domenic cortese 10-21-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, October 21st

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Buffalo good morning rusty York yes it's down expertise and of course hammer time begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WB EM what Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic Cortese on news radio 930 WPE. Good morning homeowners and welcome once again the hammer time here on WBE and it's down and expertise in studio. How Lori how was your week. 80309 trio that's the number for you to doubt this Saturday morning special show for you today. As we preview the buffalo Niagara business award and debt we have Joseph follow I'm a bit later. From guerrilla garage filled with action packed show today. Starting with a Carolina Oregon she's the director of HR four Brock shooter age nectar that's. Actor and holocaust period CPA and consulting firm. Inches on the board of directors of the buffalo Niagara business ethics award the phone call came. To our office from our good friend Wendy spoke about. Five years ago now. Guarantee said. You need to do this and then I got a call from my good friend in where who owns educated and she said you need to do the ninth and two blocked well. And that is apply for the buffalo Niagara business ethics award we did it. And we widen in than usual for them to win the first time out of the box but we did. In we've been wearing that crowd they had ever since. And we now feel as though we're connected and part of a very elite business organizations. The buffalo Niagara business ethics our association. And we are now soliciting for applicants are. Nominations actually there Ndukwe soon there due Friday October 27 and we're looking for people nominate you know businesses or people companies that they think it really. Promote ethical business practices in the buffalo and anger area. So what does it takes to actually be an applicant you can nominate yourself or you can nominate a company that you think is worthy. Exactly we get a lot of nominations sometimes herself for by a customer client employee consultant vendors begin nominations from all different sources and if you feel you wanna nominated company you can actually go to our website which is buffalo business ethics stuff board. And right on the home page users pretty simple instructions on how to actually complete the application form and then we will take over from there and contact of the nominees. The the issue that we have to try and overcome is this application process now it is a little daunting but ray can't be there but mentor and helps exactly and the value of going through the applicant on application process. Is almost equal to winning the award itself. Exactly we talked to a lot of past recipients Lorena finalists and what they say is just that you Saddam that they act on that. You're going to the actual processes such self learning and you know understand your company and where you'd get a do really well in terms of victory can improve. And so regardless of the outcome whether you are the winner or finalist or. Just submit an economy we submit the following year facility is a great process. It's a rental process and again I think another value is that you're not connected. Two group of business people that share a common vision of business ethics right. Right exactly and just attention and enter a quick as you are one government whereas we've got a great group of mentors about fifteen this year. Most of them are prior recipients of the awards they know what it takes that's an application process but. Every single nominee gets assignment or. Someone help guide them through the process and we do have an orientation meeting and November 9 for all the companies as well. But they can meet demand for and learn a little bit more about the award and the application process glee is that it is a little bit of a process that's here is not just given it's earned him so they do have to complete an actual application. And I guess I wanna make sure that we convey the right message that you shouldn't be. Turned off by the application process has picked there's a lot of itself. Examination hand in improvement that can come just by going through that radio it's definitely worth the time worth the time recurrent. I think in other value that I wanna bring forth is that I feel you know connected now to a vital organization that kind of supports the whole. I'm mindset of being ethical in business and the fellow members of that group. When we get together. We just had a past recipients. Get together and number yup and if you just feel as though you're on the same page with these people here are the same language. So if you feel as though your business is worthy. Or you know someone who is and when I say worthy I mean. To me who tries their best to do their best and who thinks about the customer first all the time who. Puts the standards of the industry. Above their own perhaps personal predisposition. Those kinds of things are really what makes someone ethical you know that's kind of of a vague word it's hard to describe what it means and it. But it's a it's a standard that you have kind of created in your mind and you mean that you may not even realize that your ethical and Hugo for the process and you realize you are you know Weaver in this right. Right that's that's early get points on some of the recipients of such didn't have exact formal you know graphic program it was more inform on as they completed the implication they realism is things out themselves that there are already doing on a daily basis and that's what's important. And that's an ancillary benefits to that I wanna make sure that we