Domenic Cortese 1-20-18

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, January 20th

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How we also have a guest in cedar today Fred fell indoor. Oh who specializes in it and insulation homes the air sealing all sorts of energy improvement to need some good morning Fred are you I'm fine and good morning. I'm so wash does a little about yourself what your company doesn't in and novel. That's awful energy is say energy contractor we've been servicing the western Yorker for over a decade now been two. Insulation and air sealing. Heating and cooling upgrades. Retrofit work in an existing buildings we've worked in many many homes across the washing your care. Very good and in you know they're the reason we want to have Friday and today is this weather we're having. You know that. Causes Havoc on your house and people you know think my improvement of my roof I Stanley stand but really in search of the right trend. It does. You know a lot of people think that the ice damage in the water that comes in because vice chairman on the roof is due to a problem with the roof and it's really not it's a problem with the insulation in the attic almost. A 100% of the time. And were up there are trying to figure out what's causing it. And aware that lack of insulation is occurring and then to retrofit. Isaacson prying into. Will he have any Chris questions for Fred or any of your home improvement questions. I you can join the conversation at 8030930. Outside buffalo at 106169236. So calls that start ranked thirty or you can super Texas Tech tests at 30930. So you know we talked briefly but ice damming in your ceiling and that kind of stuff I mean what would you say would be a good. You know an improvement for a homeowner that would start inside the envelope. That they can do on their own to help remedy the. Ice damning situation won't when you know one of the first things managers to check the entire. Attic itself particularly the attic hatched you know we often see that the hatch is not insulated at all or it's very leaky and lots of error gets through that border that to pull down staircase. That leads into the attic the first thing homeownership jurist really properly close and up and seal it off so that he. How warm air from my house can't just very easily blow through that hatching get into the ad experts tell you go about doing it well I can become a simple weather stripping that you can buy at a local home improvement store or you could use some if its aboard you could seal around with caulk and to. Or or or and put a simple piece of insulation board or fiberglass on the backside of that attached to insulate them how to those tents. Fulfills the tense tense work well yes sure you I've seen those as well and we use and they they do a good job of stopping air movement through that attic hatch or the attic hole downstairs. In the case of tents are usually for pulled out shares but they're not great insulator stamp them fairly low insulation value she related really like to add more possible. I enjoy I have a little game I play with my wife for a set the temperature to serve certain temperature that's suitable for her. And they leave and and again excesses in their bedroom as the end cool cooling agent for myself I'd prefer. What paralegals to the very most basic. Topic here like what. Causes and I am I can help people and retired as is its inflation without your rough but how does that actually happen. What is the process that causes the giant ice stand on your well it's it's all because he is getting into the attic and. Melting snow on the roof you know if you have urged Arabs in your home when I'm. Two is the first thing I look at is the bulk of the roof and I see are there melts patterns on the roof itself can we show you where there was there he rafters are are telltale sign rightly absolutely because she's a rafter marks on the repressive. That's definitely a telltale signs to look for Mel patterns. And then we and we'll actually see that. I stamps or worse where the melting is great for their own on the earth and senate Bill Bennett the them if you eat the roof it comes and collection utter. Guess what exactly and if we don't know he's just as we're gonna Nabisco I don't see the the water rolls on the roof because the roof deck is hot but enemies the overhang and the overhang is cold because it's doesn't have any you know house underneath it and sort re freezes right at that spot and then and placed. Am forms are big block of ice forms at the garter rate above the overhang. And then what happens is more snow melts and more water runs down and that creates an actual damp so the water can't run off the roof and it ponds on route and it builds up and actually backs up under the shingles only ten wireless backers are sick and injured it's actually driven off built in that case 'cause it's getting because there's more and more of it being accumulated behind them and I stamina pop Apollo was growing and growing and growing it goes back up under the shingles and that can lead in the house calls. In the building codes changed in recent years with regards ice