Discount Flights and Holiday Travel - Rick Seaney


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Rick's Cheney is with us from fare compare dot com is the founder and CEO and you know we're about to get into the holiday travel season but when it comes to winter getaways wreck our there's still deals to be had. Well it depends on when you're going here going for winter getaway between in the first few weeks in December there's many of these deals out there you just gotta buy those tickets in the next few days. You wanna do it at least fourteen days in advance preferably 21 in some cases. But what you start getting into the last two weeks to December of the first week of January that's what airline consider Christmas because that's when prices go up pretty dramatically. About certain days or a little bit cheaper than other days in certain destinations like warm weather destinations are much more expensive. Florida some of the Caribbean location except for one to judge it by the hurricane are expensive places like a lot is as central and southern Californians are. It just depends on which are looking for but generally if your flight only ninety minutes or less you don't you huge increase in prices even during Christmas holiday. Hey Rick coming up in just a few weeks frontier will begin service out of buffalo while working tells about Frontier Airlines is that a good option for travelers. Yes so front here is that switched its business models a few years ago to what's called ultra low cost model it's very similar to Allegiant. And Spirit Airlines do you have carry on fees so just be aware. Which you know all the various he's ahead of time. And that you actually you know by whatever you're trying to buy whether you're trying to check a Bagger it bring back onto a plane for example. Did she do that ahead of time and not at the airport because it cost more but generally the prices are very low in some cases. You know some 100 dollars a even you know sub fifty dollars and some cases. I just need to know all the different rules to commercial lots of add on fees and as long as you know the rules it's a pretty good airline to fly. Sure hate real quickly mention certain days are cheaper to fly what are day. Just generally. Outside of holidays there and a few other things Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday the cheapest days to fly. Com so if you can peek into our hacker turkeys we just have to benefit imploring him those particular dollars. I think his Rick Simi fare compare dot com looking at the holiday travel season.