convey to listening audience caroling and that is so we just completed the seminary that was truly truly invaluable for Barack business people to come and learn about. How to parlay simple ethical tricks into your daily business practices. Right great Edison is out of our first add nickel some presently done as Peter DeMarco of priority thinking he's been. Expert in the area business ethics and he came in and he did see you know I have to seminar I was I was amazed that they either response hit a full house at things and it was great that. You know local businesses took time to send you know either themselves the owners or employees or managers to common and learn more about ethics and business from the community. So if you're interested in becoming part of this organization and in every way whether it's actually owns the recipient of the award or to learn more about how your business could become. Ed up playing at a higher level of ethical standards you need to participate in this process by. Either nominating yourself or if friend who wore me customer or the and employ Euro or every field might fit the bill get the nomination form in your hand and you can do so. By going online to buffalo business ethics dot org slash nominate a company. He end you can fill that form out I'm mind racked up. And then you could also you meant email Caroline. Nominations at buffalo business ethics that org that's nominations. At buffalo business ethics dot org. And she will Philly went on any questions you have again the call for nominations is ongoing now till the 27. Of October. And the nominations orientation meeting is on the ninth of November at the buffalo club. At 7:30 in the morning that deadline to four formal applications is the 26 of January. So that so almost two and A half month profit timeframe you think might be. A lot of time to spend on this but it's there's a lot to do in that timeframe and so it is that the deadline the 26 of January. And in the big awards luncheon is on the seventeenth of may. It the if somewhat towards tying aaron's tracked him next thing and they're taught told the words once an irony. Great if you know it's amazing to have been connected to this organization I wanna thank. When he saw very and the Etsy where for encouraging me to do and of course being involved with you in with Fred pondered on everyone involved with the U organization in anything truly been. A blessing for us and our company and we really again if they said we tout. The fact that we won the award to all of our customers. It kind of like put to set another playing field a few well and it just a standard now that we live by. You know fellow at thank you for your support always and for having me here today great cup course yeah we've got to make sure that we support our own and the buffalo Niagara business ethics award. Applications now being sought for nominations. He can get the nomination form by going online buffalo business ethics dot org slash nominate a company. And or email Caroline yet nominations at buffalo business ethics died organ of course you can go. Two buffalo business ethics dot org to learn more. And so flying around town now is a trifle. That you should get your hands on if you wanna learn more about it. I have a pilot my place on George urban if you wanna combine gravel on. Again I don't wait too long though the deadline for nominations is coming up this week. Seven Carolina Oregon thank you think your steal 30930. Line up your phone calls this Saturday morning for guerrilla garage here is Joseph follow steps in. To the chair after Kara I'm leaves this Saturday morning 8030930. Outside buffalo you and call me for free at 1800. 616 W cancel calls are welcome at star and a thirty. Don't wanna stay at home how about this texture question. The 30930. That's 30930. You can always email me as well hammer time acts court t.s and dot net. Check out the court he's website everything we do is there room additions. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are beautiful custom kitchen cabinet line delicate Gina. Federal living sun rooms solar Shays retractable lining our handyman service including handyman for a day all of their for you. At court he's gotten that good morning from them and expertise and before you pick up the hammer before you pick up the drought pick up the phony game because of the of the doctor. Oh let's say we had traveled in my corner George Irvin intact. And say good morning to my good friend John humor. John the manager of the lakes or savings bank branch there on the corner of Georgia Irvin and pick hey John. 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Oh sure for anyone that's looking for more information I invite you to step in to any of our six convenient branches that we have here and Erie county. Our fight convenient branch is that we have mentioned topple Connie or they can call me directly or any of my team effort to pew branch. At 898. 202 to repeat Forester I'm sure that's 8982022. For 100. And 26. Years later savings bank. Putting people first to battle about the man to man. Mountain not mountain. It's our release Summers in the air but soared dust particles standard dead skin cells and contaminants that leave your indoor air stale and unhealthy thousands of western New Yorkers love what indoor air professionals is done for their homes and their families health here's Laura from East Amherst. I son has asthma. And sell my constant concern is what is he breathing what is in the environment and our home the previous homeowner had a cat. 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Call today to schedule an appointment and guess what he'll get a free roam of cleaning that's a value of 39 dollars minimum charges apply. But you need to calm now begin your file cleaning and get a room clean free column now 706. 