The Darkest Hour With Joe Beamer 6/18 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, June 18th

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News radio 930 WB ENOK. So Saint Augustine, Florida and arrest is made. Douglas Michael Nickerson his girlfriend. Crystal June methane. It's Tom Bauer Leahy and guess what arrested more quality yes I'm going with crystal meth crack. And Bartley is great at this stage in David Bellamy Richard Smith crystal meth was arrested for possession of crystal meth what. It's the hourly and Olivia I believe that a president for a well let's any movement. Well on news radio 930 WB. Back to the final hour about the ability to around to use the option to beamer continues to be in his place. And you know we were talking a little bit about the weather and some people that's standing water and give them that you. Yeah first off off from the National Weather Service in Amherst. We have a strong line of thunderstorms movie and to mostly south of the city affecting north eastern eerie. Why domain southwestern Livingston in southwestern Genesee counties. So. Be careful and be on the look out those are coming. We are still under a this night thunderstorm watch until 8 o'clock for all the Western New York so anyone listening to my voice right now. If you're listening on the radio and not on the radio dot com have. And also we have some tax that there is some standing water at the Olympic avenue underpass. Of the out of the 33 outbound so be very careful and I'm sure it's not just there. That is just where we have. The tax front. But now we've heard of Hydro playing on the 190. There are spots of Western New York right now there are getting hit with some unreal downpours so just be careful again. You'd rather be late unsafe then not get there at all. So in if you see any thing I can safely taxed us what it's no where the standing water is where there's some awful driving conditions. Because of the wider and also. Power outage in Williams Val we got that about thirty minutes ago is still going on in where we heard main street and we also heard Clarence. Is experiencing some. Power outage issues 3930. Phyllis and. I updated AccuWeather. It looks like this is for strong thunderstorms. Affecting Wyoming northern and north eastern eerie southwestern net Livingston and southwestern Genesee. If there. I interesting about this thing third with this want to move and fifteen miles an hour the last three report we had was to want. So when the math question is asked if the storm is moving thirty miles an hour along the cancer. How long would it take to get to southwestern lose money. We now know the answer I think it's a different system it's three hours there. Different system David good fifty to 29 Kenny which is little weird. This time today yeah I think I stuck at the the interchange. But these downpours I seem to be a pretty crazy caught them you know people tend to panic when it's emerged in water. And they forget that you know here. You're really long leisure behind the wheel in your relatively in control always a good day to stay in that vehicle. Yes it's abandoned the vehicle. I mean unless. You see you know you're art or Whitewater rafting. That would maybe be the only time would be great to abandon ship. Yeah also avoid standing water you don't it might seem fine to us what. This garbage in tiger playing is almost I think is more scary than Libya signs in my opinion. OK. That's his that's my opinion by the way power's back on in the village of Williams L and it is pouring in the town of alma. You know do you think mark all the cars that. The or at Belmont yet in the water shortage in Hamburg. Here's the thing that nobody hears it's so crazy about these panels it's days like today that you really feel the possible. Because you might have negotiated when it was just did all an open hole in the ground but it's covered in water. You can foolishly driving that thing and completely blow up your car via a huge sort of drug deal morally in Amherst good chance he went to speak well. Good chance that the really as a bit of a guy those walking around playing putting plants and models. In an awful idea things like trying to these models are so bad girl but the thought to myself. He's killed almost flat view reports hard stuff right exactly yeah I mean did you hear it on dominoes is doing. They're still in business. That was the amazing part right. But they are going to utilize certain communities in filling potholes themselves in and where it's at the end stampede that's that I thought stampede when their logo because. They put a camera in a pizza box and said. With all these potholes are pizza in thrown around us and I can say abdominal so much money I know you think that there's a little bit of weight room in the marketplace because. Of the whole pop and John fiasco with the NFL. Okay you're fighting for peace prize fight for everyone's trying to jump in this thing let me tell you something focus on the pizza dominoes. Stop funny social media games. I don't need here what you have to say about I Hopkins burgers. I need to focus nine UP to. David focus on the you're threes that comes out they have working for them. The guy who holds the record for fastest pizza box folder. I don't know if you saw a commercial a lot of gimmicks with dominoes a lot of jobs that badly it's gotten better as the years went of is recently done it's. No he's going to be easy Domino's guy they're they're not delivering the little areas of the city if you've seen this. They're like little pizza delivery hubs yes so you just like. Shell open area and start collecting pizzas. They