Did You Watch The Royal Wedding This Past Weekend? 5/21 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, May 21st

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. Where were among the bet where where in that top 100 somewhere we just got her results are doing very well yeah actually certainly time for big break. An ex beatle. He's come hourly you know it would give an. Bachelorette. Good charm is now old and David Bellamy rest assured that this rule Mabry was. It's the hourly and Olivia that well yesterday so it is really disappoint on news radio 930 WD. Fair that you think could charm my way through April after the wow. All right shell open job open a lot hull I am. With the policies to wrote I would like to say that in in when days like this that you usually an accountant there is some sort of like red carpet trumpets. Something. Now they'll be tropics should ensure that people want to hear you feel like that if if if someone else. OK let's put it this way. If com. If this isn't a big deal to make the talkers have 300 yes in this business talkers magazine is called the bull of talk radio it is everybody who is crazy enough to do this for a living checks in each and every single so yeah across the country the not so the guy in Chicago who's WLS. We beat him. We'd be Charlie Brennan. Ian said it was used to work pitcher mark Belanger who fills in for Rush Limbaugh all the time but what we're talking about is the talkers Joseph Pitts compile. The future governor majors Larry Elder we beat them. I don't know how it happened or what goes into it but I will say that yes but really enveloped the 63. On the heavy hitters list just came out. It is literally around it literally does it affect the older late this year you know says they're proud to be 63 or really. Good golfer. You know like a PGA tour golfers like Amanda finish 63 in the masters you're like why. Wow wah look at you know just dolphin guy. Where what talkers heavy topic I'd be happy to finish 63 in the Turkey true. But anyway Herman Cain. External fashioned radio warmer come and we're coming after you Herman Cain and you are in the way next year we will be. A show. But what will this next few what do you think fifty right how do you get. Out of number one of the talkers magazine heavy hundred list and let's settle down there where our path that's always go back to hysterical here Tom Barrett atmosphere talkers or FaceBook page bill and if Sean Murphy would speak more we can actually move up five levels you think it's the documentation of all the radio hosts all do is all of the shows in America where everybody has their all the radio talk show. We have been ranked by talkers magazine to be. The number 63. On that list of 100 and really especially being in a market like buffalo and Chicago. LA and we're talking about nationally syndicated show so we got to compete with not just the nationally syndicated shows we got to compete with markets like Detroit. Dallas but it can be a lot of people and somehow we ended up at number 63. But here's what's interest in David. This is this kind of hit me as a surprise number one on the list is sure on handed number two who is Rush Limbaugh both of whom by the way or hurt here on WB yen. But I would I would be a week's pay to be and Rush Limbaugh's head right now. Because he's so used to saying number one number I don't think he's I don't think he's been number one on the talk for a couple years well I just bill. I can walk but I still. It's got to be I mean beings hold. Us he started the entire. This medium is. Largely in part to the work reversal of food oh yeah yeah and not Terry Gross and national public radio who is 58. And we're 63 or 63 Terry are asked about mark Simone you're sixty. Marks out of odd New York WR yeah. So all. To. Even be on the list with these people is way it matters tomorrow. That is that any list of mark Simone is on right. We are on Netflix and us and understand it's it's nice but. Turkey but let's face it if he builds his life. Awards is building a foundation and a close on a foundation of sand building a house of the Foundation's. Share. But I'm sure you don't win anything so I'm just glad that the mobile we can make up a world plaque. Wish I just think that there should be a day of gains may be that the mayor gets involved. We get the keys to the city what would brown come on the program and congratulate. Us is that too presumptuous. Mayor of buffalo to call under the program and thank you graduate this unbeaten having. I have 300. Having after having held that back at every. Overweight deer hunter. I'm hoping that maybe mark cars will call it I don't know there's only one way to make sure shortfall occurs we'll call when we congratulated David I'm in this country illegally I would think that Mickey Kearns would control. I've in this country illegally at any elected official or dignitary in buffalo would like to call in. To wish just congratulations. On what many believe was possible. To be 63 in the nation off on your c'mon. Really pride. In what we want the Super Bowl David Villa we we want it. I mean within just go to the Super Bowl we want that I don't know how it happened why it happened Agassi has a beautiful I have no. You for years baathist element that I'd card in this tree that something's I don't really care though while a put on terrorism with without you would have been elected and other top 400 put the clubs together I think that's where we maintain 63 we were gonna we're gonna wait to announce this let's start in the fall will be Nicholas Nicholas Bellevue. Heard three to seven. Well if you want listeners it will be huge build. Its listeners too well I know and I think. And Nicholas might send us emails on the show I'd done it I