domenic cortese 10-14-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, October 14th

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The money buffalo good morning west New York it's Dominic Cortese and hammer time begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WBBM. Which Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic cork tees on news radio 930 WBE. Good morning homeowners and welcome once again hammer time here on W and it's down expertise in studio. For you at 8030930. That's 8030930. Outside thoughtfully and call me for free at 180616. WB and so cause a welcome at star Ming thirty or text me at 30930. Staying up close to the radio you we all are and Tim Wenger. And also standing by the press conference at 1030. To update us on the latest on the status of the search for missing buffalo police officer Craig leaner. 1030 is a news conference we will take it live here on WB and so stay close to the radio in the meantime open phones for you. Anything around the house that you need my help with it's a phone call away at 8030930. He end if you'd like to tax me. If you don't have time to sit on hold even just simply text your question will read that. Here on W and that's 309 trio that's the text line. He end. Our call in either way you want to reach out to us we have open lines as they said no agenda this Saturday morning itself for you here. At 8030930. So obvious in the paper. And it reminded me that it's been awhile since I got on my soapbox. About the archaic scaffold law and wanted to take a few minutes this morning to remind everybody about. Follow. Important it is for us to be aware. That we have. Such a curse. That we are living with here in New York State this was written by Adam Maury yet or Maury is a government affairs manager. At the lawsuit reform alliance of New York. He and I would love to be able to have. He MR someone like him I'm here to guard discuss the merits. Of this argument are indeed tell to maybe we will get around to doing that at some point. But for those of you that are unaware and hopefully there are few. If they're everywhere should be aware of the of the curse that we live with. With the scarecrow law. The scaffold Landes. Predates. Compensation insurance law so what that means is that before compensation insurance existed. Our state was probably and it's cutting on the cutting edge at that point of imposing a law. To prep protect workers from falls. The problem news. This law does not match up with today's climate for true. Honesty and integrity hand. Fairness if you will and I in the court of law because the law states. That if a man falls from heights man or woman Workman. Follows from a height greater than three feet. And is injured the employer. Is liable. To the full extent of the injury. With no arguable defense regardless. Of the reason for the fall. Now couple things that really jump off the page about the state that statement just. No arguable defense. You have no way to defend yourself how is that fair and Cordoba on the in the United States of America. With and with a capsule on an implied viability. And with. No argument as to the reason. For the fall so. Again in today's day somebody could come to work under the influence. And follow on hurt themselves. And the employers liable now what are the what's the consequence of this law. Well you might think well it's protecting the worker OK yeah it is but guess what. Liability insurance companies. Our high tailing it out of New York State because of this law and only because of this law. Do you know what it takes for me to make sure our company for liability. We have to hold our breath we have the data every guy cross every T to make sure that we get renewed by our carrier. God forbid we have any claims that could cause us to possibly lose. The relationship we have with the carrier that we now there. So the pool of insurance companies. In New York State that sells liability insurance has diminished. To the point. That it's in the dangerous category for a few there are that we have the ability to get bids from but more important in net. Is the fact that now. Liability insurance in New York State is the most expensive in the union. So you have a lot of things going on your current currently you've got this ridiculous law with no arguable defense. For the employer in you have that wrote skyrocketing cost of liability insurance as a result the fact that the law exists. Driving up the cost of virtually everything we buy in your state. So here we started with the eight allotted exists to protect someone from falls. And it ends up being that this law because it exists makes everything including a loaf of bread costs more in New York State and that's the troops. So what do we do about it well I've talked to all kinds of state representatives and everyone kind of like. Darts their eyes when I bring it up because. Of the tremendous. Power of the trial attorney lobby. The trial attorney lobby now. You would think that we can get around that in that the state representatives. Should have enough power to overcome able lobby. But indeed that is not the case this goes right to the top from what I've been told. The governor and the trial