"The Darkest Hour" W/Special Guest Joe Beamer,3/22 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, March 22nd

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. It got off that's fun to be million delusional MP. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that as it's weird you're. But now you know you've got I'm sorry I'm a grown up indeed the ability let's shoot anyone agrees with the today's job. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality where a bit on news radio 930 W. We're back general Barley ability and we call this the darkest. And. It is usually mile loan and fighting for. Any. Any semblance of credibility and how you've heard the I stop this game. Joining me today though is Joseph B you may have heard him Joseph lie about producing that was Cheney each. Does a bunch of other stuff when we need them all over cover stories does news. Jill. Is gonna be fit and we're gonna be having other folks in your typical world would have joke. More than one stop in and spend time put us and it's also great to get. Or younger point of view Joseph thanks for for agreeing to do this David thanks for having me and I'm glad I get the Mike what does it I. There's a white suburbia the Mike has seen better days with tablet I actually hearing let's get beyond the whole thing now. Well I wanna cover. A social media I want it covers a Jones all of these are dangerous sports guy Q now here's the deal told the twenty you're trying to he's OK so you are old enough to know much better right but. Here's I find crazy about this age don't think you're a season ticket old legal all the bills games I've followed you on social media you're you you love to eat the culture whether it's sports in college. Or it's buffalo you know your Virginia Tech guy so it's like you love the bit of the college atmosphere of a buffalo football game I. I have to say Buffalo Bills when it comes the NFL. The Buffalo Bills have the best atmosphere to that's like colleges that corporate hasn't taken over you have fans and tailgate like your go to attack the electrical and when Alabama game you don't get that a lot of NFL. Right so now is buffalo and what do we know for the bill whether we like it or not we've got naked people. Running ups we've got marital devices thrown on the field. We have you know various via photos of of cocaine and drugs and underage people in finals and what that you know and and then and then once while would pick up a perfectly healthy woman and throw on the table that's on fire. This is what did the national media is kind of paneling on how crazy the bills fan base is. All of a sudden our wide receiver rookie wide receiver naked throws us. You don't flip through glass and all this and this is the worst thing that's ever happened I mean to me isn't he being more bills mafia than any other bill. He's just get into the culture really what it was sabres game the week before dry it's dry yet he did. Try to finish he's UB beat Arizona and what the sports and argued that night that you BP they're gonna say let's going to university public campus this can throw himself to the table forever I have ever heard sure oh yeah. Sure some buffalo got this wild but when you when you look at like. This they Jones story in and everyone's kind of actor oh this guy's got problems this guy must be on drugs. This guy you know what is his problem just another spoiled athlete. These 23 years old man and I mean 23. Days. Our tour it's real people do at a bulls game third Augusta. Now give your money. Again get access I put you nice so it's no place in LA you get a fight with your brother you we have put your foot you get a little higher drug or whatever you are. I mean come on to spend them you know slap his hand. NFL has a lot of problems Dave Jones is not a problem in the NFL not at all I think I just saw what goes on before bills games obviously he can't do that season. If I. Tried this in LA might not mean my brother we we've been having a good night a good time I ride the mood sat. That ideals and is sometimes you gotta get a doctor to know. No I don't think though that that's the problem I'm I'm lucky not to have look army guys are crazy they dread I will tell you that. The military has the most physically fit alcoholics in the world. These guys washboard stomachs can run fifty miles and they drank like there is no tomorrow. And it I've I'd never could I could never do what I was always too old to hang up but I was also an Ngo and I don't wanna yes well we drink when your guys anyway so. I was lucky enough to be like the older guy looking at the children like why are you doing this as a stupid decision but I tell you man. Those guys got crazy but they never got naked that's the difference right. There you can have as much for does a lot man. Does it say Jones is fully clothed this is not the story. Maybe he was naked because of something that went on in the argument and you try to prove I didn't whatever life. But my point is is that what happened the situation was you know. TMZ when he jumped. You know he was on that was the Kansas City football games on the sideline he did that thing where he got up old is that Jones challenged JA yeah on our FaceBook page myself and Brian Kozlowski trying to imitate it. Not so good put this major challenge now is you know how many panes of glass can you stick your foot through. While you're naked and intoxicated tomorrow more entity yet what yell or rattle wheelchair that. So illiterate. Sure generate. We're we're talking about double so