0003. That's 706. 0003. For carpet care services. I. 1045 this camera time and good morning from Dominic cork tees and how're you. Eagle three on nine drill that's number for you to doubt this Saturday morning Gerri Cragg producer extraordinary Jason some -- taking your calls. Got to get through JD get to meet. Eight all three. All 930. My guess Joseph the follow is here from guerrilla garage here page oh. Hello Donna I didn't have a chance to formally but I I'll do it right now thank you for a phenomenal job he did on our garage floor at home Osman pleasure here. The process was quite involved I mean you don't think of it is being as complex as it was. Walking through that I remember the first day that he. They made a big mess they are they grind the concrete death nearly got grand a concrete down the first day and that's really to open the pores in the concrete so. The products that we user nestled into the concrete. And penetrate and in reveal long lasting for my guess is show come if I'm wrong that that's probably the essence of why your service is better than the others I think so. I think so I think the products that we use help. We put a lot of thought time and effort into. I'm looking at different products and making sure we've got what we think it is that is the best that we can offer the so then the next step was the application of the actual fox. Yeah we put the epoxy adhesive down and and then from there would put the decorative chips into the floor and we let that cure overnight in that we top it off with. The clear coat in the clear code as a poly at Sparta. Polly's parties are. And the same things that are used on vehicles these days to clear quote the cars of the real durable very long lasting. And then you also put in in non slip. Component yet yes for almost every floor we do nowadays we have put the non slip in there. Without it can be something they're pretty slippery here he creates a barrier for the concrete it protects the concrete. And in the water really has nowhere to go so without aluminum oxide in there it can be a pretty slippery surface. And I can tell you from the other side of the coin now that it's done cleaning the garage is just phenomenally easier. He doesn't release not much sticks to the squeegee and then even just with a blower law when he leaves Afghanistan. Looks like a car car dealership showroom floor beautiful yeah that's that's one of the nice things about it is how easy cleans up. In the wintertime I always tell our customers. While get some fresh snow sprinkled across the floor and then just pushed that out in your floors queen's can be in the middle winner. Applications that might be different different from a garage floor. What are the other possible areas in the house that this would be appropriate perhaps aggression basement. Are absolutely yeah and with the weather changing that's really where our business terms to three cooler months is inside. We get a lot of calls for basements and we do really any concrete surface so we can do. Showrooms could be in a business industrial floors here that. We just completed a fire hall out in Hamburg area so. Really any surface that's concrete surface we can put air force. Does the grainy requirement exists no matter what surface here's. Yes it does so how do you handle that in the basement. In a basement we've got shrouds for our our trainers we've got to some heavy duty vacuums we just made a pretty good investment into. Varies. Big banking system. We've run that down into the basement floors keep. The areas clean as we can possibly keep it. Then that's kind of important in that house absolutely. Okay if you'd like to speak to Joseph looked give a question about this. His services are give us a call here this Saturday morning at 803. Or ninth trio outside of buffalo 1806 point six WB and so calls it's turning thirty or Texas at 30. 930. Other services that you provided roads correct grudge carrier expanding. Yeah we are we we installed garage doors now we we picked up on manufactured and make the guerrillas door we have openers to go along with those we we have cabinets we have three different lines of cabinet that we install. Better maybe four rougher and firemen slightly garage is. Also organizations systems to keep your garage nice and organized. So if you wanna make the commitment to finally get your grading year track. Fog early garage here and get that done I see a lot of grudges show that people can't even get their cars and I absolutely. And that's that's the reason I got into this business and was it was probably fifteen years ago we built our house and we had a brand new house and bounced up and offer hockey bag a half outside from bicycles and Diego told my wife we've got to get this straightened out. When we come back after the bottom of the hour news break out with Mike Bagram and at Joe's gonna give you a hammer time discount that only you can get today so stay tuned to the radio good morning from Dominic Cortese. It's time for the bottom of the hour news break with Mike Bagram and give money Michael. Good morning at 1030 from the WB and news or my Mike back I mean here's your top local stories. The community continues to rally for buffalo police officer Craig lane or who died eight days ago after he went missing during a training mission with buffalo polices underwater rescue team. Darlene zig not organized event that's scheduled for tonight but many people have already begun the tribute process. Every line. What airport slight thigh and cop who thought that they get one. She organized a FaceBook