also have a location right off of chippewa I noticed I don't know how long that's been therefore I noticed that over the weekend and interesting because there is amazing piece all over buffalo where I'm sorry fell I don't understand why anyone. Would pick dominoes. Over all of the amazing local Oklahoma as we have. Early meetings that he said if you they have the pizza. What do you think you compared dominoes to every pizza parlor in Western New York he said. Domino's is good mean that it's it's surprisingly not bad I don't think it's his first choice. While Atlanta for us B cell towers in Rochester but that's different the daughter of same so he's saying. Next to like little caesar's or Pizza Hut or something else he'd prefer is that more. I do think that's odd. Not a big Domino's what little Caesars the only. I have a white how we got off on this but only reason little Caesars has any businesses because you can walk in with five dollars. Have a large feet and hands with trash and have a ton predate and you literally the pizza is Maine as you opens. If they scan your phone somehow find out what you need. So anyway Joseph beamer whether bad what are your tips for driving usage uniter when you don't enjoy that. No other black guys know definitely in any rain but I think a lot of people know when it's icy outside to slow down and down. But I feel when it's raining people still feel in a 65 they can go 75. And as someone who in the fall does a lot of driving between here in Blacksburg Virginia let me tell you that's an awful idea. I like to avoid I'd love to drive nice special its drive at night when no one's on the road but when it rains. I get I turned to the total opposite I get in the right lane and I doled out 55 because like I said I'd rather get there an hour later. Then smash my car and not get there at all. Well tire fire dot com has some tips to avoid Hydro playing in GO. And the first five tips all have to do with your tires. Now I might believe it tire buyer in some crazy. Money grabbing scheme has decided to Hyde act Hydro playing make it all. Basically about your tire the first five steps to avoid fighter plane have to deal with the way. You need to replace your tires this year what do you do with a tax money guy what about the money and Linda got yeah. It new tires step three kidney tires. Double basically if you don't have the proper tread or it's on inflated they have been balanced. You're gonna need everything to be working up to snuff when you hit it skinny water to try to avoid obviously but. If there's an excess of water and it's acutely. You wanna make sure your tires in the best shape possible yeah that's for. Any condition it's not just I draw a beautiful writing day right you're gonna lie not a ball the entire. And does church regardless of rain snow a few leaves on the ground here don't want some kind of tired states. Well better than your analysis. You know. Get the right leaning go ten miles under the speed cures. That thing out there isn't a story in the news about compulsive video game. People that just feel that they have to play all the time. They're comparing this to a mental problem that they find with people were addicted to crack okay. Basically that's part to your brain that are really turned up video game and quit it. Is McCain. To crack cocaine habit of talking about the the dean mean in general it's one particular game it's just the idea of stimulating your brain in the same manner. Through a council. What's crazy to me is that I don't like a lot of people that talk about how addicting crack cocaine. That would be really insulted if like I beat crack cocaine. And then like you put down mine sweeper and you were like. United play fort night tonight you can quit crack dad. It's not that big of a deal. Yeah I mean how can you equate that Philip addictive drug. I have I like I like to play in the show I've talked a few times it's one of my you're addicted to it you know I. Usually during the week don't get many opportunities to play in my season of bringing a pitcher from the double play. Ball away and I'll be on the weekends like to get a few games. I'd like to get a few games and with my manager in nineteen. Do you dress up and now. My manager. Likely in my boxers when I wake up once but you'd take you'd as a practice together and keep it tight group in. We've talked I think you're going to save time for the weekends a big deal only if I'm not doing anything I have some time Mikhail but I you worried he made you might be vicariously living through the no I played baseball isn't generally. Live for why would argue that that's the that would be the proper way to use the video game unfortunately. You now have this gateway you folks are saying hey you know the best way to get rid of people were attracted to children give them the opportunity to be with robotic children. All slowdown. That's us I mean I don't see that connection at all. You know and I mean do you see that connection at all not one bit. I think all you're doing is do you find do you find though that as technology. In your own life what is the one determining factor. When you look at a vote for me used to be hair and fashion would dictate what are we were. And now don't you think it's the fact if you're looking at a photo. Would automatically you know all this had have been in the in the early two thousands look at that self. The cell phone look at the quality of the photo right dry you know on. I felt that fashion or style dictate. To tweet or that the TV. If you've got a giant tube TV I mean there's all commercials from 2007. That will pop up on this thing following this