Deadly Car Accident Caused By Distracted Driving and What Do You Consider Distracted Driving ? 2/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, February 13th

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News radio 930 WBA. And. I thought well that's fun to be Meehan delusional campaign. It's tough on the hourly you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up in David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with you today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 W. All right well. Let thirty WBD and sort of bring you up to speed and you're driving to work today you've probably heard about the truck driver. Who. Which go to court today and it was go to court because he was shopping and filling out surveys bottom line. When he was driving the truck and because he wasn't paying attention. It is in attentiveness to the road left an innocent woman debt. And everybody thought he was gonna take the guilty plea today. I think the DA and DA's office already had a statement that little. News conference they were all set to do about the dangers. Being online as you're driving and everything. And again I don't know what the legal strategy is going to be for this guy but. You know if there's one thing prosecutors don't like it's surprises. And analysts this guy can prove that he really wasn't on the phone at the time of the accident. My suspicion David is always really done is just super pissed off the prosecutors. And probably added a few years to what would have been his sentence by Leah. You know basically leaving it one way you like and do in the plea and then going another way that we would need the germ that we need more time what are. Dia and we know what does that mean me woody you've gotten. This is something that has to get a minimum of of of ten years wrote it's prescribed is prescribed but by European law but meet my my point is I mean as you know in an era sentencing the judge has discretion either be lenient to throw the book at somebody. And the system does not like to feel like the system is being jerked around unless of course you're somebody like Dennis black who. Can be a big time the pundits and Whaley. Whatever massage and it'll three on I thirty start at the South Carolina retirement. That's for and South Carolina retirement industrial and I thirty starlet 3180616. WB Ian. We are I'm talking about distracted driving distracted driving that we don't discussed. And you know everybody likes to point their fingers at the people who text. And drive and understandably so because texting and driving is not a real Smart idea I've done it I don't. Take pride in telling you about it David has done it I think most of you have done it. There are people who have not about it who called and say they've never texted and drive and which of course is laudable but you know I also think about the many other distractions and I've seen and I think the most common one that I've seen. And in this happens on a regular basis is you you get two or more people to car. And you're behind them you can actually see the driver tried to maintain eye contact with a passenger. And there's no need to everybody knows you're driving. You're not supposed to maintain contact with passengers when you're driving your your attention should be on the wrote that to me is just as dangerous as somebody texting yet nobody's ever gonna get a ticket for that. And if god forbid one of those people is involved in an accident there is not going to be a charge like. Talking to passenger while driving. A little bit unfair analysts and. When we asks I want to Colleen that is protected in and you know while they're driving a car it'd be nice if they you know. Didn't remember women's suffrage I mean just you know if you're seventy years old I totally understand waited text and drive. More focused guy did you telegraph and drugs yeah but are focused on like dead at thirty world that forty world the people that are you know you grew up. Obviously driving a car without those distractions back then a cell phone had a crank you had a block in Indy here the battery of your are. It was almost an entire middle consoles what the old fashioned cell phones work on and plus. Then he had elect. He had his unit of flip the switch it to turn the switch around you talk to Harry that a few minutes of the switchboard than Kerry or put you through the drugstore. Right that was cellphones back and Andy of mayberry days so you know if you are in millennial and you've never texted and driven we'd love to hear from you. And if you're millennial and you think that this prohibition against texting and driving is just a law made up by a bunch of old people who don't understand what it's like to be a millennial to be able to text and drive safely knock yourself out we'd like to know. And what are the other kinds of distractions that you've seen and there's gonna come a time by the way when you're never gonna see somebody with a newspaper behind the wheel because. That is not exactly a technology of the future that's old school or even people in the newspaper business know it and it doesn't look it I don't feel good habits and that. Newspapers have a place unfortunately. Like