Delving Into Details of LeSean McCoy Case - Brad Garrett


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We're talking about the atlas Shawn McCoy story with Brad Garrett this morning crime and terrorism analyst who is joining us live from Washington and and Brit Brit now. With this story we have a vague police report but they do confirm that there was a home invasion and has come near. Atlanta an only accusations. Against LeSean McCoy how do you see this developing. Well you know a person wall. He or someone else attacked her for starters. In other words did they leave anything that could point you to an. To an offender that's a starter. The other is. This circumstances. As they had each described. What can you corroborate tiny. Doors entered cctv. Cameras where read two hours before. All of these things are important to sort of corroborate or not what. You know alleged possibly offender and victim are saying occurred during the evening what led up to it this was a fight. What led up to that. And so you know you're looking for consistency and then you're also looking for what's not consistent and why is it that way. Or does somebody have an agenda to spin the story a particular direction. It but it's it can be extremely difficult if you end up charging somebody. When it comes to investigating. Abuse are investigating domestic violence crime like this. Regarding somebody who's already in the public guy does it make. The law enforcement's job more difficult that this is being talked about 24/7. It's so much is out in social media and that. And news outlets who want some sort of update 24/7 around the clock. Well here yes here's the problem. That would a case is talked about. On a daily basis then that means that people who ever termination about the case may be also been interviewed by somebody else. Or they've talked to each other and that that there are statements two days ago maybe a little bit different now because they talked a foreigner people is they heard their name. The via the meat there are some other way. And it's so. You don't really get the true story from them as to what happened is they change the facts in their mind witnesses Saudi human nature thing. And I do it willfully just happens so it's all of those things and knew that the added pressure. To solve it. Because it's just a high profile case and prosecutors and police chiefs X after you know want these things resolved because there's a lot of pressure placed on them. To take kick in and get a result. You can't do police after release. Any of the information like you were mentioning before any evidence timing cameras today to talk about any of that. Before this as a ghost a grand jury. Absolutely not and then they shouldn't talk about it but the problem is it leaks. Mean we all know that people have unit sources within law enforcement or. Or other agencies that had access to information about a case and it just weeks and rainy across the board it's changed him. I have I will take you in doing this for forty years. I have not work one high profile case that large chunks of information that ultimately weak support. Now what is Sid the reasoning then for police to ever released that information is to combat those leaks to get down in front. Of anything that might happen it's to stop the spread of false information or is it something else. Well I think it's extremely important for law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to be as transparent as they can't. What the public that that's well on component but that's a fine line to walk. I you know they will eventually released. Evidence in the case because basically they don't have any shorts if you if you go to trial or you introduce it into court. Analysts are some big time compelling reason. It's gonna get to the public because that's just hours is business. So you know that's one way that this information gets out ultimately is to the courts are pretty great to have your insight this morning that's crime and terrorism analyst. Grant Garrett talking about the McCaw LeSean McCoy story.