Deadly Niagara River Current 930in716 June 26, 2018

Tuesday, June 26th

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It's 930. In 716. Double tragedy in the Niagara river I guess. I've never seen anything like that they obviously. Pat had a panic attack and it was off. We can't stress enough how dangerous this water is down here. You cannot swim in this you can not even enter it for a moment. Get it done I mean I'm asking antigen and I. Mean they would have sons and Pakistan. If you go in the water there's a strong chance that you could die. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Again Monday I found myself standing at the foot of ferry street along the Niagara river where the current run strong in deep. And can fool the guy with a quiet in calming look. But watch for a moment and you can see just how swiftly the water moves in that area. Some of the fastest currents in and Niagara outside of the rapids and falls. It proved deadly times to Monday as a man entered the water off Broderick part to collect some driftwood. We're going for a walk. My family and I name and we had seen this guy standing on the opposite side of the gate so. You know I got a seventy delay and then she said I'm going first win. So we sat and Shannon said that he makes for an answer out of Jeff. Christina Williams in her young daughter we're spending an afternoon in the park in sought all happened one man went in the water for would she said he had a rope. And another went into attempt to help that's when Christina told me at the water's edge the horror unfolded right before her eyes. It wasn't hot enough trees to drift wood and he kept saying you know reach further spreading he couldn't reach this piece that they're trying it so. He came back just to the wall where it was safer where he can catch his breath he was he is smack in the water and I think. Can you swim OK maybe you shouldn't be doing ads come on back. He was Ari fatigued he's like I'm fine. The man he was with that I'll go and you know come back up I'll do that is that I'm Marty let there's a lot more tax you. Swim back out. It was clear that he was already struggling I'm very happy on a six people there with us you know just grab on to inject it just hang out of the drift away. As it was where was all built up in the corner and there. And them. He grabbed it but he was about to reach the peace that he is aiming for. So that the white male captain wrote to so he can reach it was about to eat away. It didn't look like the waterways. Choppy over there was don't count because of the foreigner. So. He had the peace and he is floating out of her second I don't know if because of that. Water current like it's hard to kick your feet is struggling he was let go he was going down. About three times went down came out at me you know east into the right now you need to jump in and save this guy so he took office of the boot he jammed and scandalous sex is excited when he got to end the blackout question straight down and melodic trying to decide about. They've got back and forth three or four times and it was apparent that they needed help so another gentlemen. Went over at. The key with dateline piece of driftwood is trying to reach them. They are about two feet away you know this far from his hand he disc every change I held on the demands of insults you. And it was only a couple seconds before they both just sounds like rafts. I I didn't see different take on as far as I could see and I was staring straight Adam that they guess I've never seen anything like that date obviously. I had a panic attack and it was off. I mean I cheated kids out and everything they are here now they cannot find. Collectively they went in hamper us. Nothing could have done I mean my momma screaming and antigen and I must mean they would have sunk in Pakistan. We can't stress enough how dangerous this water is down here. You cannot swim in this you can not even enter it for a moment. The currents and rip currents are beyond deadly buffalo police captain Jeffrey knows that it's here at the loss of our diver lieutenant Craig leaner. Unfortunately less than a year later we're picture. For another tragedy at the water's edge. So again I like to say. There's signs all along the railing Nazis with water swimming. We have signs posted. It almost all of the waterways around the city is we signals when I mean you know this is unsupervised water but again. As we saw unfortunately here in tragedy even experienced divers. Can die in these waters it's not something to be taken lightly. And ovals something looks like it's been tapped the water and it looks nice in camp it is not count water. There's different currents that flow especially when you get in these Andy's point you towards the wall and suck you out in the river and then as wells. Police now we train in these waters because one of two things we opted number one always feel they can rescue save somebody that's drowning. Generally give the conditions are right and we're able to respond within an hour sometimes it is possible what's. The second task is to be able to bring closure to victims families in this type of the bankers we train these waters it is very dangerous as we've seen. But what are team does when they call goes out. Respond. Ronaldo was standing in the very same spot where he delivered many a briefing as they search for one of their own last fall. Diver Kregg Maynor who died during a training exercise in the very same waters. They always say as I said before our training kicks and we have a job to do we do it. I'm sure tonight there's going to be some strong emotions from our team that was down here approximately half the team. Was able to responding Gator but again every single man woman and a team is nothing but professional and they. They do what they do so that they can train say people at you of the messages to be understood you cannot get this water and unfortunately we've seen it. All too often in the past where somebody gets in distress no matter how good of a swimmer you wanna. You jump in the water to attempt to save them in ultimately that first person causes you to them because they are struggling for their life. They are not going to take direction they're not gonna take control. They're going to literally second that you get within reach rebounding and attempt to push themselves up out of the water off view. In again it's it's it's an extremely dangerous and deadly thing he and unfortunately as hard as it is we always advise don't go in the water after some. Get a stick call for help get them on one do everything you can understand the risk involved if you go in the water there's a strong chance that you could die. Well as I said before we always evaluate our training we always look at what went right what went wrong how we can make it better but again in the day. The key to these situations is a quick response. As soon as there's enough divers on scene that they can safely into the water in they go in they served their work. Unfortunately you know every situations unique. As I said. Too many times and this this is. A unique piece of water that is now. Replicated really anywhere else in the country so it's not like a static body of water that you can easily trained in this is exactly the step by step. They get in the water I was able to talk to a couple of the divers who did go in and recovered. The gentleman in the said there is debris field there. It is so Presley fifteen feet where there. But they were debris field in they can get some where they went numbers mean our officers know as part of these beats me trying patrol waterways as much as we can. We know when the weather gets warm like it is today than it unfortunately people are gonna not heed our warnings. They're going to go into what they think might be safe. We've unfortunately drownings here on the other side in the channel where the water looks kind doesn't seem to be going that fast but again there's under. Currents and drift that occurs in the channel you can drown there let alone in the river behind the one other piece of information. A few years ago obviously recognizing that dangerous waters that we have in these areas every single buffalo police there that is assigned to a district did. As a body of water kids who doesn't like us with slings attached to them. In the cars so as I believe Ron might of asked if we see people down by the water obviously it looks like they're trying to swim. Our job is immediately to train get them out of the water. But is quickly as we respond if there is a victim who is still above the surface we do we have mechanisms in place to attempt to rescue those people. There is no reason for anyone to under the Niagara river from the lake to the Grand Island area just too much current too many unknowns. And once you're in trouble it is just too late. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.