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Tuesday, April 3rd

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It's 930. In 716. The debate over teachers and what they make on the podcast. Oklahoma lawmakers gave teachers. Roughly 6100 dollar ways but the teachers say. It's not enough I can understand their frustration and I mean. But just people understand this that's causing a lot of people must come into the cage profession. Plus has it really been forty years since. Dallas and they didn't have a whole lot of expectations for the show that out of it just going to be at five episode miniseries fact correct we're still here and every network president has gone I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting many schools are closing for a second day in Oklahoma as teachers rallied for higher pay and more education funding. Thousands of Oklahoma educators walked out of classrooms Monday in the latest evidence of teacher rebellion in some Republican led states. Teachers also protested Monday in Kentucky to voiced dissatisfaction. With the pension revision. You know teachers will be back out in force and Oklahoma today. Porter ricks and Dell with WBN's. Susan row news. Union organizers say they don't expect as many teachers out here. But they are shutting down plus several large districts through Oklahoma City editor and and also are. So these teachers can come in March to the steps of the State Capitol pressing lawmakers for more money for education. Now let me get this right they were. A bit of a 6100 dollar raise was approved for these teachers right recently. That's right it was sort of an an emergency measure taken lightly by the legislature and the governor. Oklahoma lawmakers gave teachers the at least 6100 dollar raise. Depending on experience and that they allocated fifty million dollars for schools but the teachers say. It's not enough they're looking for a few we've heard anywhere from 100000000200. Billion. More dollars not necessarily force recently sent it to the important part is. These millions of dollars to fix the broken schools we've heard over the last failure all sorts of horror stories. About the condition of Oklahoma schools that teachers say their shares are broken and they end up pinching students some teachers say that. School books are. Old and outdated they're older than most of the students and so they say they really need this money to update. Update the facilities updated textbooks. And and going Oklahoma up to standards. How long they planned it. Stay out. They tell us that's OK until they will be here as long as we keep hearing over and over. The problem is do all the Oklahoma's Republican governor that you want so by the way forward on education she. A London last night at the state but it is already tight and that right now so far there's no sign automakers are budget excel. The deal almost been up here. I can relate because we were in buffalo we're not at the highest. If you compare our salaries. All the situation is much different here in New York State. Buffalo teachers federation president filled room more and outspoken advocate of teachers has some thoughts. A key to a very air. It actually decreased let's we're. 36000. What investors they started out with 42000. So it's a terrible cellular who collectively the watch again we're talking about somebody who ministers to restarting outlook 42000 dollars. But I can understand their frustration and I mean. When these people understand this. That's causing a lot of people marched him into the teach professional. Well what else has changed. For teachers. Well a lot. One of those things that I think there's so I spoke directly here. This to disruptive students in the classroom. Impossible for example we have so many kids. I mean when I was a kid I don't know if my friends sharp. I didn't I could blow on the street or on what hole. And a board approved it was sort of come to school problems is people can imagine what happened just this collecting outclassed regardless study that shows that. Only eight point 6% of our future is series so that this well was built was quickly and appropriately. But it's not so we want to kids suspended we need and it was close and the problems in the schools. The other thing that's an issue of social this teacher evaluation system which uses state. As one of these measures. And state has been brought opium back with. It's not just teachers sour mean you could say the same thing about police today. Social service workers right. Absolutely not something they're actually corpses and when we sort of sort or. Part of later it is injured these politicians first or the microphones and what a great job leaderboard and when to start negotiating their concerts police fire that it and the people of it's typical from her Turkey did it a leg up on anything so. Yes no it's not just a lot of people in the public sector we're really on a display is that they're not being. Paid toward the services they provide. What do you think felt that the teachers and niece states that we're talking about Oklahoma. Arizona Kentucky. I think maybe taking advantage of the climate right now which is hypersensitive to school violence and safety do you think maybe they're. They're building on the support that they have at this point. They probably our book worth so what's happening is that leave reset their sellers soloist at this school districts in the states were building on the climate. That was out there that the teachers work well until just persevere even though they knew that they had that we're gonna work you know 234 charms. To do anything militarily on teachers because it's it's an important concern of people or get it teachers. The were there were kids we hear more about their kids certain. And celebrate this would be that they have the Euro touched and. In the