Digesting a crime wave 930in716 August 7, 2018

Tuesday, August 7th

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It's 930. In 716. Digesting a violent and deadly crime wave and what to do. We're scared to be in you know even groups of people now among our family our porch and I don't community to be alarm is not a record that and about to. Randomly shoot you people are. X and offense we go back to allow while west. And people wrote an accounting and potentially good and then when no one hands on. I think do a lot of people in the community who feel like they need to him a note to protect themselves. I'm Jim linger on 930 and 716. A recent wave of violent street crime has buffalo and frankly many other metro areas nationwide. On edge. And it's the brazen aspect of these crimes it is particularly alarming. Repeated shootings at the same address shootings in homes children women. Yeah well let me be clear on something for men. Pastor James dials of buffalo peacemakers with Susan rose and Brian has aroused keep talking about the violent outbreak and what to do. They're not randomly. Shooting in people who owned the line item in the community being alarmed at effect at a couple people. Have got Chapman pet food come to help. Not a random thing that the Cuban people won't generally. The individual that I keep our. It dumb way formal fashion some connection with the individual that that. Of making them part. However the problem that we're having me is it may not even speed integrated that there in looking for but they're unloading could vote in a heartbeat. I. You know it's not there. Your record this minority community to be alarmed about the record citizen about randomly shooting people. It's about people that are involved in activities that that are currently tool and then in nature and. And in whatever it they're lifestyle live I'm not certain but. But it's more like that it goes those children they're coming in house and you know it's a different between the target it's you. Children and then a stray bullet that they landed someone else so you know but it's all. Concerning due to you know taken a light in this respect fortune net. That tapping out. Passer this city's strike force unit that was disbanded five months ago. Should the city bring it back. So you got a bit wavering on that. Is who myself. So. They in the community you know we might. Like America is now you know the community. Itself. Is telling us and you don't want any yeah I don't cut my barbershop conversation as well that. Conversation and restaurant conversations in on the street. Bad maybe. Yeah maybe we need to bring that strike force band because unfortunately. We keep it there may be a correlation between state action on the strike force. Chip found a new element they're Communist and sort and I look at is you know it's a market unit because that it was. Part of a new congress a critic community could push it gets a strike or because the method that the ballots that different point you know to a rest. But the truth of the matter the record is. And they pick up a lot of current in all streets. Two took a lot of ground how could grab a gun belt. Individual locust street there were positioned. And so and look at that just like epic 9/11 you know winning a cute dog its. It's safeguards in building this safeguard its airport safeguards that they built a you know nobody really complained about the right flat because they will more concerned that there are things he's been tactical too. The changes have been certain changes you know. You know ought to frustrations of the insert or frustration of waiting patiently look at this. Similar to that I mean. I mean how much what would we want to be done. By law enforcement. The kind of help Connor this you know everybody what do point their finger at law enforcement and didn't turn around and tied their hands. When they try to institute magistrate to do something so the my community really have to get together around in this stuff is. Does this series and apparently had to be very inventive external what to put children. You know I'm whatever it's going to work. That it would how we need to be looking at this. But it's warm and a number of incidents where people. And I'm Chad or little. Linger. In their homes on their fortunes. Close to home and many times you really don't know if they're argued it wouldn't buy orders. Buffalo common councilman David Rivera a former buffalo police officer and on the council police oversight committee. Talking on WB yen. Through its planned so long standing disputes. Really don't know and you think you're on its sacred mountains that orchard near yard. And it took place you go home to relax and on the line and feel safe thing and things like this happen so most all of it's very personal and the alarming to the people that live. In the neighborhood. David what do we have to do here and in the mayor's been in the neighborhoods the police are neighborhoods. Is community policing working. Well in community policing is only one aspect. Fighting crime and certainly. Prevention patrolling intelligence. Going after. Gang members being proactive. Working with neighborhood folks Blackwell leaders and one that went to come forward with information. Collaboration between multiple agencies. They just gathering intelligence. I. And I'm gangs and the leaders of gangs. There's so much Nickels and there's. Sometimes that it's important certainly our community involvement and engagement is very very crucial especially in terms of witnessing. Many opinions and that occurred in coming forward with any operational matter. How small you particularly the Arab Weathers are antsy to lose suspicious people. People circling the black because sometimes they take all around before the act we commit crime that you sort of survey the neighborhood or act though. So people just they see somebody walking down the middle of the street. Take a good description I mean just pick up and and say hey what and other middle street dressed. Height weight description of cool being. And it that may be important shooting investigation so it doesn't matter how small it is. It's important that you know that information down and provide that information to the least and. We've been told again and again over the past month or so events the number of shootings the number of homicides is a pretty much steady that say even despite what seems like a spike in crime. Were on par with previous years but looking at some of the shootings. Whether it's us somebody returning to the same home that was on great street. Shooting outs in the open on at homes in two groups of people. This it's seemed that some of these crimes are more brazen than ever. Absolutely that's an alarming part of it it's during the Taylor eight. Shooting into groups of people. I mean you you you try to understand what you're shooting it's a group of people. It's that lake you have a target you know this is the first in the we're going after Moshood indiscriminate and two groups of people where you have elderly and children and it all innocent bystanders. It's alarming and people are now saying hey we're scared to be you know even groups of people now among our family our porch. That that they alarming part of that the people are concerned about in. Unfortunately we're seeing that great now they'd know that part of the city security side. And it's it's something that police department is going to me they're gonna have to get their. They're really gonna have to devise a strategy and plan how to deal with this and I'm sure the police commissioner. And that is administered step ardor. Are working on it a plan how to deal with theirs I'm. Including. Community policing and cute and looting. Being proactive and including intelligence and gathering information all the things. That they need to do to Natalie. If we we have to solve these crimes have been I mean that something. I think we need to do it and why don't these people that are committing these crimes and put him behind bars. Before that other people become victims so it's very important crime is very it's time it's so crucial now we need to. Gather whatever information we can put these people aren't cars so. We limit the number in its shooting. Like the one we have seen. Assemblywoman crystal peoples stokes is concerned about the crime not taking and while she doesn't have the answer is. She is pleased with the direction the BP. Is very rare thing homicides are solved. When buffalo and anywhere in the nation pianists do you think back to. Went to pucks at cook was killed is around a ton of people. Think there will be nobody ever found out anything there was no and they're probably way investigations when nobody was ever arrested them I was over terrorism they wouldn't listen so. I think culturally that the gap has been getting. Wider and wider and wider every since then. I do like the method that. To current police commissioner and buffalo. Is taking to go back into the community. And do it can adored adored developing relationships with communities that. Has not happened and in many years I think that that's something that could restore it. But fact of the matter is if people are engaged in gang violence. They do that hill with a self. How quick do you think we can he I guess return on our maybe not returned by. Like a lower number of crime happening because it wasn't until recently that buffalo police started doing the community policing. Initiative. Over the weekend we have a lot of shootings including just this Monday morning when a twelve year old boy was shot at what point do you think there is some. Point. There were. The police were able to do. Ten point. Where you can just go to a neighborhood when neighbors have complained. Drugs and guns in their communities. And his staff and the police will be in the final lap and guns and get them off of people. You can't do anymore. Because as you know do it right now in court being so on that elusive so I think. X and offense we go back to allow while west and people well and accounting and potentially good and then when no one had some. I think do a lot of people in the community who feel like they need to have been known to protect themselves. And so is that part of it's getting worse and hopefully. The community policing piece of it. Will begin to see that diminish our best to clear act of course we'll keep following it and we're back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.