water on the roof deck you know ice and water is a memory make it's put down as the earth used to be just three feet from the bottom now we're up to six feet. You know and I know Summers ago actually another layer after what we've both had. A lot of I don't older homes saw people that are out there probably have. The situation I'm one of those people. We don't have warnings at all so that. A process that you just explained is fired more detrimental land. That wanna start stripping and it's dripping now inside the walls hurts you know universities to recur in the buffalo area most of these were my whole life and I have lives and several homes that have water damage and to them and that's it all and some of them had very little or no it's over right and it's cartel to you know it is but it's always promise to insulation is not a problem with the group drank so. But in order to battle that I mean if you don't have if you've done what you candidate with insulation in you know cricket mad man speaks is really about my house here. I have. One of the bedrooms in my house of fourteen foot vaulted ceiling so it's you know we're it's you know dry Wall Street draft there's no way to access that. So there's really no way to get in there and insulated any better and that's the only place that I have a standing issues. So when I had my roof redone will we did was we did went nine feet up with placing liner we rapid. Layer of ice water over the station before the trip back to a non. And then another layer of ice and water over the trip so he can created. Nowhere for the water to get in and night and what we've been pretty good so far so. You know that's if if you do have no way and I mean you you may have a way of getting access to that and even know. Really it's out but you you have the right idea when you read to the roof that is the time to address. Cathedral ceiling price spamming problems because in some cases you can just go through the roof Derrick Graham Henry insulate at that point while the raw materials off camera answering an idea. Except that. Homily action a call here from told B in buffalo good morning Toby how are you. I hear from my home is you know a true story regular rectangular how to pop up well. Well prepared but found out it's a web site that backstop for the Yankees are and that's where I I am as. And it just seems to matter what I do you are now terrible kind of stuff. On the desk. It just seems like that's what I can't even particular bounced out off the despondent you know I suggestion by our. He wire increase the size and announced foul. So he sang at the downspouts where he's having an issue by standing. And that's creating an issue with. That gutter the actual down below freezing. So that's that's where he's having an issue how would you even. And Carter daughter heaters are probably the the vessels gesture and to keep that garner open. We do need to try and limits. You know I. I don't know what you can if you can. Add any more insulation. Or you've looked at that in the past but. Garner heaters are really probably your only solution to keep temple guard pathway clear we. I would recommend not running them continually however I would recommend random only when you needed because they are big energy hog and really drive up your electric bill. What about increasing the size of it now. My I don't think that's gonna help increasing the size the downs but I don't think it will solve the problem. You can certainly try it but I don't think you're gonna. It's kind of results really. Do you have a flow problem with the downspout many chances it is it get. Blocked with something or is it from. But what I mean I'd I'd melt that would fight you know. Unquestionably add and they are nothing compared I doubt spout off only water pump out underground what it's not that there's no these are not currently treat your bat bounced well at all. Where am and I guess in that would be your solution you know getting some warm air up there lead. Burton I. Would you if you increase the size of that of the drop in the in the downspout generally speaking tonight and Unita and senior U gotta you have to increase the size of your. Diners because the holed about that stuff flat party your daughter won't be wide enough to accept a larger crop. Certain large Yankee dollar virtual right so Yankee daughters. In the U should be able to fit of figured out a deer drop into it. And then obviously allergic downspout. So yeah I mean that if you have that dirty place you should you should be able sop up that dust on a problem. Oh. Okay no sweat Toby thanks for calling. Until we hangs up in then opens up the phone line call phone numbers again are 8030930. Outside buffalo 1806169236. So called the star 930 or you can still protect us the Texas at 3093. You know. We actually do have a super tax. The only place I see icicles is near the bathrooms fan outdoor event. The hot moist inside air blows out of it how can I prevent ice formation there that's a great question. Yeah that's a tough one too I've had exactly. The only place I say no answer pretty well the answer yes the answer is to re route that bathroom exhaust fan if you're