think he'd be great. The future right now if you eat we have to get. All of the people who disagree with us. Our own sister stations. I am sure that the politics of the I showed the Bulldog completely different and borrowing ability. All we have an up mutual respect what each other. That we should be examples of how have conversations about guns or anything else that. Other people obviously can have talks about the beauty emotionally crazy. We should lead by example and have those conversations about it to do while we're having a conversation. First we going to honor the fact that we 63. I think talker. It clear and an elected official mayor Byron brown would call into the program and say partly about via. You're 63 on behalf of the city congratulations I'm sensing I don't look common council resolution we're ads in one of those they're softer whereas such ads where and I'll say like the girl that ran for Sal wasn't South Carolina missile Carolina. Such as US Americans and maps. Such is the error will never get a proclamation would chairs job cuts are no one chairs at certain week here. Department it's. I think our rates just went up. August and I think that definitely increased the I guess sane I think this is in the tears. There's for fears and I just I I think honestly I can tell you buy an. This is Howard and art uses the trail of tears started well I I'm saved 63 here's what's gonna happen. We're finally. Going to break the top fifty. And then you're gonna be like you know what. I wanna I wanna take the show on the road. Number Billick now a wanna stay here and you talk radio and see if we bring it up a small market like awful could ever get the top twenty honest. I think it's improbable. As just a numbers game. Improbable because you're dealing. You're competing with people and all of the shows and competing with the top ten top twenty markets and great people who work in the I'd this list. I think it means everything David did my entire life frivolity of this list is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. By far and Bill Cosby is not anywhere near this list. Or figurative those like note of dollars podcast number eighty. Well let you know here's here's the thing. And you're just joining us forgive these self indulgence but direct reports show we've just found out that we are number 63 in this really big deal list of the top radio shows in the entire. Country including the syndicated guys and ladies and including all of the markets in the country at Buffalo's average temperature in June and July 63. By the way did you notice that. Today David is Monday. It's sunny and beautiful out at that they don't even have that chilling story is coming yet this entire conspiracy is absurd. There's no way they are going to be beautiful things during the week happens in the fall happens all the bills fans. At times does like it it it just Saturday is gorgeous. And you get to the stadium and out of the blue you get a storm front you get hammered on that floor clock the game ends of the sun comes out. All of the jurors. The topic conspiracy. What I am saying is it is discouraging. Because most of all of us but. Most of us Saturdays and Sundays. And some of us would like to maybe have a little color on her skin Natalia. Yeah today and it's very difficult. It's very typical that there's you throw a Red Sox didn't layer of that is Saturday and Sunday I didn't know how to answer that well Anderson it back I mean there's so many things that I would like to get them in the garden who. Who feels like it may wind you've got the forty degree you ask me enough though it it might look nice and warm and sunny but it it. What would you do it can I ask you a personal question where you're going to anyway. Did you dvi on the row and I did not DVR the royal winning truth be told I could care less about the royal wedding I said the royals haven't been interesting since crop Weller maybe since it was walking off the heads of his wives I mean if every -- offer I think I could probably get interest and again. Well a lot of people watched it a lot of people were a little bit shocked at this this black bishop who showed up. An American. Clergyman who gave like messages pose and salvation in a tell you what. Those inbred royals never seen nothing like that. Phase is out of the royal family was like whoa whoa whoa is bring Jesus into this large a slow down year especially there. So that specially Prince Charles who I think is Muslim. What if showed a very open minded approach by Prince Charles with whatever the case that this I thought it was incredible moment that I learned. That he has some ties to the buffalo yes. Which is super cool yeah and cooler but I was just amazed though we show up he was but he was brilliant and it and hopefully. I'll. You can hear a little sprinkling their dreams of people could see politics and everything. But the message I thought was amazing and wonderful and just give the opportunity to take a platform like that. And hit a home run and your you don't have people had opportunities and just have completely screwed up all your everything about that how many folks have had like. One shot to really make it a huge deal sing the National Anthem in front of thousands of people that get up there. Just should oh well if you get a guy like that who could've totally screwed up. And now he's he's huge salary he's he's he's trending he's huge he's national I think he'll be number 62 on the list next year. It's a very very real possibility. If not higher on the list. But did you offended though wouldn't when. What if someone. To say hijacked the ceremony but have you ever been to an event where speaker gets up and maybe goes a little too long and well nobody likes to be upstaged. Nobody