Decoding DACA and More - Alex Castellanos


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We welcome an Alex cancel on us talking to bounce everything going on in Washington and kind of on the top of mind it seems at least for the president. Is docked and immigration what will happen before that march 5 deadline. Alex. Do you see Democrats and Republicans working together on this. There's a possibility we could get something done on sac around the dreamers so I'll stay. And on getting some improvements and national security getting a border wall built ending chain migration. Yes there is some joint interest in getting something done the work when eighteen and now that tax reform has gotten through. Now that there's a budget Scotland group. There's a well worn path that. The Washington might be able to follow. And we just turned that the senate is allowing something that they don't often allow which is open debate on this. What can we expect from Matt. Oh my god we're we're allowing Washington to talk about unlimited. It may never end. Actually it's it's what the senator's supposed to do it's supposed to be the great deliberative body where issues are raised and discuss. In front of the American people so this is sure return to a better Washington Mitch McConnell made a promise to the Democrat. Keep the government open and we will have a limited debate on the issue you care about the dreamers and immigration. And then Mitch McConnell kept his word. It would seem on the surface that. Democrats kind of have more to lose here if they don't come to the table with Republicans do you see it that way. Yes I think growth Chuck Schumer has ten Democrats. Senators running in Republican rich states and 2018 he's got to protect them he's got a send them home with it we done something on the screen merged we haven't let these Donald Trump pick these people out. So he doesn't want to be the ones who sends these Democrats senators shall we bad news. But he's got pressure from the other side there are. Many Democrats who were running for president in 20/20. And they need dole wants Donald Trump can get a success a check mark on his scorecard. On the bill legal law and ending chain migration so there's a lot of pressure on both sides. Brit Alex there rob Porter story is not going away for the White House and are facing new backlash tough questions about. The staffer who resigned over domestic abuse allegations. I guess the point at that there were making yesterday is that the president hasn't directly address this issue does he need to. He it's almost too late so what are Sanders said yesterday the president should have said they won. The first thing you do in the situation like this is saying look we're gonna tolerate it or not gonna tolerate domestic abuse were not gonna tolerate. Abuse in the work place. Because we know that for far too long issues like these have been swept under the rug. No one. Here's what you believe in politics unless they believe he's here if the president doesn't that they want he could have been said but. We know this is an automatic death sentence in the workplace a man who's who's accused of this. Will never work again Portugal another job let's be fair to both sides the president didn't do that. He always seemed to rush to defend. The man's position in the history. And ultimately that's one reason we're seeing the biggest gender gap we've ever seen in American politics women voting against Donald Trump and Republicans. Is this one of these areas were receive the president kind of digging a hole for himself when he kind of jumps on Twitter to criticize. You know whatever the issue might be and then it comes to something like this and he says. This president. Doesn't know the old rule your whole stop digging. He seemed to think it's more important to demonstrate. Old fashioned mail strength then too. Be attentive and listen to both sides should be compassionate on both sides of the issue and yes he's he's big himself at all but. The good news for Donald Trump is that this hole can't get much deeper. Who Republican insurance so much trouble here you can't burn down the same house twice the democratic waived his huge. I don't know that it could get any bigger than it is today. There is political analyst Alex Castellanos joining us talking about the two big issues in Washington today.