Deadly Car Accident Caused By Distracted Driving and What Do You Consider Distracted Driving ? 2/13 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, February 13th

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News radio 930 WBE. What annoys you about that yes. And into the courtroom well outlast any hand. And. Where wherever I hope that we got to back up you know this is a bite you're saying this is. An actual health hazard because I think give pink tie I don't wanna crazy. It's Tom Bauer lazy butt or you say that it's also really uncomfortable and awkward. When you're in a restroom and so would have a conversation with them. And it is your question. That that's the operative and it got a car insurance company. And it. It is just that time where should raise my head and come clean and you guys I can't tell you that number conversations I've Apple's any happier than David Bellamy is that. With who ago. What he's talking it's the hourly and Olivia well doctors' offices. Businesses that are doctors offices that the like talk with the doctors. On news radio 930 dome. It is my hourly and I'll be there's radio and I thirty WB EE and welcome to the shell and Dana just scrolling through that explored and I want to make it clear that if you want traffic alerts from 30930. All the police and the word traffic I am amazed. At the number of people who sent us. Traffic alerts please send news updates that's how the computer. Expert computer is still pretty. You think is dubbed as the computer you want news updates its second does the word news. Boats around it just or who's the threes are 30 same thing which at the same thing with weather and the text number is 30930. Don't try to be as dumb as the computer it's just gonna backfire and your rate fell look at the number of text for whatever reason that I please send traffic alerts. The computer is not that are recognized that the computers don't that. We really don't want to text while you're driving. That message and batteries may apply we don't want to texting while you're driving we don't want you shopping while you're driving. We don't want you watching four while you're driving. We actually horrible what stories up on the bow belt via FaceBook page. About well there's. Right now in court as a truck driver who is facing justice because. Of a terrible accident which took place in Lancaster on the New York State through way. When the driver was allegedly a shop online. Might be the story a couple of years ago where a truck driver was actually watching for on line. Fan. And got into an accident. And that was when second period it was revealed that and then. What else. There is a plethora of things distract us while we're driving children in the car are huge distraction this food. There's the other person you're talking to. You know there there's. Yeah spilled coffee this situation though we talk about distracted driving with your shopping. You're making decisions. You want a two day three day. Where's it going to be sent to what part are you sure there's at least fifteen come off. Would you like another offered just like the one you just bought I. I know that when it comes to texting and driving when you're sending one word responses and they do the whole. Public service announcement about what was so important he had to die. This guy's gonna find out whatever he was buying. Is just simply not worth the stink that when you're doing something that blatant like you know filling out your tax form while you're driving. Maybe there's a mandatory minimum. I mean what what we're gonna pay every one checks and drives. Like law enforcement. Everyone was okay you there to start their premise do you look the honest do you text and drive. Yes do you text and drive. Okay now does it really terrible to does that count if you say well I text and drive but it's always voice to text and that's why my messages are in decipher bull you gotta you gotta call ensure apply yielded besides for the Cairo Olympics Melissa and I. If I have a job where someone needs something of me if I don't get that result. You know I'm not getting it paid every bad that's no excuse I should pull over and stopped voiced attacks with your thumb whatever you're doing it's wrong it's horrible. And I try to do it. I try not to do it but there are certain times that it happens and I find myself reply. Well I have texted and driven. Is that a bad compression make. I have texted driven but my drive to work is typically only ten minutes and there is nothing that important in ten minutes that I can't wait until I'm no longer driving. I've pulled in the parking lots. And I have stopped the car to text or better yet to actually or I don't know have a conversation. Because as we forget that even though texting and driving is illegal and you can't do it. That you can still talk on the cell phone while you drive as long as its hands free you can do that. But the problem is nobody likes to talk on phones anymore were also used to texting. And 99%. Of our communication on the phone is what texting. It not when we're driving. Well but that 99%. Of most people's communication I mean I there's a whole generation that if you call them you're really model line. If you're gonna noisy column on the phone. Why why did this have to be wide and we have to speak to each other to exchange this information you could have texted me saved us all the time. You know we've talked about this before but I think there's