program. An 807 the commercials they'll have to dig. Two TV. You know Juan before each before it went flat screen HD. Do you see technology. Evolving as much as people attend your news. I'm like this couple were able to see things ten years. Ten years older and you have seen technology. Well. Oh exactly right I mean who uses of a phone book and who knows what he rotary phone looks like you at least solve. I I feel bad for people ten years younger and that's what I'm saying yet who this is there nor I mean they might remember they're clear they're not mean he flip phone then I never owned ones they don't understand it reroute wind but none of the HS tape right where you don't docked a dollar blockbuster because you didn't rewind that tape and throw. Every good there's a lot of patience. You you can't wait any kids is they'll they'll feel like Friday night swing miles elementary school and middle school a Friday Night Lights let's go to we all go to blockbuster together. We all that we pick we settle a movie which was a huge beamer family argument has been ever agreed on the same movie. I'll get some popcorn. That we go home and watch the VHS that we got blockbuster. Talk about these compulsive video games and now playing them could be some sort of mental health problem. And you know you're talking about technology. How dependent we are in technology I understand how to some people acute played a video game every day. Is disturbing because that's the way that they were raised there's not a lot of in Iraq but when you consider the fact that. There is the aperture and in the video game to have a relationship with someone like China. I mean you would never had that opportunity outside. I think average of technology like that you have them. You have that positive we also have the negatives I think people who play too and I'm not saying everybody and that generalized hair but I think a lot of people who do nothing but play video games. All day right that is their social life they go to work and they go home and play video games lack. Basic social. Communication skills certain and I think. The good lord more younger generations I think like you say ten years younger than name. I'd argue five years younger than me have huge problems we face to face looking somewhat in the guy is holding. Actual conversation with them I don't. Disagree without any of that I I just find it interesting though how we look at technology is glass full glass empty. There's no in between there's no good technology bad technology. In between there's no great here I think something that video games and there's an art so many things that video games have increased. That that market has contributed to. Hand eye coordination is one of them they are things that surgeons are going to be able to do remotely. That no generation of them before but I also think. The would have found some other reason not to have a social. And that's just my personal belief but right well with the nerds on before it. They were all hanging out like looking at fire and stuff they just like. Wearing gone in and one item I guess so here's the crazy part these kids that are divide that you know playing games and learning code. And that's going to be like you know they're going to be able to make whatever money they want them and it helped put. No but seriously think about that those are the guys that would you ever in a million years think that it. You know. You're gonna lose the girls of the billionaire nerd that's happening every single day it's the whole valley dedicated that I was the girl to the guy walking on the street no matter what you. Unbelievable it is not yet they'll let us take a quick break we come back the final final segment hourly ability at Thomas doctor was called 8030930. Start at 9310616. WB and the attacks to us Joseph beavers in for Tom our lead 30 entries here a little bit more about. Technology and what Jill beamer his watch and I Netflix see what's coming up for Joseph. Right after we come back and I give salukis. And speaking of technology. A tax problem adding 100 yes Joseph gamers are female problems as well if they continue to bubble to. Imagine that while more after this so we come back proudly. I dynamic duo is actually vote that's really Greek guys each and hourly and Beverly on W. I think coach Kennedy wanting cash on Murphy's. About disease GOP in four Barley Bauerle Bolivia. You know we in the break your talking about appeasing of the year issues you go in and and I was like to get into your lovely of course but before we do that just quickly just talked about that. Technology and and how you can look at your generation. You think you know the one thing that has really changed the most lifetime maybe it's the self. The car. Modern medicine has come along along with a lot more hope areas that we had zero before. Oh yeah I mean Madison it's amazing stuff there coming up with every day you know on how quickly. Well more offing Panthers be defeated. And the other story that survive yet now but what I don't think the things that we like lost that things aren't as the quality of things by I find that view buys something outside of America the quality of America. Like just your bags shoes game. I think you're I know personally I go to our shoes and how than I did fifteen years ago maybe it's just recognize it more important now. What I'm saying goes there's something that is as your lifetime it's actually decreased. It's gotten worse over time. That's true I like what for example I think movies entertainment music has gotten progressively. Leaves a year. I think I've gotten older. I think overall standup