group which you can find at WB yen dot com meanwhile Chris for Kreider who's the president and CEO of Western New York hero's dot org. Told WBE general earlier this week that his organization. Is selling blu pumpkins at the Clarence pumpkin farm today until 5 o'clock. You'll be able to purchase the pumpkins at the great pomp confirm. This weekend and and as our promise and guarantee that every pumpkins sold all the money is going to be going directly to Alina analyst. Officer lane was found on Tuesday afternoon after a five day search a wake will be held on Monday and Tuesday at the lakeside memorial funeral home from three to 8 PM. Parking is available at saint Francis of Assisi church. And at the wood Long Beach parking lot with shuttles available. The funeral will be on Wednesday at tanning and that keybank senator. A full procession will conclude with a officer leaner being laid to rest at forest lawn cemetery. US marshals still looking for an Ohio man who may be in Western New York. He's wanted for the aggravated murder and rape of a thirteen month girl. Joshua curtain was last seen driving a dark gray Ford F 150 that has in New York State license plate. He's 37 years old five foot 10150. Pounds and has a deformed right ear on this aligned Jain also tattoos on his right forearm. He could see a photo of Kuerten in our web story at WB and dot com if you see this suspect you're asked to call. 18664. Wanted. UWB and First Solar forecast calling for a beautiful Saturday high of 74 with partly sunny skies tonight lows dip into the mid fifties tomorrow for the bills game. It's going to be warm 76 degrees. Might even reached the record of 81 set in 1979. Dollar creep at least close to a Monday though the rain returns in the afternoon. Other matches cloudy high of 74. Right now buffalo cloudy skies it's 58 degrees Mike Bagger and news radio 930 WB yen. Twin city glass for over five decades they've been the experts in the room of your house that everybody sees eventually yes you guessed it it's your path from. Twin city is the name you know and trust. They've been around since 1964. And they have built a success and a simple approach making you do their customer happy. Come check out their huge showroom with full life sized displays not mock showered on wall. Touch to displaced in and and see how the door swings look over the many double colors and types of hardware like Tabasco. Shower doors of elegance it's the best way to get a real feel for the quality however it's installing batting closures in shower doors or. Crafting custom grass in the air products twenty will make it all hassle free for you. 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That's 297. 29 all one column today get that discount tellem Dominic censure. 1038 as camera 10 good morning endemic for peace and how are you with the help line is open an eagle three on 930 before I go back to our discussion with Joseph follow them growing garage here let's bring Knoll deal up. Noelle I next Saturday. Is the big creepy crawling Clarence. Yeah dominant really excited that we ought Obama here really would. Magical night BJ great weather. You people. Are outnumbered here. Got a little Ellie but do so yeah the weather looks like it's going to be good. Okay we're beginning and ending at penny lane on main street that's strictly road. And we're starting at around. 4 o'clock. Yeah actually registration to bury you treat bird bird out will be lane that will get underway work out what it Duckett. It is art guerrilla the red new vocation. Mean strict where. Well go to yeah repeated will be the cornerstone. We'll go the lecturer currently got a great bowl about but. It's going to be where Heidi got the after party I knew they would dialogue it to David Serbia. Now you can no write your bike or you can write our shuttle it's that. Ten dollar pre registration. And event bright cracked. Yet debt currently. The actual realistic right now they got it good today. They go to the upright or they can find it on that every week FaceBook page. These are all code and were shot. All alert and look at I doubt they can get you today we limited number appropriately. So this is something you'd think about doing. Great now we are in you get to see a lot of great and got this money out they do it right now welcome Erik. Okay in if anybody has been to our pub growth in the past you know there are a lot of fun to Halloween one is extra special. Because we have an extra special person involved in that involve the she is creative as you can be she has a haunting surprise for us that's part of the pub crawl this year. Absolutely. And if you wanted to pick Holliday hit a perfect for. How willingly you batted for and I'll be amen. And a and not to mention as well that the weather looks like it's going to be a plus. Now you know and import I would yeah I would look this morning and got 71 degrees. And these beautiful October whether or just keep on rolling all the we get degrade. All right so again go to event bright. Or go to discover main street FaceBook page. And you can register and if you use the promo code hammer time to get your ticket for five dollars it's ten dollars otherwise fifteen dollars if you show up at the door which are welcome to do to. Bring your bike. Or just bring your shoes and write the shuttle or you could walk everything's pretty close. The big honking walk back on the bike path though everyone wants be a part of that that's at the and that the Kroll as we head back to penny lane for the after party so this is next Saturday the 28. He and we started and it penny lane registration starts at 230 that crawl starts at four. He and we'll go from there on all the sites that and all