really worried about it that is your only option in that case there's nothing else you can do to prevent that you're gonna have huge amount of how how would how detrimental is that ice forming and that only if it's causing a big ice stamina and a lot of leaks or that and leaks then is it can be detrimental but generally it's not German it's a relatively small amount but it depends on the home. How voted diffuse early now and not so much. Good on the where it comes open I'm an optimist soffit putting and if you wake up. A soffit vents on it. Is that kind of dispersant heats heat out in different directions not so concentrated in one area in other words can move geared suggesting move the bathrooms Austin took it I think through the soft yes that is another option is that is I like that option because I prefer no penetration server to the rainy days and that's why would prefer you Ventas a bathroom exhaust fan threw us off and if possible I attention again to. Well we have we have time for one more quick call when we go out to Joseph in east Rory good morning Joseph Angel. Hey good morning guys like like your show here. Well great youth that are with us or rode down from from Turkey not to answer that it's okay taken into an. Go ahead jump. I actually had two fold. Question. First question being. Is like a two story house. And I got a like amateur and it's a ton back it's always an shade. And the problem is as it is. The proper rule trips and I get a lot of I don't have any ice spam during but I got a lot of fight on the rule. In one night my solution is every time it's no I don't wanna real mice are straight to carry it off. But my thought was maybe get lower section of our bigger area it's maybe about. Always say about twenty feet maybe fourteen feet up. I was thinking about install metal rule font that it's got a real steep pitch to it's not like it's a shell at you I thought. You know metal rules an eternity. Whom ice is gonna melt and take off fossil that. You know I don't know what you're fought so they're what that Motorola entry which your experiences what. I actually have a metal roof and a portion of my house that's. Half heated and half over a porch roof and I do get the the build up the bill that the buildup and then I'll sign it just avalanche is often it scares the daylights idea that. But outside and Manning is neat they do tend to less a lot longer onions to be careful that type of minerals you put on. But time we would. We have to actually take a break but if you wanna stand hold jolt we can answer that question. After the break OK don't. Hours into the to a government shut down the houses back in session but it's the senate where the negotiations need to resolution. ABC's Mary through the night of frenzied negotiations here on the hill ultimately fell short but there are some glimmers of hope this morning that they shut down. May be short lived lawmakers will be back up here shortly. And there is a plan that's gaining some steam that could keep the government up and running but just for a few more weeks. The finger pointing continues meanwhile Democrats blaming Republicans Republicans blaming the Democrats House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this morning. Spike controlling the house the senate and the White House Republicans were so incompetent. So negligent that they couldn't get it together. To keep government open senate majority leader Mitch McConnell when Democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders will reopen negotiations on the right. Reform Democrats demanding protections for doctor recipients in order to vote for a funding measure Republicans say doc a legislation isn't ready. Mark Graham Allard ABC news. Now calling an allied landing is key Madelaine the branch manager of lake shore savings bank on transit rodent Clarence gay by donating. I'm create good morning I don't want good real I'm great and is in the bleachers still listen smoking rates are now. We do you know which are start off the year right on the right foot right up the debt we have pot smoke and how to deal on a home equity line of credit. Rated three and a half percent fixed for the first twelve months. 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Yes you had joked that Michaela here question Andre has her very so you know you're talking about your upper roof. Do you have a daughter on the upper reception. I know I don't. So and so water's running off that offer roof and it's falling on to lower roof. Water drips a little better now like it's a big deal or you know or group with a good group kind of weather when you get a nice you know sunny day ritual that. Then I dropped on this floor who could ever think back there in the shade. Thought I was debating output not garner out there. What what happens in the range you get a lot of rain coming off an upper responded to lower. Yeah yeah incomes are so I mean it's not fear not Flickr. Serious amount that. So that upper section isn't very large. Or it's just not falling on a very large lower roof section. Bit it's actually pretty good sort through it all we're saying is is is there is. You know they can about