Domenic Cortese 1-13-18

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, January 13th

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Well good morning buffalo good morning west to York yes it's Dominic Ortiz and of course hammer time begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WBBM. Which Dominic Cortese from court TC incorporated construction contractors now here's Dominic cork tees all news radio 930 WBE and good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time here on WB EN. How are you. How did you fare yesterday's. Rollercoaster ride of weather. 60 degrees in the morning. But as it seven when I was driving in here this morning. Open minds if you have anything related to whether with around the house that you like to speak about are open minds this Saturday morning here. I'm WB and the numbers 8030930. Anything I can help you with. You may be having some all water line issues so you may be having some heating issues. You may have some concerns about your rough and Europe over hangs in gutters and heat bots. You may have some icicle issues. Open open lines as they said anything I can help you with this Saturday morning. And 80309 trio. Outside buffalo you can call me for free at 180616. WB and cell calls a while comments star 930. Or you can text me at 309. At 30. And always remember that you can email me as well hammer time act court teases dot net and when you're online. You can not check out the court t.'s website everything we do is there includes room additions to its name Beth renovations are handyman service including handyman for a day. Federal having some rooms solar shades retractable linings. It's all there for you at court keys that now. So. I and I have the idea that I wasn't supposed to be here today half. We were drugs do to. Fly out. Yesterday afternoon. And the boys were gonna sit in and the weather going into the airport was horrible the time are waiting for our flight. To not leave was. And anxious and when they finally cancel the fly aid it to around 830 fifths. We thought okay now what so today is one of those days three and a likely in limbo you know it bombs boasts BWAY in post in Fort Lauderdale -- hell hole. But anyway. Will make the best event and hopefully our fight we'll get out today. In the meantime I. But such talk about whatever we can do to and brighten up your day with the weather. The snow fall and getting your home kind of geared up for the winter weather. With whatever you need to due to. To weather this the weather the winter storms and now. The a time of year that were in the course is always a bit of a roller coaster ride and you know we go from that warm weather which actually hate when that happens. Two the freezing temperatures that we're having today. You know I almost wish it would be his level playing field for her the winner months. But it's it is what it is and you know as it affects your home the current concerns from up temperature isolation involve far. From flooding to phrasing and how we say. That it's important that we spend some time. Taking a step back and looking at how how well our homes into war these kinds of these times of year. And if you have while water. If your hip if your property is prone to water collection. Then you should spend some time analyzing that while we do have a thought I see where that water does lay. And maybe take some pictures and video of that and so that in the warmer and drier times of the year you can show a installing contractor. That does drain tile work I'll worry you have typically collect water and were you need to drain it now away from the house. If conversely or income in tangent with that you have a ice formation problem again take pictures of that be careful not to try to attempt to break down any icicles. But the reason you wanna take pictures of that as you wanna show and insulation contractor. Where this ice is forming. So that they can deal with putting in the right in my insulation. To avoid problems with ice from heat las. Keep in mind when we talk about heat loss. It also has to be factored in that he us and moisture entrapment go hand in hand when I mean by that is. When we insulate we need to make sure we valley art insulation in violation go hand in hand too much insulation. Without in my ventilation can lead to problems with prices well believe it or not the reason is that have moisture trapped in your attic. Has the temperature and Ali we need this to be a little bit above. Freezing and now we have compensation. And that will lead to our snow melts which will lead than to re freezing and ice formation so it's kind of hard to understand how that could be the case. But but indeed it is true that insulation alone does not work you need the violation. To accommodate the airflow. Your attic should be as cold as the outside as often as long as you can keep it that way in the winter months. You're gonna do a better job to preventing any problems with moisture in trap so analyze these conditions as we are living with are here and now. And make the right kind of documentation of that with photographs and video and that way you can get a car repaired in the proper way. Comma warmer times of year course insulation can happen any time of year. We're not gonna be seeing any drain tile going in at this time of year but insulation can certainly occur even as early as Monday. Now if you had any water infiltration our water. From the flooding down in south buffalo way. This is a conviction that a course there's more to agree that can put him in in the paint to the height of the stream and and the ice damming. Has very little that you can do to control of those kinds of conditions. But