likes to be upstaged and I you know again it's it's very difficult for me to look inside the head of and in Britain royal person. It and know exactly. What is going on your thinking about she's lots of chi now I hardly eat his cheese and yup that she is raw fish and caviar is probably. Yeah I was one mean more I do wonder what they're thinking about animals preacher was going on. But furthermore I wonder because let's face it the royals in many respects are like you're. Oh a lot of people and in the real world during their marriage is may be less than 50% chance of lasting and look I wish I wish these people all the happiness in the world really do hope that they found. Each other sold. I hope that they are happy and I hope that it last forever but west race at the track record is another side number one. Number two I'd love to read the print up. I would just love to read whatever freed up they might have in place. Always that's always comes back to the pre well it. I think they're there. Listen when your when your taking gold the rings at the world family that they think what did chaired and we decay rate. They had their rings likes melted from a piece of Scottish war. We let me tell you when you're shopping around the perfect rain. If your jeweler decides to get a piece of Scottish gold war. Bring it back and smelt a ring you are paying a lot for your wedding. That is crazy well these people are fabulously you know fabulously wealthy either title there and title then I would expect them they have nothing but the finest jewelry watches and accessories. You would you would. You were Yorker I mean she may give birth to a role for us. I mean she literally may pop out of Rolls Royce out of it but did you lose this cup be picked this up on Twitter now. He drove off I guess it's customary that they'd drive a vehicle. And he had Asia it's like after the ceremony they drive off to the next event. They took an electric jaguar. Blocked. The driver side was on the American side and south and people were like why is this. This is the duke duke of Sussex or whatever he has. How is it that he's gonna drive on the Americans that's ridiculous. Look I get. Upset about I will never you know what first ball solid drive and in foreign countries like driving can. They drive on the proper side I don't know like you driving a Western New York well that might be a fact but the fact of the matter is as much as I enjoy the UK's one thing will never do in the UK is and will never drug myself because frankly I just think it's too ingrained in my brain right side of the road is where you wanted to drive and as someone who's. I actually have the chance to drive in England and I can tell you that you need in leaps like a week. Acclimate yourself to do it did you really so to me I would be Chevy Chase in European vacation. I seriously would be big and look kids big bad of emerging things disgrace well. Absolutely but the really big a row arteries or rather yeah as far as I'm concerned anything that I need to see is tourist in the UK that's like god gave us buses it's like god it was paid two were guides I dodged I don't know if I could drive on the other I'm not nervous on the road in this car. Yeah driving not just costly wanna deliver penny favors well you know and our postal vans don't they have any estimated date they're they're set up for the British said that that was the reference I made by delivery pennies yes. It is three to creep I'm a little slow via third through the mud is. I applaud froehlich director. As of April I shall we. An hourly and relevant. We're trying to figure out who the Kagan who queen is on the show. But anyway we our talk show royalty number 63 on the talkers dot com site. Most influential bass talk shows in America. And it. It's a it's a very nice honour but you know the guy who runs talkers again Michael Harrison and he's been a long time fan of mine and now. The hourly and bill via. And this is one of the toughest days of the year the toughest day of the year for the guy who runs talker because. There are thousands of talk show host number care right now who were sending him emails saying why wasn't on the list how could you possibly over. I just at a private email well. I'm I'm sure he does not mind me telling this but this is a very tough day for Michael Harrison trying to explain to people. It is a bit unsure whether people bitching about the fact that we're number 63. Those idiots and awful port over 68. And Yorkshire. In the list and I guess I can understand from where they're coming. But part of it is about longevity but anyway long story short. 63. The talkers magazine list and I am not married to a princess. No I'm not a maybe Mary to enter but I'm not married to a princess it is 339. At news radio 930 WB Ian. Miss rice phrased that in situation don't know it by and married or planning and getting married. I for 55 fresh set in exactly that way anyway. It is look she's session it was in there right now so she's she's had some so. Okay so if I was ever gonna do something like that I got to respect the culture got to respect the tradition do you think that I would even ask. Her before I made sure it was cool weather parents I'm 54 years all I will make the trip. Head in the hand it in and over the mom and dad's house to make sure that I have their blessing and if I don't have their blessing I can't do it. Because I'm old school in that way as weird in his wild design may be as crazy as I may be in certain ways I got a target that in many ways I am ridiculously old school. Here is my taken and being you know somewhat. Be adult has become old school thank you being mature is a good example now. You would think that if you were. Your job was to be. It's that you worked