here's my take away though on this. We talk of odd that the whole idea that. Young people bills fans that go on FaceBook that you stupid things and really people shake their heads and think I probably got eyes. Are people getting hurt it builds games but I doubt. Oh for sure I mean these victories jones' 23 I T 43 year old guy jump through a table that's on fire right now. I think that that eliminates what they joked that makes any better now but. You know it's it's 11 in the morning your hammered in your urge your jumping through a table on fire. You're probably happened was it was eighty dollar seats. You're of them brought men and probably has bills and a friendly and you're in your joints do with my point is how does anyone and especially a bills fan. Don't want Twitter I see a lot of people like I'm so ashamed. You know that. We look. It's embarrassing that bust his chops he's they're laughing at him right now no doubt he's gonna sober up come home it's no walk in the locker Mcguirk treated like a little brother did something dumb. He did use of the dump. What you like at catch his character to say that we don't need even buffalo we need to trade him because he was a 23 year old stupid young kid and by the way. I mean mark Sean he ran over a woman sugar block the other guy John and we have no good I mean there are worse things out there then. Then I don't know being naked in breaking a window. It's unfortunate thing to happen in the offseason obviously let's let's be honest and what when you're buffalo a wet when you go to these delegates I mean he's got its target 6 in the morning. And like you said okay and they Jones lost a lot of blood in this video I mean wild wild for blah blah. Highest out of watching a lot and I've not I've only seen like. Only saw his tailback. No I I only saw his little you know would we was hanging up their naked it was a it was like shots of the screen in an image I didn't see the video but I saw enough of the shots you know. Naked men and broken glass. When it's a posture solid video and said this looks like Nicole Brown's porch I mean this is really bad illusory or murder scene. And what I'm just telling you it looked like. It'll look like there was something that went down and and when you watch the end led video that those. Those air is Ozal pockets of blood man. As a professional I think you think your Achilles there you could really do some damage to route to a four you don't wanna cut the back the bottom of your fought as they proactively. Right and and that's what I'd be more nervous about me here the bills are. They are looking for quarterback short and wide receivers I think it's the put it lightly they Jones hope he's healthy for the beginning of the season mentally and physically. But it's funny the guy who's being wheeled away in the ambulance at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday is not gonna say that they Jones a bad image for the community. They why. When the police arrest you bloody naked we can't take five minutes to get the guys in my underwear brands that your. I mean really we've got to me custody he's completely naked he's he's no danger to himself and more to anyone else. Just give the guy shirts and pants and nice outlet. I don't know what immediately listen if your tickets went downtown like that and it's an athlete you know people are going to be taking photos of the guy. I just put some clothes. I'd typically in an ambulance that while they showed that a lot of blog oh great. We your your friends or are you part and whole build mafia did. Culture where they all break things in the Gerson so. No I think the bills mafia actually gives bills fans a bad name and I'm sorry it's probably gonna like like people out on the I like to get out there in this audience especially a lot of people here elected snort cocaine in a Bill Gates I was I can imagine. I I'd like to get to the games early now Sundays usually I'm coming right home from Blacksburg because I gold attack on games. So get their 8:9 o'clock. I'd like to meet up with my friends you know grills some food for a -- to have a few drinks and go and I'm not gonna lie I like going into the game bonds who doesn't. Up. Roads Marie but I've never felt like top LA prosecutors are not pressing charges against they Jones thank you Phil Kennedy people or Joseph I'm sorry can we get Marsha Clark on to the original poster on a regular reporter. I would be I'd get cowboy hat and the he's where like some live Lim is it Lambert isn't dead deer skin he's got that little fringe. From LA the attorney he's good guard mark Furman now because again not him not heard I've ever. Hey if I because I'm cheap and just so this might not be relatable to everybody but. Go to the game I'm there's youthful body even when the bills are awful I've never felt like petty I get so hammered. 