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Saturday, April 1st
WBEN's David Bellavia speaks to the Spirit of America rally in Niagara Square Saturday

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Check it out. And Jimmy conservative ideology. As liberal ideology. I just want to remind you that in order to get to the jewelry that you want you to evolve. You're gonna need them and it went in standing right in front of you. Is this generation. Is this group of people that have decided. That you know what the country. And our constitution Gumball for ourselves. So above all people aren't good and her village that you Lebanon. Understand. A world of uniforms in the public Bob's. But we are ever going to get to that glorious shining city they over the drug lords. It's gonna come from the hard work the men and women that are standing gadget at all. You are coming. Protesters are we going to do. And I don't think the gestures of good news bad news it was as it is fifteen dollars and curfew to betray your principles. And the bad news. It was sponsored buyers sellers and no money. When you look up what do you think you think solar panels here not involve little. Who's got the does not get lotion on that it. Was goes through the electric cars outstanding warrant. There isn't. That's what we're up against got a president who believed to be the greatest president this country is wrong. And. Well we have Joseph Warren. Our Brothers and sisters against it and loved them and let the title or with the political party. We cannot and content what's happening in 2008 people blindly follow leaders. Without substance our president has substance our president has ideals and a moral compass but that is out there right now. We can't allow the end I think happened was right now the free market. Hope Republicans in the House of Representatives that actually stand for something and have you for something when they say you'll already. The important items double want to overdo. It and our friends out there. Our friends about your commitment you. When pol with the Second Amendment you exactly. You've got a hold of engines and things at. The end of Johnson and we are right. No protesters are. We hate holes. It rightward. And others in my liberal friends. And they. Is about the relationship between a country. People we are not objects. And about Turkey on its target practice and our country and trust us to leave you know and if we fail you can keep the guns. Yeah. Are impostors were partnered. Important. Argument about what happened that it. I'm John at a Steve and I had him. I gonna say yeah. What yeah. The that they didn't think accurately eyes on is the fact that look I don't wanna watch cat. That the argument about you know Russia Russia Russia president for eight years but why do you lose a title radical. Islamic terrorism. Because I didn't have the power and title. What do you prefer to be as I think you're believes the puzzle they are they have they appreciate legalized prices. We don't have any credibility to the enemy by calling them radical Islamic terrorists how ever. We. Gluten is part of the controls American elections and by the way. It is true that that didn't control the action. President Obama as. To make sure that ended the enemies in the house. Just a little bit short walk away. Everything will be okay tomorrow. The ideology that you guys to drink the milk. Back in the will be. Don't work here for yet. I didn't eat. Liberals under the age of thirty years old first of all you don't leave your parents house to Italy's third. At all. When your. Eyes and your principles that your idea. I think that you don't pocket our. And things. And you'll want to I don't really care about that. You're free to do whatever you want. My god but my thing my thing here and talk and about the other side is you know. There is gonna come a time when you're gonna acknowledged. If you the world is gonna work is gonna take all of us to make it work correct but you'll have an example of what you're up against. It's something we won't Perkins do you. Think is fundamentally flawed on it as any. Country by the way. You got plenty. Of her job. You wanna come to America. And would you go to your bags that I don't ever do covers of. And if you want we can make of the literature and do that I think the yeah. I want to thank restaurants and Tea Party patriots. You guys of all things are consistent. Sometimes it's hard and we have to point out our elected officials that are doing their job and ultimately don't all of them. It means that we just have to smack him a little bit of light. Christian is not a lost cause Chris Collins is wrong. Chris counted wrong overload now is not a lost cause and if we object to write letters will get credit cards on the right page. At the end of the day it's about. You know we talked about how Reagan reached across the Denver Democrats and well. Written hemorrhage conservatives to do that though Kennedy. Donald Trott is averaging around because unfortunately. Moderate chance to a lot of voice. And what they're they're unfortunately they're giving up the art I've been tabled until she. It's the very principles that got him into office to begin with the department here is flawed. The new open comes out and moves towards Iraq and we were told. We've got to get rid of obamacare before we fix the tax code. Not a terrorist 00 and let's work our futures ahead we just want a forced him to. And now it's the reverse it doesn't make any sense look. I believe strongly that we can finish this day we are optimist and don't miss him in this movement we believe. That America is great will be great we'll continue to be great. He has used our ticket taxes and you have extra. I'm and so keep saying your prayers. Many Djokovic make sure you're very respectable. And understands the real quick but it was worth that. My body with the illusion. We got the third brigade of the urged any thank you are not all over the place yeah. I got the energy to our Reynolds problem he's web sites not that would have. You've got vulnerable and him and apparently you didn't jerk about it as. Until it but he has a good anyway. How this thing closing that. You know you don't dare you are our Brothers and sisters your enemy we agree. But we love you. We don't want flag we can talk to each other like little adults. Two and a community. You walk around with a pipe and and copy may. Infer that. We can talk about these. Mountains and deal. Hate to do what you do not let. Don't be. Yeah. And.