a lot of technologies they've kind of become anachronisms. And it's it's a shame but. They will have to find a way to survive and to generate revenue using other business models and be able to do it creative people will be able to do. Ominous at this before it over the years I've seen radio stations like this one more in two. Newspapers. And I've seen newspapers try to morph into radio stations in the me. Outlets of the prison that are successful are those with multiple platforms Reid got a radio division you've got a video to supplement and augment the radio. And you've got a prick section with more details and opinions of things like that. 80330. Start at 3180616. WB and let's see here's attacked women putting on makeup men shaving reading the newspaper. All the driver using a laptop. On the passenger's. Seat I'd seen ball driving a rig for a living. You know it's interesting because using laptop on the passenger's seat at that you've just described every police are I've seen in the last fifteen years. There's. Use law enforcement. Officers that. Feel the need that they have to take this call this. Well it's a radio call yeah I'll bet I bet that if our shots fired its ever take that steps are not talk about a felt well on the road and it. Well actually all the guys and ladies have department police issued cell phones. When you see them live with the bald after years that's not necessarily their personal well I'm not I'm just saying that I hear that we've had at least fifteen tax math it is someone's sent pictures. Who unnecessary but. We've gotten the report that some people out that are fortunate. Not necessarily all that well. But let's get back some calls obviously people care about is 80330. Start at 3180616. WB and I'd love your Valentine's pitcher David I really think we should outline. We don't have to identify your hand. Caster on WB he and John welcome your hourly ability. What I am trying to figure out is traffic here that are criminals or a hot cup would. Dick your photograph after taking a look at about the aura. And go to its fifth I was. Told that he had to give up. Well at all but insist that the government. I haven't given up until after us a lot of upsets me he's gone out there and actually let somebody saw him doing that. Why that happened and why wouldn't just go home after that there exists supplement clear until somebody got a warrant. You know there's no proof that you haven't got up on the they'll know they'll cut everything out and they you have a phone or laptop with you. And let's see there are some of their oath or affirmation. I'm pretty sure that Hillary Clinton keeps a vat of acid in her car so that she could drop her cellphone into the acid wash in the event she was in an accident but. You do race in interest in Puerto guest's job what I'm hearing you saying is. Hey if you're ever in an accident and a cell phone might have been an issue you might be tempted to maybe drop it down the mirror storm drain or possibly buried under few inches of mud when nobody's looking. What you have your clock out of the water and harm compared with somebody it's oil but I need. But Democrats are just having a traffic accident that's not criminal activity as well. That depends what the what the circumstances of the accident. Yeah but yeah. To answer your question it would seem to me but again a little lawyer that if somebody wanted myself on even if there was an accident that I would want them to produce a war. But again but it may have an attorney out there who could tell us how well I don't voters I don't know the circumstances are of this situation but they're making a deal. You have to assume that this guy at some point was cooperating. With the investigation in and the story they get out there about him you know going through today that doesn't sound like a reporter broke that that sounds like it's something he said. Truthfully. I never had that kind of an accident. Limits and that's enough to expect from somebody who you know well when you get the times they're above the exact type of an act. You know I'll tell you I used to question that too regular a medic got name Alan Harris who had cameras everywhere. Yeah dead. That's really what it comes down to a book comes out cameras and also one of the things we will do is they will take the time the 911 calls started coming in. And then you know it's it's pretty it's pretty easy to see you bet if the 911 calls started coming in as X computer was on a specific website it doesn't take Einstein to figure out that it was being used that time of the accident and give OnStar you have any of those other gadgets that are on here on your car itself an airbag deployed. There's all different ways you can plug them. The actual car in to determine when that happened. And your cars packed boxes. Essential. Part of the car the black. But don't let let let him battle over. So. John I'm collecting the floor because we do razor and intra pinpoint if you were in an accident. And you were asked to producer's cell phone are you under an obligation to produce yourself all worked beautifully in a bucket of water. I would later that number I says something and I wouldn't you know anybody on the. I wouldn't