Darlene Maclay, President of Summit Health Care Solutions

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Wednesday, April 19th

Darlene Maclay, President of Summit Health care Solutions on applying for Medicaid.


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WDN. Invites you to tune in to help us with the information on how to lead happier and healthier life I'm here with Darlene with clay president of summit health care solutions which helps families in the role in nursing home Medicaid coverage for a loved one. Darlene this can be so overwhelming and cumbersome for families what do families really needed now. Well Phillies need to know that almost everyone who's admitted into a nursing home today is going to be faced with a time consuming task. Of applying for nursing home Medicaid just because the costs. Of the nursing home care can be so excessive. And most individuals eventually run out of money. Is it difficult to apply for Medicaid it is very difficult actually now an applicant is required to provide sixty months of bank statements. Resource information any accounts that were open or closed during the fight your look back in addition the bank statements they need to get retirement accounts trust accounts tax returns and the list goes on and and it can be very difficult to pull all of that documentation together. How can summit health care solutions help. Our organization. Obtains all of the necessary paperwork so we go to the banks we reach out to your financial institutions. We meet with the Medicaid examiner we provide all the documentation and all along. We can keep in touch with the nursing home so that there are aware of the status of the application. Instead of sending a loved ones account to collections when should someone contact you. The best time to call us is when your loved one is actually in a nursing home and they are beginning to run out of funds or if there in the hospital. And your awaiting placement in turn nursing home and you don't know how your loved ones gonna pay that's a time to give us a call and that's the time that we can start reviewing. The case thrown into it departments and make a determination. When to apply for Medicaid collar office at 3326487. Or go to our website Medicaid. By summit dot com. Stay healthy and keep listening to tune in to help plenty of fight news radio 9:30 AM WD and.