Dick's decision on guns 930in716 February 28, 2018

Wednesday, February 28th

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It's 930. In 716. Reaction and now some action following the Florida school shooting the systems that are in place across the board. Just aren't effective enough to keep us from selling someone and gone like that and New York lawmakers again discussing even more gun laws. Just got a lot of make. Will not do much. Really is that the service to you know what happens. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Dick's Sporting Goods will immediately end sales of assault style rifles and its stores. And won't sell guns to anyone under 21 years following the school massacre in Parkland Florida. It is we looked at what happened on Parkland and we were we knew we were so disturbed and and saddened by what happened we felt we really needed to do something. Dix chairman and CEO Edward stack on Good Morning America Wednesday. That after the shooting the company felt it needed to do something. We've had decided not to solve these assault weapons and longer and anywhere stores. And the other things that we talked to any end in the shooter. Again park and actually bought a gun and extort nothing assault weapon. He did intend to he body shut down from us that cannot in November and it wasn't the gun nor was the type of gun that. That it that he used in the shooting. But when that happened we realize that. The assistant and we did everything by the book we did everything that the law required. And still he was able to plays and he was able to buy I was still able to buy again and we looked at that we said. The systems that are in place across the board. Just aren't effective enough to keep us from selling someone a gun like that. And so we've decided that we're not gonna sell the assault type rifles and on any regrets at all about not taking moves like this sooner after afternoon can after sandy hook cute as a temporary suspension. Of assault weapons sales for them. Came back to selling them who we did what we we we said we're gonna temporarily take them out of the Dick's stores that exporting answers we never put him back in the bookstores they've not been and exporting its doors. And then in 2013 we developed to change field and stream which was a full and complete hunting. An outdoor store we put them in those stores but based on what's happened to looking at those kids in those parents hit it moved us all. Unimaginably. Inconsistent. Think about the loss and grief that those kids whose parents has. We said we need to do something and we're taking these guns out of all of our stores permanent facility and no chance you can reverse this. Are you ready for the backlash. We are and we know that this is infinite that this isn't gonna make everyone happy but when we take a look at what. Those kids and the parents and they're heroes in the school vote of what they did. And our view was if if the kids can be brave enough to organize like this we can be brave enough to take these out here you want congress to act as well we do and who we hope to fill that bill hacked in and pull something together. You know we don't wanna see them move them partisan politics were one side espouses their position another sign this opposes their position. And they actually never do anything we hope that congress will come together. And this is a complex issue it's not just about guns it's about mental health reform it's around. It's around background checks and we hope they come together with the intent. Of really finding a solution to this problem supposed to just. Talking about it knowing that they're never gonna do anything just to speak to the event it's pretty clear you believe right now you can support the Second Amendment. Still do more to protect schools and we're staunch supporters of the Second Amendment I'm a gun owner myself. We've just decided that based on what's happened and we these guns we don't wanna be a part of this story. And we've eliminated these guns permanently. Even with the NYC factor in place in New York State lawmakers are still proposing more gun control laws. Senate Democrats rolling out twelve proposals following the Florida shooting. The measures announced Tuesday included bond stock band and gun ownership restrictions for people convicted of hate crimes are domestic violence. There's also a bill allowing relatives of people killed by firearms. To sue gun manufacturers. Others would set aside funding for firearm violence research outlaw guns not detectable by X ray. And make it a crime to improperly secure a weapon at home. We certainly are having a lot of corruption that you're yesterday and in our park our comp store are a lot about. A variety issues schools see you being on. State senator Chris Jacobs with. Our Susan Roh news. We have a great. Person pat Galvin has got a lot of experience that's for sure and we've got a lot of good things in the stayed on school safety. Compared understates. I think we're were part of the game but. There's a lot more we got to do in here and I think it has to be comprehensive. Look at that our questions like mental health as well. And and and also the issue that it's really glaring issue. From the 48. The lack of response to our. Really obvious you know people calling saying that this gunman. What is. Very very Matt Leo and singing if you would gonna do exactly what he did yeah. I've known seeming to do any thing but also the issue that's still resides in terms. Period level the law enforcement. Not be able communicate with each other and I cheer for me ancient. So you know this is prompted a lot of side discussion and Rangel. Thoughtful discussion. That will result in meaningful reforms and all all elements that will keep our community in particular. Paper. We you know twelve new gun control proposals were introduced yesterday. In the state legislature. By state Democrats. What do you make of this New York is already handsome of the toughest gun control laws out there. Correct yes I think that. Is it really. That seems to be stored in the first. Actually in. That's taken by many and and I really hope that we have a little more thoughtful comprehensive approach. Certainly a look at all those about piece of legislation are always been an open and saying but duck. Just got a lot of make will not do much. Really is a disservice to know what it happened so I think there's areas we look at but I think again mental health. RB. Law enforcement being able to be active. We should never have again that is will we find out that. You know share our heads when call that a person. Or are at TI now I'm saying I'm interested in there were equities and there were these these legitimate concerning. Statements that this individual had not broken the law at this point in time to make sure it matters that. That individual could have gone taking away as something I'm a registered looking it and and I know it that this a restraining order type of in war because of obvious and documents concerned about their presence of mind at that point in that the point in time that people call law enforcement. Yeah now going to today's state gun control proposals twelve of them none of them deal with mental health. Which is interesting record but you're one of them is quite interesting it's a proposal that would allow relatives of people killed by firearms. To sue gun manufacturers. It out that's kind of like suing a vehicle manufacturer is summoning your family gets hit by car right. Right right I yeah I I do. Again I am I at this point in time and I haven't seen or read those bills. I'm willing to look at anything but. I bet does nothing to it to prevent someone from. Being killed and so I I'm more focused on making sure. That what happened apart and never happened again another school in the end it there in your state that's my domain and mindful that the federal government. Looks some things that can help. Localities in terms of you know Harden schools making making them more I mean here I saw a video recently about school that would have really. You know invested in a lot of technology which in the let out of the school. Bob and come out of that always to disrupt anybody. The doors automatically ever you know every single door that school be automatically able lock. It would steel doors in note I think I'm I'm very interest it and I'm looking at how how could we help the work local government to make sure that happens in the argument being that. I work in accounting courthouse for years security guards. And in every entrance. That's an important place I think arguably our schools are more important why don't we got technology. Like. Yeah our Chris will continue to follow this and appreciate the time and all these new proposals. You know you haven't gotten a chance to read all of it yet but I. I visit I know like you were gonna mention about video games in the violence in the if we get a huge issue we have many more of gun owners in nineteen sort do we never had met shooting like this why I think that's one area that we really need to look at. Back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.