but I also don't wanna take a Colorado to take. But what I'm saying is I don't know what happened this situation and odd. Disagree with John I'm just saying I don't know what this drive dated. If it was determined that he gave his own up to the phone was. Taken with that with a warrant or if he volunteered this information okay let's say about David probably let's just say god forbid this doesn't happen. But let's say you're an accident and your drive at all. And part of the investigation jobs are set as a gives cellphone and execute cellphone what are you do. I get a through what you. So I would say I would say hello I have to talk to a lawyer about this first but I would probably say if you shall we were argument habit but other matters personal property I'm here he's going to be able to take myself away from me but if you have to look at myself long. And I was doing them wrong I would have once he has possession yourself on how you can get it back. He's what he's got a ticket receipt if you can take it in you know back to the station. I just don't understand why he would need to do that if I didn't mean. But here following what happened I have an officer. John does one of those guys that. You know you see those guys pulled over and you know they kind of what's the corpus Electra the carvers don't like that but let's go he's wrong jobs when you talk about your rights. God is not wrong by stating he writes he wants to defend over it got blessed as far as I know with. There obligated to do if you're pulled over his earlier when they're down at that even if the all the way I don't. Five future licensed your should you start if you want to take a situation. And show someone. I've done nothing wrong and you are in fact done nothing wrong. I find what you're talking to law enforcement and on in a position of power you're always in a better situation would you say that. On the cooperate I mean any wrong. Now if after all that they claim that you got sewing your truck then you know you would if you weren't yourself below. You know you're yourself when your anger and the little closer to item broke I've gotten speeding tickets I've admitted that ice you know that was going fast. Amendment analyze these guys got via radar. Say you were you going X amount in this autumn like I wasn't. Do you do you not do that ID haven't been pulled over and Jews. I got pulled over to copyrights. Patents and the other day about. If I hadn't been Google my son is recording a popular YouTube like I don't answer question and to put that we ought to. And it's that might be the government should drop out there for the officer but I mean people don't. You don't have to answer their questions. You do not that it's my understanding it. But but don't be you know what though is if you're gonna do that you also have to smile and it and be cool or is that a smile and being cool goes a long way. Even if you know that you are right. You don't have to be Richard about it not being Richard goes a long way. But that they won't hit your reporting and I didn't think it's the first and be real about security and our they edited by. I thank you very much actually I think decades has already been decided that anybody who just what I've backed up and split off. You know when your two year old is choking in Coleman won one. And he you're gonna appreciate counts a lot more in our our previous caller causes us to ask questions. If you had been pulled over and vehicle and traffic stop have you been asked to produce your cell phone. And if you are an officer of the law under what circumstances are you supposed low. Request a cell phone and what if the driver says no I would life if I'm quick to turn over cellphone. You don't get to see it unless I see a warrant that is based on probable cause that gives you permission to well actually. Workers made a produced myself pulled this out that I don't like law enforcement is just about everything for the constitution. I don't think that's unreasonable I don't know I have you know friends and I never heard of any and last it was an accident. And I don't have a lot of friends have been in this situation either but I've never heard anyone can connect yourself. I'm sure they're out they're out I'd love to not appear from cops on that now maybe they got pulled over for bay on the cell phone question. We'd like your from drivers which lecture from cops. Under iPod that's got stuck at Verizon will. If you were back but remember even if you were accidentally put your phone in a bucket of water. All those records are electronic anyway and all of you who. Is convince a judge and they will subpoena your phone company and they'll find out they complain about the time to set the tea text. And what you said in the text everything historical act quickly and from flash to bang court order which I mean just look at what happened or friends and FBI. The missing text messages that were missing for exactly four minutes. Exactly exactly coming up on 525 who's ready united thirty WB yeah hourly and albeit we're talking a lot about distracted driving and obviously texting and driving. You know I still maintain that people loved to bitch about texting and driving for most people