Domenic Cortese 10-28-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, October 28th

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The money buffalo good morning what's New York yes it's down expertise and of course hammer time begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WB ENN whit Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic cork tees on news radio 930 WB. Eat and good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time here on W yen down and expertise in studio 30. What day of deviation from our usual format this Saturday morning. Why is that well I need to bring to you to the double the N airwaves a special friend in gassed Ali from her home in. Santa Monica California she is a buffalo onion. By birth. And is a well known author just completing. The tell tale book the true story of a serial killer. Absolute madness Catherine Poe and aero good morning Catherine. Good it's great having you. You know we need to establish what the connection is here first before we get into the subject matter of the book. Catherine neck contacted me because she heard that I actually grew up. With Joseph Christopher. On the east side of buffalo in the sixties hand when we spoke. You know you recall. That kind of a distant memory at that time. And that he was indeed part of my growing up years and my mother in fact. Was. Are cub scout co leader and he was in our cub scout pack. And course we've learned to go out and who we learned that he went on to become. Even notorious murder and Keller. The 22 caliber killer. The end Catherine did the research and has just completed and it's about to release. The book sky horse up publishing the book is called absolute madness a true story of a serial killer race in a city divided. And that you may know Catherine from her other books in the one that I just completed. Was the story of Kitty Genovese a true account of up public murder and its private consequences. That became a New York Times the best seller. As I've told you in the pass Catherine the way that you described. Peace team. Is still visually I'm. I am visually acute that it's almost like you're looking at a photograph so you have very great style of writing. Well thank you Dominic thank you I appreciate that a lot. Actually tribute that is in Britain and about banking scene that the right. And backpack study playwright with many street in Buffalo, New York who it might not or. In many entries. So and I. Started writing area of non fiction and city cabbies might I I'm not a book I think and think. So it interacting acute that made that connection and thank you very much of that conflict that. So how did you off fall into this subject matter. You know it's interesting I think Kitty Genovese and you're not 24 united but seven years and that. Because not excellent pairing. Up with the research. And I was on my way to buffalo I had a couple publicity appearances. And I had no next book light up. And life what I suggested. Why write this story of the 22 caliber or your number that you know I really don't. I kind of remember the headlines out into the nothing about it. Like you know that there really really compelling story of financial look into it. Kelly did you know I made some inquiries about the buffalo or you know at the currency to buy it straight it really happening interest rate another book. Very short the more it looked at my I went on thinking. I don't know two of my thought and got to tell this story because this is it's attracted on every level at all. Really heartbreaking. And compelling and there are a whole lot there on it it certainly not the experience murder. This area lot of racial attack in action which unfortunately so each day. To the court heard the part targeted black and telling street. Add particularly portrait capture there was a lot out. Rituals and Canon and they are all factors that it any thought the police weren't looking hard enough because of the black. It was it was a very very fast. Now that you've gotten to know him at this level without the research you've done in putting this book together. Tell me something I've been wondering for all these years since I knew him it's indeed I guess safe to say and confirm this if you could. That the Joseph kissed her Chris for that became the 22 caliber killer. Was a different Joseph Christopher than the one that I grew up. Oh absolutely. Absolutely and that's something that became clear as I got further further research. Because I spoke to it you know like politics to three years ago that I called you. There are finally her focus when I read a story. And I thought yeah that people. You know I agree that this is my car and other guys who were boys I will threaten. And the picture that was emerging. And not with their image of that of those races without. And a special event and a I don't during the upload that story last year on my book and a couple of Joseph Christopher's. Blackmail. Not to tell me Joseph would not rate of notre good guy I don't know what happened. And what happened and then not show was. Joseph Christopher developed our elected the at which is it devastating. Disease. So you're. Knee. Just the crook who became the 22 caliber player. More really no resemblance whatsoever to the guys that you do in the guys you know all high school buddies you know and his co worker echinacea. So. You know what I say is a tragedy all the way around. It truly is. My