DaVinci HS Emergency Briefing

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Friday, September 14th

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Good morning everyone approximately 0930. Today there was a out EMS called to the division she school for an asthmatic attack on. After the initial response determined that there was. Just one victim it seemed to be and there's additional victims complained of some sort of irritant. There are exposed to Samir and we were not sure what the your tip was but we did call some additional assets to arrive. That included our medical director from awful fire and out of the medical directors from AMR. There was not 27. Students and three adults that were complaining of some sort of be irritant. Mom in the respiratory tract. They are evaluated by the medical positions on scene and they are found to be unclear to resume rather normal activities. As far as the via super took the school's response I'll have you speak to their superintendent. It's easier and some. Good morning seventeen S amount on the associate superintendent. Oversee icicles. So as you just heard Tom from our deputy commissioner of that. This incident did occur and we took all the safety precautions that were necessary for the students aren't in the we're doing right now is very precautionary. First and foremost for safety so the way that we're going to proceed. Other students are all safe inside. No one as you heard this was transported to the hospital everybody has been cleared. But now we have to worry about the rest of the day so with the rest of the day we have food service that's coming that's going to provide the students meals. We are continuing the best that we can and add gymnasium for 400 students. Bomb once we are going to hopefully get. A bomb animal clearance for students to be able to get their belongings as you can imagine having to evacuate suddenly some of their things like keys and book bags are still one side. So the teachers and the students. Will be able to go back and momentarily to grab their items and then we'll continue and finish off the day here we will dismiss from here. Bomb that parents are of course. Allowed to come and pick the students up it is not a necessity. The students are safe there with all of their teachers and all of their staff. And that's how we're proceeding for the rest them. Talk about the school little bit muted leased the property from you though correct. Correct yes so a bomb it would de Vinci is a a small school that is right on dual college's campus we have a great partnership with the campus. That. Has gone on for years. So are right now we're not quite sure. We don't do not have bomb the facts of exactly what happened so we have to proceed with caution. Well it. Are they were they were in class when it happened that's that's my understanding right now. Yeah. We we do not have evidence of that so there's there's different assumptions and students are saying different things. But we do not even know for sure that it pepper spray so I would even make that comment right now. Once we know for sure then we will proceed accordingly with on disciplinary action. Sure first name SAB ATI. You know last think CI Amazon Michael ATO. Associate superintendent. For both schools. So parents should know that all the kids are safe. None of the kids are in harm's way that we're doing everything. That safety comes first so we're doing everything with that as the priority. And we're moving forward that way parents can also know that if they would like to pick up their students it would come right across the street. The name in this building right it is. Our principal Greg would density. On the college center and we have assign a procedure for them in there. Offer them to please just come inside sign out their children and we'll get them for them right away. And no we we we really have no idea of that other than the reaction that we saw from an initial student. Bomb and then the reactions that we saw from additional students and staff we had to proceed accordingly. And we always perceived worst case scenario. House. I could not comment on that I I don't know what an amount would be. But I know all of that all the kids are safe all of them have been cleared and they're all with their with their peers right now. Correct so we've proceeded firstly via mass. Then our wonderful team I were really wanna thank the awful fire department the buffalo police department. Fourth or their response they've been tremendous. They actually had physicians on scene as well as ambulances and first responders. And they cleared all the students including that original suit. Extent. I did that it it appeared to be like an asthma attack. So that's a difficulty breathing. She actually wanted us to release are and we proceeded accordingly because it's mixture for all of us.