driving have done it one timer and other. But I think their other things that people do when they're driving that are at least as distracting as texting while driving. And we went by and if you experience as well. Power and relatively short about thirty WPA. And Canada. Obviously a terrible story out of the state through way and it was supposed to be adjudicated today but the attorney for the truck driver who started the accident which killed awaiting. Because he was supposedly shopping and filling out surveys on line needs more time with the client so we'll see. Eventually how that affects the case. You know whether and all I guess I'll leave it the lawyers out there listening as to whether or not this was a wise strategy. You know I don't know what you would have to do to beat the charge. And whether there the receivers the possibility. Of beating the rap. Is great enough to take the risk. More time behind bars if in fact the client is found guilty. You you guys and ladies in the legal profession. Would have would have to answer that one thing that we do know about. The legal system is a it doesn't like surprises be it doesn't like feeling like it's been jerked around and seat. If they have every expectation of a guilty plea and you throw the curve ball. If you are eventually found guilty you might end up spending a few extra nights in the graybar hotel. For your intransigence. Against the system in free America. It is 537 news radio 930 WB EM hourly and albeit. So. Let's go to Bridget Hamburg who's next up on WB Ian Bridget. Well. That's weird so we've got on the followed it sounds like you're talking to mr. paper a poll of cardboard thing. Just thought and myself alone no speaker phone not now then are you break the law. Am I breaking a lot now yes. OK so you're are you somebody who is critical of the texting and drivers and the speaking on cell phone wall drivers walk the same time you do it yourself because I I can be a hypocrite about that David can be a hypocrite. Anybody listening can be a hypocrite about that. To be asked this you know I don't ever taxed when I'm dragon because I don't know how you can text and look at the road. At this same time I. Quite frankly I usually don't even use my cell phone and I'm driving. I can't remember the last time I have these guys are all one I was dragged aim but that's that's probably the first to a long time I'll make. Whatever car tax my that I need to make an apparent in a matter wherever I am and I put myself on its side and driving and driving because. You know it it is dangerous foe I realize that. Say it it's easier for me because when I'm when I'm solo driving it generally is a ten minute drive and I assure you there is not a text in the world that cannot wait ten minutes backlight. And if it's a longer drive I have a passenger with me and she can or she's driving so it's not really an issue at all. But is far is said driving with a phone up your year as you're doing this are you looking around frantically trying to make sure that you're not gonna get pulled over. Now. Oh now the here's and that funny is that going to leave then dithering that I call so. It it's probably band I'm in I have two sons and they at that time or maybe. You know twelve and fourteen and all they want him driving me yet I have a young knees would mean there were on the backseat of the car. I was driving on the true way coming back from the gallery Amal. Dry it would is just after the mets' double winter's storms I'm gonna say this was maybe fifteen years ago. We had and stuck in their house for two or three days now heat now power. Things finally kind of cleared out I said OK guys let's tech in the Carol good luck of the gallery against someone had food. You know kind of warmup or whatever. We're coming home from the gallery. It had a state trooper. Told me all over and I bad and the middle of it through a dangerous area right at the peak of the hill road that are quite clear yet. I'm more about the fact that got three kids in the back the Mike Carrick. And you're pulling me over and the middle of these conditioner on it but can I ask why I'm being pulled all America. He's. Ma'am were you talking on yourself on my. No. I mean at the time I was so flabbergasted because I didn't even know where my cellphone wasn't that ball at the and I dad they don't even know where my cell phone and then one of my kids and a backseat camp hyped up and that it back here. And I said well there it is so. He gave me a ticket for talking and myself on my that I haven't been talking myself he's. Sox are. Delighted to corner I've got all my ducks in a row I don't take a lawyer goes I'm not guilty why do I need a liar I'm not guilty. Because anytime you go to court you need a lawyer but that's another story. Wow I would never go to court about a lawyer I don't care if it's a vehicle intrepid charge the lawyer must be part of the appearance but please go ahead. Arise certified documentation that there was no activity at myself on for forty minutes before the ticket. Forty minutes after the take care and the judge still found me guilty beyond a reasonable doubt because plan which could cause that's. That's insane follow the judge's insane. The