Dist. Atty. John Flynn

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Monday, November 27th

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Well and I'm satisfied mainly where the the work the outstanding work of the buffalo police department here along with the cooperation. All of the business owners in the Allentown entire career I wanna were re emphasize that. There is. Absolutely. No one. Our crime problem and all in the Allentown area here on there is no reason why anyone should feel. Are concerned about common down Allentown to win short holiday season. This was the situation. Where bomb these two individuals who knew one another. They had the clintons. And the the individuals involved in this incident. Com got into a flight. Originally in the bar. The flight spilled over spilled out into the street in front of the bar. They continued to. Engage in the altercation bomb in their in the mill street there from the bar. And and the defendant. Armed allegedly. Went to his vehicle got to guard came back and shot the victim so this was not eight. Random act of violence in at the bar this was not in it did this was not a situation where individual. Was climbing into the town area to cause trouble. Combing the bar too well. To block two or scary and the patrons at all so all I want to the public to be sure to hear that. The Allentown area is. One of the finest. Areas we have in this city. People should enjoy the or for the holidays this war is a act of violence com. Obviously that on call for on an signal disruption community bought it was involved two individuals who who no one there. Ethel tried absolutely tragic. It's jobs. It is a Nam you don't call for. Again there in the eighty you know he's not been found guilty matters or allegations so. Obviously he's innocent until proven guilty bought. The allegations are serious. Allegations are that. He shot and killed another human being which it doesn't get enforcers and more. Whether. Yeah I mentioned that. Doing this drug use in your opening remarks like that this. Isn't that where you came he's. I can't. Com. I don't want to talk about in particular because I want to walk you know that obviously such while on. I I will say to sell bat on the that that that they have that video that we. On our team from this is here. Which which Warner what I guess I just got debt and our average day. Crashed there's there's there's been bitten with video that we obtained that was video from aid about business and to T on on the street. Outside it. Just I can't resolve your. The it. It is. This morning. That's performed through Asia cup but I don't cases accident insurance or. Because. He's glad to have him. Committed while he was out on bail and is we Yuma via. Yeah yeah I mean is there all the you know we we we asked. For bail win and we feel that it's appropriate in all I I I made a conscious decision here over the course of my. Almost first year in office now to bomb to it or not. To not. Have people incarcerated. All while there pending charges. If it is not just. You know what whenever I ask for bail. I ran my attorneys you know in court after bail I'll. I have a thought process behind it just Willy Nilly. I'll ask for bail order keeps them all in custody. While there pending charges because again the older or not they're guilty. Air pending charges. But when I believe that someone. I'm is a flight risk. I believe that someone. On who has a history of committing criminal acts or not actually go to court. And ask for bail and and when. And when you know and I out of former George so American are American are criticizing George decision hear me. Each Georgian in this in this county in this in this city. In all makes up his or her mind and what what's appropriate and I'm not rule this have to respectfully disagree on occasion. There. Is to let the ball and your group reserves that are. Out there. Well yeah I mean they're committed to admit this is serious case in my in my opinion to where we have very calm. We have we have 47 year old archery and frat guys CRA ID DO CK. Mom I'll awful who was a city of buffalo. Seasonal employee. Who was working mom I'm September 23 2017. And a key. He. Allegedly. Stale and aid a dog bomb he had a prior. Alms. He knew the dog owner and and this dog on on prior occasions he had. He had runners allegedly with this dog owner and dog. And he. He. September 23 it's something I find. Oh inconceivable here what are key on pull out a knife allegedly. And and stab this dog. And fortunately the dog is is find the dog recovered com bought the dog had had a stab wounds all lost some water. Had to go back and be taken care of and and now mr. craft box our biggest problem is that. The arm is confronted with the DA for dog lover. And mister Kraft dot com has basically two choices here in case army can plead guilty to the animal cruelty charge. Well war is capable trial because. I have zero tolerance. Four. On any kind. Physical harm to to to to a dog. Born. What. He's charged with they unclassified felony on and the armed op on the cruelty to the arc to the animal. He's awfully sharp when a misdemeanor a menacing in the second degree and it. For possession weapon burglary which bombed the allegation is when he pulled out the knife. He caused fear. To get dog owner so the last two charges com. We later. On he faces a maximum seven years in prison. On all the charters here. So he faced some serious time here bought. The serious time he faces mom is because this is a serious offense and I. I consider all cruelty to animal charges. A serious offense. And mr. crap now and now have to walk had the faithful church and terrain and in this morning and so now again and now proceed with the withdraw.