just mentioned find everything and information at the FaceBook page for discover main street. And all the reported seeing an X Saturday. OK talk to soon. That's no deal from discover main street and on the committee for the creepy crawl that's next Saturday the 28 of October my guest in studio is Joseph follow. From guerrilla garage here we're talking about proxy coating both your garage floor your basement floor. In other our services that you provide including garage doors and garage storage equipment. Got a couple things coming in for you here Joseph let me get here extra special hammer time discount to. But we got a text are saying what if the garage floor has cracked and lifted areas. Yes we see. Often in Western New York chair with our winners that happens to many floors excuse me and we certainly repair anything it's cracked. We can we have methods of fixing that pitted floors we see a lot here and will Phillip pace we have us an epoxy celery. Some mortar type slurry to okay squeegee across the what about a change in elevation. Change in elevation we draw a line in the bottom half inch. If it's anything more than that we have a couple of the companies in Western New York that we can recommend that the country if attacked before yeah. Prior to us putting. Mimicked it after you if you're gonna spent all this money. I am doing an epoxy Cody wanted to be as levels are so yes yeah. So let's talk about your extra special hammer time discount mr. offering for our listeners right now. Well for the listeners today we'll or offering is. Any basement application. We're gonna offer a free vapor barrier. No I haven't seen basement in Western New York that does not need a vapor bears Faber very is 75 cents a square fought. And as you well know concrete is like a sponge yes so then the lower you go into the into the the surface the more. Chance it has to absorb moisture OK we get to basements almost every basement needs vapor barrier beneath the floor before you put it down so so what how do you apply that. They were very is an epoxy based material okay and it will take to the resistance to water vapor. And it's it's seven times greater than what the region. Superior than to more fair answer yet and you're offering that free too are listening earnings today yes offering a free today and another discount to that you mentioned is for anyone wants to book their garage floor for the spring because you shut that part of the business down coming up pretty soon right yet. Yeah anybody who wants to love book a floor for 28 teams starting in the spring. We'll offer these 2017. Pricing for that so. Now's the time to book for the spring to take advantage of the the current pricing that we have you're gonna see a price increases which are saying yes to a no doubt about it Mary got your materials are going up yet. Cleary got the notifications. From a couple of suppliers so you can lock into 2017. Pricing by calling you today in gaining carrier contracts secured debt for the springtime after the season opens up you got it for the 75 cent per square foot discount. On the vapor barrier for the your basement for debt debt policy today and will for those two. Discounts for OK and an app not to forget as well grudge doors and a storage equipment. All available now through guerrilla garage here. 8030930. That's an Murphy to doubt this Saturday morning our weekly Saturday morning coffee clutch continues right after this. Well we're talking about a proxy coding your garage floor how important that is to. Keep your garage for a whole new look. Something you don't see though is the air you breathe in your house gap how about giving that a home look. Well how do you do that looks easy I need to calls my friends and indoor air professionals. They'll come out with their patented column and duct cleaning system blast all of the gunk out of your dock work in with negative pressure suck it all out and leave you. With a fresh scent of Canberra jelled they guarantee their service to be effective. Don't breathe in all those dust mites dust mite feces. Teacher air clean for the winner season by calling in her professional my good friend Peter Gordon joins us on the live on good morning mr. Gordon. Damage yeah you know I was reflecting this year I had to customers that call here we are in the busiest time of the year basically Labor Day to Thanksgiving. And being in business for 25 years we had some customers that are going for their seventh duct cleaning. You know that they have asthma and allergies and they get a clean may notice a big difference they get up their medication and then they noticed their symptoms coming back and somewhere between three or four years old I'd be Interpol other people just say hey I use the dust. Three times a week now I just once or twice a month and down the air colonists they act more like you know 45 or six years. They go up so the extra special hammer time only discount for this week is going to be what. Are you first of all we're doubling up here both Eddie and higher Manning the phones today and let's not forget about it's all about your health so we have their medical Grady air pure fires. And a great rate as well as the high capacity the humidifier is if you have they yelled must be here. Moldy basement that's a mosque. No pun intended so we're gonna offer at 39 dollar stop her first time customer but don't forget our. Seniors to repeat customers like I mentioned. Military. Law enforcement in first responders get extra special deals some hammer time should. OK so we need to call 6833000. Heard Peter and discount only you can get by calling now 6833000. Got I AP. Get a today. Tires called tread city discount tires the tiger story your