11 o'clock this table foods one of the great with a John the report I'd take my clothes off. Warren until I find a woman and take alcohol I've got. That is a rough and then like she's under age he's not like I have got to Warren and it was a bad and people just partied like yeah well. I have to evidently we don't party like the West Coast eight no party like alleged fueled party. Because they don't Wear pants. That's weird. It's a naked this again and the fact that they Jones got two huge following for doing cool things and getting about the football field. Now you are also I deal with or even what we do is bombing at Austin right a 24 year old kid. And we talk like that you're far closer to odd to high school then than anyone probably. What would you how old is 2847. To accept and and Murphy what do you do speak when a quarter at the camera. So at least four I've never shot or I I've been here how good your year. The board along even. It has been nearly four months to show audibly three times if he likes working here. But nobody gives you that he and once he had he's here objectively premier under his mouth but I'd technically now shot a good guy he just a quiet guy. And that happens or time to time don't worry about it yet. The microphone just broke off in two million Barley is going to be live it can be fixed senator owner I just tell you recommend that you brought that will kill you if you touch admire and tell if it breaks were in trouble it's funny I did right gates showed during the holiday party great idea idling. And I think they can't. Over there are over that's an F student so it's we try not to jostle. The of the migrants but Eric here's the thing man this kid in Austin right. He's upset he's home schooled he's got all these have been different issues obviously start sending bombs across. Though you know it's central Texas. Did you ever want comes up with a whole idea of but are we get into this but Europe a social media guy you're always on FaceBook do you find. You know more about people that you don't have physical contact with the that the people you actually have physical contact with yes a that would put it I. I know more about people I don't care about right that people that I see on a daily base exactly let's talk more about this FaceBook and there in your real neighbors that you heard the coworkers you work with. But let's go to another coworker that we know nothing about you know that that happens we're Joseph beamer is here. To keep us all on the up and up should talk about this now. There are people you use FaceBook everyone has different reasons why these FaceBook some people are trying to you know subvert elections. Some people are also just trying to you know keep tabs on people you don't. Public key you graduate from high school we went to college with mad at at the at the football game whatever. But you find that your in their lives and your scene you know the kid catch the fish and go to school and but you don't know these people you don't talk to them they mean nothing. Not at all and I you're right. A trial about what FaceBook is now you can stop following right in front of them don't know you went fronted them. But I think Purdue and a little to overlook the so I put on FaceBook itself I'll ever want to see right I want everyone to see. Would have been put in the last three day when this week from today baseball season start stop. Hey look at Virginia Tech it's nice and sunny out there if there's I don't want out there. I think it was cool little tool overload like take a blow to 38 pictures of my daughter's first birthday party. Ten would have been a tense five. I put it felt good about it though. That the mindset that when they ask you do you know why your neighbor killed fifty people or you know why your neighbor is stacking you know. There's he's a murder mass murder or are you a bomber he's a terrorist. I've really never I never. Did know. Anyone you do you live your life you're going your driveway if you see him shoveling you say hello. What's your name where they from what do they do you don't know anything about the people who live near you and I think it's becoming a more. The more the technology evolves. This generation your kind of what an extreme to it but the ones that are younger than you man oh man there's no social cot there's no interaction. Well in people it's not been just face to face contact it's it's talking how many times did you cultural money they don't answer their phone ten seconds later you called. They they catch you you called that I wanted to Huckabee I wanted to talk to you like to talk with tone elected I have some sarcastic the site. It's not gonna look too good and attacks warm I need to verbalize that to you but you're right. Know what to talk to pay excellence why did your neighbor going to shouldn't spray the only thing I'd be able to say as while his wife supposedly got two likes. You don't you know it's crazy does that would you think about now they've actually made it so that you could send a text message of your voice. I was devastated I really don't wanna talk to you you can hear my voice I just don't want to hear your voice respond to my voice exactly I mean look at the station some of the stuff people are saying on the tax funding might calling for how they might never calling for that stuff may have originally gradually getting others attacks board. As you noticed we don't get as many. So is on Twitter and FaceBook ever want throws doubt into. And it's unbelievable you re not so funny it's bravest people are on on their keyboards. It's always like this past regret here's the reality. Just admit. Did your beta man why keep people just say look dude there's outputs there's beta is. Big Bang theory proved that beta males can get really pretty girls and have great jobs all Mark Zuckerberg is the king of beta males right. Elon Musk is one of those guys that he tries to look like. But what is the under follow. I don't want someone to know why I'm Fred did them but I secretly don't wanna confront them to tell them that they're boring I don't want them in my life they might confront me. So could you give away to not confront anyone and just kick the bottom I lives but they secretly think that