my memory of him was that he was indeed very quiet reserved. Not me not a standout personality and anyway. What. I mean he was pretty much what everybody that that he was. A quiet guy never bullying you know not one to start trouble. You know just forever. You know ordinary. Guide me deal on the quiet side. But then when he became how and you know when you read the book you can almost. Trapped in a track itself is different and not well. You know the symptoms they're coming up when he was afraid he didn't know what was happening. And now one of the things that was the war. The first killing your Christopher tried to get psychiatric help he went to the public psychiatric and asked to be a better. And unfortunately they they turned them away. You know they. Why it was that because they didn't deem him sick enough. Well. I. I get the supposedly. Like you know at that time that the bubble larger issue there was the big. Big push towards institutional patients they call it a start where and that it's not an uplifting at the bulk about the country. The plan was that Eric all the state they're shutting down state hospitals. And they what they wanted to do was get. Psychiatric patients. Out and get them. In their community clinics for others. Say it state hospital. And Portland have. A lot about facts so it was very common at that time and Gil de. For someone who need period not so how how. Are not yet. Katherine Cohen narrows my guest on the live line calling us from her home in California. Jeff there's a buffalo onion who has is just ready to release on newly published book called apps will madness a true story of a serial killer race. And the city divided. The story of Joseph Christopher from the east side of buffalo. A compete treat of mine in the sixties growing up at the saint Lawrence parish. And saint Lawrence school where we went to school together. We're gonna take our first break of the hour and when we come back will ask Catherine a few more questions. And then out will go to open phones for the remainder of the hour so many topics you have to cover around the house will certainly be here we. For the remainder of the hour. In the meantime 8030930. Q&A line after calls 8030930. Outside buffalo tol free 180616. WVU and so called stunning thirty. 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Just by mentioning every time you get a free room of cleaning valued at 39 dollars minimum charges apply that's ready free room. When you call now 7060003. Begin your fall cleaning and get a room cleaned free. Call 7060003. For carpet care services. Tom Dominic sentient. I. 125 is hammered 10 good morning from them or he's paid the departure deviation from our. General discussion about your home this Saturday morning for another few more minutes as we speak with fact Katherine. Paul and Eros Katherine is a buffalo onion now living in California she just completed. And in fact this week is coming to buffalo to launch of the book absolute madness a true story of a serial killer race in a city divided. It is being released this week coming here in buffalo of the big book launch. This week coming Catherine will be in town are you doing any book signings locally Katherine. Your hand in addition to the book launch on November 7 that the church feel any I'll be at these Barnes & Noble at McKinley mall. On Wednesday November 8 from one to three and none of the Barnes & Noble and Amherst on Niagara Falls fall apart from six to 8 PM also on Wednesday November. Okay we're getting a tax question in for you the book available on Kendall yes or not. Okay they're about art art. Okay Catherine's less name spelt PEL. Ol and ERO. That's key ELO and ERO Katherine with a seat in and out. Few more questions for you before we let you go the term serial killer not interest seeing. I mean thankfully I guess we don't really hear about too many serial killers anymore. Beck in that time of Joseph Christopher. There were a couple that were about the course even before that. I guess thankfully we don't hear about serial killers anymore what why do you think that is an in of course now our big our big concern our. Similar conduct similar mental condition do you think Katherine nor is it a totally different psyche. You know it really all the patent. Dominique is there's there's not quite as they lash you look at cases very individual share. Certainly not every mass murder is what Julio not every serial killer on Leo neither me having out and an aberration and the personality. You know it doesn't necessarily make or not Leo and that I picked up the Christopher let me just look at what I think delusions and hearing voices in the a very serious. You know about the condition where he wasn't. You know what you can control it could not go back faculties and that's not the case with with all killers. Although. If you get some similarities to a serial killer. That was caught just three years support what Albert color that was the fun out spam David Berkowitz as our city. And you know it's interesting because the I am eight that was huge proposed nationwide news and people are well. Certainly aware of it like the rest of the country. And Christopher started his killing spree at Hewitt it was very similar that would quote somewhat. A complete strangers shoot and then just take off and that way and has similarities of course the product fan and I think that's what. You know really started them a panic