daVinci Press Conference

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Friday, September 14th
"Irritant" incident still being probed

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Heard this is deputy commissioner be cheaper at Cuba college you're telling us about. What happened here earlier this morning and that there was just one victim it seemed to be and there's additional victims complained of some sort of irritant to. You're exposed to some here and we were not sure what the your tip was but we did call some additional assets are arrived. That included our medical director from awful fire and now one of the medical directors from admire. There was not 47. Students and three adults that were complaining of some sort of be irritant. In the respiratory tract. There are evaluated by the medical positions on scene and they are found to be clear to as a mother normal activities. As far as the super took the school's response I'll have you speak to their superintendent. Hamas. Morning seventeen of them out on the streets superintendent. Oversee the ice it's. So as you just heard on from our deputy commissioner that. This incident did occur and we took all the safety precautions that were necessary for the students are looking at we're doing right now is very precautionary. First and foremost safety so the world that we're going to proceed. Students are all safe inside. No one you heard this was transformed into the hospital ever but he has been cleared. But now we have to worry about the rest of the day so what the rest of the day we have food service that's come in that's going to provide the students to meals. We are continuing the best that we can in a gymnasium for 400 students. Bomb once we are going to hopefully get. A amenable clearance for students to be able to get their belongings as you can imagine having to evacuate suddenly some of their things like he's able bags are still one side. So the teachers and the students. Will be able to go back and momentarily to grab their items and we will continue and finish off the day here we will dismiss from here. On the parents are of course bomb allowed to come and pick the students up it is not a necessity. The students are safe there with all of their teachers and all of. Staff mom and that's how we're proceeding for the rest. Talk about the schools needed these properties view correct correct correct yes so. We're de Vinci is a a small school that is right on dual college's campus we have a great partnership with the campus. That. Has gone on for years so are right now we're not quite sure we don't do not have bomb. The facts of exactly what happened so we have to proceed with caution. It's. They were they were in class one and now that's that's my understanding right now. Ones. We we do not have evidence of that so there is there's different assumptions and students are saying different things. But we do not even know for sure that it's a break so I would even make that comment right now. Once we know for sure then we will proceed accordingly without disciplinary action. Sure our first USA. Harry has so you heard it from the scene here everything under contrasts. Seven students and three staff members of were evaluated here no one ended up being curt. Kids being held its annual college center across the street and again this happened. At the Da Vinci high school on the campus of it to you vote sandy.