there's a whole generation of lectures basic social skills and part of it is the texting generation. Because we live in AFY. Eat a whole society we live in LOL land we don't live in a society work. Hey let me tell you would joke and then people actually laugh it's more like let me touch to a joke LOL LOL or better yet a funny mean showing a giant arts. LOL. Do you feel oil. I guess I still do el hotel 1010 and air every now and again I will actually RO TM FL. So I mean that these I got that right but I. I really now it's just you send you know what is the bit OG of yourself war. You know a smiley face whatever you do. And and there are entire conversations that. These kids are having that words are even typed the urgency mode geez it literally. It's another person's thought another person insane it's no longer like you're sharing with your harder mine it's I saw this line you need to see it. You know this is funny it's cute. It is pretty tragic but when you're. This woman that this guy killed as the accident was last was June 8 2017. And it was it's in Lancaster ninety but it was relief. Between. If it was more on the network side and between the pew pampered exits of the exact location but the woman that was killed in this. Turned out to be you know just an amazing since she was a nurse at UBU school nursing. She was a researcher she worked with a boy and girls club about Rochester. And mother of two. Just a wonderful human being. Like you know why she no longer on this earth because some eighty. In a tractor trailer and thinking your in your Honda civic and you wanna go you know seek out your door each day. But in a tractor trailer. You make any mistake that thing we talked to responsible track truck drivers all the time during bad weather that are. Listen to the show going to Cleveland Detroit wherever they go on. And we always hear about the things on their way to find out. People would bring on the air industry this idiot is you know showed. It is unfortunately ambassador. And he really doesn't he shouldn't be patient percent tractor across the board because that's outrageously reckless. So it's eight distracted. Driving. When you're driving to from worker driving around town what drives you absolutely crazy and might even have anything to do itself let's listen there are there are times that there had been attractive women. On bicycles or rollerblading. And I see people in front of me. And it is free all of people that are looking at a I'll get it happens with an end to a beautiful guy that women are looking at whatever people on the side. One of those little worms that go in the air that car dealership. There are things that went wacky way to be inflatable RI. You've you know like the person dressed up as a bunny and selling jewelry the year. Where they are. When Verizon workers are striking I have to look at all those Red Shirts. And a. The point if there's a lot of distractions that would apply and what people are saying are you guilty. Of the same thing that you criticized others for doing so I always wonderfully here. I have no idea because I don't know the people involved in this particular accident that. I always wonder what they hear about somebody being killed by somebody who's doing something stupid when they were driving. If the person who was on the other candidate who ended up not being with us anymore also was guilty it one point or another a texting and driving while the individual was where's where's drive. Odom sign. All I always wonder you're sick twisted man think that well well I I if I commodity county. I always wonder if that people I know what his fans who stand up in court and point their finger at the drunk driver who just killed somebody I always wonder. Or how many times have you actually driven drunk and got away with up to you why because it's stupid human nature. I can tell just by our own tax board. Our own text board that at least from my own match. 67%. Of the people texting on that export our drive. And I can prove it because I get a lot of return messages that say. We're driving and we're not able to attack the capital with one guy decided text while driving. There literally. Simply put that is their little automatic reply I I'm sorry while driving yes art this is you know not a complete sentence I'm driving. But my point is a lot of people do a lot of people will will heal scene that they are outraged by. But really. When it comes to drunk driving there was a time before Mothers Against Drunk Driving before it really was. Hammered at schools probably your age group is the first one it was after I went along it was after it got crazy from time. And they started showing accident you know. The films that drugs drinking and driving no excuse let me give options. But this texting and driving thing is harder nut to crack because you're talking about information. And people want to be the first to get information. And it it's their kid their loved one if it's a news story. If it's what that Kylie Jenner named baby. People wanna know first. And they won't wait until they get to us were ordered to. They weren't you guys to be honest is texting while driving one of those things that you can't stand what other people do it but yet you know you do yourself. Even if you only once a year you're still doing it. 8030 and I'm thirty is the fault number start thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBE. And everybody bitches about texting while driving