you know. It'd take and the police in New York City a lot out of I'm David Berkowitz then. But typical kind of follow or are stranger and stranger while lenders just under contract and it's over a matter doctor. Do you have an opinion. You eluded to earlier that Terrell when he was visited the site senator that that he was let go and in that deemed. I guess. You know fit for our. Being actually made in the inpatient argue think in today's day that. The diagnosis would have come earlier that there was something that needed attention with him. Not necessarily. On concurrently. Yeah after the psychiatrist. And had spent time with them. But unfortunately at is still with a lot of state facilities. There's we're preparing for the people who seek mental health treatment our family member you know that they have very seriously ill there aren't expected treatment. It was just may of this year there was a man in New York City who ran the current time where yes I think injured twenty people until watt. You try to get help help interest for you happen so. That there unfortunately they're a lot of work to be done. So your your research show brought you in a way back home how did it feel to kind of reignite your buffalo connection and how interesting was that doing their research on a book that was based in buffalo. Well if it was fascinating for me it really was you I need it did not let you know I. Some of my early interest in the story it was well there is sitting in the excuse to go hog I think. I've been in Los Angeles for twenty years now but upload believe all of you now what well that'll be nice and you know of course the story telling is is very tragic but I but I I have to say it was. It was a pleasure for me to spend so much buffalo are luckily. But I just wanted to hold on I guess we'll hold you over the economy our news break it is about me hour it's time for the top the news Mike Bagram and is standing by with the latest from the double BN newsroom good morning Michael. Morning at 1030 from the WV UN newsroom I'm like Bagram infusion top stories. The Buffalo Bills traded defensive tackle Marcel Daria today Jacksonville Jaguars last night for a 20186. Round draft pick. You might remember Atari has signed that big contract a couple years ago. Those were 96 million dollars over six years including sixteen million dollars guaranteed. Yeah. And that was general manager Brandon being the bills are eating 24 million dollars in dead salary cap space over the next season and a half. To areas that fifth player traded by being since taking over in this off season. Governor Cuomo announced that there'll be extra law enforcement on hand this weekend throughout New York State to crackdown on drunk driving because of Halloween weekend. Pop police who make use of unmarked police vehicles and sobriety checkpoints as part of this campaign. Last Halloween state troopers arrested 245. People for DWY. And issued more than 121000 tickets ranging from speeding to rolling through red lights. Security is tight for a white nationalist rally that's set to get under way in Shelby bill Tennessee one of two in that states today ABC's Brett remand knives. There tensions are desolate highways citing uncertainty mean you don't know what's. Gonna happen would this obviously we saw what happened Charlottesville police that talked you out here's the that they are confident that things will stay safe. With how much preparing they've done. He also reported that a few protesters showed up at the start of the rally but no white Nationalists as sound of 10 o'clock. UWB young First Solar forecast calling for kind of made dreary weekend high of 58 today might be some periods of rain answering Western New York. This afternoon tonight definitely some rain lows in the upper thirties tomorrow cloudy a little bit of rain during the tail gate if you're going to the bills' game. Other than match is gonna be cloudy high of 49 on Sunday and on Monday. More rain in the afternoon high of fifty right now mostly cloudy 54 degrees a Mike Ackerman. News radio 930 WP yen. It's W brick and sons for over thirty years now they've been the experts in the heating and cooling service industry. Each W brick and sons is a name you can trust since 1985. 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Better yet visit their amazing. 3000 square which roam in Willits or park Tom Dominic sent you two twin city glass. I after the eighties hammer time a departure from normal programming here on WB and as we speak. To captain Colin aero Catherine the author of absolute madness the true story of serial killer. Race in the city divided why it might speaking Catherine Paula and Aaron hammer time well actually grew up with Joseph Christopher in the sixties he was. In my mother's a den then. Scout camp pack and had him in MI classroom in the and I think our school. Growing up. And so there's the connection one more quick little segment with Katherine and then we'll go open the phones to our general. Questions that eagle three on 930. We had someone Colleen here and text in again for your book signings can you repeat those Katherine. The book I think he locked in November 7 of the virtue opining that the 9 PM. A book signing two on Wednesday November aid. The first is that the Barnes & Noble and McKinley mall someone that creepy happen. And that second bit at a Barnes & Noble I'm Niagara Falls boulevard an amber from six to 8 