be that as it may hit it is important that you do have the right kind of Frontline to minimize water infiltration in your home moment Heidi do that well certainly some pump. But when we have. You know municipal flooding that may be. And unavoidable circumstance I understand about a hundred people were affected. Down by Kaz creek in south buffalo. And if you're dealing with a watered down there are arguments call of us know how it so looking right now. An 8030930. And we can talk about your sump and how to try to minimize water. And also I always indicate that we consider a siphoned system. As a backup to the primary pump a siphon pump. Is a pump that works on water pressure hand down its always charged. The benefit is that you do not have to worry about it once it's installed it's a one and done you you have a pair should you needed your primary pump fails the primary pump. Would only fair oh typically the power goes out. But as a secondary pump it sometimes works if the water level is still so high that the primary can't keep up. And that would trigger the secondary pump so it's conceivable that you could actually have two pumps going. With the primary in the second if the water level was such that some was filling. Passes in the primary could keep up up pumping out. So site from pump a great idea as a backup to a primary better than. A battery style. Because you do need to make sure those are constantly trickle charged in the batteries do have a life. Spanned. Especially if you're prone to flooding end if you're going to be going away the and you're worried about power outage. Nothing is gonna beat the peace of mind that you'll get from a water siphon. Some pump. So. Pick up the phone and give us a call with anything I just said relates to you in your home. Or anything around the house this Saturday morning 8030930. Outside buffalo 180616. WB insult calls the stunning thirty or Texas in at 30. 930. Good morning from Dominic Cortese. And before you pick up the hammer before you pick up that they'll pick up a phony give me cause I'd love to talk. Before we talk to you though what do you say we travel in my corner yet George urban index could say good morning to my good friend. The manager of the lake her savings bank branch there right George Germany dec. None of them and Johnny Huber hello Jan. Hey good morning Dominic a lot of notes today but all of our lake shore savings bank branch of the symbols should talk with Tony and Erie county are open for business today don't twelve know. Well that's good to hear and it's also good to hear from you on our 127. Anniversary year of lake your savings bank as we move through the beginning of the year and we look at the rates we see that the home equity line of credit rate is still smoke and how to 3.5. Yes sure it Dominic comment that special was so popular during the year 2017. We've brought it back for the whole month of January. No application you know closing costs. Even your appraisal we pay for that and as you just mentioned locked in at a rate of three and a half percent for the first twelve months. How do you do it John that's an awesome race. Always we're here to take care of our customers who that's what we do it yep exactly and also in addition to that we're paying no 1% time home I cook I know I'm sorry and money market accounts. Yeah I worked in the net special as well to other non that is not a teaser rates it's not like one of those accounts where the rates only good for sixty or ninety days. That is our regular rate at 1% for money markets savings account with a minimum balance of 101000. And Dominique brand new for this year. Started the what we're calling a premium money market account for higher balances. Oh please call our local branches for the cut interest rates fanatic. While that's great to hear. Our rates so the phone number there at the the few branches. 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He it's Dominique or teaser for the experts at carpet care services the fact is no longer the water sits the more dangerous. Dangerous it can become to the health of your family. Or your employees anything that's it's over 24 hours can run the risk of growing mould. And mildew in your home that's why you need to call carpet care service is now 7060003. The experienced crew it carpet care services will get the water out of your home or business as quickly as possible. They'll also put down a mill decide to kill the mold and mildew that will be growing from the flood. And of course get rid of all that dirty water. Nice you been affected by recent floods in our area turned to Donna Scalfaro my good friend then the experts at carpet care services. Give them a call right now at 7060003. There on call 24/7. For all year emergency needs don't delay call 70600003. For carpet care services. And Tom Dominic sentient. Tenth when he won his hammer time good morning from them to court he's open lines this Saturday morning anything around the house as we. Whether through another winter storm here in buffalo. The roller coaster ride of yesterday was quite remarkable 60 degrees in the morning. And then of course the ensuing snow rain and then snow with the wind. And then the snow snow collection. Again we spent the late afternoon and evening at the airport. He needed to see things eroding you know you just knew once again and good with that plane is sitting there at the luggage sitting I'm. The little carts not being put on the airplane yet a kind of tell you a lot I it's. And that the icing. Did that via the DI racing truck just sitting there and that spring that the let's bring the plane down. I guess the whole logic was that it just was. Too cold for