attorneys are on the same page with this law. We're the only state in the union to have this law on the books. So what can we do it do about it is New York State citizens while all we can do about his be aware that it exists. And we should. Take the time to contact our state assembly and state senate members. And tell them that we are. Entirely opposed to the fact that there's redundancy in the law. Between compensation insurance and the scaffold law and that we are aware of what it's done that the cost of insurance and they're not gonna tolerate that anymore. Short of that I don't know what else to suggest. It is ridiculous that we live with this it seems to always get swept under the rug. And when I saw the article as I said I thought this would be a time for me to. Climb back on my. Soap box which if your regular listener you've heard me do from time to time to. Wave the flag of the the hazards and the consequences. Of such a life existing in New York State. Be there as it may. That's how I feel about it in if you wanna talk about it you're welcome to bring that up to this Saturday morning here on WB yen 80309. Rio. Outside buffalo 180616. WB and so called starring thirty text me at three on 930 email me hammer time. Expertise. Dot net. And when your mind check without court teased that that everything we do is there room additions kitchen and bath renovations are beautiful delicate Tina. Custom kitchen cabinet line. Federal living side rooms solar shades retractable awning. India of course are handyman service including handyman for a day it's all there for you expertise that net. Good morning from down equities and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up the drought picked up the phony give me because I'd love to talk to. Before we talk to you though let's say we travel to Orchard Park and say good morning to our good friend Sally kind she's the manager of the lake shore savings bank branch there. It union and Michael wrote good morning Sally. Good morning Dan and I am looking forward to seeing you tonight. He had the we have a wonderful wonderful fund raiser definitely terse savings bank is. Having an evening that for my keys away foundation that which is helping which helps children cope with cancer. And water and ninth we have this going to be held at the Rick PRI tax winery. That and west main road in Portland New York from ties to. Each team yen down. What a night I mean seventy degrees yet out and beautiful country and just a fabulous fund raiser not shift truck is going to be there. Will begin tonight and we're just cops went in a great night and you're going to be our auctioneer for our live auctions. Yet I just got the list of live auction items from when the hearing and VM running as the personal assistant and I am so excited to see the list it's quite it's quite expensive and we're looking for it to to that I live auction. Now if anyone would like to come your certainly more than welcome. It's a about an hour or so drive. The through way to the 21 bricks while Ryan winery in Portland New York. Just got a heads up but from Sally that route twentieth closed. After the Dunkirk. Exit so you wanna take root five in the port fell grow the year GPS should auto correct on that so. Instead of going left to route twenty wanna go right to ruled five. And we will be there looking forward to seeing on my lake shore savings bank friends. And the live auction itself forty dollars a couple correct spelling correctly are right. So that's 21 bricks winery tonight. It starts at five the option that people gonna probably do the auction a bit later in the evening leave around 730 or so so look forward to that and and chefs the truck I'll point. Back back at our eyes are right Sally fine. In addition to mentioning that the Mike Easley foundation fund raiser tonight at 21 bricks we also want to mention that later savings bank. Is continuing the 1% interest on your savings. Yes or money market savings account earning 1% and Dominique there's no limit to. And the be all tied to earn that 1% of. Okay and also in addition to that we are continuing with the 3.2. Five. 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A diver who has became lost at around 1250 yesterday afternoon. The news conference is gonna update assessed to his status in the meantime let's squeeze in a car at eagle three on nine trio. In if we have to cut you off their Kevin you'll understand why Kevin and buffalo good morning your and double the yen. There are prepared at bats and my outlet for pregnant and so. Attic just the cold weather cancellation or masters. Organization form sleek and the bastard rooms doing there might do to prevent this kind of. Okay that line should run as warm as it can till it exits the building so the line itself should be insulated it should be under the insulation. Insulation should not be in the rafters of the actual rough line. But rather in the ceiling. Of the of the bathroom. And again that line should be insulated. So as to try and keep that moist air off from condensing. That's the key here. Now who the American installation of directors around the raptors the ceiling and I don't know reflectors for the rush. Yeah goes where