DC Keying In On PA Election - Dave Levinthal


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Dave Leventhal is here from the Center for Public Integrity in Washington. Did the press has been going to bat for Rick sick hone in Pennsylvania how close is this. Pittsburg area congressional race today. It's a parent neck and neck races and then. Watched it not only in Pennsylvania but. All across the nation because effectively this is. A proxy for much larger like it's gonna happen. In November that the rate in and of itself isn't going to mean hardly any very cute the balance of congress or the way that Republicans and Democrats interact. Up on Capitol Hill today but it's certainly something that both sides are looking for to give them a great deal of momentum and give them hope for the mid term elections. Particularly on the democratic side they figure they can win this race. Potter Lambda Democrat can pull out a major upset in the district that ultra won by about twenty points during that per cent presidential race. But to be a part of blueprint for the I'm going. Into the mid terms are Republicans are doing everything they can't prevent that there have been numerous Republican political committees have together spent. Millions of dollars in this race including the national Republican. Congressional committee and the RNC Republican national committees have both sides are really going above and beyond what either side would ever do for a house raised. As a result of this being a Libyan town right well. Eat you look at some of the headlines coming out of Pittsburgh and they're saying that seems like the rest of the country is more interested in this election than the people who actually you live there are. Are we placing too much emphasis on each and every. Single seat pick comes up I you know people calling it a referendum on the president. Is it just may be a little. Overkill in your mind. Yes Brian it is totally into overkill but it doesn't matter because you know both sides peeled out. This will be such a moral victory for a band that that is going to be. Symbolic and away at that. Our seed beat the actual fact of the race itself bat. If they don't play big they don't go big epic tale win that it's going to be a major black tie for that. Going forward so that's why they're investing the resources. That they are but yeah the people I in Pittsburgh. It's for area are probably. Scratching their heads wondering well you know why is this such a big deal and when Donald Trump and Israeli nearby and we and our county. And shipped by the a couple days ago. Many of the people who were there or even district residents are coming from outside the district and from neighboring state they're there to beat Donald Trump people don't really. Here all that much about the Pennsylvania eighteen congressional race. Yeah at the same time the president is heading to California today and very blue state since the election. And now he's talking about prototypes for a long. Absolutely I would expect that to be a big big deal that is I believe its first trip to California since becoming president. Which is certainly very notable in and of itself considering that California the most populous state. In the union's. That likely to you sprinkle lot of liberal feathers out in California too but there are plenty of very re conservative Republicans here and cal are you very much would like to see the walk dealt out you know California's not in May be able to skate but it's not to build. Blue voters are planning funny and millions and millions of Republicans there are so you'll definitely find a receptive audience audience among at least some help port. They gave me is always we appreciate the time it's Dave Leventhal the Center for Public Integrity talking about. Everything going on in Washington where all eyes seemed to be on Pennsylvania meanwhile the president. He's in California had saved sorted it all out for us.