Deadly Car Accident Caused By Distracted Driving and What Do You Consider Distracted Driving ? 2/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, February 13th

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News radio 930 WB yeah. You don't have never done well driving I've never shop while driving none else than ever that while driving never watched porn while driving. It's Tom Bauer Leahy and it was a horrible story also from the New York State thruway about and others fatal accident. But this guy and he's got it and for the rest of his life. This guy knows a that he really. Destroyed lives V that the reason the destroyed lives was he was watching war. When he was driving and David Bellamy actor who knows if you feel closer right there too but. You know the idea that you're on that long we're interacting with something. So maybe he already did you shopping and filled out a survey its hourly and they'll be. The other thing too that we have we talked is. Obviously you know either. Some foods are made the behind the wheel on news radio 930 WB. Made big feet behind the wheel. A hard shell might be ladies and gentlemen should never be eaten while you're driving learn as the higher the hard way way back in the 1980s. Mighty fan for awhile now. Unfortunately. They can't eat. That anymore except them very very rare occasions. And you know I've been one of the things I I'm proud of but it also I I also hated at the same time as I'm proud of it. Totally changed. The way. Well. Even bad to begin with but I'll I took a relatively good diet and I just made it like extreme. Like. David I'm actually looking forward do and laugh at me I'm actually looking forward going home and having it. Steamed broccoli with curry on it. After work but the work and also David I'm looking forward to. Steal cut oatmeal with just a little bit of maple syrup these things are now the joys of my life. I ever touched us all clinched G. There. In the beast Charl had heard safety pizzas or. I have to confess that it's that the that's a couple epic. It's and it's that this is that they what do Merck I've forgotten we said. But it one of our fellow employees is literally going to explode when you are an F five pieces of them all over at the building from achieving it through pretty fudged it is. And I was at my kids and I I was just die and laughing because we do we have some people here who go and that's what apologies. If they do. I can't touch him. It isn't good delicious are there for. Well okay. No I don't like that and I have the liberty. And shocked our presence of mind is there is part of Paul was donuts but Paul all the spam OK so I have access to all the free Paul has donuts one week killed Walter Becker. But we what was donuts killed Walter Becker that's the truth. It's really true but we'd like to joke with all the that it is. But anyway long story short. I love Paula is donut I love their peanuts decks I loved her freaking velvety stuff they're both variants are amazing. And this is not a free ad for Paul was an or kind of sounds that way but I love Paula and I love chuck and I love the family. But I don't like the pledge you I I can't pick up when he's seriously as a donut. And everybody who's eaten a punchy today. David Walker on the radio station I'm telling you despite looking at the faces of people. We will be able to say who had won and who didn't because those who beat a point ski they looked slow they look lethargic they looked. They look like they're riddled with guilt and shame. I'm just. Well. You know again though you have the think at the if you're going to eat something for example if I brought over a food you're. Exactly is your favorite food but it's something that you enjoy from IB time of civil rights kicks white cheddar rice cake clean them let you know. At that time you're gonna ask for at a nice restaurant because it's a rights K. If I brought him. It's 70000. Rice cakes and threw them all over the cell department. You would probably have more than your fail because you're not and I mean throw felon. But because you you know because it's free of sixty. Well you're you're right you're there's a lot of things that frankly we just aren't very good force. But on the other hand I mean. Things were to add to the page book why would mr. how to make money off of ourselves David is. But I did some cooking stuff online because I've evolved into a pretty damned good. Cook I must say when this is nerds says would you please make your check in again partly accomplished something because she's part polish part. Italian. And park east Indian and believe me she knows cooking. She's got the fancy accessories and that allowed to touch and she's actually got the expensive stuff from Williams-Sonoma. And I've got the hey what was Wal-Mart selling week I bought my house. 