it to a cold. Hold. Yet the insulation should be it exist against the heated side. So whatever room is is it a budding the actual finished sealing that the inflation should be there. The the line should be insulated in that in that area so as to protect you from conversation. Okay we're gonna check in now with branding teeny and the latest from the WN newsroom an update on the under water rescue. Good morning Brennan. Dominique. It is 1030. On Saturday October 14. Or take a look at the weather real quick before we head down to Tim Winger who's standing in line at the Niagara river. And your weather forecast for today it's going to be mostly cloudy. With our chance of showers later on in the afternoon. Hormone second as I and pulling up here. RA and tonight we fairly warm with a low of 63 degrees mostly cloudy skies tomorrow we'll see a couple of brief showers late in the morning. Followed by a shower perhaps even a thunderstorm in the afternoon with a high of 74 degrees Monday. It will be breezy here and cool. With intervals of clouds and sunshine and high of 53 degrees I'm Brendan teeny news radio 930 WB EN in WB EN dot com. And now we're gonna head to Niagara river were Tim Winger is standing by. With a press conference. Are branded that press conference showing no signs of it getting any time immediately when that happens though we will bring it to you live your standing. In Broderick part it for the theory street where of course this search and rescue operations in other ways to yesterday. Around 1 o'clock when it. Buffalo police underwater recovery divers. Kregg later went missing from training operation in this massive search has been under way. Ever since and we expect to hear from buffalo police officials perhaps the district attorney momentarily he's been antsy all morning on. And I get the latest plan on how they're going about this search but then again there's. No sign that that is imminent when it does happen we will agree Greek in and bring it to you live. Perhaps in the background you can hear the roar of the Erie county sheriff's air one helicopter. That arrived within the past hours though is to continue to sweep the swiftly moving waters of the Niagara river. The buffalo police underwater recovery team again I'm seeing here trying to recover their brother. Who went missing yesterday afternoon during the morning training mission. Here in the river. Several other Arenas that are seen as well as they continue to sweep the water so McKenna briefing we expected shortly. When it happens we'll breaking that down and killed and we'll bring it to you live to the very latest that's what they are now still turning search and recovery. Mission in the Niagara river Brendan Beck do you. Thank you very much Tim for all of your coverage. And the work that you've done today we are still. Who trying to get as much details as many details as possible as this story progresses. On through the morning now we're gonna take a bit break and come back to the show. It's W brick and sons for over thirty years now they've been the experts in the plumbing and service industry. Each W brick and sons is a mean you can trust. Since 1985. They have built their success on a simple approach treating you like your part of the brick family. Every home is indeed unique in HW brick will find the proper solution to your family's needs. Whether it's a high efficiency tank with water heater. Would jury is bodies are simple Fossett replacement HW brick and sons can handle it. 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Please join me at our house every Saturday morning at nine were mission is to help you protect and enhance your investment in real state each week my nose -- guests join me in a discussion of all aspects of real state and anything and text you his current or prospective owner wanted poster. Learn more at the only 200 Allstate dot com or call the hot hot line at 6314800. Any property anytime don't miss the our house radio show every Saturday morning at nine right here on news radio 930 WBE. And. 1036 is hammer time good morning from Dominique or keys and we're back with you and are awaiting word from Tim Weiner who will be. Cutting in as soon as we have an update as to the status of the search for Craig Lerner the under water police officer. Dive team that was on that training. Training mission apparently and now. Something occurred to have him. I get lost underwater in their search is continuing solar listening closely for the check in from ten minutes and as we hear that. We will bring that to you in the meantime. A couple of things have a command via text or what products as you recommend pursuing large gaps of wood boards. So air insects won't get through gaps in wood. A can be filled. Easily with a spray phones he and you're familiar with a lot of those products great great stuff is one of them. I just be aware. Sometimes great stuff and actually push the woods yet it sometimes I've seen it happen with door jams if you try to fill the space between adores him. And the framing. With great stuff you could actually. And that I'd actually cause a deflection in the jams so be aware of that to not over fail. And also it is Trimble so that's