that probably should have a garter up there. Yes I agree if it's measures short kosice throwing maybe your answer I mean that we what I'm yet to be legally with a clean water anywhere for that matter so. I would say that that would definitely be a first step. You will have more of a run off with you know the the metal roof but like I mentioned before the break it'll be. A run off all at once with the snow. It'll always engine break loose in the just this toast so which can Ellsbury seniors in the adorable I had seen it at that point oh I don't know what it gutter with stops so on a metal roof they have bombed. Those Ingle for north call now. That I stops that you put in over the doors in certain areas or walkway so that those avalanche. Situations can really happen by Tom. Yeah I mean I think if you're having an issue I mean Emmental Rufus is. There's lower section. That I like to put them out on and where it fit it's fit let loose. It's just going in the article like any beef back there or you seek out you know I mean you should resign yet another daughter saying how is pure. You're talking about the warrior in the garner downspout. My neighbor had a huge old house and somebody came out that's the state did say they wired it right into the breaker panel. Went through the gutters and all the way down the downspouts. In it what it is it's shadow on us thermostats where it. Chicks are off what he had ice problem that he couldn't control. It and they and a daughter. On this house early huge but it worked pretty good. Those are pretty good. All right Jolie angle to the news here but if you wanna musical after the breaking musical eagle three on 930106169236. Garnering thirty. Or 30930. If you'd like to Texas will be back right after this. Good morning it's 1030 from the WB EN newsroom I'm like angry here's your top local stories. We will have reaction to the federal government shut down what could possibly mean for. Government here in Western New York a first the latest out washing its back to the drawing board for. From congress after the senate failed to get enough votes to pass a short term spending bill triggering a government shut down and finger point senate majority leader Mitch McConnell overnight. What we've just witnessed on the floor. Wasn't cynical decision by senate Democrats should shove aside. Millions of Americans for the sake. You're responsible. Political games. On the house floor this past hour minority leader Nancy Pelosi putting the blame on the Republicans and the president even the first anniversary. A president chumps inauguration. President challenged our own Arrington yes for leadership could shut down already suspending many federal services ABC's David Wright has more from Capitol Hill. The planes will still fly the mail will still be delivered in the troops will still guard America's shores. But many of those workers will be doing so without a paycheck if this thing goes on because the government simply doesn't have the money to pay them they'll have to take it on credit. ABC's David Wright Michelle Franzen ABC news. And locally the shutdown may affect theory cover Erie county's government according to account executive mark polling commerce social services. Such as our senior assurances such areas associated with our. Our infrastructure and environment and old are those are the areas that may see some problems if he continues beyond a week. Meanwhile buffalo mayor Byron brown said they can last about two months before they run into some serious problems. He threw his support behind one of the areas of disagreement between the GOP and the Democrats from our first. Back at noon. Dot is very important. Making sure that. Provisions to protect. Our young people who have come to this country as immigrants it's critically important. Elsewhere the women's march returns last year you might remember millions of people marching and protesting across the globe in response to present trumps inauguration. Today a march in Seneca falls new York and tomorrow. The anniversary of the march at Niagara square and organizers are doing it again they're expecting over a thousand people. Beginning at 2 PM outside of City Hall. VW the yen First Solar forecast should be much nicer weak in compared to what we've had these past couple of weeks. A high of 36 for your Saturday with partly sunny skies mostly cloudy tomorrow highest just a few degrees warmer Monday. Cloudy skies we might have some rain showers back Monday night high of forty to do begin your workweek. Right now buffalo we've got mostly cloudy skies it's 37 degrees a Mike Pannemon news radio 930 WB yeah. Pits it lasts for five decades now they've been the experts in the room your house that everybody sees at one timer and other. 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Troops are so 233 go mention that you heard about us here and you receive for a few dollars off the initial consultation. From foundations to roofs we deliver affordable and learned services from the property owner. Call 716. 