Democrats To Blame For Gov't Shutdown - Congressman Chris Collins


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Congressman Chris Collins joining us live from Washington this morning it's day three of the federal government shut down. Chris how does this impasse get resolved. Good morning is that it all up to let senators Schumer and it is clearly the Schumer shut down probably every news outlet except the just take Buffalo News is calling it Schumer shut down. We need sixty senators there's a filibuster I want it called on Mitch McConnell re blew it still buster want for our archaic. Rule that is is really giving too much. You know. Sway if you will the senator Schumer. Let all of the senator Schumer the senator McConnell tried to reopen the government web site. And Schumer shut it down again burglars stopped the vote who recurring they're gonna do wanna do I can't tell you whether it's. Chance at noon or not which would reopen the government until February 08 so we continue. Negotiations. Things like doctor the dreamers. Our border security. Chain migration that'd be a lottery system and other things beyond the funding government. How active has the president been in negotiations to reopen the government. What he was very active until Schumer shut it now and we've been very clear we're not gonna let senator Schumer hold us. Hostage hold the country hostage or blackmail last. Into doing anything this is. Either Democrat Schumer shut down. There's certainly been aware that we were negotiating in good shape and so. He shut it down in the past would lead at this rate. We've always done it continuing resolution that from the government while negotiations in good faith continued. This is the first time I know over something like this that the government has shut down. But it sure where did sort of we're not gonna negotiate. As you know you've you've heard others say you don't negotiate with terrorists. What we're back in to negotiate with senator Schumer. Is it enough to get a continuing resolution. If that's what they vote for today. Well it would also be expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program or sit here that it would be a vital piece of legislation. Something the Republicans. After the house Brian Hagan Louise Slaughter voters voted eight M app. Back in November we senate of the senate were unfortunately languished. Collects that sixty vote together let's look at senator short for that one as well. And I it would be nice to get the Children's Health Insurance Program. All the authorized and funded for the next eight years and that. Finally some Democrats are supporting. So a bit of a sweetener to the continuing resolution that would be also voted arms as part of the package has been in the senate. In a state reopen the government or extend it build up and how will immediately vote are I get the government reopened and that will continue negotiations. A list senator Schumer the Democrat on the other issues and our hope we get that included by the next deadline which is February 8 frustrating all of that we we continue to do this but there's just fundamental disagreements on border security. And you know how we keep our our borders secure. You just said that you know people say we won't negotiate with terrorists tool we won't negotiate with senator Schumer. Don't think people are sick of all the finger pointing and that kinda talk that's been going on in Washington I mean especially right now but over the last. Iron how many years can you say. Well I mean I did the public out of the year note I I know. All of us are frustrated. With you know does the lack of cooperation. But it's become all politics all the time at the chain of senator Schumer wants to be majority leader let's face. It tears were real that we saw on TV when he that he was the minority leader. Election. But remember that the big issue here docket is something that Schumer Pelosi and Obama could have dealt with in 2009 they had a super majority senate. They didn't care about immigration they didn't care about. That the young kids were brought here by the parent that they can't they what app legislation. When they controlled everything with a super majority in the senate 2009. They waited until 2012. When Obama didn't executive order. Which was certainly not the right way to do it he did that in August of 2012 is well. For his reelection. You know that he that the hypocrisy. Of the Democrat senators Schumer. You know basically are beyond the pale. So you know let's take it with a grain of soft that they're they're bringing this issue up. When in 2009 they could have dealt with it permanently you know by the way that they're raised minimum wage 2009 as well. You do hear them complain about these issues today is that or the. Christian you said it's all politics all the time now. How much of the mid term elections playing into this. Well unfortunately. Our Susan they are and then Schumer wants the majority leader. He miscalculated. On this one. I believe he started he shut the government down was about point the finger at the republic in and and sit back and gloat while it didn't work out forms so that when the New York Times ET. Brinkley everyone but the bulk of those pointed out it was a senate Democrat is shut the government down. That's why they're. Scrambling right now. It to try to get out of this massive we want to help them get out of it. By voting on a clean continuing resolution through February 8 in reading and funding only the Children's Health Insurance Program but it. 100%. Up to senator Schumer or to see if some of his Democrats break ranks which if you already have. And you know leave him stranded and go ahead and ignored is directive to them to keep the chip out and inspect boats to Rio. What do you see happening at noon today and then over the next few weeks. Well I'm hopeful that not some senate Democrats will. Vote without to reopen the government and reopen negotiations. These other issues. Right here would be if it doesn't happen at noon today. I don't know what it's gonna happen. There are those Democrats who want to keep the government shut down. Through the state of the union a week from Dallas sect about tiger and they shall now. Thinking somehow that going to be. A negative for president trump I hope that doesn't happen that we can't reopen it at noon or 1 o'clock today. I'm afraid it could be shut down for next. And period. Larry it's congressman Chris Collins joining us live from Washington we'll keep you updated on the shut down.