walkouts can be double edged swords you know they they need them for making points and in for strikes and to try to get better contracts. But that they also leave parents and a huge bind you know many are juggling schedules just so they can work. Get with the job action like what's going on today in Oklahoma. They're left scrambling. You know what what else was there are what are we what are your options you know within three years trying to get decent salaries but no one seems foolish and emotionally they're really must think. Going on strike is an option of last resort you don't do that until everything else. You know we've tried everything else. And you're looking at your assembly it looked as if it was down there who are suffering. We don't get to see them because they have two jobs three jobs whatever and it was not just a distracting or. Well themselves. But this striking for. And creased you know funding for their schools are impossible. Tremendously on the part of which is already get all of this money. If they don't understand is that. We have our kids are in desperate need I mean to put it but they came out without a disgrace. We need to hire more school counselors this tendency of social work colleges over the cliff sides and is normally that is. What about school resource officers. There's I think school resource officers are good thing and I think when those things that are helping everybody knows that we don't have security offices and Roberts and most of our elementary schools. So we think that the year resource offices are presented here. Resource officers. They aren't as soon students they are open lines of communication with community. There's somebody there. There and I think it's a good idea but we don't just give an art schools and equity for the public schools. Was there money in the state budget for that. I'm not to my knowledge we just taking a look at the budget now I mean we just sort these initial runs. Hopefully you bills that you send some more money flows where it because there. Let me give you an example one of the things they're raised throws completion to school district that's of course an extra nine million dollars. Both mr. I've got a big states that if I amber from the experience so that means is nine million go forward. Involving about a million dollars you have a pretty. I'm just something fun now it's been forty years forty years since they hit series Dallas made its television debut. Paula terrorist spoke exclusively with Patrick Duffy Charlene Tilton. Steve can Neely and Linda gray about the famous south fork ranch and a potential. Regrouped. Forget the show Dallas. That seems on the ground breaking drama that sensation when almost ninety million Americans watched one Friday night when the world learned. Who shot JI. It all pre neared forty years ago. Doesn't really feel like yeah yes it feels slightly that I hated my blouse that could dish cloths and I think that the word that lately everything a little bit nicer. And still no nobody can see that picture anyway just put it on they didn't have a whole lot of expectations for the show that out of visions can be at five episode miniseries front for a we're still here and every network president has gone back. Looking to keep you could put your finger on and the reason additionally since the fact it was surely that's that. It was like yeah and I'd I'd put my finger on his. Just the chemistry that we have off camera. Really came through to see it wasn't. Think it was me my wife made fun of me every day because I would leave for work currently she said you're going that you don't have to inform the 45 Jessica I know that I took up and then that wanted to get your employees. I wanted to be with my friends the show was a TrailBlazer for network television tackling taboo topics such as rape and breast cancer. When Barbara don't let this happen mastectomy. Was the first time I mastectomy had been really treated with great. Respect and honor and Stu Alan and alcoholism. And still get letters and things from the people who went AM because some from the southern life and how could become. And we did an episode with the characters that one of the first gay episode. It's not gonna do toward homosexual community say the word gay is a three episodes where Lucy was engaged to Ian gentlemen had to come out and admit that he was. Gay and I got to stand up to Jay aren't. Cry embodies arms that they vote at Seoul. Being nude or free. Larry Hagman was the show's star violent and remains the glued to this group even now sixty years after his death but doesn't like to be in the scene with Larry. Have. One of the best actress ever Barry used to hate it when I would tell everyone on camera. How wonderful he was held leveling generous and kind. And he would take steps to huge development cannot have a nice night but he was badly some time he would tell you liquidity onions before kissing. You're kidding and I know I'm I didn't know it was batter peanut butter pie and I had to kind of like what I think okay what it's going to be today. I live where I could see were his analysis we were neighbors. So I think of him every day he was what my best friend. And I can't think of him without smiling without remembering. Patrick Duffy left the show in 1985 but you returned a year later. Steady yet another precedent for TV plot twists that fact that it was all under arraignment he weren't really dead that's controversial back and. Cost audience Acosta out of 10% hit a lot of people didn't like it yup they felt cheated but we've got five more years and it. Fourteen seasons 357. Episodes. To reunion and means. And then every bit with T and team right would he be at that for a third rebuild if it over. Mouse. Next thing we've never say never act tomorrow. That's 930. 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.