80330. Start at 3180616. WB Ian. And I had no idea how flimsy right Dell glasses are. And did you look there's actually a difference when you're drinking wine. I did not know this because I hate this sounds so that me and I'm sorry. But ID have to go easy now on the hard liquor appeared. I have to go easy so I've kind of switched over to red wine which joke Robert Mondavi and I've recovery those. But there's actually a difference in the taste of the wind depending on the glass you use and right well actually I'm sure others make glasses specifically for Robert. Classes specifically for shorten. They're they're different app or two's and the IP is that if drinking every day a certain. Aperture of the glass is letting you view the full effect of the cabinet as opposed to drinking and agree GO. Denote that I didn't either until recently all right so have you ever talked on the phone or. Is there anybody out there who is much as we hate testing driving. Are you gonna tell us that you've never done that we that we get to calls from people who claim they've never done it. I confess that I have texted and driven. I also tell you that I I tend not to do it because we're always goes through my mind is there is not. And this look I'm not trying to be sanctimonious. What goes through my mind is there's there is not a light on this planet that is that is less. Important. Man this text that I know I just got that could repeat. But I'm not going to until it can safely do but I will read it at a red light bipolar too red light and I'm not in motion. I will read text I will dictated in the mud ball if not in motion. I don't know if that's legal or probably illegal but. You know at least morally I can live with myself. That's important. Well you know what it is because I mean dude if I hit a squirrel. You know the way I killed a squirrel in traffic I'd be wrecked for a year. Here is. But you can whack a person in the head and hammer that haven't bad we have to play an active person and just leave it gotten beat by mr. it person. Gamers here's a match on WBE and Matt hello welcome to the sociopath hour. Thank you I just carve step towards her lover all but. I think it became big when every surtax on their ball and made it illegal to talk on the phone. It started hiding your phone and put it down low or nobody could see it. What I don't Matt I'm gonna interrupt you this is one of the Bali arguments that have made over the years the pun intended consequence of these cellphone law being hands free is that that's when texting and driving became a problem for the exact reason that the you mentioned because you thought you get away with it in the pocket busted by the thoughts. I. I by the way have just become the first person in 32 years to refer to law enforcement has the bugs and frankly I think I deserve appear. Dave Pitts gets a little pig I clips just for saying that he used to be Cheektowaga cup. The area golf. Record. The common. I definitely you know it people that I know Leone's talk on the phone and you keep it. Up on your looking up got the warrior drive and tensions. You know on announced that it became legal so on the side to own. Yeah. It really pissed me off with a cell phone book came into effect and that was the case a few bad apples who ruined it for everybody else because when I was driving when it was legal when I was driving holding a cell phone to my ear. Anybody who ever talked me during that period of my wife knows for a fact that driving was always priority number one if I was merging I would say. Look I put the phone down and get on the 290 hold and I would safely get after the 290 make sure I had my cushion and then talk on the phone. But unfortunately we've people who again racquet for everybody. And I think do Ellen I'm not saying it's good or bad but he he like he says with a text to speech. Her speech to text there nervous also people just sit there and looked down and chant tax the whole sentence likely. You know look at it reduced second and grow letter merit and look up like pay attention of the road that the main things move vehicles on the road now. It can't get it is you know what it is irksome and and frankly voice to text as a technology that has not been perfected it and and it really needs a lot of work is how many times it sent a message that after you send that you realize it said the exact opposite of what you're trying to communicate. I think I told my boss to go blank himself about eighty times where I didn't mean to. Here at NASA giant there's and it fixes voice recognition. And does that different. Dialects there's something like that to this day at best buy it put been crazy words do. I speak for a living I know when I'm using a cellphone to over a non C eight and ice still end up with words I did not say. You know the technology it right when a forty year broadcast professional. Gets words that he never set. That's very that's very well thanks guys for your time. I thank you very much by the way if bush said he is listening sent the you may or may not be happy even though that so far. Nobody has exploded at the radio station but we are keeping close tabs on the situation. We will let you know. You've heard of spontaneous human combustion