Dodgers Back In World Series - Ryan Burrow


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Let's welcome in right amber oh he was at Wrigley Field in Chicago last night as the Dodgers punched their ticket. To the World Series Ryan it's that maybe the first time in awhile that everyone's not feeling bad when the cubs to lose a series. Yeah I there's no weeping and gnashing their teeth like we speak the last 108. Years it beat. Because it's actually who could be OK with it got a couple of reasons. I wonder if the doctor flat out outplayed them a satellite that was that. You all won't call it been like that the doctors. Good to be the real deal. Do you've got to understand that they won the World Series last year every they seek out of their Coca the coming out of that right now it. You know it is it okay at grew up went through that we took a look celebrated it. It's very very typical repeat as World Series at the end of what would be OK would everything that you. A prospectus that he worked out pretty adopting a lot of customer. It Utica right kind of outlaw that they would come back now other with this isn't so a lot of heat. Even into the draft. And talk about the fans this morning how much celebration what's going on in LA. They let very very site of the World Series and and net ED eight Arctic and Hernandez. With you yeah. Be hero Walcott didn't really hope it don't lack on all of last year all. And yet you hold on one. It was that a lot of Mecca and got a lot of cutting out that you. Sit back with broken. You it would it would yeah else yes. Yes yes. You know I'd say a big feel a big time field around baseball now because the final four teams were you know the four biggest cities. In all the US and now you have the potential for an LA. New York or World Series did you feel that kind of may be buzz around Chicago at least you know Chicago LA and the winner could face new Yorker Houston. Was there a big city buzz in the air. Oh absolutely especially in light yet in the cup you'll. Hearing where that would be absolutely incredible scene from a media event like LA series is great because. I've been let down and talk to each other the last two NL yet. We've come a little political rivalry yet the cut. Out the doctors let the actors. You know upgrade the culprit here. Who is going to be very good prologue I. Lebanese prime never let you and I and there certainly got a pretty strongly that incumbent curriculum. I think that that looked in her letter that was what the big story when I was leaking important covered would that be accurate and picked up just a gulag. Now you would he could be interdependent. World Series of course. You know what an incredible story their two young guys you don't expect that the baby armor coming out of New York look at apple would expect to be here. Under the Clinton. Incredible black was. On May Ryan we appreciate the time and hope yet fun out there at Wrigley last night that's Ryan amber oh. He was on hand is the Dodgers punch their ticket to the World Series.