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Wednesday, January 17th

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When did you first find now that means that around that would be. Our commissioner to rend over the years has had a number of offers in the private sector. And he was considering this up until the very last moment. And he has made the decision to retire. To pursue. Private sector opportunities would. I he told me some time ago he was considering it. And I was fine with that. From time to time. A number of our commissioners directors. Have had other job offers. And as the lead up to the last couple of days came. He says that he thought he was going to retire. You are roughly fifty. It's a movement that he wanted to retire we asked him to step aside and haven't commissioner not the first time. I think you've been there that he had important. No I have no plans to ask him to step aside. He has served the city well it's on a good job crime has fallen by 40%. Overall. During my tenure as mayor commissioner to render it has been the commissioner for seven years so was very pleased with the work that you do. Did you think it was maybe time for fresh face. Somebody new coming in with some of the things have been happening strike force stops. That people have been criticizing. No this was absolutely the decision of commissioner to rend. To retire he has served the city well he's managed the police department. Well and I wish him well and it is next venture in the private sector what you want to see. Well right now I have appointed. Commissioner. Firing lockquote. First deputy commissioner Byron Lockwood has been appointed. Commissioner. Hockey has been a deputy commissioner is the first deputy. We're deputy of operations for twelve years and as per the charter I have appointed him. To surface police commission and we have a number of very talented people. With in the buffalo police department and my anticipation. Is that we won't make a selection from within the park. Not not saying that we're gonna we're gonna look at how things progress. And we won't make a decision about a new commissioner within the charter mandated time and you do fire commissioner. Public C campus on the way. Did you feel that you find that face within the awful police department who can bring some new ideas as as a new policy campus. Absolutely we are constantly always looking. Off where new ideas always looking at continuous improvement. Of the operations of city government certainly the operations. Of public safety police and fire. And there are any number of very talented people. In the buffalo police department and I am confident that we will be able to find the right person. Within the ranks of the buffalo please. Why did you choose. Our commission Lockwood is a very steady hand these very experienced. He has decades of experience in the buffalo police department. And for the last twelve years he has served as deputy commissioner of operations. Or as first deputy commissioner I thought he would provide a significant level of continuity of our police department. And he's very respected. Well respected by the members of the department to work. And you get to formulate a list of somebody to replace. Mr. to Brenda on full time basis or that still work and products. You know we have eighty days according to the city charter and I feel very comfortable with that time period that that I have. And we will move forward within that period of time. He. Where where we're not gonna Russian. It it's 180 days according to the charter. I think the department will be well managed by. Commissioner Byron Lockwood. Pot and we will all watch the process and see how it unfolds. Now that over time. These are true that your reaction that. My reaction is that we're always with every single department trying to stay with in our budget. The police department just like every other department in city government has a budget. And part of the job of managing. The government managing any department is to try to stay within that budget it. Here. We. Where were always looking to follow our budgetary projections. And manage our various departments in a very efficient way. So certainly that will be a concern. Are for the buffalo police department as it will for the fire department the public works department and every other department. In the city of buffalo. And are absolutely not as I indicated this is completely commissioner drew and his decision. He has served the city well he's worked very hard our crime is down to historical lows under his tenure as commissioner. Crime has falling just about every year during my tenure as mayor of the city of buffalo so this was commissioner to render its decision. I certainly. Wish him well. In his pursuit of very private sector op opportunity. And you know very happy with vote that surfaced that he provided to the residents of this community. Every time that the fact that went. It's it's effective now it was active as of as as of midnight and he. There are a number of talented people in the department. We will consider. The vast number of talent that we have with the power it deserves props. I. That that that's certainly had an impact. You know we were focused on bringing. One of our own home finding. Officer who leaner and certainly there was a cost involved to doing. Known. Drug. Dealer. He's been convicted on drug charges that cleanup role. And whether users liked him you know and and appoint him moving forward no that will play no role whatsoever that your bank that particular day. Firming. And pop I wanted commissioner surrendered to do what was best for him and his fail.