but I'll bet you that these I'd pursue the people who bitch about it do with themselves but I guarantee that one circumstance that you talked about completely any anyone watching Netflix. Or any sort of video while they're driving their vehicles. There should be mandatory minimum. For folks that are. Actively you know if I find out that your halfway through season two. Shameless shameless. While you're gonna try to work that problem. Well you know what I think you raise agree point but I mean where where's that line is it texting while driving is it shopping while driving. I mean David looked for as much as I love Steve lead and I've never been attempted to shop for Steely Dan agents while I'm driving. Gary sorry thought never crossed my mind what you're. Another here's another and I think something that bothers me when I hear it because I say to myself. Is that I'm really good things. I'm a really good texture and drivers so therefore. I am at a higher level than everyone else and it's total nonsense it's something we tell ourselves. And it's it's ridiculous. There are people that you can talk to right now they're like listen you're 53 I grew up with the iPhone I've been texting longer than you've been driving I know what I'm doing shut up you're an old man you don't know swat. You don't know just get your 23 doesn't mean you're better at texting and driving at a 52 year old and honestly and truly. If we can all I mean it's going to take someone being hurt in your own life. For someone to really be like look this has to stop but I'm sorry other than zapping the fall when you get in there. People want their information they want to hear from loved ones which. Which by the way. If you think that's a great idea that you're up a car with GPS and have you ever tried to figures out exactly where you're going well you're in motion as eight passenger. As eight. That's the most frustrating feeling in the world like OK I'm doing everything right I'm in the passenger's seat. I'm trying to get an obligation here for the driver and I can't Connecticut the cars in motion Gambia. As a passenger. That was that's what drives me nuts. Among many other things like. It's it's the book but again is that the future but the hour and a nanny state now we're having the government. Decide to regulations. You know who everyone should Wear a seatbelt why because that's the law. Okay well everyone's got to Wear a helmet while they drive too because now we find out that airbags can actually heard us even if we're doing everything right. Now we've got to put in hr and this I'm like Dale Earnhardt because you know who knows. In this situation you're at a tractor trailer nothing this woman could have done would have avoided. She was in a horrible situation and she was doomed because a person. You know plowed into our was a five car accident with one fatality. The driver of a commercial truck which smashed into the back of a car on the thruway killing the driver was allegedly had a spoke at the time shopping. Online and filling out a survey. From us spectrum news hour in my bag covering this. Christopher a gore of ball students boring it's in Saratoga county ball and spa Boston spot yes I'd be confused with walls and springs. In Saratoga county charged with a second degree. Manslaughter and the ball and I have driven by Adam afterward but I've ever been to the balls and spa I do wonder what goes. But an urban but here's the thing it's one thing to beach here's why this guy should never walk for a as a free man. Anyone who feels out that. Post purchase service. I mean of all the things that you could say we're important. What are you gonna get. You're gonna with a chance to to win a hundred dollar gift certificate it's important to me seriously of all the important things in your life due to fill out a survey. That's outrageously reckless and stupid. Eight altering it all right thirty is the phone number texting while driving. Is it something that you say you hate what you're guilty of doing it yourself be honest with this. It's like be honest with this is there any guy out there who was legitimately seriously into Valentine's Day or do we just broke through the motions. Our ballot and so. The adjournment because he attorney for the truck driver who killed a woman because he was allegedly shopping and filling got a question there on line and the attorney needs some more time. I think you know whatever sentence ultimately is I think they need to add ten years just because he was doing the online survey. Whatever whatever the sentence turns out to be seriously. We also put up a video online from the UK which goes for people buying because some dude was changing the music on his cellphone. And could not break in time killed four young people. But you know the texting while driving it's something that we all say we hate and yet so many people do it. I think it's something that people say they hate. Society expects us to say we're against texting and driving but then everybody out there who's listening right now wants to call an all sanctimonious. You've probably done it in the past year how. People live their lives and for every person it's pulled over for do you lie. That person is probably driven while legally drunk 25 times right. And with that this is the way to sell. I don't know what that means. If these law you can you can make the argument. That certain people because of their drinking tolerant of their weight alcohol