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Thursday, July 26th

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It's 930. In 716. Newspapers never the same again but is anyone really surprised. Are you really shouldn't be. All that much of a surprise to tell anybody. I can't say that I was surprised because cut accidentally should be both less surprised. Seems the only ones surprised were the newspaper's right. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. US newspapers battered and broken in this week's layoffs at the new York daily news service the latest blow. But while local news gathering has taken a hit some observers think it's poised for a digital comeback of sorts. Media company trunk incorporated. Cut half of the daily news' newsroom staff Monday including the paper's editor in chief. So we wanted to dig in just a bit and we went to three journalists and media professionals. Who once worked in news and has since left the active arena. And Murray Franzen now teaches journalism at SUNY buffalo state and had a long career in print journalism. She's not surprised. When you think about the history of the media. Newspapers are and primacy for hundreds of years currently. And radio came changes. Television came changes and now. Newspapers radio and television are dealing with the Internet and the Internet. Is causing all sorts of tumult you know across that the legacy media so it really shouldn't be. Very surprising I think that the industry particularly most dramatically newspaper industry is is in a period of adjustment. Emery it it didn't just happen I mean in internet's been with us now for a long time. When did just as this scene may be that the newspaper industry kind of went kicking and screaming into the digital age. The newspaper industry famously. Has gone kicking and screaming I got arc across all of the different changes they didn't think their radio would have an impact. That they didn't fit the television have an impact. And they were very slow to adapt to. The Internet and sit on an online presence. Which is part of the problem because when they did. I finally wake up to the Internet there are giving their stuff away for free and now that's what people expect three free information it tough to. It's hard to adapt today 24 hour news cycle when there's always some sort of breaking news going on. There can't always be breaking news on a piece of paper. Now now and that's that's why newspapers now. All claimed to be 24/7. And they don't have to wait for the just you know the print edition to come out at 5:30 in the morning if they have something breaking overnight. It can go on line. And so on and so for throughout the day even in a television I was speaking to someone mentally as it channel two. And they feel that's. They're 6 o'clock gathered there evening newscasts are just value added that the real value of their reporting happens throughout the day on line. The Internet and platforms that's the presence absolutely are pretty much every you know anybody that's in the media business everybody. Sure we're joined live in studio by Emery France and professor at SUNY buffalo state but also a lengthy career. In print journalism. Used saw the cuts made this week. At the New York Daily News half the newsroom staff. You know as somebody who's worked in print before but what does that do. Two had been Newser not just to the paper but to the morale of everyone working there and you know what's going through the minds of everyone has the report. Now fortunate. Lee in my career I have him and I haven't had that experience. Devastation in the newsroom. I can only say that I have had the experience of my A expectations increasing. There early on in my career I wrote stories I interviewed people over the phone I went out to meetings. I wrote stories and at the end of the day I went home. As. Industry progressed. I remember having to go walk down the street to WB GN and and give business headlines so there was a radio element of it. There was a time when we would go on television and get some business headlines and on television there was more added to our. Daily. You know daily expectations and then my goodness and the web comes rates are now. Disease and reporters are required to. Tweet a certain number of times a day to post on the website certain number of times a day so that time spent. Doing various tasks on the job. Army is becoming more challenging. I'm so you have. I can only imagine. You have fewer people in a newsroom that only exacerbates in my list of work that the remaining people have to do. So it's I'm sure is going to be a much much bigger challenge to cover the news. As it should be. Yeah I mean think of I think they'd let go over forty people at the New York Daily News so that's half of their newsroom. And they'll still a even though they say there is a new strategy there's a new focus. There's still half the people that are trying to cover the news absolutely 45 people out of the newsroom. Most of the sports departments all of just all of the photographers. And an equal amount of people 43. Million people but just about people 43 or so people from the rest of the organizations almost a hundred people were cut from. From the whole newspaper operation. So I hope their strategy works I hope they know what they're doing. My guy go a long time consumer and investigative reporter channel two is also in the teaching arena now at SUNY for don't yet again not surprised. As the media conglomerates you know buy more more properties they wanted to more influence that's that it should be some cancer and I was surprised. But the other side of the coin is it opens the door for carelessness now I'm not saying the daily news is going to be careless but when you have. Fewer people doing the same thing that's the problem but it socialist nature of the beast because that's what are the ones. Part of what people want to know from their local newspaper whether it Oz whether it's awful news to local media organization is frankly the truth. We caught acts like this how much do you think the true. I don't think it'll affect the truth first aid but I think as they see when you have. Fewer people doing this and and the opportunity for careless sincere that's why you know one of the things we talked about today's people really have to go to multiple sources at their formation. Because sometimes the media outlets don't get it right it'll do purposely I think but mistakes happen inaccurate except and so people really got it. Shop around and see which way it did something really wanna know about. In the future ten years from where he said. It's growing technology social media how much does. Well I think we're down to five major media corporations and at Disney. Purchase of fox Estes goes through going to be just to fuse so. Even more than ever I think people got to be