we may I respond to is human it ignition. Or ignition but explosion. But it has not happened as of yet with all the punch keys at the station. The Grand Island across Thompson at a place right invariably get lost every time I go there Blake. Under an island trend WBBM. Welcome to buy hourly and all of your. It's very much. I know you talk about distracted driving whether cellphone texting their food. I have one that absolutely scared me and I told the guys get let you know the current city had a medical condition where he couldn't see straight. And nobody could see crippling up beside of this size. Diddy or something like what age related macular degeneration. I don't know what the technical term what's what but I mean he definitely hit debt issue. And since it was really young but I didn't know epic epic vehicle with them and he actually is said turn to the net knees straight over the face you know. I don't even know what if there's an ophthalmologist. They're what is that condition because it's beyond my expertise. Older people get wet age related stuff some young people get cataracts my son is at three cataract in his life after a car crash. By this system that rhetoric as he was a real good with Ted but he could he with other guys. You know I've been out that was a pathetic so when he's driving he's been edited that faces looking up front that the broad minded look at me look at. Straight out and I took a look at the road get but he got this track. Well that's that's a little weird drive and talk guide. Well that might make him I think when bring it up as. Yes but how we get to a point I mean does he get when he was young I didn't know they had but is able to get a license and it'd be able to drive the there's other medical conditions that are really distractions to the. Mike. That isn't that Jerry Moore has an excellent point and I refused. You know what notes diabetes. The diabetes you gotta say it will for brutally what's funny about beaver. There's nothing at all funny you beaver. Bieber are some pretty intelligent animals that are great animal love beavers it is 423. And I upset when Amherst was going to drowned beavers. I remember going in the Rampage about that. Look we don't want beavers destroying decree or walk way anymore than anybody else but after kill him because they're just doing beavers well. Yeah he really did. Well for their ass to your house do I'd listen they've been bombed that led the Amish having a double 07 order evidently from New York State they can kill whatever they want to do what if you're gonna kill the beaver at least three humanely that the ownership of the head. I don't know what they're doing but I tell you abuse led BA. Classic element that would that would at least if you let beavers run amok they will they will obsolete ruin your day. Well I don't know I've never seen to be rated like. I think their I can watch beavers four hours. Go underwater swim with a little heel flap around. To reflect I don't know if their plan puts her squirrel it's. There is. DeLia I'm in Angola Leah. Angola until you beat each and DeLia Europe Bauer alien bill via a where obviously English is optional hello. Yeah it's coming goalie. But. You're also the only person named alias and 1878 what's under it. Leo plaza. I'd never texted on who might well. And the reason why haven't been because I am I wanted to learn how to do it it may not be difficult. I am I have to admit to being ignorant about that but what I recall coming off the trillion Amber's. Eight DeLia unfortunately. We have to take a break because it's 25 minutes after the hour but we wanna hear what you have to say okay. I'm sure we will but we have to break. On net WBE and so we wanna hear this story coming up about William bell via news radio 930 WB. I dynamic duo is back at both were like Greek guys eats the hourly and felony on WB yeah. Yeah pong relief. Texting while driving is it something that we all say that we hate and we won it guillotine everybody who does it who's in an accident or is one of those bear but for the grace of god go you situations. You know David we're gonna get back to DeLia in Angola momentarily but it's kind of funny because they're two of the women of Colvin who think about it a little bit on the older side. Are the exact opposite of my mom they are hawking on yourself falls my mom needed me to show her how to actually. Answer her cell phone when I tried calling her the cellphone she did not know about an accurate but she became a whiz at texting. Every day I get my hi Tom here's what I'm doing that I love you text from mom. And it was only recently she figured out how to make calls on the thing like I said cellphones. They're not even cell phones in Tibet is their their little computers. For which you can make phone calls if you wish to deuce. Exactly and a lot has changed things. You know the rotary phone and the flip phone and now. The entertainment value you don't have Internet connection stills and twelve hours. You know plain stupid. Let's get