another advantage to the spray films. Gaps and woods are generally easiest filled. With that kind of material. Let's see we had a FaceBook question in our command what is my favorite garner sealer veteran guard. And it is called relief relief. It's spelled leaf relief RE ELE a aft. He and it's a great product to the simple product. It's made to snap right in to the top shape of the garter so that. In it'll actually be invisible relief from the road. And it's kind of cup shaped in that way it's two slots in it that run the length of the of the gutter. He and the way it works is the water would drain through. Those slots. In leaps and leaf and debris will not collect so leafs actually blow right the only thing to be aware of is that sometimes because it's cup shaped. You can get some sediment collecting on its leads still need to wash them down every now and again. Just to keep the water flowing free and that protecting him from anything growing up in there which has happened. To me in the people let it go too long that's what happened so I'm very easy to clean though because you can do with a hose. Yeah and you know after reaching any cutters relief relief as my favorite Dave thanks for bringing that question to us. And I don't not know why we are sideways on FaceBook that hit our fooled limit and can't get it right where it. Via I don't oh I. Anyway the help line is open while we wait to hear from Tim Wenger. So gives a call 8030930. Anything around the house 8030930. Outside buffalo 180616. WB and so cost earning thirty. Text us at three on nine trio apparently from what I've I've been hearing about this news search and rescue mission. The area that they are searching and it's quite hazardous apparently there's an Eddie there. Where the water kind of swirls in the whirlpool format and beneath that it's quite pressure treacherous. I've heard reports that there's even some pars and there. So I can imagine it's quite difficult to mission for our rescue teams but for now we are praying that the outcome of course. Will be a positive one he and and the officer will be found safe. The often thing I need to offered to everyone is the opportunity to become a member of might WBD and home improvement tip of the week club it's a very simple process all you need to do. It's text the word tip. 230930. So when you're texting to us he'll text the word tip to 309 trio he'll answer the question do you wanna receive our home improvement tip you answer yes. And every Saturday morning just as we're about to go on the year he'll receive my weekly home improvement tip of the week. There's no cost so other than the text and data rates that may apply. So join my home improvement tip of the week club today and keep up to date when everything. That I find that's new and cutting edge in the world of home repair and improvement kind of interesting to me. That we opened the show regarding the scaffold lie and didn't spark a single. A single call regarding that subject matter and I don't know why that is I don't know why more people aren't completely enraged. By the fact that we are the only state in the union have such an archaic wac. End. So a little bit more about this under the law courts hold contractors and property owners including cities and other publicly funded entities. Like the thruway authority apps civilly liable for claims filed for gravity related construction industries this means that. A jury cannot consider how the reckless behavior of the injured worker are other employees contributed to the accident. How could that ever be possible in the United States of America. In the words of a former Court of Appeals judge Robert Smith. A defendant may be liable. Tool worker who may have been it may have been primarily at fault for his fall this is absurd only in New York. And it's something that we live with and again as I said it drives up the price of construction insurance for every prized in the state. That is if contractors can even get insurance. I hear it earlier this year. Habitat for humanity wrote to the legislature that the law was a major obstacle to finding coverage for its partner organizations. Well when they came to rebuild after super storm sandy. And this trouble and had trouble obtaining insurance and that plagues minority women owned businesses aren't interested in bidding on state projects. Said the permeate the termination of how deep this goes is is beyond belief in in in the article doesn't even talk about the fact that. The increased cost of liability insurance. Dries up dries up the cost of everything that we've guy in the states so. A real pet peeve of mine and again I'm so I'm surprised that no one has that joined in on the conversation. But be that as it may. You can jump on the line with anything that you'd like to speak to me about by calling 8030930. 