2602330. For variously in turn. Welcome back homeowners some mining spoke Ortiz join in studio with my brother nick and Fred Allen dollar from buffalo energy. Again the numbers of calls or giving questions are 8030930. Outside buffalo 1806169236. So calls are welcome it's turning thirty or you can sue protects us at 30930. And we actually do have a super text here. Hey I have closed spree for home spree in might panic to the roof deck I have some I stamping what can I do. I paid a lot for the service and thought it would prevent this. You know it's a good question and there's. North's attacks from one question I would ask is who when they sprayed their underside of the roof deck. Did they spray over the bottom parts of the rafters good question there is a rafter would that is not as good insulator is foam attention he'd bring exactly transfers heat from the from the from this is from the conditions face up to the outside so of and if they did get a little bit of of foam on the bottom edge of the rafters and you're still having nice standing problems. Well the other parents who this this is buffalo it is very cold uses the based on how home some homes are built this really can be impossible to remove the ice 100%. Did you. That's rare usually there is a solution there but occasionally we should be because of the way it's structured. We just can't get rid of all. It's so in this typical in this in this situation typically when you insulate your roof deck it's because you wanna include the XP says your program below. So you're saying if the bottom of the rafters are not. And slid incorrectly you you have the trends are so what if you did have the option to. You know insulate the EU ceiling of the second floor those are the top four in the house of the autism autism was held yes that is about a solution for. It should in fact help with where we and finally in that space zoom finally expresses while I'm on the team topic you know with with spring forming your roof deck in you know. Maximizing the envelope of your house. How it any nets a difference it ball X completely with regards to. You know in closing here here envelope. Rather than pursuing yours here here here soon to extract the correct I think you just have to decide in what you want the attic space to be do you want to be conditioned or semi conditions for you want to slightly warmer slightly cool up there in the summertime. Or do you want to urge you not care about. Often and if you don't care what the two of temperature control your attic you should it's like the average floor supposedly an assignment because we are doing respecting your heating ample space as well he ran cooling and say exactly chatted to load of the building yeah yeah. On another question all different when you are stealing the roof Jack in mean you don't do baffles or anything like that right it's not needed to protect the roof. No it is not. It when your spray used spray foam on the underside of the respect you would not put a ventilation. Halfway in there you would you would you were to cure the foam. Directly to the underside upper deck it's called and on ventilator group assembly it's a lot like coated steel used all over the place amused have to make sure you can use the right product in Ramallah foam and hopefully the right to install. Now before you go and do that I mean the homeowner should make sure that the roof. Roof is done correctly you know if the roof is not democratically and they have a leak on the roof you may have. He known cheating if she's on the new rules so I mean is that something that you can check from the bottom first or is that. What do you do there well that's an excellent points you know before you actually spray from the underside of the roof back Jack you want to look at the integrity of the roof what you don't really want is to have to root job a couple of years later. Right particularly give a bad piece of reflect that has to be replaced when you're doing the group replacement you'll you'll rack that insulation on underneath so the right time to do that is is it is when the roof is young and he when it's just been put on certainly within five or ten years. It's more in ten years old you're gonna wanna wait till the roof is gone before you want you obviously got a separate. And it in the net and that spray foam insulation could absolutely hide he issues they have roof issue absolutely cannons and opened cellphone will allow. Or water to go through a close soul actually block that out but it'll it'll appear somewhere right in the product Iraq well they'll just you're probably won't lay up and there'll probably would work its way down somewhere in shorts although my take a lot of time right. All right well we have some questions here if you do we have a couple of lines ovens of electing him as a call the numbers are eagle three on 930. When he 106169236. Stunning thirty from your cellphone or 30930. If you would like to super Texas. We have a call from an unnamed person was an installation question I don't. Bill I don't know email I don't. Okay. Look we do for you bill. The approach reform situation. We're kicking it rocketed a basement where I'm Jewish. Area actually that. One of the options is so much critical the other wish insulation. Well my question is regarding toxicity of