Does Elephant DNA = Cancer Cure? - Cheri Preston


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We're learning this morning that offense it turns out. The super heroes of the world. And unfortunately for buffalo we just found out yesterday that the buffalo zoo is relocating its elephants to resume in New Orleans let's bring in correspondent Shari Preston. With what we're learning about elephant. It's now first I'm sorry to hear that your your elephants in an awful lot to change its been awhile since it had vacation. Yeah exactly maybe a little bit warmer weather exactly it felt that the larger a living thing is the more cells that that that nothing happens okay. Well when you have more cells you have more of a chance of getting mutations in those cells and getting cancer. So it just holds true that don't you know the large elephant. Has that you would have more cancer while it turns out but that is not the case I mean have been studying nestled because this is kind of confusing story but. But here's what happened scientists at the University of Chicago have been looking into why elephants don't get cancer. And they out that there is a gene mutation in the element that has evolved over. You know millions of years it's an extra copy of the gene whose job it is. To kill the cells when there's a kind of stress that causes cancer so. You have cancer going on and then you have these genes that come out certain proteins they are developed and they then in a sense kill the cancer. Or even you know commit suicide if they're the ones carrying cancer okay the elephants have an extra copy of this we humans do not. And scientists are encouraged by this because they say we can figure this out and figure out witnesses. This could lead to some real development when it comes to fighting cancer in human beings. That's pretty remarkable us think that we would actually think too. Look to these elephants. Well you know they've since it for a long time they started figuring out the 1970s. That something was going on with elephants because they weren't getting. Cancer at the same rate as other animals and you know that doesn't include just humans it includes all animals you would think that. You know a big elephant would have more to have a chance of developing cancer but it just wasn't the case of back in 1970s. They found. This in a cancer suppressing gene and they said wow this is kind of a big deal they've been studying at all along. And a couple of years ago they said okay the reason that this elephant has so many of these is because you know evolution over the years the only animals that planned. This particular gene called zombie gene again because it was a long since dead Jean and it came back to life in the elephants. And in their closest relatives amenities those the only animals that's mountain. So as long as we're talking about this you know they say if we can develop this into humans we can make it work but that could be decades down the road but as far as this goes there they're very encouraged him. So not only. Did an active cancer but don't they have great memory suit an elephant never forgets right. That's what they say that's what they say I can't I can't attest to that I'm here only to talk about this gene is on the gene can't hurry we'll Cheri thank you and hopefully I'll think never forgets buffalo when these guys move it over to find New Orleans.