PM spoke on Wednesday November 8. Okay. There's so many more questions I would love to ask you actually we'll do a couple more and then we'll let you go the the racial connection have you been able to figure out. Where that started and where that came from. Well you at a time when there was a lot of racial tension in the country you know and unfortunately. We see it now they'll. But there was this was happening simultaneously. And see what they called the Atlanta child murders. Which in the period that serial killing of children. Atlantic Georgia. And yeah they're. Gonna elect. The resurgence. Look at the kkk movement in some parts of the country. And they would getting a lot of crap I mean the New York Times even hit like a lengthy story on the resurgence of the kkk and you know quite fortunately it never went anywhere. But I think. That time and eat it you're gonna remember this is 1980. So that the country was economically it was really suffering I think what people are suffering. All around misery loves company so I think it it exacerbate other problem. So yes unfortunately it become. You know quite a racial issue and a lot of people were divided that everybody me. But there was. It did really are completely and hostility. And suspicion. A look back into the mind of a psychotic killer. From the sixties is the book absolute madness Catherine Palmeiro research. I researched the story in documented in this tell tell all book. The true story of a serial killer. Looking forward to reading it Katherine and good luck when your visit buffalo. Both at the launch in that your book signings again available. Our mine the publisher Skype course publishing. The end and all the bookstores and you mentioned that is available on Kindle. Yet yep and Dominique Allen thank you for your contributions the book. Oh well you know it was as they said deal was a shock. To have made that connection I mean of course so we certainly we knew that. It was the same Joseph Christopher but. He never really put the two and two together that it could of how could that possibly have been the same mild mannered our young man that I knew growing up but I'm. Right what that's what a mental condition can do to a person is completely Alter their personality. Again I'm looking forward to reading it and congratulations on completing the book. Thank you governor thanks so much for having on the. Okay that's Catherine Palmeiro she's in New York Times best selling author. And the new book absolute madness the true story of a serial killer race in the city divided the story of Joseph Christopher. Open lines for the rest of the the hour 8030930. That's 8030930. Outside buffalo troll free 180616. WB aunts uncles that startling thirty. Our text me at 30. 930. And will squeeze in what we can for the remainder of the show. He ended Delores did want to speak to Kathryn nine did you wanna just. Have those of book signing times repeated again Delores. I did I I was totally intrigued. And they wanted to say you went to saint Lawrence I want to say Gerard. Now OK just on the street. One of your churches whereas. One that you're churches. Which one of this seven churches say you should do. And fathers they object yes Nazis quick things. You're scout troop may still be going near the father JX it is. Yeah really at fathers say Jake just finished a not a boy scout meeting and I what is they've yet but I IE is is different era garage. She is gone unfortunately asked. Like different entry yes I'd get those states or 76 today yes. In November 8 iron to noble one to three and then November 7 again can you repeat that one. The November 7 is that the birch field penny at 6 PM that is the book launch it's an actual party that she saw hosting. At the birch Phil penny at 6 PM. Okay then I get giddy up I did have a house question here. You're looking at people and who have spoken about how home building right. And I just heard from this morning and water. If you wanna build a house. What's the difference between building housed in the kingdom my he won mr. ready to modular built. What is it what are your thoughts and they had an hour if you wanna build a home you wanna septic tank you wanna well. Which is the best direction to go and how do you do your homework and. Yeah. Are interesting interesting discussion. Topic actually at first and foremost I would say you'd wanna choose your location. On the location would be. You know kind of gonna help I think chart the course of the style of house and whether it's going to be septic or perhaps a sort time and whether there's utilities available water gas electric. So location as the place to start now from there. Based on location you can best aside. The budget that you want to build within based on the location again because location drives everything. If you decide to be you know quite rural with your setting perhaps away from the grid to the extent that there are no. You know infrastructures in place with water gas. Then you will have to consider septic in on him propane perhaps. And you might consider going to a more simple. Well modulated style construction. To help reduce your cost is generally that is as the kick the case is most modular construction. Styles of home will be. Less expensive and a bit more simple in most cases in design. So what location really is the driver. Eight but but what about the building of a modular home first and hit a having an actual beauty