any. Straightforward solution. Yeah yeah it's going to be created Asian sushi children's you won't negate. I was crucial about any hawkish so. One might. So bill that you know you're gonna use close cellphone on the rejoiced as though it's been suggested. Yeah. Well first volume probably are aware this is no one should know children certainly and frankly no one should be in the basement or in the home while the foam is being applied to the basement. Rejoiced. You really want it well. Ventilated as it's being applied. I'm it will take a couple days to get that smell out of your house but closed cell phone will not provide any significant amount of off gassing. After a period of a week or soul. So I. In and it's a better choice than fiberglass as far as insulation value and and also air shields the rim chores at the same time something fiberglass want to. That there wasn't a question I emulation it's. Spiritual world and tradition the courses are money well our discussion about the potential fiction. You can keep people out of the area firfer for couple days at least and make sure as well ventilated and you should be fine. It hurt his record. Okay thank you so much things bill so I you know I and that topics you know we get asked that question a lot of actually without gassing of the Omnia. Foam. I'm in the situation is an alternative it I know I've I've seen in the past people what you know that's a fire that's in there and they cut a piece of foam and clocked the foam enemy is and as good as home. If you wanna do yourself or is that. Or is that a ridiculous questions and knows it. His question that takes care of them. Box choice itself but you also don't wanna take the added step of sealing whereabouts still a slightly different places the founded in our value there is not history. Probably know much. Although you could build up enough material between you know pretty far glass first and putting and you know to inch forward and see all the edges that can build up a lot of installation I bet it's really hard to do is very laborious to go through them do that through here. An entire race and enjoy that because of all sorts of stuff. Awful long answer and wire marine songs plumbing fixtures and who knows well exactly exactly. Plus you're more than likely and crawl space they're fearful that night working environment. Perry so we have we're gonna take a quick break here than a million normally until fifty for the news I also want them to one neglected Clarence and talked to camera quick morning cam Mario. Kim. I don't think him. I'm doing well and you could look we just where you. While my question is that we have about concealing in their living room and the collar or lock on the living in the shared with the room upstairs. And that our exit goes high into the peak of the group. And we just had a little replaced. The idea blacks think they were our firm to hear. Gas and they and Al X says I recommendation of your father yeah perfect. They found he got into the attic at the top of this while because it opens the wild they no one ever feel the lobby just threw rolled in inflation over yeah. But when you look at this group outside the there was nothing there first over any other part further confirming that there are people out there. So we're getting out cements. Now we can expect and want companies conducted spraying iPhone to seal the top of the wall. And that they wanted to exit to our attic pick by opening up deciding on the side of our house and put in a qualified are housing getting into the attic that way because we don't have. A permanent access to that part of the addict we have thick two separate spaces that got upstairs. So my question is that are there other ways to get access into the attic. Yeah you know the short answer is no going through that gable and to get into your. Sigh attic and assuming that hall wall at the base at the floor. Is gonna should solve your problem who whoever gave that assessment have the have the right idea you wanna you wanna stop the heat before it gets up and outside attic area. Any access point you know I'm sure they're thinking that it's less mess for you in the house in the actually less work. To just pop some siding down cut a small hole if someone in there. You know there's not catching and priming and painting and standing in making a mess in your house so. That's probably where their thought process was and it was a good one at that. They do it's he would say I'm I put it you would agree put at the top of the while reforms he's into the they could get an addict can do it there. I would have forgiven the side second side at a can do that I would probably put the foam insulation but at the floor level of that whole wall. The cold air return that walk kill anyone of that between these forward. There's a Carl but what we have to identify where that is it that it's in that tall wall almost to the that is does that is that found almost all to the roof level. Well that's another problem I knew him maybe maybe what you wanna do then is still at the floor and then also insulate that town and along that well that cavity that entertains the return to really isolate