back to the calls Dili in Angola on WBE. And G Aaliyah had a story force and deal it by the way denies ever texting and driving ever. I'm didn't know I have not gonna. And I'm sitting in my kitchen hand on my second cup poppy wait for your. To tell you this story another think about it that they had great however. Because I resent people thought I am always wonder in my house. I'm yourself or. Well even taxing. I don't like it's I just would never do and the truth is like never hand. And I don't know I like to be called elderly age or whatever. But anyway. I was coming up but truly at Hamburg at 57. And that is how our elderly girl Libby pretty apparently it was on the phone check the way it going to get caught. The beating on and off the bottom line that line at some erect inside the road. And I will be connected. All laid out very as a quiet. And they IDs goodness I mean like. Like you'll go crush you throw like stop and think that great. You tried to cross your thrower like you're gonna like. Slice a throat yet and that's. Yeah I know that can. Generally that means I'm going to kill you or it's like to kill you all well for your purposes we'll say that a man stop. Or shut the hell up. Quit talking put the phone down. More the latter came by our issuer Demi despite that breaks. Indeed be the salute their finger salute. And well she was that she was not alive. Let me she was all over the road and you basically looked at her and gave her the finger across the throat basically shot up as she gives used the F few. Exactly. I mean really cute so angered he kept oil and then hand it but any hybrid Pawlenty because. Anybody that is all. And that his iron articulating what all we do yeah. Julia I love you because the single best thing you can do to somebody when they're angry at you is laugh at them I guarantee laughing at them was more injurious to their psyche than you giving the finger back. I don't I wouldn't be that they reach she she was sold. Look at or even say the word. Yeah because you'll laugh that are just the best way to (%expletive) somebody off. Didn't like the great and that apple made it. And berate me now I don't want road rage in a word that you know life is too short oh yeah I'll forget my. Use of the word elderly but you do what you are aware that our own social security administration for the purposes of applying for disability benefits. Advanced age is 55 years old or older advanced. Age so well up. I'm just saying don't be upset with me. Don't know not I want you guys I really do I publicity all the time thank you very much obliged called him. Well I'm registered by Colin he had a great day. Don't care we'll do 803 on I thirty start time 3180616. WVU we're talking about distracted driving David. This truck driver was supposed to cop out his posted plead guilty to manslaughter to. Because he was shopping online and doing surveys when he was responsible. For crash on the thruway which killed an innocent person. And I'm thinking to myself OK he's the attorney gets the adjournment to spend more time with the client. The DEA meanwhile the prosecution. There are also out for the guilty plea apparently here's here's what I think this guy that I think this guy. By not taken the guilty played. And by forcing the system to prosecute him to spend money I think he's added about five years to whatever sentence was going to be. Always done I think is pissed off the prosecution. Yes it's really about the way you're supposed to do it and the other thing is I would much rather take whatever was put on the table and have a green jury. Here everything about this woman who lost his her life was a pillar community. And she wasn't just like a good person she was like a good person who. As a professional was a good professional. And you know in the community at her family the whole lot going on here that that this woman is no longer here because of his actions. Well I will let you always manslaughter during hunting season yeah how walker darkest. It's always the people they issue isn't nursed and Reggie you just don't want a grand jury to be able. I've. Hey look I'm not an attorney but the two of us looked at each other and we we both basically said the same thing what the hell is this Catholic and because. Depending on what was on this on the table sentence was. I mean he can already unless he's got evidence that the truck was faulty or there was something wrong with a it and and he's confident that can. I think you'd it's a really poor decision but who knows that's why these guys get the big bucks well unless he's gonna argue let's get argue that he wasn't on the phone at the time of the accident which changes the dynamic considerably. Well again this is true and we don't know what the evidence is now here's the thing we do an accident or even. You know depend on what what the situation there grab that phone instantly which is why you immediately put it in water. What they're. But the point here is it's not a matter of whether or not you admit you were on your found