door for new and used tires or lift kits called tread city discount tires 6934800. The dust is flying but you'll still get a world class buying experience during the big construction sale deadly Honda. Howard Simon here I don't Mike currently you should too Leah Honda is currently building an all new dealership to serve you even better. Bottom line they don't have room for all their cars during construction so they're pricing them to move off the lot right now 2017 Honda Accord started just 139 a month. Drive a 2017 civic off the lot for as low as 129 a month you can drive through the winter weather and safety in style. With a Honda CRV starting in only 249 a month. Save now during the big construction sales happening at Leah Honda on transit road and Williams will still open seven days a week and ready to deliver a world class buying experience. Even during construction you're gonna love it. At Leah. All leases 36 months 36000 miles 999 dollars down plus first payment. Taxes and fees too exciting subject to credit approval by American Honda finance not all buyers will qualify. This is Peter and upon real state. Please join me at our house every Saturday morning at nine were mission is to help you protect and enhance your investment in real state each week my nose wheel guests join me in a discussion of all aspects of real street penny thing and text you his current or prospective owner wanted poster. Learn more at the only 200 Allstate dot com or call the hot hot line at 6314800. Any property anytime. Don't miss the our house radio show every Saturday morning at nine right here on news radio 930 WBZ have. This is no and I he's an imaginary person who represents many business owners imaginary right hero when his savvy aunt on said he knows digital marketing is imperative to grab his business of course he's not sure how it works or viewed neutrality Xena don't smartly staged that's why he should turn to Smart reached digital we just discussed in this like two sets of each digital designs programs that promote your business and generate leaves you really not seeming. I mean her face to face tee to digital partnered you contrast on imaginary maybe your manner or at grow with Smart reached dot com. When mom has pneumonia it's common to go to the hospital often after the hospital she needs a time of rehab. I'm Susan things and it absolute care we provide a less expensive alternative and we offer them medical care necessary to heal the ammonia quickly. And rehab to get mom back on her feet. The sooner she gets to actually hear the suitor she gets home. Hey. Paying taxes on your carpet or corn would be fine carpet dumb that's right carpet Smart is discounting the amount of your sales tax and every purchase for the final time until spring. Carpet Smart will pay the amount equal to the sales tax at any carpeted floor you survive that's right look at the tax amount. And carpets Marleau actually a text this is an addition to carpet courts already rock bottom pricing on the best selection of carpeted floors in New York State. Ax the tax and stayed free carpet ax the tax and in stark harbor rules extra tax on remnants of laminated flooring and area rugs if you could walk and it. Carpets what will discount your order the amount equal to the sales tax plus everybody wants great installation. Carpet Smart cells of right the first time order now in in stock car it can be unique your home with that a week. The ax the tax event one last time only of carpet Smart. What an effigy to walk across from Wal-Mart and Niagara Falls boulevard of the 290 entitle one that don't like carpet dumb by carpet Smart. Everybody knows how tough and durable gorilla floors are in your garage it's time to get that same great floor inside your homered. Business guerrilla Laura's ideal for basement laundry rooms restaurant and you show rooms call 7156927. A guerrilla blower is easy to clean can install in as little as one day and comes with a ten year warranty giving your real floor for your home port business from the area's only high prices Fowler collier really garage here at 7156927. And say. Yeah. Every time. Fifty two's camera time go go gorilla joke show follows my guest in studio and Joseph has a special discount for our listening audience this Saturday morning again you wanna repeat that. Yet there's two things were offering one is. Free. Vapor barrier for any. Basement or sub train services. And then we're also offering the 2017. Pricing for anybody who books for the spring of twenty teeth so in dollars and cents the average. Basement floor can be you know anywhere between 500 to a thousand square feet yet. So that could be a sizable discount Alia it's vapor barrier normally recharge 75 cents a square foot for it so it could be pretty pretty decent discount okay. I wonder. Mind everybody if you're fixing an older home using lead safe work practices or you'd like to learn about them as a free workshop coming up. If you live in a home that has been sighted perhaps for lead based paint violation violations and this is for you. Certificates provided to attendees who complete their course it does not meet the EPA renovate repair campaigning certification requirements. For rental properties and owners or managers but it's very educational. There are for it dates and gonna give you and registration is required you call the Erie county department of health for more information go to their web site. The phone numbers 961. 