affects them differently. And that at point 12 compared to point 15 it's a totally different person totally different circumstance here's what you can't argue though. When you're not looking at the road at all. You're unsafe. You know so whether you're in a clouded you're drunk in your medicine and your higher whatever you're doing. At least a part of your brain is focused on the road if it's heat related or in. But you're not even looking yeah I mean you are used for your muscle to life. It's got all but the thing is editor drunken you're looking at the road the road isn't moving all over the place you. That's something you've got to keep in mind and I might also add. Just personal opinion here I think saw this on an Internet medium but I could not remove more. Ride sharing services like mover and lift have done more to cut down on drunk driving than any single law that is ever been passed by any legislature any work. 8030 my thirty starlet 3180616. WB Ian let's go directly. Now west valley raised. Distracted. Driving. And we haven't even gotten and eating that much yet but we will because today's also put ski day you're not try to eat a push Q what you're driving because. The jellies and end up ever you will kill somebody try to prevent the Jolie from kept. Rader a WB Ian welcome. I got it at that ought to mention how. At this. A little quick story my grandsons silly PC MC better since early November. He was a passenger in a car. The driver. After the accident she would talk to the police and she said Nagano I was on the phone and put her of course sacred teller she was. Well she said the my grandson is on phone. Well came up later. That she let it slip parties set up although it looked at a first second. And that's solid so they hit a tree where the passenger's door. My grandson hit his head of a tree and not the issue because it's a miracle what he's DNC and the nurses and doctors have gone. He's just learn to walk again. Well those those people have been phenomenal out there. But that's what a horrible injury a TV guy and he was a passenger in a car with a driver was not paying attention. Yeah but it's tragic anyway you look at every whether it's a deer running in front of your car or looking at a cellphone but looking at the cell phone was a prevent the ball very well. That never ever had to happen. If get a chance to speak with the young lady involved at all I mean you know out of court off the record victim stuff. Well I ever I don't Nortel are up. My daughter has spoken to her little bed sheet has been very distraught obviously. And not she can't even go out there to see him now and she's gone through therapy that she's got to live with the as the rest of her life. Known as she almost killed him and exchange both of their lives well. I've been a traumatic brain injury. It will be interest I hope that your grandson recovers full functionality full personality and and in is the same person he was before the accident because it is after really if you literally mash up big time. As you well know going through it. But give give our best rate I mean that you haven't learned to walk all over again. And being in the hospital since at the beginning of November can't even begin to imagine. How tough that it is. If it is bad and be in their four month much less since November so thanks very much for the call. It all right there's audience of active. But seriously do. Text while driving is it something that we also that we that we office today. The law needs to be enforced against texting while driving that every single person is gonna call. It is there anybody honestly out there listening to this for us now who call that it's it would never protect the ball drive. Pepper texted while driving ever. This that's going to be the truth syrup today if you have legitimately never texted and driven we wanna hear from. 80309. Birdies start at 93180616. WB Ian. You don't have never done well driving I've never shop while driving and also remembered that while driving never watched porn while driving. And the it was a horrible story also from the New York State thruway about and others fatal accident but this guy and he's got it for the rest of his life. This guy knows that he relieve. Destroyed lives BP that the reason the destroyed lives was he was watching Ford when he was driving. And again and meet will who knows if you feel not a surveyed their tail but you know the idea that you're on that long we're interacting with something. Some means that he already did he shopping and filled out a survey. So watching a film I mean I know people that they exercise to Netflix. And if the show is really good they'll continue that program in all the way to work after they they get leave the gym. Well as. The other thing too that we have early touchdown is. Obviously you know either. Some foods are made the eat behind to wield the burger was made to eat behind the we'll. The mighty taco hard shelled lady was not made to eat behind the wheel. I have calculated. That the numbers on this David. And it is mathematically and physically impossible to eat a hard shell mighty and drive and enjoy it. Get it cannot be done. Listen it's you you've got to think it's we talk about you know mighty taco but it it's really anything that you don't expect GAAP and it's one thing. When its cars in front of the weather is bad here's the one thing nobody can predict when an animal is gonna run out for your car. And to react to that while