8030930. Outside buffalo 180616. WB in south calls start earning thirty or Texas trio. Nine trio some east and telling me to turn. The camera as you are laying down. Our methods. Yeah well that may be the case that they knew it looks like. But I've fool with it then it's it's got its act correcting itself so will will get to the get to that a little bit. And I'm gonna bring him in and he wants to talk with you do a great when he hears OK I'm all right taken morning tem. Good morning I'm sorry could get set it was it was bettors yes that's just days before audiences that we were. In erupting but right now. The district attorney John in buffalo mayor Byron brown on force and officials are making their way up. The street here they're gonna address us shortly and give us an update them what's happening. As far as this we're told that search and rescue mission. Continues. They're looking for this this missing buffalo police underwater recovery unit diver. Craig leaner. In the waters. Ever they are headed this way and it's up for the moment so. Read it treaties is again but yes that states with him what are we what are you seeing right now in this a lot of vote rescue equipment. Yet your caddie shares here one is back in the air they had to take some needed rest time. It's all sorts Anthony guidelines for them and the need to rest up and they're back in the year so there assisting in the search and coming through for the past that are flying over the past hour and hampers so. Buffalo police underwater recovery team vote is in the water doing very slows sweeps. From a river down river. Rate by Broderick part where we're located. In their sweeping using sonar under divers. Try ticket me and try to OK. Cleaner if they hand their. There's there's some concern that perhaps with all of the jagged rocks at the bottom and told the bar at the bottom. All sorts of different things at the bottom of the river here about thirty feet down maybe he became audits them here we don't know that for sure that. Certainly is a possibility. In an girls searching further down river of course where currently taking him. After he broke away from the team in it's an amazing. The as far as the number. Law enforcement agencies that are there all the answers. And rate now the officials are making it weakens Leo here's I think it is briefing very shortly again buffalo mayor Byron brown lieutenant Jeffrey Renaldo. And Erie county district attorney John Flynn making overeat now so. We'll get the very latest. We were told about an hour ago this is still a search and rescue mission. And we'll find out if that is the case so again this briefing about to get under way. With them ten in all though. Erie county DH and plan. And buffalo mayor Byron brown all antsy they're gathering right now here at the foot of fairy street. So what we know about the officer it's 34 years so please listen. Okay is dynamic let's listen in right now this is lieutenant Jeff Renaldo and WP. Thank you for everything. After briefly. This morning. It's an Egyptian although. It starts. Updates. The search. Quote. Students. There. Just security. She children although. So this morning we begin inner search operation at approximately 7 o'clock this morning. We're continuing use of sonar as well as robotic vehicles with cameras. Sir Paul's rightfully this morning with divers into the water. Conducting search ends. And we think this opportune. Multiple multiple agencies offer support for all of these. If you read about him what will be doing us today. We will have. Searching continue buying again electronic means goals by divers. We give me captive us cadaver search dog. From a neagle search dogs which is part of that year exceed federation of rescue teams currently on the water searching hoping this kind narrowed down in the area. To look for error officer. At this point we also have an answer it from the NYPD. It's in route to buffalo with the assistance of the state police. Aviation unit to get a couple of divers as well is this. Very high tech pieces of equipment delivered. Two buffalo as soon as possible. And we also and dive teams from multiple agencies as well as Rochester PD. Canadian assets. And local assets that will be assisting in the rotation divers are right now safeties are Apple's concern for everybody involved in the rescue operation. We have very strategic or use effort that's taking place and at this time like to turn over mayor brown for a few words. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of our officer. As well as the colleagues of our officer in the underwater recovery team. I also wanna take this opportunity to saying all of the agencies who have responded. There has been an incredible. Outpouring of support. From local state and federal law enforcement agencies. That have joined the search effort we thank them all for that. There has been an outpouring of support from the public from the business community. Our hearts are certainly heavy this morning. But we continue. To be prayerful. As the search continues. No one to turn things over to district attorney John force. After it all along forced him here today is nothing but incredible quite frankly the various agencies that are here from. The federal government. To the state government. To the local counties city of buffalo. His organization's. Fire departments. EMS facilities I mean there there are no egos here. There are only dedicated men and women who want to help. And that sense of help. That sense of dedication. Bob makes me proud to be off outlaw a partner with my part with my partners in law