the DI seem to work I guess there's a threshold for that. But Pete says it made it. Is what we have to endure in our winter weather months here in our in west New York. And I'm looking to help you with your home as they said this Saturday morning we are we talking about things you need to be aware of and keep an all observe an eye on with the conditions that though we are experiencing now. In as they would expect. Those that have heat Los are going to start to see on ice formation. I mean usually when we have a meltdown like we did especially if you didn't get around to clearing out your gutters. Well guess what that water that will now quickly freeze from the drainage at the occur. Is going to start the process of an ice dam on the ice formation in your garner. And that's why I shall we say in the fall it's so important. To get your gutters cleaned out so that we. Will have good drainage. In the five that's not gonna collect and hold water that can lead to a quicker start on ice. Not to say that. A clogged or or dirty gutter is is going to be the cause of and I stand now they kind of go together. The cause of the ice dam is squarely related to. The lack of follow proper insulation lack of proper ventilation. So I would predict that in the U week ahead here we're going to start to see are some ice dams. The end of the aware that you need to be very careful with dealing with those. First and foremost I don't recommend that you try to knock them down. Rather I would suggest again if you just take pictures. Another benefit to taking pictures is should we have anything happen Blake arm and ice DM falling off. Com pulling a gutter down that documentation may prove to be worthwhile. In speaking with here homeowner's insurance carrier. But the reason we wanna take a picture is again the show re insulation contractor what you're dealing with. It'll help give them the visual should we not get them over their before we have a meltdown. But if you wanna try and dissipate the ice you could. Use my self stocking. Methods are using ladies nylon stocking filled that with calcium chloride. Lay that on top of the ice stand. Does require that you get a final edited do this so we do need to make sure that we're working safely with this letter. Make sure it's well planted if we've had you know go to mono Voss snow fall in your neighborhood. You wanna make sure that your getting to the ground in hand that that letter is properly state in the ground before you attempt to. I stepped up the latter. And then we wanna make sure that letter is. Above the gutter line by a few feet. He and if you can stay on the lead of a certainly gonna promote more safe environment. Ian throw that self stocking on the top. Edge of that ice dam as it as it connects back down to the rough soul. Not the leading edge the back edge of it. And the nylon will actually help. The stacking it here too the race so it'll cling which is useful because now it's going to start working where it will slowly dissipate the I stand. Com has it shrinks it and this state clipped a claw on the as an alert clung to. The ice ice dam and help break it up. Slowly. So that's the trick and out it works but again you just have to be careful about getting up there and they're trying to work and trying to mounted on top of the I stand. Without risking life and limb in the process. So that'll be a that'll be you approach. For you to deal with the ice DM. And again in the meantime you wanna make sure that you are understanding. The the whole issue why you had ice formation in the first place a tax questions coming in what do I think of gutter guards are they worth it. Yet gutter guards are worth it but. Keep in mind that if he would stop gutter guards when you have an ice or he lost problem you could actually do damage you're gonna Garrett. And you wanna certainly protect that investment. So a deal with the heat Los issue first. And then you couldn't consider putting in arm. The gutter guards is the follow up to that. It's in any kind of way kind of a cart before the horse approach to have the proper. The proper insulation in the got a Garrett the governor guards aren't gonna stop that he Los issue was the point so. We need to make sure we deal with that problem first. So that we're aren't going to have the ice damage our new governor cards but great question they they will help with. You know keeping the gutters clean which will mean in the fall when I talked about the fact that clogged. Leaves will lead to more price formation earlier start of ice formation. Well that certainly goes hand in hand with keeping them cleaner. That's a tax question coming in. When we turn on the water we have banging the pipes what is the cause of that that is call water hammer that's usually an indication of a loose. Water line. War over pressurization of that water line. If this is a new problem I guess is that it wireline. Has come free of its mounting there's usually copper anger. On that secures Nick Carter that water and rather in place we can talk more about that after a week. Hear from might be adamant in the latest from the double BN newsroom good morning Michael. Good morning it's 1030 from the WB yeah Newsom a Mike Bagger mean here's your top local stories. Buffalo mayor Byron brown gave an update into that ice jams situation in the buffalo ripper yesterday some of the waters are receding at the Casanova you creek. And buffalo creek. The war has receded about two feet. Which is freed. The jamming that we were seeing that was creating flooding conditions. About a hundred homes. Have seen some of our water in the basement. People were displaced by the flooding along the buffalo river were taken the