that cavity that section of Topper kind of bring that don't work inside their home bound written. And when Clarence. Where you are they make us use. Like a victim simple installation ramp in the cold air returns now so. You should have some element of luck holds a house if you don't mind me asking. It. Okay well you might you might just miss that quote but that's another option two is to use some kind of and blanket. And I'm blanking in the name of the product but it's just. Breath of sorts that would go over the cold there in turn create separation between the the condition and on conditions basis. It's something to try and sleep that cold air cavity and use an addition of putting foam at floor level and that side that prevents heat from coming up from the main part of house really is trying to create a continuous boundaries. Another thing is. Can we put a permanent. And can we actually push and hold an answer your question right after the news break. Okay hold on we'll be right back after this. President trumping any rational Republicans blaming Democrats for the government shut down house majority leader Kevin McCarthy says. Demands for dock of protections should be part of a larger immigration reform bill not the budget. Everybody agreed to it and the idea now that they would shut the government down. When there is not a problem that that is not till march and we're meeting making progress. To me as irresponsible. Democrats meanwhile pushing back particularly against president trump who's sent in mind minority leader Chuck Schumer says. Isn't following up on progress made in meetings yesterday even though president trump seemed to like an outline of the deal in the room. He did not press his party in congress. To accept it. Speaker Wright and leader McConnell. Without the commitment of the president. Would not agree to accept anything either essential essential government services still operate but hundreds of thousands of government workers could be furloughed. Marcum Allard ABC news. This is a time a year especially now these frigid Temps that we literally I literally trapped inside some people are wondering why they're sick. And we're about to tell you why the recent EPA report says that over 3000 virus particles can be released into the air from a single cough or sneeze. These tiny particles can remain airborne indefinitely. Queen to be inhaled and infecting the lower respiratory system system. Smart folks are taking steps reduced particles in their homes which are the primary transport vehicle for the spread of germs and viruses. That's right particles in the air primary transport vehicles for the for the spread of germs. You know. That leg that tiny little speech it was bleak being around your house how can you improve that plate in against flu and colds Peter Gordon joins him alive and to tell you how. To get healthy and stay healthy this winter. They don't Peter. They'll greet it was a great description. This whole. Feyerick Susan Bolton you know our little inspection should capitalist Tammy you're the more articles float in the year. Just the more people are getting sick and it's like whoa you know they don't put it went through together which. A dirty duct system that that early queen didn't sanitize. Or current should shake. Micro believe it it but I can't talk about the but you know aids is a huge difference in the course eat if you don't course they're the work it needs to be cleaned. Are we at that meeting medical Greek worker tires. And you know others agreed time yet in they help the. Absolutely I you know I enjoy well and you guys out was this September are now just for the baby is born. And to date this winter usually by this time winter have been sick pay two to three times. So far this winter as I am actually sick right now but this is the first time and and gotten sick so there's actually. Something to everything that you say Peter. Yes there's no doubt I mean people like I said they spent a lot of money on all kinds of gravity. You know from allergies stated well wolf you know Carriker carpeting and put down wood for all that helps but it New York. You know a contaminated ducked as hamburger that backing out articles chilling the victory all the medical greater or higher. It's neck and work yeah he lists located AT and it's meaningless to me he's got great deals or are equal lot. Her first heard constant review up 55 dollars off duct cleaning but there's more because. Any seniors military law enforcement. In first responders get even greater account and let's not forget our repeat customers a great time to call. Right now and he'll acreage here. That's great thinks Peter. Peter from indoor air professionals call 633000. That 6833000. Celebrate Ontario ice line this month weekends in Niagara will be transformed until winter wonderland celebrate Ontario VQA Priceline pic of your discovery passed to embrace the winter with incredible ice wine experiences including marshmallow roasting outdoor tastings and decade culinary pairings the Niagara ice wine festival has more than thirty participating wineries to choose from over three weekends get your discovery passed to exploit Niagara is famed wine group at Niagara wine festival dot com. And I'm only again. 