I'm still with them that's us that's so beta male. No no face to face confrontation well nice you well I don't want you to react when I sat under the age I mean. They sure but why is it is that I is that are you proud to be is that something that like is the new man. But we're not gonna dual anymore Bragman intellectual debates we're just gonna attack each other on Twitter and face and smile will we see each other person for so that works on the weekends in our newsroom. And every now and then he'll say something on one of my post let you know OK whatever that's what you feel. It's funny when we see each other person ever comes up like what you want to of maybe extend what is sad because those are recruited. Well yes I'm like I don't know I'm talking about well all year and then and then he's not there yeah I see him once every day recess appointment. God we're gonna find out who that person is 8030930. Start I thirty what it under 616 WB and detectives and 30930 many of Marty found that feature. And Dow will be back Joseph beamer sheer ability is here's the darkest hour with a glimmer of light. Backed by Arab and well back to borrow they've Olivia we've got job breaking news out of the White House says the place where Donald Trump the president states' lives. And it turns out the national security advisor Joseph beamer joins me. And people can be like Joseph all. What are you Joseph talking about politics. And chose. Not used to beat other race. When all this the worst thing in the world what do Joseph talks about politics of what Joseph to give us his point of view well Joseph this is your day. HR McMaster the national security advisor many has said this guy's gonna leave anyway. Because they don't see eye to eye on what's going on John Bolton. Which was bush is our ambassador to the UN John Bolton is going to take over as the new national security advisor wouldn't think that. They got it does see eye to eye when it comes July's presidential opening QVC on fox is on the air a lot he agrees with most of what Donald Trump says that it's a good fit I think we just thought it you get these people out of the White House that you know here's my only thing against Bolton and I don't trust mustaches. And there with a big bushy mustache you gotta. Question a man's character there why would you want to hide behind that moustache and elect people. The reality is it a cleft palate what is this or scar there what's. Now I I don't know I would get a buyout by two bodies there Allen Harrison Fred's rose on the wall both work and the mustache. That's what I call bit of the north tunnel on a mustache you don't mess around that I'm I'm jealous until Yeltsin mustache is because it's very difficult for me to grow facial hair. Slowly and I have a very well at all not at all this find is well. Look at HR McMaster now this is the guy actually haven't I served under HR McMaster I've been tremendous honor spectrums a man is a leader. But he never really had a home in this White House he always felt there was always the rumor. If it's never good feeling when you come to work every day you're like junior beamer getting fired is true hardware is wagon every day. You had that work environment where everyone is rumored that you're at what day you will get fired on. Look it's brutal ever walking and every morning. But I think a lot of people of White House the last few months that's been the case right it's rumored that someone's gonna leave a few months that they're out. And if this is the way the president wants to ago he wants to stack his cabinet with people that will agree with them and move his agenda I don't see any problem with that and like I said. Bull new things be right behind if you listened to my thoughts I think it's a good move he's. I'm auditioning for this for very long time and he's been everywhere since before the election. It was though this is that this would be the third national security advisor. And it's all posters of trump has gotten the point the in his in his presidency where it's like you know what I've tried to work with people who don't agree with me. Productive as anywhere so you know what everyone who hates me everyone who doesn't see the world the way I see it. Get out and maybe he should have done that from the very beginning. You're at the great point you listen to people who say hey get people in there with different mindset it it's been a period back and forth first hearing hey watch CNN has been the worst White House right. We're zero cell eight you're right he's fed up with it I think this is a good move for him maybe he can start moving ahead what he wants to without all these blockade in a way. We're get your news. Like WBE. And I don't we all do WB and I come out Hollis did I chatted up into three journal entries here and FedEx whether to we get tracking unabomber program. But did you see that by the way FedEx like. There but they're packaged information that we did the trick like they nor their trucks are they do the packages are. Once FedEx got involved with that bomber in Austin game set match they knew where he was wary put that Vince Neil wig. They knew. Where you dropped off the packages and they were on that guy within 24 hour I don't incredible and so fast he was like I have to record this video and delay. Why illicit you know to some argue it was not a confession. I really appreciated to the way law enforce rules like we're back with with the video out where I can get these get this guy more fame that he deserves. Just a horrible story but when