David Cassidy Dies - Jason Nathanson


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Some sad news seven feet entertainment world David Cassidy. Dead at the age of 67 joining us now to talk about. Jason Nathanson. Jason David Cassidy is one of those first pop icons you know Justin Timberlake before Justin Timberlake was around. Big time these pop idol I mean his fame was just. Amazing kind of guys make all the girls scream. The one time Partridge Family star died as a result of complications from dementia were told by his publicist this comes four days after he was hospitalized in Florida. In critical condition he had kidney and liver failure. Publicist tells us that David died surrounded I don't eat lunch with joyous heart and three from the pain that it gripped him for so long. Now for those who might not have been around and and as of rabid fan as they were beckoned that. Seventies when department friendlies on TV talk a little bit about the height of his fame he really. In some circles. Was was again sort of a a Justin Bieber asks superstar. Yet in the seventies you know and in the midst of a bunch of rock stars beat you know the biggest guy in the world he was one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Sold out. Has success driven his role is date Keith partridge on the TV series departure them. And it was just really had me at about the height of saying it's high it's pretty much anybody can get. And then in recent years you know a big fall. I think he was arrested for driving under the influence three times in 201013. And fourteen. I went to rehab beat up from bankruptcy in 2015. And charge and hit and run accident the same bat did in 2015 as well. So to go from but I mean I am baiting ties but just real lows in the last few years. They've sat for a lot of people who remember him from the seventies and watched as they grow. Our Jason Nathanson talking about David Cassidy. Dead at the age of 67.