careful that they're getting a variety of views and getting the streets scoop because. Even if they go to multiple web sites are multiple sources that maybe these incorporation to an honest people going to be very vigilant. And I especially encourage people to alternate sources. And an act of two ticket to bigger picture in the streets. Several other people who worked in years too much later pat Burke talked about changing media it's important thing it's. I think is very important because you know some of the things I try to teach my students about the general public doesn't mean everybody has a FaceBook page and iPhone Twitter. An odd time he just accept things like in Hyannis nice and it's funny and I think sometimes you really have to question the media. And the nice thing about the social media now people can have a voice because with all these media outlets now. You have the opportunity complaint yeah the opportunity here. And because users more more media outlets competing for the advertising dollars it will be heard in a CNN news. A trending now when an old people interested in because they might make sure they lose advertisers' dollars as somebody who teaches. And next generation journalist Ahman were. We've seen pop acts like this do you find that scares a lot of these people and and surprisingly not it doesn't scare them off because my attitude is its estimate to be a journalist and you know what's going on in the world that you can expect to be doing lightning work very art music publishing. That's why I can't prepare him now especially in the rush of the battle rushed to be for Islam and make sure the ultimate ethical lapses exits main problem. And that he's turning your story on here pursuant and that's an opportunity mystics honest mistakes sometimes it doesn't matter. If you make domestic partner on people's lives young people getting into the world of reporting what's the biggest misconception. About this industry say hey you might think this way. That's how they'll think they're gonna make a lot of money. Finally on the podcast the voice from the past that the Buffalo News Elmer plots he's now teaching at SUNY for don't you as well and he's not surprised that the changes overall. You could see a lot of it coming from the strategies they're used thing getting rid of some of them or her. Encouraging some of their more marketable people to leave. That surprised me the fact that they're cutting back. The news is actually believe there now. In May be a better position and a lot of similar newspapers across country because zero own. Warren Buffett and they have no doubt. So that gives them a little bit of a clean. Slate to a deal as opposed to the New York Daily News which just at NASA. Massive. Cutbacks yesterday in fact there's staff is now roughly half the size of what's left of the Buffalo News. For New York City which it's just astounding. But they were filed last year by trunk key arrow and see me at big media conglomerate that owns the Chicago Tribune and other. In other newspapers they were proffered tower. Because of their debt. And true news a lot of publications the war. Newspapers were leveraged so in addition to trying to just break even selling ads selling newspapers. They were paying huge amounts that that's an advantage to Coughlin news. Has this has never had that kind of since Warren Buffett. You know in Pittsburgh team. I just got my phone on Twitter FaceBook and I see all sorts of things whether. Long way to lose the ball holiness you mean you can find all right on the phone for people who want to actually subscriptions to newspapers. Days what's the appeal of a week. Good the only appeal the main appeal of doing it is that you have people out there every day. If this Twitter civilized people go when they can hand around there there's. Whereas Wednesday's paper like the Buffalo News which still has the largest reporting staff in the city of buffalo. They're the ones it should be going going to places. It's their job to go do it. It's their job to do the gamers town board to the buffalo City Council to theory county legislature. In Cleveland nobody else's there. Try to be there at least try to temperate. They probably do a broader. Faction of that and they also have the ability to do a little bit more investigative. And journalism the kind of thing off of the investigators both but they have the people to be able to do that. Oh. Man other horses. Can't really afford to dedicate somebody today. Today kind of work were maybe this spent a week to week three weeks maybe the crop it down there working for six month three year project. To relieve. Island heals some of the things that are going on behind the scenes. So that is what the that is part of the attraction of for trying him and also be different voices you know unfortunately. Is lost. You're 28 and of course there's 24 hour news something always has been turned out argue. Do you believe that nowadays news because it's so verse actually. Everything going on in this hour news cycle that it's difficult for people people. That's absolutely were overwhelmed me myself sometimes I just turn everything off. Because they need to get away from. You can't just haven't culminating you know of notifications on your own. I've notification from a whole bunch of the from the TV stations the Buffalo News you're stationed. And it notifications and history sometimes I'll have like five notification from the scenes are from different media outlets within two minutes. And it's like okay there's only so much I can take of this. I had a back off for awhile so that's definitely a problem there isn't saturation. And repetition one of the secrets of any media think now trying to get things to be uniquely hero. Because everybody can go to press conference and report. We've just gotten a host of the Buffalo Bills new coach you know haven't out there. Lot of things news did that was predicted before. Tim Graham left was they sent him out to California. To Milan talked to people in his home town and talked with college coach and do something that nobody else can. If you can do that kind of thing. Then you have something you can offer nobody else. The people were fouling you in the you've given people reason to trust you to go after you or. Not content and to pay attention for ten years where do you see. Loaded question. I really think. And probably will be. Most of it some of the premium brands to New York Times. The Washington Post and some specialty publications. Over the Wall Street Journal. And that there'll still be they paper press. But I think the metropolitan dailies in medium sized metropolitan news. Like the Buffalo News and probably via. I think the argument though that I think the editor. Is teaming and. Correction. Good news is no link on your hands and we're back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.