it comes to who I you know you. 29 years old. Are you going what where does the source and the Internet that you get your news do you go to Drudge if you go to fox can go to CNN. Where'd you go try. Doubly not like most 29 year old I mean I always on the Drudge Drudge has been since the Internet right Brian I I like the Drudge Report. On I like to go to Fox's website let's go to Twitter me that's gripping their son you're looking fort type Internet that subject in just yelled look you have to know that wars the crap and what's not the crap. Ought to let in the morning when I wake up our sister station the RW alive. That he lioness wins 1010 I look at my tweets minute newscast. What did you that it did we got a truncated down to like you know in the future you'll be able to digest weather and traffic. You know just take a pill you know everything I ought not. Mom right that you have to go right for it for us to the hole like HR McMaster that's right absolutely. Our short ones like oh I'd silly just texted in 30930. He's an idiot for putting in a hawk like Bolton hawk trump is falling apart and of that they. Is not a complete sentence but. It sounds like we actually had that written in by Tonto dead and that was. Hardly even know what that means but doubt where do owned rule thank god so we were about. 5050 split between people saying great move getting rid of McMaster bad move you say I don't really know anything about. Whether or not bold can be better than McMaster but one thing is one agrees with the president one disagrees with the president. That really matter how great your resume is if like you don't get along with the your employer. It doesn't seem like the last few weeks things have been going a little smoother since he's been getting people and their dad agree with them in getting rid of the people that don't I. I I think it's been a little smoother now depends on who you watch CNN and MS MSNBC will always made it seem like. It's just this turmoil are a lot of control life. How did you get enough. I can't get enough of it. I love how that I. I look at David Hogg and I feel bad for because I have a similar face to David Hogg when I was younger we re both don't have chickens okay and it turns our phases in this booms. And David Hogg made a mistake that I made it at fourteen or fifteen we started to with a really high. Hair. Be who we felt if we can make our hair hire our face would look without the cheap and it it makes everything longer an end that's the mistake David Hogg to make. I just want to make that point but also he's making a mistake by god twittering to really be this kid up I mean. You go from the sidelines I'm an enlightened kid I wanna leave a movement actually really respectable for young kid to do that but boy. Urine the arraignment now man and you didn't like side swipe our people ought to just Kagan has lodged. And it's like at some point you wanna step back and say yeah he's in the spotlight guys on TV. But he also can't grow sideburns to want alleges tap the brakes before we emasculated the case. You would think so late inning Hank had done that though you are gonna Twitter sort of tax you you're just like other ease up and take the high road and then they just hid Jews aren't camp you realize that sometimes get that. He got played that you're getting abused on Twitter. I'm not want to take a hybrid David now I'm like it's only comes after me and I have legitimate points. I will get my 240 characters out there and just keep going to shut up. Where you were you a type of kid could you see yourself. You yourself have wrote that the choppers. Above my mustache. Unbelievable. Can I say though. That when we knew our were younger when you have gotten sucked into the movement of like if there was. Tell you right now in 1994. Or 93. You put I know thank you. You know what were holding strong. But if I if you put a camera in my school are you put the Buffalo News in my school I don't care what the cause was I would wanna be on TV. Especially with the way I've looked at the time and how you know I was treated by the females in my school I would have loved that extra effort. To get me to the top of the schools like yeah. You'll be cool why would you wanna be cool I don't blame these kids for getting on TV in adopting political. You know points of view that they don't nothing about god I mean that's what their into social media followers likes girls boys breath. Is that these kids they end up on CNN Fox News the next thing you know they have 2000 more Twitter followers got a credible I didn't have that when I was in high school obviously but that would be amazing new Don of course hey I. I love getting on TV I was on the morning announcements every day. Looking back and it. Collided while one look at what I ugly you know like who the. Who would have thought that you would get into radio. I'm FTC to detail that dark dark spot your soul trio. That's abortion Jovian rejoins me for the darkest hour reports are saying McMaster will retire from the army. And he's not going to see a fourth star that's from trip Stewart who's a friend of mine. He has a blog Stew in the non really knows his stuff he's saying that they're back and give a four star who's gonna retired from the army that's her that's no joke man. That's no joke I mean you're usually with a like the layout the mattresses. And I hate take one for the team that'll be a nice soft landing. This is kind of like anybody I'm gonna need your key fob is just working out you don't get out go home your done. Heyman