judge is in second. Yeah because if you can document that there was no activity at ball on your cell phone forty minutes prior to being pulled over and the judge still found you guilty of being on your cell phone talking on your cell phone. The judge is insane. Yes he was in the is probably dead now that is an is that bad at that time she taught it how the court. You know kind of come back this state trooper was then fired or where. Taking prostitute across state lines and telling comment state trooper prior. Oh yeah. Home. And I go back to bite you in the after at least I can save myself well I know I would benefit and then he got screwed up and rock well. Well you know what this this is why is you know what I RE unfortunately everybody when they go to law school they wanna go into personal injury law because they want you know they they want the lawsuit lottery money but you know 133 and a 3%. But man if I had it a fighting chance to go to law school. I would do criminal law I would love to do that because. This this is the kind of case that man I would just love to I would love to have handled that. I mean yes. But it is gonna cost you 700 dollars for an attorney all right debated 300 dollar ticket and have I mean that affected my insurance premiums and. That while that's what I'm saying it affected your insurance premiums so in the long run you would have been better off hiring the attorney the 700 dollars you spent for the attorney. Well accused did they hit you with a 250 dollars us surcharge every time you renew your insurance. Yeah see you're better off hiring the attorney. Now you're you're hearing it for me if I ever get a ticket I'm pleading not guilty and I will take an attorney to court. Higher or eight. And I couldn't nude upper opening I would have hired the attorney. Rails probably too late now but parents seems to me that if you provide documentation that that you were not on your phone. And that was this the era before texting and all of the apps on cellphones. Texting widely available because I remember when I. Talked to the guys. Originally he said to mean well first of all that can get wise you know I Carter with the silver cell phone up next tour here. I brought myself on I brought my purchase of the perjured himself cell phone was clearly a hot pink cell phone. At the time. Did you bring that up in court the inconsistency. Yes and that's all I have an up to my ear and I said well you could have been text staying and we can't tell from. Your activity whether you're texting her back that they didn't have that availability on the phone at the time I said. What I've texted with an up and I carry around ourselves we know we have a discrepancy year. Wow well. That that's a case where unfortunately. If you had to do it all over again which would you not have brought a lawyer with your. I would and I would make darn sure that there is something else to go after I'm far. Yup because obviously the statement was false and everything about everything about this was false you got screwed. We know why because he was transporting Bratton. Well. Karma is a bitch and diplomat ban thanks very much glad you called them are right bang bang bang up. Did call 8030 and I thirty starlet 3180616. WB and so we're talking about distracted driving. You know that texting while driving gets all of the attention talking on cell phones while driving. Watching porn or shopping online as you're driving. Clearly no nose and they've actually resulted in fatal accidents and we actually have a video on the Bauerle envelop via FaceBook page from the UK. Of a guy who is on his cellphone he was changing songs. And he didn't consult a braking distance and four people died and you should watch that video. You know it but at the other distractions. That you see driving. What else ought to be illegal and I did I do find it ridiculous that you get busted for texting while driving. But nobody's gonna pull you over for having a giant garrido while your drive. Were for eliminating a giant burrito a bit work it is stuff still in love joy at WBBM Phil he'll achieves from. DiMarco follows. And faster but you know owners. And it across the bird isn't true. And a Miniature Schnauzer. I mean miracle of war distracted driving. Remember that story. It that note and and working. There. Ought. I the church there. Union. And and and you. Are what he does. Oh. What the markets want it up for it okay so how badly. Though. And that. Is just a little. Use it to. Or shouldn't say that as far as I heard the conversation she did not say that her court appearance was the same day it would be highly unusual. Well which you made it seem like it was all dispensed very quickly and shouldn't have changed haven't attorney. What does it. Always she said she chose of her own free will but to bring an attorney to court and the judge was unwilling to listen to or sound arguments. And the officer from what our caller said perjured himself and has written statement. Well when I asked the district attorney whether or not much I'll go op. How do you know that this guy is trying to police officer he is of course is not going to get something he'll huddle during the day. Determining whether somebody violating