you do great work. He used to work at building also did. We are we still we still are quite active in building. Yep modular construction is it just a different style of construction. It is either said can generally considered to be a little bit less costly. Because it's all built in factory to control construction and it's a little bit different style for that reason. So I would say you may get a little bit warm money home for your money with a modular home. But I would definitely compare based on the merits of the design and the location that you want to build a house. RE EQ and a and again thank you for illegal. Kids. Yet little deviation from normal programming but I I have felt it was important to expose what Katherine has done here and even though it. Paints buffalo and perhaps a little bit of a bit headlight with. The story of a serial killer it nonetheless is an historical accounting of of this of the story of Joseph Crist for which is quite interesting so thank you for saying that. Harry pillars. Hangs up and it opens up like for you here 8030930. Good morning from Dominique or tease it is hammer time I'm WB yen. Each and every Saturday morning at this time we look forward to a phone call from our good friend Peter Gordon from indoor air professionals as we head. Into the heating season we want to make sure we breathe clean indoor air how to we do that well. We have our friends and indoor air come out and we have them thoroughly clean and sanitize. The I duct work in our home so that we breathe clean indoor air leaving us with the fresh scent. Of canned very gel and we look for a course of the extra special hammer time only discount. That we will get from indoor professionals this Saturday morning when Peter joins me hey good morning mr. Gordon. 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Hey Steve hey Bob Easter Rourke they might as well name it friendly bill. Maybe why western Buick GMC Easter Rory is the number one volume Buick concordia are in the entire country two years running they take care customers he store away. And I think great deals help like right now a new 2017. Buick encore preferred front wheel drive is only 99 a month yet. 99 per month just thousand dollar down payment goes security deposit required for. With first payment tax registration acquisition sees good signs point former police 101000 miles a year point five cents per mile over mostly through GM financial have a Buick or GMT at least in the house Olympic delivery by October 31 but provided by manufacturer lets you responsible for all made of Texas where there prior sales excluded on her credit for homebuyers qualify. GMC we are professional grade sized plane based on General Motors reported new vehicle sales 2015 and 2016 pound a year for great deals at GM the Easter roared dot com and western Buick GMC innings to roar by 35 main street fifteen minutes from the center of Western New York. In friendly bill. Vacuum the motor Sam the flames ounces. Colin Byrne a student of any amount of money would be too much for this service our test and to give your premise the respect its sophisticated electronics and sensors deserve. It's not the cheapest it takes longer furnaces water. If we return this season service solid round. I. 1052 it's hammer time good morning from damage equities eagle three on nine trio couple open lines we'll squeeze in what we can. Real quick wanna tell you about what's going on tonight in Clarence it's the creepy crawl yup and it's usually a bike ride but with the rain coming. We've got to school bus so we've got plenty room to move people around we're starting at the penny lane. I'm Maine and chancellor and Noll bill enjoys being on the live line real quick Mel tell us about what's going on the night. Well now we got a great name plant where we got seven different stops. All different great venues on main street in Clarence you declared Powell. Backed up both sides and then coming back for. The night of entertainment we gave return records so we're Gannett. We're gonna beat you were giving you twosome. Pine tree down drink specials each of our venues and we got a challenge which plans to activists and goes down so we're looking forward to a really great time. So registration starts that what 230. Yet here at thirtieth street there is walker registration or purity have a ticket you can check in. And not future land indicates you gotta crawl shuttle and its industry doctoring specials the term locations. And please make shape coming roster is that the most fun way to enjoy the crop. And what's the I sign up by cost for a walk upped. I'll walk up straight and are fifteen dollars at the door to tremendous value because that includes. Little cookout or it includes admission Q yet to party with the David terror group and of course almost it's special and as you mentioned the prop shuttle to. Yep and that's Maine and chancellor. Is the location for the sign up in the beginning and ending of the crawl. That's penny lane restaurant on main street in Clarence Null seem a little bet. I jumped straight down on the war more information our FaceBook page you discovered made cheaper people wanna know more. OK there we go. To the phones we go and villainy in the morning here and double the yen. A Dominique I had wants something from a man from Naples Florida who was affected by the recent hurricane. And he was asking something about the rough and whether he