there's a new this in their share of the doubt what do you think from your peer group what do they think about Tron several NATO. Well well most of my friends. But they hang out with closely. Off of social media more agree with me right I mean trumpet their kind of guy went to the inauguration. But on social media yeah of course that the people who are on social media 24/7. I mean it's. Occupy Democrats would just such a great great website. You know all that stuff Huffington Post Rachel mad out all these credible sources all over my news feed I iPad. I'm I'm sorry I'm brilliant Rachel madcow idol no no I really do I I love that I love what what Rachel mad I was trying to do. Is some of the most difficult work to do on television which is to try to rationalize. And make intellectual what is totally emotional. I mean if if you have an argument with someone that's a liberal you can automatically tell where they got the information from because Rachel madcow dice you. Digest it like a mother hawk and vomit into the mouth. Of these screaming liberal baby chicken hawk right. And the idea is that she's trying to make an intellectual argument for things like. I don't like you joke. I mean I would like supposed to say what did you tell me. You're a big Virginia Tech fan now Virginia Tech stocks how do you have a debate was so when that starts with. Virginia Tech sucks why do they shot I'd like to know what you're definition of sucked it right and tell you just. You would you just said. This is my team and I came back with your team is horrible. So that wants to have a debate who's the better team or even a conversation every conversation and now you have to take all of these emotional little talking points and try to act like it's normal. That is the toughest thing to do and Rachel metals excellent itself I think she's great at what she does that mean I I think she's a propaganda artists but I you know I'm creditors. She took that time slot from the basement. It is now destroying CNN at 9 o'clock I mean obviously she's not being fox knows but I mean she actually had a couple times you have she's beaten candidate if she's beaten yeah. They've MSNBC is is meant to come back but. What you find though it's it's the reflexive I you wanna hear the other side exactly as we like many are watching MSNBC because it gives us material they had Joseph Scarborough who's just you know. I mean honestly Mika joked worst kept secret in all of cable news. I mean what would be a bigger shot would be shepherd Sean Hannity that would that would shock everyone. But I'm just stayed. Did. There was that was a steam there you feel I also by the way the felt that way about Katie Couric and Matt allow our. Always felt that they had like a little hot off. You know adamant that and then turned down Matlock hours installing double locks on his door. I would just a little creep who has been office that they I want to keep a lot cute right. NBC is in such trouble because you approved a work order for mr. gray. You know I mean you Q why so hang in premier ceiling there you know Matt what's the problem. You can't put those things a workplace that turnaround Billy I know that Matt was. Was a it was a bit like he was very private he'd like to be able to lock his door without getting. I'm down here are great but even it HR office doesn't want a door like that. If you modern office is now. They really don't we don't trust employees at all anymore so all the computers face towards the door there's glass ever want to open because we don't. We don't we know you're gonna. Draster fancy football team instead work what about here. We literally gut the whole place yet there's no doors there's every office is why don't know. They don't open the wall policy here and account you can walk into our wallet any tigers don't dollar. It's an open wall policy but when you think about it when you run. Well when you were. And more have totally flustered and try to get them right. Oh right they want him we have a reunion here in the segment Chris Johnson's going to be back in but what were we talking about though is is this whole idea that. You know when you are looking at the modern workplace. Everything is supposed to be transparent and open and everywhere it's free. You're reporting that a lock the door weren't for years they would come in and they can't get out. The cure what you do behind that door that door alone. Is to me a red flag your disgusting human being what would you like to see that work order what was the stuff see you placed right what could you possibly say hey Alan I like to have a few drinks after the show and I wanna be able to lock the door from the from the desk you know it was a trap door that leads to your white panel then. I don't a lot of dogma that immigration groups that Joseph Dowd took a parking garage. Yeah that's troubled man Matt Lauer was apparent but at a rate you want shot yours or you. Consider yourself to be read a son I would I would consider myself to be senator. Lean right of that it wants what are the things that you fall to the center. Social issues and yet I know a lot of people say that obviously especially I am. Right right hard right now and centered to discipline on fiscal issues you know it's crazy though a socialist is more people today are pro life and any time. In history and now we're that is where it and and I think the gay marriage thing. Has confused a lot of people that. Marriage became a social issue. I think weary it was never an issue before I think a lot of people think hey