at a fortune 500 company and their US CEO. If you had a job where you out of vice president or president and those two individuals your copy were walking to your work environment if you acted as it. If you read met a celebrity. And started screaming at. You would be carried off the street Jack yes a justifiable right. But if you're I'm of the media who's interviewed literally superstars. President's. Everyone else you would think. That they would conduct themselves put like I don't know like the idea here was let's act like pre pubescent children. So that. We can put fun back in our news coverage NBC here's Al Roker. Who has been around the block it interviewed pretty much every he soiled himself in the White House and its own self here at minute one here is Al Roker at the wrong way. Okay. You know like here's the thing. Dumb man card being removed should lose his journalism license after humiliating. Well I don't know if they license to practice whether I. Area I don't know if they ate whole. Roker to react that way because it would add to the the fourth major. I re oh don't care about the care about these people it because it would get me it is look. I can honestly tell you I'm worried about myself because I don't know if I've lost my capacity for wonder or if I'm just an adult because David. And god is my witness you know how much I love Steely Dan all right. Oh yen it said to his bodyguards. That in the long here in the front row. And his lady. Date have them come backstage after the show I wanna meet him. The body guards walked up to me and said hey mr. Fagan is willing to meet you after the show do you think that common to stand up ago. Yeah old I would just accept it as a matter of course like well you know what that would be really cool. And I haven't left them and to put in more understandable terms. Ultra the president of the United States we've spoken a couple of times before if he called today and said it Tom and David. I want you guys to come down to the White House I just wanna have a dinner with you just one of the app or just bounce some ideas off the year. Do you think that I would stand up ago. Oh hole and I'm area you know. Look at that way. But also. To me it's not cool to act like you're acting that way this is what this is to me it's theater. If they're not but again you're giving us the deal was supposed to take you seriously. But you know how brokers jumping around like in the fairway and end here. Okay. He got a little wave. I think you meant she she got out okay as fidelity is but anyway and then of course there's the Katie deterred. RK terror I'm sorry who she wrote the book I Donald Trump and was abetted with a trap campaign for NBC news very. Very fair market subvert. Here she is at the royal wedding with covering. Them. There isn't one flower for each country and that's California poppies which in his state flower and of course meg in his home state. The message today. Afghani poppies were I think that's good it was utterly reject three Hillary making opium could. They've got a little bit different pocket. Is love inclusion. And happiness it's. Yeah here they are right here yeah. She yelled we love you what she caught herself in the mid loved leg bitten this is like at look at a kid. I. We're not. This is the Olsen Twins first movie. These are of people trying to tell us the Donald Trump has not the temperament to be the battered. They're very United States right we need more maturity in the oval Clinton can you mention OK here are let let's just go back to World War II for just one more moment. 1940. Balloon Bopp is bombing the South London box Edward amber always on the row and watching London opened aims. How were these people read that there are always there's a balance on actually have that recording. Other good bench if blew up how. How far we have come at you how hard dolphins. It opens mating. Call but how argue we come from a guy. Literally watching bombs raining down on the great cities of the world. News is London what do purity effort to destroy such a great city to the people aren't you getting Guinea because people with the right Jeanne just apple Google buys them immediately acknowledge them. I'm the same this sounds like this could come from Nat geo. So would the mating call the sperm whale I. This is the sound of the walker actually own what you. And getting to the female of the he's prepared to mate actually that is the sound of would now look at two ways it. Venus does sound of the helmet cam on Fitzpatrick in a game winning touchdown Dinara. He had. Yeah greater like dolphins and if something. There gave them an animal or are old quarterback computer game whittled them. It is a man it is one of the few super excited so here's the thing I mean I think Al Roker was overdoing it straddled when he was hip and cool yeah but the fact is these girls they're genuinely like. There are stark crazy over. It's just it's cute but here's what I don't like they relate though man that's what it's all about there's a lot of things relate with a look. I'm sorry but. One of the reasons why when you do go backstage at national acts I am always adds that did you know why. I don't like that. Actually that is the most uncool thing you can possibly do actually the truth of the matter is we we actually went back and we have an iPhone recording. Of the day you met Donald Fagan and this. That's exactly what I love her I didn't call that day you went backstage we of that OK but look as much as low. Love is Steely Dan now you got under so I guess at this stage here I mean what we see them look I IC a few concerts every year and I'm always for gross senator Rica is IC if you cut its every year and that is our guys baby seat twenty count as the leader took but