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Welcome making your time this is in the courts he's in the studio with my brother so we're keys in Fred felon or from buffalo energy Yang says there are aliens I apologize. But we have rippling out to Kim in Clarence. Kim's or cut you off there before the break but no factory especially a few more we if you mormons. OK that's fine. I would be wondering who can we put a permanent access on the part of our act. Attic that doesn't have any access to it right now and who could do that. That's something that poisoning that we can do for you and yes if you have the ability to me and we get to see the house and and see that went nowhere has about how to get it that's basically rent subsidies and you knew you would drop downs of the stairs or something like that is something as simple as just an as a whole framed in the for those who enjoy San. They cut you could do that would absolutely rumor and I'll play anywhere you want anyway. Depends on them while since in order to weapon depends on where we can get at the space that's not doesn't have access to it right now. OK and that I'm excited about our phone number to to get estimates for inflation. Yeah hope will put channel we'll get that out of we'll have Jason do that T one meeting up with the okay. All right I see in him we're gonna go out to Wilson and talked to fail hey Phil you do when he felt. Well we're gonna look we play. Okay ten years ago. I turned out half my outs left the section up. You don't the other half we put a cathedral ceiling and now the old fire at a house had peaked at one across the net com Tolbert who the other part of the house felt. It's open from me. And the role in the attic fire bomb built question Enders some gusts of weirdly consider sealing its. Actually neverland came out we act in LA ambient. And now all right Willingham being meets the drywall is turning black. Now we've baffled we pay apple beat. But it the cathedrals ceiling. But apples and and and over the Apple's put regular. Regular insulation off all my like bad. Now somebody says bad but it looks like condensation. But I question whether but it's going along the landing mats of things so I don't know of the gaps are now banning. At the top of the road. Work if it's getting here I did I make confuse them out on a. He hadn't yet meaning their farewell you know the the black actress you know labs team is definitely due to moisture built up. And some older mill to start formal launch and that means got a lot of you're getting moisture into the attic space so in what I would suggest right for your wife is marchers in the attic space and try and eliminate that and that's usually because you've got all air leakage into the perfect territory pressure sore. Where officially out of time we wanna say thank you don't fret much trying to bring up your energy. Four. Turning Ellis today answered my questions. From Phil and myself we want I think you as well mind now it will be back next week and always remember like maybe hired by the Arab book by the interest it's a cinch. WB GM buffalo WK ES CHD three Niagara Falls. It's 11 o'clock we've got mostly cloudy skies it's 37 degrees in buffalo I'm Mike Ackerman news radio 930 WBBM the latest on the federal government shutdown. Government shut down interrupting a Florida trip for the president. Trump was supposed to spend the weekend it is mar a lot of resort in Florida but instead the White House wrapped his travel plans yesterday. In order for him to stay in Washington and monitor what's happening on Capitol Hill. There's a big gala planned for this evening in Palm Beach to mark the one year anniversary of his inauguration. Tickets for the event starting at 100000 dollars a pair which includes dinner and a photo with the president. But officials here said the president would not head south until congress is able to agree on a measure to fund the government. That of course did not happen and here at the White House he remains Karen Travers ABC news. The White House Democrats demanding protections for doctor recipients while Republicans say they're holding the spending measure hostage. House majority leader Kevin McCarthy says a deal on docket should be part of a larger immigration bill not the budget. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer meanwhile says president traumas and follow through and pushing his party to make a deal. Marker malign. ABC news and find out what the federal government shutdowns affect is on Erie county and the city of buffalo head on over to WB EN dot com. A towards a busy weekend for women advocates across the country including New York State. Thousands of people expected to begin this weekend women's march in Seneca falls among them Mickey Ross the executive director of the Western New York. Mayor and number but in your at least three or four. It coming from buffalo owned and mayors to take all of the states so it will be. Quite a very exciting. The events of also gotten under way in Washington DC Chicago New York City and several other places across the country.