wanted one kind of matter rules for another and I figured if I played his question made. Excuse me maybe it has something that we could Oprah so here it is. I'd be happy to hear your opinions on aid by me. It goes about her battle group verses and he did that they're standing game battle room. The math is right there aren't going to do you and kind side about one aide that the money in the and had a patent standings mean right here. All right so what what did you get that audio from bell. Our net from a man named Sean Duffy who has electric unit cycle when he kind of and it uses videos and he's just get some questions office because. Okay there there's eight. The difference really is is the look. He and you can probably picture that's the standings team actually has standings seems so it's a completely different look. And they fasteners are hidden in one application. And in the other there are visible so it's more of that that's the look. In there may be a gradient difference in the the level thickness of the it comes right down to that is what look are we trying to achieve. And and with that. What warranty comes with a product as a result of the style of the installation the thickness of the metal. And the quality of the finish so it's all relating back to the steel. He the greatest deal and the look that we're trying to achieve with the rough. Which you pay more is that this is much more expensive as a better necessary well. Generally with steel Roth's the heavier the grade of steal the better they're considered and therefore the price would be. Commensurate with that so. Judge him more by the look and the warranty than anything else. Okay great. Thing okay thanks for the call bill let's move to buffalo now and say hello to Brian and going Brian year and don't be in. Good morning I'm sorry today what can I do for you. So. I bought a 120 year old home in north buffalo. And I've been going through the emotions of getting some work done and one of the things I wanted to do was change all the outlets to treat problem thank much had some discussions with my electrician and he basically doubly because they're running knob and tube as well as to rule breaker arches. I can't even put you see guys at the end of the right speakers. But you know all that tests are wondering if there's any new technology areas that they you know lava that age cholera are all that stuff. That's out there early for me to do. What are you have to work with as far as rewiring are we talking closed walls or do we have a guided rooms. Yeah as of now there are close walls and as a little late parties so I kind of art gallery they need it now and all they experience a little but it is at least basic. Open basement below. For the most part two story one story. Greece story. And so the way I would go about this would be to do it in in kind of in. Project a project based focus. So as we go through the house and we update areas we should update electrical. He and I don't think there's really need. Messrs. hazard. That you have identified. To do it in a wholesale configuration. I mean you could but there really been wouldn't be any real motivation for that other than being rid of the knob and tube. And go into the three wire system. Getting rid of an avid tube. Is probably most definitely a good idea. You know as an Avant to be ages it does. Frey the inflation phrase and there's a chance on always have fire with now been two. I'd be very aware and cognizant of that when your placing anything near now been to that may conduct. On heat and therefore could start fire. We once did a story on here on hammer time about a house that had been. Blown in with cellulose insulation that was in the I've been to Boyer house I mean that's basically. Giving the homeowner. A stick of dynamite. So. If you know just be aware of that. And going right projects are you gonna do any other renovations that you got in mind. The ads as removal arm. Yeah here so I would say I would have the service analyze work for the averages. Maybe consider having the panel updated. And then room by room by room in this way it's not overwhelming for you both from a you know psychological and also from a financial perspective. Room Tyrone you know you can take one room at a time and and get all these rooms updated. All right time for you appreciate via the advice from the outside your. Yeah I mean when you come right down to it it's a practical decision where one that should be driven by safety. But again if there's no real visible signs. Of anything to do with the knob and tube that's of the immediate concern. You do have time to stage this out arm to get it done over a period of time. Its grip right. Okay thanks for the call and good luck with that renovation project. Well action packed hour we had the other hop so thanks to Catherine Palmeiro in congratulations on her book. Absolutely and this Katherine will be in town you'll see here at a couple books signings. It Barnes & Noble. And all so. At her book launch at the virtual penny on the seventh are at 6 PM. We'll look forward to seeing you next Saturday same time same place same station what we've been since 1992. To Jerry Craig in two Jason several state tune Michael beggar and comes back with the news. We'll see you at the bills game tomorrow. Have a great week and remember like really hard by the iron by the end. It's a sand. ES Ph.D. through Niagara Falls. As seen on TV tonight.