enforcement. And chew. Not not only I'll be here for. Support. Bought as a mirror shattered. To pray as well. Right now. So we're utilizing what's called instant command system what that does as we have somebody assigned to the water assets. In charge of the divers we have another person in charge via boats are on the water we also then have somebody who's responsible for coordinating the wind effort. And it's just a matter of everybody communicating air command posts and come up schedules. We have people assigned to monitor weather conditions boating conditions airspace conditions so it it it's a logistical peace but again it's. The same type of system we use in many many large scale incidents over familiar with that. And at this point it's just a matter of scheduling or needles and that's what. Happened yesterday. Again unfortunately we can't speculate until. Eventually when we are able to locate a diver. Some wonderful things bill as I said yesterday this is a very very dangerous section of the river guide there is an enormous amount of debris. Literally full size trees cars shopping carts folders construction debris. Just a hundred years with the stuff winding up in the river. Even things of wind up in Lake Erie unfortunately is the current flows it winds up coming into the mouth of the river depositing. Right about from where the peace road starts to down by the national average so it's just so does natural flow of the water of the debris things open it. Can talk a little bit about that the technology being used the sonar technology and we're also seeing that the floats that are being put in it in the current. You can divers are following us. Yeah that's the floats are present divers awards one way that we can keep a tab on the divers underwater so we're diving in two man teams in the we have to. Dive team that comes with them in two in the event that there's an emergency. The technology as we said the we were even in tactic the US navy news offered up some resources. So we're using in having brought in by the NYPD extremely sophisticated sonar technology. As well as robotic cameras and technology. That exists all it's a matter of this rotating divers with sonar equipment cameras and trying to get solid idea. Picture of us. Area that we condolences. To. We're focusing hampered the rescue effort here. Vehicles right here beyond. Unity island air base and the experience of our divers who have it don't in this water for years and years and years. We yours focusing our efforts on the area from where we know our diver went into the water to begin the training exercise. To the point where we became aware that there was an emergency that developed. As well some point self slogans they send their experience and how they know that the water reacts and help people underneath the water can react. That's kind of the are you focusing on right now. That divers wait felt with the New York taken stuff I've been told him and anywhere from forty to eighty pounds of the diver. So it's because of the current you need a lot of weight to get down to the bottom of diving operations sold. That's why you'll see. He and guard divers are almost by the peace bridge that takes a great distance for them to feel good points you get down to the the bottoms. Still businesses search address. It at this point is still search and rescue mission to leave him nation needs some analysts what kind of assistance you're getting about love from from here one from the Coast Guard him informed of the Border Patrol. The air assets are being used to canisters of course going to look for any type of evidence. The diver may have had with them anything from equipment to ropes or tethers. So again it's just being used to us can surgical flying missiles to keep an eye in the boat traffic. Other air traffic in the divers in the water sensor infrared technology. I'm infrared technology can help. If there's something surface lies but apparently it does not penetrate deep into the water. From the areas and to hear you Q. Yours. Our search focus right now is kind of from the beginning of the break while we're in all the time right under the water down to about the national average. We've we've been in touch with the US navy the NYPD is the very same equipment that the navy does. So from logistics standpoint NYPD can get bigger faster for us. Thank you. Carried that is a live briefing by buffalo police lieutenant Jeffrey and although buffalo mayor Byron brown and Erie county district attorney John plan. They make their way back to the command center right now here. At the foot of Cary streets so. Lots of new information that the piece of information that everybody wants to know is we hear. Is this diver in the have not yet been able to. Locate him continue to follow this all day long dominant okay updates top and bottom of every hour follow us on Twitter and we will we'll break in with any further developments as they occur throughout the day. Standing by there ten men make keeping us up to date and thanks for bringing that news conference to us and we're praying for. Officer leaner and his family and a thanks for keeping us up to date. 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