Winchester elementary school in west senate fell overnight. President trump has been heavily scrutinized for his alleged comments about some countries in a bipartisan docket meeting on Thursday. Among the growing number of voices at the local level comes from tennis balls at the CEO of Catholic Charities. He said their organization has welcomed in the stranger in whatever form they take. From an orphan child. To a single mother. To a refugee. We're never going. Treating all persons whether or native to our country or not with the dignity and respect it is imperative. To who we are as an organization. Plus we are deeply disappointed by remarks attributed to president trump that were said during a meeting and immigration policies. And we are discouraged. But he feels to Steven Bailey and goodness and those who come from these countries NBA. You watch the full video op Ed WB EN dot com. Currently in buffalo we have light snow and eleven degrees in your WB yen for solar forecast. 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As we go to the calls and hello Chris you're on WB yen. Good morning damn it I'm glad you were accurate about your eyes you see through all this thing to drop and there. Yeah. I grab. My favorite moment or record the belt was almost in other analyst sixty. I'm I don't. It these are the ones you throw up on our ice stand. Yeah got a ranch and yes in my house is pretty good what happens. The actors are we use the most I think we just what's out there and he'll be monitored but the point is that not a. Yet that that they work in the same principle of the self stacking idea that I was just speaking about. The only thing is you're talking about up tablet so it's going to concentrate in one spot. But it's the same idea of filling a stocking and laying it across the whole width of a damn you probably get better melting action from the stocking idea. The only other downside to my idea is that you gotta get up there. He got a mount the latter and you better you know put the sacking on top of the ice stamp. If fraud if it's easy to do that especially on a ranch and I would go with my stocking idea over the over the templates. It he's been like it it makes icing their story about a letter and you know they're like a boxing I don't edit edit or worse wasted twenty bucks and worse things you just concerned they cannot do reform Muppet I'd. Chair I mean obviously that saves you from having decline which is their. Right but they don't wait what academic. Career forward. It's. Him and none and now. Yeah he won a story about that issue is whether they're going to be as effective as I said as as the thought stocking would be. Yeah like that minors I think my problem come in and out that door all the time and a driveway and I think we let you wrap up an artist were to one that a lot of are gonna stop. It is really a lawyer at. That's second cousin I stamped. Out now the ice dam is going to be specifically related to wait. A loss of heat. From the building envelope into the attic. And then the effect of that loss of heat. Dissipating the snow on the right on the rough turning its ice. So that's what you should be looking into his why is that happening. Well that it's got a better and I think it's a in my basement stairs. Probably to wonder it's. There may be a lack of insulation or lack of ventilation it it may be worth looking into office is a perennial problem for. Yet my house built like yeah yeah yeah and any escalation. And there there's this it's how all of them half. Inspect and I've been up and attic crawl space. There's no you have to build something put this question I see there it just isn't drywall and artist airs from their wide open in the rafters. Yeah well. Then this is gonna be an ongoing issue for air. Yes yes there were also out. There's a war over what flight capacity out of that this one area and that's right accident thanks for the driveway. You may wanna consider me in that area it's hard to get to harm having spray foam installed. The spray foam does not need violation. And it works as effectively as as regular fiberglass. Is more expensive. But the benefit is that you don't need to worry about violation. OK so that would just fire drill into what he's just out. They either that or that would have to work from the attic to fill the cavities that we're talking about. It would if you wake up and I want to. Mr. there you go that's another way I've gone on a big yes I Chris appreciated thanks for the call from Hamburg. Chris hangs up that opens up like for you here on WBN. At 803. 0930 relating to chris' question we have a text her that says that don't have sockets and I get icicles. Yeah that that's a perfect scenario to consider spray follow if you do not have over hangs. Then as very very difficult if not impossible to get the right form code violation. Because you we rely on sockets to promote that air current. And if we do not have over hangs then you really can't get a good air currency really can't rely solely on a ridge vent. And if you have gable vents that will help but it's still gonna create a scenario worn down by the Yves you may have ice. So in that case when you do not have over hangs I do recommend spray foam because it is a great way. To deal with the fact that you can't promote violation so just deal with it with spray foam and it'll solve the insulation. On the issue and that he won't have to worry about violation. With that that's a great question let's move along to. Our next caller in nets are in the wings up and down Maryland. See here's Maryland there and yes Maryland you're on don't be on good morning. Morning and I'll help you get to take your trip today yeah