they could find out very quickly what they can subpoena the records. And it will happen to think and also just open your phone up and see if video plane that you would. It'll three ought to authorities start at 3180616. WBE. And I don't ever just exploded I've ever watched a video. Absolutely never watched them how many of those donuts and you had one sitting in which case the most fuel program. I don't know Paulus. Okay what we do have a lot of Paul lose when skis out there are many of which were actually made by misses her she's been attitudes like 3 this morning. How many that's what she told me she's probably actually some do I'd how many doughnuts of Paula have you had once it. The most. The most ever. Would be one I don't think I could eat a polls don't. With any sort of clothing that I want to protect and be not distracted. How you've got to focus when you people's government will OK the peanuts stick first of all it's obscenely long and it's gotten girth David. The Paulus dormant. Peanut stick girth is absolutely. Amazing. We're talking about probably a good six in six inch girth of the Paulus donut peanuts they're easy. Not easy to eat that when you're driving or even put the whole thing in your mouth. Here's a Mike in Niagara Falls on WBB. And that and if you have a sick mind you don't know. Don't you complain to the station about what we talk about that your interpretation of what we say the word dirt has always after effort to. Physiological things. I mean here's Micah WB yet in the falls Mike. I expect certain certain. I think this whole distracted driving debate is just our stability in truth it honestly. It is based on the idea. That everybody has that same level of skill and copper when operating motor vehicle. And that any level of distraction will reduce that skill to a point where dispersant gonna have a and. How hard would you laugh if you heard the packer attackers breached. And as hard as fell out of this story. You know you're. Actually I don't I'm inclined to agree with Mike Mike has a point to a certain level but unfortunately we've lost this debate this is a debate which led five years ago. Look at me Dale Earnhardt junior absolutely it is our Fridays a better driver than you'll ever beer Oliver B but if you've been around trucks and cars all your life Mike and you've driven since you were twelve years old. I have no doubt that you're far better skilled driver McCain at sixteen years. Yeah exactly exactly editor for 35 years. And yet I tech's wide try as I prefer to use the voice to text options that I I attacked I talked them all. Like here. When you speak on the phone which is a legal act as long as your hands free do you do hands free or do you you go for the gusto and put red up do your. Saudi red. I. Interest and you've gotten busted yet. Now I guess I am I will. I have no doubt that it complex. But as far as the as far as the texting now look we all think that were good drivers I think I'm a good driver Richard David thinks she's a good driver do you think your group driver. Do you honestly believe that you can text and maintain your driving ability at the same time. Because even though I admit that I have texted and driven. People who know me know that definitely wouldn't go through all the help people actually been you know who know me in real life a little Julio he's subpoenaed in the infield particularly bright people who are good they're column in a courtroom but I mean they would tell you that that's just not that's just how I like to fly I'd rather just pull into a parking lot or. Wait until the texting zone on the state thruway texting area ahead. Those signs are all illegal sale of the come down by the third distraction their distraction but Mike here's the thing though. When you make that statement right. You got to 1618 year old kid that saying hey I'd been texting I'm as good of a texture as you are of a driver right. And now you have all these people that are different levels but here's the one thing I will tell you. I don't believe. That if you are on drugs or you are completely intoxicated you're behind the wheel I would actually have a I would feel more confident being in the vehicle. I'll be intoxicated person. Driving in this Mel two hours that I would be someone who was texting. We get that that really freaks me out if you're not even looking up the road for for moments in stretches. That's crazy. I agree I agree and put a target that's kind of missing the whole point. Yes I agree with top absolutely. There's not cursing at multitasking nobody tell us to think that watched a shift their attention and focus back and forth as quickly as possible between the two tasks. And each task. Walker if you're talking about texting but you know what are the points for trying to get to today Mike is some of the most distress to people I've seen driving have been people who are hawking to the passenger in the front seat and I see them turning their. Said to have the conversation. Are green and if you look back and you watch