working blah structuring and just like no adequate and that got you under the radar so right now. But my training as a police throughout Europe Germany was going to amount though. That is true you know you trained in that. You actually do have a radar in front of UA properly calibrated radar in front of you. And believe it or not after about 203040. Cars go by you can within about three miles an hour. With a high degree of accuracy and a high probability. Of being actually pretty spot on. You can identify health fast cars are coming when they're coming straight on at your. Certainly they're called the visuals about it expert visual speed escalators but that's the proper title bar. And you have to get recertified every east every few years to be able to do that. So who say that this gentleman who is probably about a also editor Rick I would have been sort Seneca. Wasn't just there as the threat of bombs you know that he can't determine whether or not I'm. Speeding up on some more Ottawa goal was just. Checking my you know mobile device while I waited for just goes to bed early or did you determine what amounted to go left or right and the guy that looked at a lot of stuff. We got a report that to devote to the office certainly give out pulled me over 170. Don't I can't afford that. Have my week. She's sort out there 200 bucks. Aren't the only person that got left and of 170 Arctic. In less than that in America the under fifty people in court. Turn the charge was texting and cell phone. I was under. Mobile device that you're looking at a met met last year anything like that why you're. Sitting. In traffic I mean a little bit at Wallace stopped dead at the lights. I wonder how many people I'd have been known to do the same thing Phil. I wonder how many people got busted for looking at the map on some cars you've got your navigation system. And you get this big screen that shows up on your dashboard I would've been agrees ever gotten written up for that. Well you know I am a bachelor. Analytical. Thinking that it it gives it this year. That it'll take you see this little. Unmatched portion of the match spark doesn't take any responsibility for you be watching us going and I have. That's where they have audible that comparable particular radio. Are you are the other this that absolutely art peck thank you very much we're talking about distracted driving to what you have seen out there. I WB at 8030 my thirty starlet 3180616. WB Ian. Anybody ever got busted for looking at your navigation system what is the big screen that pops up that would be that the time. Well but if I'm your big about it. You need it to ten but how do you not the colors these people design the cars have some responsibility here too. Our Roger in pirates were talking distracted driving obviously this case in Lancaster is big news was supposed to get resolved today but it didn't in Europe WBM hi. I thought I don't. I have started four years over a remote mile accident free truck driver. But I don't want on these stories that immunities built on world. Bites transmit. Total up on the Berkeley that there waiting for traffic or got rear ended by this young girl. Put that make up by. Distracted ran right in the bed read total her car and when the cut in in of the top eight at my break point worked. Yeah well not not after the accident I'm sure they didn't. Been there you I don't think about it just bet I'd ever you know didn't break my delegates but there was this course and me. Biceps are very like Jessica. Did you. Or your or your brake light supper I'm like really want to stripper brakes worked. Well total more whoa what did you. How how did you convince the responding officers that the woman was applying her make up pudding and oceans putting on her make up where you look at that are in your rear view work did she say in afterward. Shoot but op where. Hello the only. I don't or did her head smashed through your rear view her view mirror in the end up in your lap. Like it shouldn't put Iowa characterized. Believable. Well okay but we're not gonna pick on women because Roger you've got three million miles accident freezer commercial driver. The electric shaver and dudes in a rush hour how common. Ul are outside bet let's just before reading the paper. Interesting property like an open copper property. How is using an electric razor a distraction if sheer. You got your hands on the wheel one hands. You know doing your face would throw that. We don't remember Eric. And it's an electric razor you use the force and all of because then you look like an old man did you always have that one acts that you miss if you don't look in the mirror. Even with even with a wet late you know back for a razor and cream. In your show our if you don't have it shape longer there's that why acts that you always miss and it makes you look like you're about a 180 years old. Well it writer. Or return the bottom there must ask you got an uneven. That man has been there Roger the soul patch yeah thank you for a much. You end up with a Hitler mustache we now up a good look at the Charlie Chaplin yes well prove it kind of got co opted. Buy hourly and bill via a news for you and I and thirty WB EMI I have a pets today.