you know big bite I double quarter pounder with cheese is the best place yeah well. There's there's animals and there's animals senator's record Owens and possum is the dumbest animal I think in the face of the planet judged by the number of roadkill policy. And then there's the gear and obviously you hit Villa 300 pound deer in its direct your old very. Parker Purdue thirty miles an hour to erect your way through hands on the car and let alone you know chapter four of amazing writer he do you find I mean we're all creatures have but I drive typically the same road you'd typically drives the same roads that you know exactly where the wildlife is most likely to be and where the deer are most likely to do stupid things and you pay extra extra extra close attention in those areas. But you know the other the other thing is that people know where law enforcement is jail. And so how much of the tax scheme when they're turning around on the 290. And they're headed off to. You know maybe to go to. 263 Miller sport. They know exactly where the copies every single time and you know maybe the texting goes away for a quarter mile and then right back to itself I think a workable. It altering all right thirty do you text and drive. Do you texture drive 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB yet or somebody texted us. Let's see contributing factor to the crash was a thruway authority works zone that was not supposed to be at that location. Caused traffic to come to a stop. This is part of the of the story but to me it's sort of like that while this wasn't supposed to happen there wasn't supposed to be maybe the woman got a flat tire. Still no reason hitter there's a lot of things that happen unexpectedly on the road like accidents that are supposed to be there but if you're paying attention to the road you know that you gotta slow down ride. Amend that to me that's not even a mitigating factor to cross fire department is there with a boat asking for dollars and doesn't mean you know. You have a license to hit them because they're they're not supposed to be in theaters. Ridiculous 8030930. Is the form Oberstar 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB yeah are you guilty of distracted driving. Have you been hurt by a distracted driver was at the cellphone. Which by the ways a misnomer and not really cell phones we carry computers around that are capable of making phone calls that cellphones anymore. They're like. Lifestyle their Life Partners that make phone calls. In all three on I thirty starlet 3180616. WBE. And the here's somebody texted us I'm texting and driving right now I don't see WH dot dot dot. All right Mary on WBM let's go to her. Next up here at 803 on line thirty starlet 3180616. WB yen Mary and WB and hello. I care what marriage. Yeah. I was threatening to your bracket about extracting threatening. And you wanna know there was somebody who never tech did it got. You've never have you ever spoken on the cell phone while driving. Have you ever done anything that a cell phone while driving. Now have you ever eaten while drug. Okay what's the difference between eating while driving and texting while driving. Well we're like eating wild I think we got a goal back about twenty years to get closer to your age. And everybody did it why am light gray a French Fries or whatever. But you could see where you were going. You know warrior out what's so he could still see Ed trying to pick up French carrier something in your mouth. Can't have ever been. And distracted by a billboard my favorite billboard was the one for local attorney that said distracted driver are. Big exclamation point. More. Like I always think to myself if that guy can get through school like that night. The one freaked out the winners you will when you die you will meet cheeses and there is now I'm always thinking. How many people have died calling the hotline and how many people think Jesus is on the other end of the line and just thinking it reminder right now. But Mary you have never talked and a safety cell phone. I'm talking to you permit cell phone. I just kept an activated detecting. I sit inside figured her I'm the old school if you can't. Top to meet face to face or in a like it's riddled with a land mine you know. Mary do you have a cellphone though do you all want to lose on us of what kind is it a telephone. Consumer cellular damage you have the ability to text on it or do you have to use the numbers. I could expect and I just never acted aided the system. I tell you what I wish more people were like your marriage I think we'd be a lot safer on the roads. Absolutely. Only take part in the vote I found diet people kept saying. Loans the ability to talk to somebody face to face. You're absolutely correct and you know what you say things on the tax that you would never say to someone's face. It. People don't like confrontation in. You don't have to if you if I'm angry Yuma area amended text you things that we never see you you were standing in front or on the file. Right what are you have you ever used an MOG. No no I was curious are very thank you very much Mary says she is never ever texted while driving. So we're grown how dare you attack us or trying to get our 25 dollars certificate to get a blooming onion. Have less of a it's no mystery on I thirty starlet 3180616. WB yet but blue and onions to me are in the same category is punch keys they sound like great ideas when you order them. And