you see me open cracks. That those need to be filled and cocked and so colonized. In the same thing with the face of a break it could perhaps be so porous that we get water filtration right through it so sealing the whole face of the Breck. Will help minimize the in the if saturation of water rates with a brick surface. OK. So wanted to hit the brick. Fields. Who does sitter what material would again. You would use a masonry sealer wrestled Carter is masonry sealer. Two seal the brick surface. Hope our group thank you dream okay about the that's our thanks for the call to do so they. 8030930. That's a number for you here on double in the yen 1047 it's every time. Talking about carpet care services and cleaning your carpet. Keating all of the dust and debris and dirt Natalie from your skin but also from. The tracking in all summer along out of your carpets you know what the same things going on in your dock port that's right. If you took the time to appear in your duct work if you could see you there you'd see the same thing you might senior carpeting. Dust mites dust mite feces. You might see some dead dead animal parts down in the air he might even see a lasagna tray that's right it's true they found one wants Peter Gordon joins me and the limelight. Good morning mr. Gordon. Good morning damning yet is to leave it done and I share a lot of how trying to make it help your doric acquire it. I SC carpet here we use them at home in our office phenomenal job. Truly truly the case now indoor air professionals will do the same kind of thorough cleaning up your artwork and each and every Saturday morning. We look forward to your call Peter because we have an extra special camera time listening audience only discount that two were about to hear. Our right yeah so for all of it is people are and into the duct cleaning people need to know temperatures are still pretty. Arm. We are we here three weeks before we shall shall net present quote you know you can't wait to hear Earl. Economies smell there of sting. Stop and they I want my gut clean viral. Howard you know get a partial duct cleaning idea you know choosing. A company that share is just can't do it right. So let me and I'm yet in addition to that don't forget we have the article. Here are fires. 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Yeah I older also based financial. Stone walls and you mentioned mortar. Most I power washing your else little editorial. All they and I can name the brand I don't know but out of reach product. Every race can I score over with the Scotts valley's shall small. The trial loch arbour yet trial act do you. Do you see a stone. All our reporter okay yeah and so you're nice and clean after you have. Cleaned it with the solution. You're ready to go yet you can apply the product if it wasn't stone I would have suggested an acid etch. Actually you know what I'm gonna still suggest siesta that's for the adherence to them to the mortar. Already you just pray that I'm yet. That's a crystal that you mix with a water in the news scrub that in. And then you rinse that off and let that drive and then you can go to trial. Okay where do the mortars although it's you know flaky. Yeah that's that's important to be careful there. But the the advantage to doing yes of that staff is that you get better adherence. And help protect that flaky Mort it better. Right at one more problem I have of course blocked their respect to watch fear replay. So are we are partly eight inches. Square connectors in the Polk those are pretty dormant. The air here are. Those aren't specifically made as units. And then installed as has that the whole piece in the openings. You could can't take a glass block companies do that or you could. I try to do that yourself but if you do it yourself you won't get that advantage of having the whole unit and Stalin in the opening you'll be laying up the block individually. Very okay I'll look hang up and I appreciate. I appreciate your car Gary. And that's who next to our west Seneca in there and say good morning to Joey and hello join your next. Well good morning down annex. Thank you for picking Mike how. Come I. Problem we have been my idol he might be based on what it would mean I don't wanna call went out with him and sixty. I don't stroll out hourly meanwhile one pizza paneling is buried the shot off to our again meter outside. Now my question heal it it does help all you need to have a shot off inside the home for the gap here. I've never seen one. I've never seen one. I mean I apparently don't understand how they'll even be. Possible because it you don't really own it. The the flow of gas is owned by the utility. So how how could you turn that off. Origin headliner on that all know. You know our love. Are you sure it's the gas and not the water. Don't forget that the probably about a foot bomb. You know my and a Brit com for the get greeted outside and the inside of the wild about what's in you somewhere can't find confidence about how. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I've never seen that there I don't really think it's necessary and so on probably just put it in May be for safety sake. Who knows. Oh what's your question regarding. Out. It's so we what you I don't know whether you have to have one or whether you can eliminate hitter just leave it alone. Internet you know later I wanna go tell my home I don't like Obama expected to come to what they were you don't have a you know the main shop for your gas. Now. Now that necessary. You can just ignore it really leave it in the on position in the ignore it. OK Julian thanks for the column shopped inside the yet but that's a new one. Well look forward to seeing everybody next Friday the thirteenth at the restore fine and flip. An auction to benefit habitat for immunity buffalo via the South Park avenue wreath store. Twenty dollars and all the proceeds benefit habitat buffalo a lot of fun not to that and come out as well 221 bricks next Saturday. For the live auction will be doing for the monkey's weight foundation. Literacy and presenting an event in Portland New York. 21 Brooks winery. 25 dollars buy those tickets at any literacy thing we're missing it both those events. They Q2 Dallas go far from carpet care services. It's been a pleasure having you are a pleasure having you as a sponsor to think you panic and you again to be here our number 706000339. Dollars. Are offering your services a room free men on charges apply and that's a special for you today is being the lesser of the show. And as the sponsor of the program I'm Donald Scalfaro with a great discount that you could take advantage of by calling her right now. And booking your carpet cleaning needs also tile cleaning. As well temperatures are as a great institution providing great services to us here in west New York seeing and soon think you okay. Have a great week everybody looks Marta senior next Saturday same park as same time same place same station when we have been since 1989. I believe there. But here. And WB and remember elected be hired by the yard. By the bench it's a cinch.