I. I'm pro gay marriage that must mean I pro choice right I can't beat up on guns is a as of what you consider summer millennial right. I'm guns are you pro gun I'm pro gun I'm pro harder background checks that I am definitely Q what do you mean by that what is harder Brack background check what they're proposing a Florida I that we had a show on this a few days ago yeah army you know. The three day thing and credit clause not against that on what will what would be the difference why three days when I make it a month. Want to see it while there's little sense of bullet wife and three days three days that to do a more extensive background check but what would. Okay this could you imagine though we had a computer system that would you got pulled over they could issue a ticket for three days at a great. But my point is that there's nothing that they're getting when the cop walked back to his car. He knows everything about what he needs to only give you the ticket and if that's the case I guess it doesn't have to be the three and I don't know. I think we just reflexively are so used to just giving a pound of flesh because gun owners are always guilty for not doing anything. Exactly so we're just like what three days four days five days six days you know how many how many bullets 458. Or not just dollars about Republicans in general exactly. Exactly so are right when you talk about done. What do you look. Of those social issues right. Didn't do you talked a lot about. I'd politics with your peer group or is that the social stuff I have to say politics can help a lot obviously around election time yeah but. Yeah ill people succumbing after our at Joseph Louis rams. I lost FaceBook friends I did not lose any friends and I talked when a daily base after a really good differentiated I have a few that I talked to the disagree with me but I love the death and I'm not gonna let our difference of opinion changing the but yeah I I started the campaign season on FaceBook. I notice about 20/20 five people unfriendly but they work that was in different thought he'd like talk to right early a date it was my speed of pitchers anymore sorry your loss. Yeah I don't know how many people are really into that you know I appreciate bringing it up the progress that sorts for. Joseph Roemer joins us Joseph I want you know what your whole thing with this I heard this morning on the reentry time I'd aboard what was that you did interview about a boy that we had Jason eighth it's 845 it's available at WB EN dot com. I think it's gonna be on the walk of fame right there are getting their star finally five years after the actual voice but obvious that actually deserved to be their first there are still together they sell out shows every night Vietnam and second -- sparking reunion talk when JT is done with this tour. Are they gonna record any single I think got a decent life shelves is Britney Spears gonna be there who knows it could be a lot of fun or a month away. And and what was fun about that. I don't understand you've done but did you get is it ironic fun like you like that people look like I'm looking that you would you talk about that part of that part of it. No you really enjoyed people thinking. Debt you are boy B and guy when in reality your course not a buoyed. I enjoy like bash was it like I'm not I'm not gonna lie what you Brit Hume Mort you really enjoy people saying. Why are you aboard that's fun let us I don't mind having that distinction that what you might reject you and you can't help push him why you giving us like no I. At what percentage of your Facebook's Vegas antagonize because you're one of the few guys that actually upsets people. You you never get hit without really kind of the reverse of course yet islanders and the question becomes are you. What percentage of your post on FaceBook do you knowingly send out because it it's gonna irritate B ul. Eight I percent okay so I know my Virginia Tech so they are it is people I've had people say I I cannot follow you want is for mark because the U Virginia that's a that's a Brit did some people think FaceBook a 100% is what I'm feeling in the moment that this has opted in my life and you take it as I'd I'd. They don't care about any of view I I'm really here I get off on you beat upsetting me I'll. I see that that would allow a historic John Sherman I gonna be shot just probe next Thursday it would be a really bad ninety song. In my comedy in this song was great or a Milli Vanilli song think these guys were amazing what happened to him via a result. A job with a good guy right Milledge. And John is a good guys. It's a good guy yet no wait no they haven't talked to them forever to law. But you're you're saying though is but you've got to probably come right back to social media what is what is the poor. Hate social media is a word that sounds like you're forty result of the things that whenever I think the social rules. But when you about FaceBook did and it's a Graham and one step chat whatever whatever real medium you're on. Are you really there because you're participating or you just people watch. Ul FaceBook its program great people watching for social media and its friends but the king of people watching what is it it's just people's pictures. Ride but it didn't the new ball it is the food court in the mall that's what it was eerie county fair enough I felt I. Yeah. Bryan Murray gave a lot now well done Joseph appreciate you being here we'll see you tomorrow. Heck yeah all right we'll see you tomorrow by our ability to present.