Neitzel. My question is. I live in apartment complex and twice. Fiat corner that's renting to me has told us arm and saying if we had to. They without water for up to four hours of sun. Guess 61 of their rights and I'm wondering if it's say. As you noted they insist they have a pail of water and used slush kind. Yeah I'm absolutely fine to do that because the water's actually what does the flushing. So yes that's Smart move to I think it had that way. Now I thought I know another like at a pail of water in the bathtub now in case something happened this. Does that matter if you do it in the wintertime are phenomenal. Now that at all the water the water condition of the ability to use waters more related to temperature for what you're talking about that it would be. Anything to do with you know the actual plumbing mechanics so long as we don't have any freezing. Then you certainly could go ahead with that idea. To flush the toilet with the dumping of them the pale into the toilet bowl. Well thank you and I love your show. OK a deal where do you exactly live what neighborhood. Jamie brick apartment sibling and Williams Tony Clark. OK so that what they doing water line replace spinners or break you know wireline. Well once there was a break and what didn't involve the whole complex cloth and the other cat that was just. I don't know what that we can once but done they told us 24 hours contains. Yeah well that's good that they gave you a heads up. So you're able to be prepared. A Maryland thank Peter for the call. Sabina Maryland's line is now free here on WB and as we go to another text her. Hello regarding sump pumps what they water backup system work okay. In a very real house with the old plumbing pipes and if so. What is the approximate cost to install actually that's a good question because. You do need to pop height they water lying to the siphon pump it's under. Constant charge. And you would typically need to install a durable water line to the site from pomp. So I would think that copper would be the answer. And if you do not have copper water lines then that may be an obstacle. The water line could be installed. From the meter to the siphon pump but we are talking about additional expense. I would consult with a plumber that's the other downside if you wanna call it a downside about about the siphon pumps is they are. A fairly involved. As far as having them installed because a plumber needs to do all this water line work in the run. The pipe it's the pump itself is about a three to 400 dollar. So you're looking at about a 1012100. Dollars for a plumber to install. One of these pumps so yep I would suggest that we get an estimate from a plumber and have him look at your water lines to see if that will work in your case good question. 1046. Is hammer time good morning from Democrat tease we'll take our next break and we'll continue with this great dialogue right after this. Each and every Saturday morning at this time we look forward to a phone call for. Our good friend. Peter Gordon from indoor air professionals. And a recent EPA report says over 3000. Virus particles can be released into the year from a single cough. Or sneeze these tiny particles can remain airborne indefinitely waiting to be inhaled. And infecting the lower respiratory system are Smart Smart folks are taking steps to reduce particles in their homes. Which are the primary transport vehicles for the spread of germs and viruses. That's right particles in the air Ari primary transport vehicle for the spread of germs. You know a bit like a little tiny space ships small leaping around your house just imagine that. You can improve the fight against your flu at brought against the flu and colds by giving my friends in indoor air professionals of call. Peter gore large Gordon joins us on the island good morning peak. Good morning damage yet that the great. Explanation of what goes on at the unseen level especially this time a year when people are trapped indoors more often. And to all those particles are floating down also threw a hero and I emphasize there'll duct cleaning. Yeah and our medical grade hair care fires we can reduce those particulates the medical grade air purer fighters killed 94 to 100%. Of bacteria mold and virus. Just delete things get him healthy jets think they. Don't worry about your home you know we keep it warm and toasty and clean booties snowshoes error. We do it in the coldest weather we have knack cancel that job due to. So Knoll or cold yet this year. All right Peter we look forward your call each and every week and equal to that we look forward to the extra special. Hammer time only discount what's gonna be this week. All what can I say I'm Manning the phones today so a lot. Let's see where did we leave off I think we're yet we still first time customers 55 dollars not bow out cleaning. 