then the minute they show up when you put in your mouth you think yourself. What horrible thing have I done to my body what terrible thing C I I get an issue all these punch keys here at the office today first of all. The punchy I'm sorry it's not a bona it is the closure of the donut world it's heavier than the Empire State Building. All it is is jelly with a little dull around. I've got a big punch key guy and everybody walker you know you can tell the people walking around the workplace today who've got to punch you. Because they're all war walker from womb and they all had this look of guilt and shame written all over their face like. Wow I actually ate an entire point ski. All very close to the polls don't let them keep that in mind. And I'm just gonna say the pledge is one donut they can bring over I can have a million when he's at the house and never touch one I know how many they've made. Gave us the thousands and make your bread that he did OK pushed each day for almost doughnuts they started it like I think a day or two ago. Is when they started and they we can't keep up 20000 all I have no idea. I have no idea a lot that's going to be current and they're still make it. As far as I know they're still making them. Army says that's how big push keys and they'll be none left. Well at around here that sometimes is not really an issue I mean they tend to get sucked up so I actually got bit during the break but Erica. Let's get back to the calls on WBE and here's somebody else who is clearly not telling the truth. It's Susan in Buffalo's Susan Europe WB Ian. OK I I'd be telling the truth I would typically be able to. Drive my mind wouldn't allow it to. I'm. Thus is it like a hand eye coordination thing. Yet people that know me I'm not saying that last they would stay up. She could not do. But do you have a voice to text feature on your cellphone which is how some people cheat the system. And yet but I don't I don't that an app I'd hockey on the phone. And I don't do that often and when I do it that Barry the decision is Barry. I'm very catchy ads it's about time for example. During the weather that we I would never. Think that make a cop. One of my daughter our best to easily I talked to I'd I'd try all only. Rob upload the claret I never. Just an apology higher two top and drives on my way to work. But I'm there I think people are even used by camps street ball because there's no question. Talking right now to distract that the mom on the. It's you know it's interesting because I do a lot of FaceBook like videos while I'm driving and anybody who's ever watched any of those FaceBook live videos my eyes never leave the road I mean I Ike and completely concentrate on driving 100%. At the same time as I have a conversation either on the phone. Or with the FaceBook audience and maybe. I don't know I it made is just what we have a differently constructed brand but. It and I and this is gonna sound like it's a put down and it's not intended that way is you have skills and I'm sure I don't have. But one skill you don't have but your own admission is the ability to focus 100% and driving ages begun to follow but I'm sure there's other things you do where he would smoke. Yeah or teacher for the buffalo schools but what that. It's you the ability to operate out. And both things well at the same time you diminish your capacity to do. Those two things. Very well without that I don't think that our piety ship these risky ride. With this tactic piece of machinery that I dry we were not meant to rise. Not even meant to drive and talk reform without doing. So the fact that. You feel that your ability is as bad or he could be you know that probably is some batter ability but we wanna you know we we replaced. Well it's visible any video of ever done I mean people can see for themselves. They aren't riding with tax writing is what we. But we just got a one thing. I believe. Here's what you what you. Know they did I think they'll make any sort of camera. On yourself they'll come up with a way to. You know check you know what we're close to being more developed countries were supposed to be a little smarter being in Americans. May you talked about common I don't need a camera on me to tell me that I'm driving snowstorm like I recently was. To put down my ball. You know it's to me things that. You know we're we're not work complaining about Mexicans that are putting tide pods and their mouth off that is an American thing. It's not about American or Mexican we're we're the biggest outlook cut to about. People that are supposed to be educated and have just kind of talking about to hear your comments. Basic. All of that that's a long way that that that's that's ages ago. Thank you wish we got to go we get a break and that we are glad you called 803 on a thirty starlet 3180616. WBM. You know David may give it to him after the break but the most destructive people watching driving. Are the people who were talking to the passenger in the front seat. And their focus on the passengers they're not focused on driving everything gets out of shape about the texting and and obviously there caller was upset about the cameras when you're driving. But if you're behind somebody right now and they're driving it got to passenger car up front with them. Look at how often they're staring at their passenger talking adjuster in verses how often they're looking at the wrote icy weather over drivers and cab resolves all like goodness.