Decision Week For NY-27/GOP - Carl Calabrese


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We're joined on the line by political strategist Karl calabrese joining us to talk about and why 27. In the week ahead in Carl stop me if you've heard this before but we're expecting to hear some news in and my 27. Before the week is out now and we've been expecting this for sometime but. This week a little bit different with some of these deadlines right. Well that's right and this is the interest in tiger's game. We talked about this once before how when it first was an out of the party when it also drives. In terms of speed to try to come up with a candidate. And work up the process and there were meetings of the county chairs in the world interviews with multiple candidates and all the sudden it just went dark everything just stopped. And we've been kind of in that. That dead space now for weeks but yet there are deadlines coming up legal deadlines is that just sit need to get stale it's printed so. I think. Party leaders are going to be do we always have this week is to get somebody designated orbit that is. That's open. Does it seem like this will happen by Wednesday I think Wednesday is the nineteenth and I think that's the days. That those ballots have to be sacked. Yup yup. Very Republican chairman McClain with the yeah mentioned that on television you know and like the emphasis two weeks old. Let's stay tuned in and it would happen that I don't think they're gonna be doing anymore interviewing her anything public like that. Shares are communication joke and I have a meeting in and come out and also what their plan is to have a candidate. Ready to go in New York point seven. What are you expecting here first are you expecting to hear that Chris Collins. Has been removed from the ballot or you expecting here and team that Republicans want to push out their first. I think if they're gonna have to be simultaneous bright. I give it it looks like everyone agrees that there's only three ways. Get Chris Collins off ability to of them seem to be off the table one is that these guys. Very unlikely number two that you establish residence in another state and although he has property in the state of Florida. As I understand at the deadline to establish residency in the state of order for this year has passed so that leaves him being put. The bill or an Oval Office now where that is. You know what type of office say it is and whether or not see according to death. It is somewhat of an open question. And is it that you last week in speaking to Republicans count shares are quite a few Republicans aren't sure who I know I'm real excited. About that prospect. If possibility existed to do that because you this is actually now. Nationalist your local campaign next year would your local typical. Now given up the ability you have given up you're allowed the opposition to bring the Collins trump. Think it into your ticket and a lot of children might not only do that it would rather talk about local issues. Especially if they have incumbent. Kind of the control pill or so they may look for a minor party. Where there's an office open when vacant slot column that you don't have to redo it. Right now we you've heard of the handful of names that are out there as a possible replacement. Does anyone of them stand down as anyone a front runner right now. I have not heard of a problem right I know that. The state senate seemed to be. Loopy look at closely that would be. Senator Jacobs. Senator or considering elemental senate bill took himself out so that would lead goes to accept some highly. The county control. Is the problem. They all have pluses and minuses. I'm not really wanted to run for county executive he's an A list candidate for companies sector for the full term he goes to congress. Not only you're not figuring it was candidate next year for county executive what you are pivotal concede or you're trying to control. So that. That's ability to act in the play where it is is going through this the better physical there was state senator which point now you might. This these states senate seat not be able to retain it with a one seat majority in the in the New York State Senate. Deputy political change or power structure all the and so this is a talk on both in terms of the unprecedented situation. Maybe to replace candidate at this time at this late time of the year and then trying to figure out. Wish you best candidate to retain the seat and that set off a series of dominoes that can produce heavy on the world. So this has to happen within the next couple of days which means that neat nick Murray's time. Running against it's kind of an unknown is up how do you. Feel that he is utilized. This past you know a few weeks. On in his campaign now has he done all we can with all the attention that MI 27 is gone. Like this that they cheer on his dream to have an open field. Going into the third week of September. I've read that he's been all over the district he may have been doing that even if he had an opponent but the fact that there's so much uncertainty. And that he does is open field eroded it. For all of its outstanding you couldn't ask for a better and it hurt. In what looked like a very very difficult uphill right at the very beginning and now they have a situation where. There's no candidate you're you're out there watching and remember this. Whatever happens this week. Expected Democrat challenger in court now. I'm not an election Warner and I don't play 1 on morning radio shows but you can bet there's going to be a challenge. Whatever the Republicans do. Was invalid. They're gonna seek to have that overturns so this is not over even with the announcement of a name. And do you think still Carl that a Republican an unnamed Republican right now can be Mick Murray. At this point in the campaign. What the concept that I I talked to a lot of Republican. Leaders at the county level at the talent level and even that the even that the committee district level. And they think that they can retain the seat. Now. This is going to be a difficult year for Republicans and turnout is everything. But let's put it this way if the Democrats take your point seven expect a wave in congress across the country that crude. Change of majority in the house and possibly even. Even a rather change the majority in the senate even local Republicans have an incredibly commanding. Strategic position. In defending only ten seats against the 23. Democrat seats. Antenna goes point two seats in states where Donald Trump won by double digits that should be a prescription for increasing majority. This is the kind of a code out and insight from speculation out there the immediate help resolve their I had some question about that but yes. If the Democrats were prevail in the point seven I think he would do you see it as a harbinger of of a wave of. Ari Carl we appreciate the insight Carlo calabrese joining us says it who is expected to be a busy couple days in the race to replace.