we sat in front. And I'm willing to pay the price and because we sit in front the people in the bay and recognize that's because we want to be recognized we were nice dresses and suits what's weird is I Wear the dress she wears the suit. That really gets some attention but. You know like look at subtle waves from the background singers in the guitar player yet and it's imminent but the top player walked over it'd be a pick in New York City. I still open. Act like that let me John -- the walks are nervous and everybody is at least at like approach the crowd I'd get arrogant accredit replaced the egg. I still didn't act like that at David here's the question. You have bid under fire you have been a rolled up you have been involved in some of the tense situations ever. Have you also lost your sense of wonder. Don't get me wrong. I loved it I appreciated it it was great and I will treasure that moment but what was happening it didn't. Act like a flat out saying. Individual. It's tough I don't really again but I don't I wouldn't I don't think it's dependent on any your job year. Whether your father you could be. You know a sixteen I would be I would look at an eighteen year old. Men and say what do you do OK so what you're telling me a tour I don't care of your fifty earlier to warn me. No adult female or males should be. However in a million years. That I can honestly tell. What all of held up stronger quicker to waterboarding. They are right out that it. Katie heard. That is the web where the emails from Russia sure picture of the royal family in the look if ice picks are being driven into your testicles I think you're entitled to make that sound. It's been but at NBC ran coverage of of like you know. One of the millennial reporters screaming like they were in an incident I'm sorry you know what okay. Our audience what are the gonna go here but is this cool is this hip or is this extremely immature at congressional. On it because I'm telling you man they call it ain't cool eight in my opinion for what it's worth. It is not cool to be saved that way I'm sorry. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB yet were these reporters showing her humanity. Or were they showing on professionalism and again these are the same people want to believe that the home trump is the most evil man who's ever occupied the White House. As an adult it is. And as a professional journalist I mean. You think David that that it really frost my Mendes is. If some people are loved by the media Al Roker is in the media and he's loved in the media I'm sure I'll brokers are great guys you know hundreds of our nice human being and it's it's it's not. Not sure. Walter Cronkite would have shared the time he'd do to jump in his pants at the White House. Probably. I'm going out exactly. Walter or eat I'm not exactly a Walter windshield type of journalistic. But but okay Ernie pots well not so much. Having pot sales possibly. But it but if I'm reading the coverage okay good housekeeping. Al Roker had Bob best reaction to seeing vegan and the queen at the royal wedding I've got it raises all relative David because if you are high. I actually buy it where I have had that reaction David did you write about it. Buffalo radio hosts totally unprofessional. At site of royalty here is Al Roker guy at the world by Pablo I. That's good but people say it would be like bronze stroman from like WWB like eight year olds are supposed to say that. When they meet the Buffalo Bills are heard or Jack eichel that's what a child says. A grown man and that's kind of yet you know I. I'm sorry that I just have folks I mean as they grown up. How would you overreact and how do you think you would react if you met somebody. They say never reach your hero because you're gonna be disillusioned. But offer you a little bit of advice and and David is that of Harry and David this is has met a lot more famous people than I ever have but. You know what I do have the opportunity to get backstage at national action there's people that I've listened to you know for years whose music has meant so much to me I just give you the stock thing that I will say. There is nothing and just this is what I will say. There is nothing I can ever say do you that you haven't heard a million times before just know that I really appreciate your music and it's meant a lot to me in my entire life done. I don't form. And actually. It in the case of Buffalo's own Corey wells. I looked back and I could see his Indies and some other family members and this is the last show we did in buffalo what you Billy. And I said Corey you know what I know that your great guy like you talk to you for hours but I know you've got family Witten here and probably wanna talk to them. And the look I've said this before the book he gave me of gratitude. That I was like yeah you know what you're you're awesome but you've got family here and you need to and with them. That look Corey wells gave me I will never forget it because he was trying to be nice to me and he once let us to meet but the fact of the matter is even though always a big rock star he's still family that he wanted to hang with and they were a lot more important to them that I can ever be justifiably so. So meters away I'm sorry there's a way to act and there's a way not to act I think a lot of the media people acted like fourteen children. I think you're right. I've wanted to get you yeah you're right if it's totally birds. These are professional journalist I covered the presidential campaign. I mean it's ridiculous this is what they want to do when Hillary got elected but they didn't have a chance of planning that went on Obama almighty god yeah I mean do you remember the famous Chris Matthews quote or would it be infamous.