her FaceBook live videos from the weekend's. You will notice that my eyes are always on the road I can speak and I can maintain absolute. Concentration on driving simultaneously and I don't think there's a single video out there that anybody could say a photo you weren't concentrating their because I take driving rules or is. I saw what looked to be like an English man festive chewing on the face of a woman driving her car she was love in life thought it was so funny and I was thinking. That's got to be worse than texting and driving have an 170 pound dog in the backseat that you know feels the need to wide. Give mommy kisses while while she's driving 65 miles an hour. That would you know what you're you're talking about Marvin duke in the giant Wal-Mart get a slobbering all over the owners faced how many times and you see this I think a lot in the summertime do you see the driver with the lap dog yeah at the light the lap dog puts his little snow through the window. If you talk about distracting. For me for the next car over let him at that had targeted jump out like anchorman what's gonna happen here. But the news whether you're distracted you're not distracting if you are breaking a lot of breaking the law that's the problem. If I got. I'd probably. Six pack and I get my car and I try perfectly. Perfectly. End. The top and no reason to stop the economic reforms I'm not breaking any laws and driving. In that regard you know any form. Of the fact that if I'm distracted. I might cause an accident that's true. That's true but the real crime is the accident that I call. Why are caused that accident doesn't doesn't change the fact that I caused that accident this man. Killed a person. Well she hears and this is Mike you. This the good call you brought up like three excellent points that so we haven't really heard from anyone else today and we appreciate that. It doesn't take any accountability away from the person who's caused this and honestly. I don't think the wave ahead your finger when you're drawn can you kill someone or you're distracted when you kill someone. But the here's the thing but we focus on some distractions much nor other destroy entry and there's a huge stigma about DWY. You'll lose your job your career up if you pulled over right now for texting and driving. I don't know if if your employer would think K date if you would lose or are being in danger of losing a position was seriously hurt Simba and artistic and take it. If you got to deal why nobody was hurt you have a good chance of losing your job rent but if you get distracted driving texting while driving Owens hurt. It's a ticket or it's gonna care. Mike thanks for much glad you called him. 803 on my authority starlet 38180616. WB and I think you know what we're talking about distracted driving will try to reset that a little bit. There are other things that are as bad as texting while driving. And I will tell you that the biggest distracted people I see in addition to the techsters and I assume these bugler texting but the fact that there weaving all over the road in their bases are a mysterious little bit up blue night. But the people he can be in broad daylight. And they're driving down maple road the driver is talking to the passenger as if they're having coffee together and she's not paying any attention to the road ahead ever. So well are we overly focused on people who were texting while driving. And we give people passes for being distracted in other ways when their drive. And you know if you drive enough. Our Barbara driving here in the morning I would see people reading a newspaper on the steering wheel. Occasionally I would see women applying make up and I would see men with their electorate. Razors. Shaping their faces as they were driving to work and that's wanna wingers big bugaboo is I haven't seen that a while because the schedule at work now I don't. You know Pete people generally sure it a little earlier in the day than two in the afternoon but still. 803 on I thirty starlet 3180616. WB and we get all over people for texting and driving. Something that everybody hates but I am pretty sure that most people actually do from time time. And the other distractions. That are just as bad I think of established beyond any reasonable doubt. That it is impossible. To eat a hard shell super mighty wind you were driving behind the wheel it's impossible you can focus on driving. French Fries you can easily eat behind the wheel. Burgers as long as are not Wendy's Wendy's changes the equation because Wendy's by definition is cotton juicy. So if you don't wanna get the win these Jews all over you. You've got to really take the extra precautions if you're gonna maintain concentration on the road. Unfortunately not able to eat Wendy's anymore precisely because of its pop and juicy major. But here's a delicious twig of a piece of celery Tom thank you this just great. Buy hourly and Olivia 803 to one line open you guys are into this topic in 030930. And we are to start at 3180616. WB Ian.