7582. The website is eerie dot gov forward slash lad Geary dot com forward slash forward slash led here the dates. Wednesday the 25 of October. That'll be held at theory our county department of health and Kensington avenue at 1 o'clock Eagles to 7 PM by the way. On Thursday the 26. Daily community center and let the street from 6 PM to 10 PM Saturday the fourth. Off that the depth delving Greider community center eight semi seven east elm and avenue from 9 AM to 1 PM. And Wednesday the eighth if you need it unitarian universalist church and on what avenue. 5 PM to 9 PM again called Erie county department of health for more information 9617582. Or go to Erie dot go forward slash led. You're fixing an older home using let's stay safe work practices. If you would like to learn about them this is a seminar for you to the phones legality though three on nine trio in Carolina and Bob good morning where your house. I don't yeah. I just have a quick question I have extension off the back in my garage. It's an older house and garage in. The extension is probably eight feet by maybe 1011 feet wide. And that they covered the out side of the walls just particle board OK and that's start rot out. So I was wondering what this fight for all that off there and they have the plywood here would warrior handyman for a date come out and be able to hang. Absolutely you know it's interesting about a particle board up makes night I mean now. They can him composite plywood material. It's just like a sponge it just wicks moisture pop into it and it's not really suitable for touching the ground so be up plywood and perhaps even want wanna consider. Moisture resistant to our apply wood to give you even more durability against any of the option of moisture. All right because look at they poured on the back of a garage before they put the extension on the concrete just like. Twice the thickness of the garage floor. With a raised up pretty high content but it gets cited pretty soon anyway yeah. Why some are treated lumber at the very bottom. As well would be appropriate again to prevent this waking her because that's really what's leading to deterioration of the of particle board. Did I count the number for your handyman for your. Yes it's our office 683. 2106832100. Brought okay thinks about for the Carl Everett thank you as we're giving out phone numbers sojo how about giving out yours. Yeah our number is 7156927. Very people 7156927. And guerrillas garage geared dot com that's our website grueling garage appeared dot com and then the discount again is 75 cents off your basement. Vapor barrier hand. Pricing port 2018. Will be held. Too far 2017. Levels for any grudge source for next year he's got a competitive. And as we talk about your other services. What's unique about your garage doors. Well we have the the guerrilla door. And placed mentioned earlier we have us a manufacturer who makes it for us and that's really at the high and doors it's fully insulated. Has all the way the features that you really want on the best story can buy it's got nylon rollers and and it's reinforced its. The guerrillas door really is. One of the best storage device so. That's really what we protecting here you probably would agree that you could buy a garage door for. Very little money and have it be very very cheap you can absolutely dead yet. Depth and we think about it at such an important. Element in your home to have summing it wearable durable and an indoor yet you don't wanna be cheap on a garage door especially in the Western New York area there's a lot of whether that we get that is pretty rough funny drugstore. In addition to that of course you do installing operators actually yet. Yet. The equipment that we use inside the garage distort equipment what does that mean. We have panels from a company called handy while then those are PVC panels so there all waterproof state cleanup really easy. We have accessories that go along with those that you hang around there. And you can customize it to your application were appearing in brooms or shovels are. Breaks. It gets it place where a place to put it is like a slat wall system that's like a slat wall system for heaven mobile hooks that are locked in yet. Yeah how about close storage you have that as well thoughts Aaliyah we have candidates that you can put to a close and hangers that would go in there and I will customize the the design to the needs of our customers. Some people have hurt texted in on what the average pricing is for some of these services do you have arranged like you can paint for what a garage floor growth for. Yes it's a bit difficult to Carter rises 2500 to 3000 dollars. That's that's usually when they come it's gonna depend on how much how much repair work might need to be done. And you see you're saying that's gonna go up next year are by what percentage you know yet. Looks like a 7% increase figure save that by booking now debt that's a pretty significant jump than what what's causing that significant job. IE haven't gotten the real. The reasoning behind it we haven't had a price increase in a couple years from our biggest supplier in this one's coming from our biggest suppliers of. So beat that by calling Tokyo today I am delegating that discounted. Price for 2018. And holding into. By 2017. Prices and again the discount fourth. The gripe with the basement floor vapor barrier card if there for free by future. Good are your basement floor service. And you do that year round cracked we do that you're on that's correct yeah right yeah. OK I wanna think you left for spanning the IRO with a steal my pleasure again it's Joseph follow he's a sponsor of camera time I guerrilla garage a year. Bynum online to really gripes here dot com. Have a great week everybody will look forward to seeing in next Saturday same same time same place same station when we have Ben. Since 1989. Right here on WB and remember let me be hard by the yard by the end. It's a saint.