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To stop a leak in who I boiler taint him for furnace. I would certainly would recommend that we get that leak fixed permanently but there is a product called blacks Juan powdered boiler stop leak. This apparently. Works to our find the leak and they say permanently fix that I don't know if I would rely on it to be a permanent fix. I'm but the product blacks Juan. A special blend of voters that will repair leaks in steam and water boilers the repaired leak will then resist high temperature expansion contraction reparation. And we'll give the boiler many more years of trouble free operating I'm reading from. The Black Swan website so you snow that it's going to be slanted towards it being a great product. So I would say that Libya short. A short fix a stopgap. But we gonna get that repaired permanently. For that thanks for the question. Let's see another texture rights and how often should duct cleaning be done that certainly depends on a few things are one. Where you live. You live in a dusty area you know high traffic area to. Do you have paths. Because pats will lead to more dander. On three how many people live in the house you know affairs with several people living there you're gonna create more dead skin cells. He and four. How old palaces. Old house is probably going to be a little bit last year. In the long run. So I would say if you haven't headed down it's time to do it certainly and then you wouldn't be able to tell where you need when you need to have it done again. By the re Peta when you start to seal up more dust so there ego. Another question texture rights then you're going to go back to my being puppets are the facts thank you for reminding me. And the bottom they are newspaper always does that US rates area throws this out through our. Thought process yes the water lines banging again as they said if it's a new problem then it's probably. A hunger. That. Came loose if you looked down in the basement up at the water line. They are Hong off the Joyce usually with a copper support bracket that's nailed into the Joyce. And who knows what could've happened. You know maybe somebody tried. Use that water line to hang our dry clothes. Maybe you know to dry wet blanket. In as a result of that we pulled on that anger and maybe we pulled it loops. Filled get a good look at all of that and see if there's any loose water lines that is the number one reason why water lines may. The second as they said could be from over pressurization. However if this is a new problem that I don't suspect all for over pressurization. Would be the cause because. This would be an ongoing issue rather than a sudden and new issue. So my guess is a hangar came came free. Now it it's possible with the water pressure issue that there was some municipal worked on that changed the water pressure. That came in that comes into your house. So that may be some he may be aware of that if that didn't happen. Then maybe we east needed damper down on the water pressure. In the house by turning the main down a little bit. If it's isolated to a certain area then I'm gonna guess it's the water it's the water line hanging anger that's broken or. Is somehow removed so check that out that's certainly. Hopefully will be the solution to your problem and thanks you for that text let's go to Sanborn now and say good morning a Mike in mourning Michael you're on WB yen. Mike. Oh I don't concern yield good. Look I do for album in my garage to get attached garage and arranged so it was built about seventeen years ago and here on was finished fruit. But this drive along party inside to forward you know by her coached. Like in a Soccer City grabbed insulated as. And according get here and there emperor Peter on the law. And I of course think hinders what keep their four degrees most of the time both Israel cold water and get back condensation on the ceiling. Right above the main the bigger story. That that's for the header goes across the opening and there's no insulation they are for sure. Did you say there's insulation and and the walls. Yeah that's yet another plastic. Okay insulated it in a plastic outer area sealed so what's happening there. At that at that had her location Mike is we have solid wood that. Goes right to the outside finish so the sheeting and and the citing. So we have a cold transferred just coming right through that area that's gonna cause that condensation. So it's not an ideal scenario it's very difficult for you to do anything about that other vein and who have been near the interior of that wall with perhaps some styrofoam sheeting. And then re apply the drywall not not an easy solution no matter what you do. But that would help if you were concerned about the conversation I wouldn't be overly worried about can stationed there for the in the garage. But if it's probably you than that would be a way to fix it. Yet to actually Wally I can't play ever rear touched by an eight foot garage door and impact about garage. And I don't they have no issues there but it doesn't have a bigger patter I believe I guess back yeah so the wind site to also. Here is the grads are insulated. She is the garage door insulated as well. Yes it's in home medals. Actually drag. Yeah yeah okay well like I said it's one of those things that's related to the construction and we know what when a garage is built. If it's retrofitted to be insulated later. Then that's not it's not considered as part of the construction is how to we prevent that cold bridge from forming where the wife Nicole comes right through that hatter. So you have to do it as an after an afterthought from the interior finish side which would be the veneer that out they said. And you could use he'd have to take the drywall down you have to expose the hatter you could use. Either. Stir phone sheeting two inches thick or you could actually further hole wallow. In insulated with fiberglass. All that'll create a wider jam at the garage door opening might be a little cumbersome but that's another possible solution. All right. Okay thank you Mike thinks of the question is a good one. All right well time has gone by as it does always quickly here on hammer time we'll look forward to seeing in next Saturday though same time. Same place if if I don't get out of town half. If not IOC and two weeks and the boys will be here next Saturday so be sure to tune in for that in the meantime have a great weekend remember. Let me be hard by the yard the by the inch it's the saints'.