comedy. Is not as good now is atlas in the early nineties because what would you say what you think PC's change that I think PC I think. They are a lot more political aisle. In the late nineties it's not like very observational like Jim Norton and company right but I don't mind after someone like politically but I just don't buy it to be funny. Calls on this 8030 and thanks be more based on 93106. Wants XWB that's if you say comedy standup guy. Right. I think food has gotten better. The older I get the more I realized that I have so many choices in every way we live in a hotbed of amazing for. Buffalo, New York is home to use so much good food but when you're kidding you're growing up you thinking there are fourth in July that value policy. I want chicken fingers with honey mustard. Well I think what I should parents take their kids to expose them like sushi. You know. Finished Turkey a begin whatever but just give them like choice. I'm always amazed by. As possible. When I was a kid you're right it was four things I liked I liked chicken fingers and mustard. I like friendly's is to have a reasonable sale mean I'd like to do with fried chicken fingers cut over. You must house really dig your honey mustard you're gonna stop that's I was really bay Hampshire when you hire I was adherents that are working here. What I'm saying that your eaten balls of Brad I mean I was not the most in shape John if you eat the dish. After its and it's amazing concept and it's proof that they're brilliant people. I'm sure California would love usually ask it to your love life here guys aren't all my lack of one life right sell on and lasts a week ago. And he put does not last Friday the Friday before does that make sense that your it's a concert with a few friends and well I thought this girl had a good time right so. On Saturday I was bored and how did you get your number I've had a number or your friends or for the conference wrapped but sincerity what was a specialist aboard. It's just that bit about say what was the special but the counter and you. We just isn't the U addict used to see that we had a good well see that's all it just seemed that we had a good guy and do you think this year to get them. I I I thought CO OK I thought that sell on Saturday. The next entitled ten and I want to event that. Kinda died out before I bought it right its ports I just that idea tonight right. And setup she quickly responded that she was not at events I said. Awesome enjoy we should hang out sometimes I don't it innocent enough 639 on Monday still waiting for a response. Now it's been it's been 100. It's been two days through now would like to move forward with it was that was a bad move on my part as someone who is off let this game of dating. Com. So now of course I'm going what they had that idea what the collar white. She was that evidence mounted that they write that right now just give her a phone call. And say. I thought we had a really good time should respond. So I would go live that's a key like that that pans Joseph gamer I'm not into you like that so back off why I think a lot. If we really why I'm sure we finalized too. Good though yeah it's not necessarily mean it it's just she's not right for. It just seems more more women are right for me I built with that was a bad move on my part that would probably because it seemed like you were really sincere about it. And maybe because here is talking about it there's the sense that you know you with a series. Well she said she was doing something it's an awesome enjoyed we should hang out sometimes I didn't and I have added that awesome enjoy. The dogs and I really though I don't know really. I don't because I don't understand like why is thing about it. Two days you don't wanna talk felons or people her phone I'm sure she has a thousand friends. Maybe she didn't hear your tax anxious now would it. She's used by so quickly to first text I just Wear on game yet this never got responds. Have you checked in on her safety magnesia. Seizures of maybe there's something wrong whether I I question it relates to 430 and thirty I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it. I and I think it's just that I'm going to take and walk away of course you're gonna walk away it would your other option to bring you to hold your credit. Just such a caller. Yes I would itself away from the situation of yes yes you can collared it would here's what I am missing out and say that. Do you dear something fundamentally flawed. In what you're trying to get out of an event when you go to a concert. They're trying to release meet someone right you've probably neck injury is much outpouring of so maybe go to account whatever the time the meter accounts we. She's part of the group. Of your point is if you drink alcohol maybe you're. The best addition GO beamer. I don't really think I'd. Well the odds of a beam differently. Well I and she's reject ago that a point. Target again 3030 of the air and maybe he sent the wrong and OG I didn't. I am awful with apologies and I don't. And what would their freedom could you imagine that's just such a crazy world we live in now worried about the MOG that we sent. Do you find in the last relationship you were in. How long. Was that last along. With that the miserable questions when Moody's. How long ones that the relationship built the very last one the most recent it was four months. Four months okay in four months did you see here often. Do you did you text with or more times than you spoke with. We usually would call more often. Write that you would you say tax played a large part of that relationship. Alec during the day old herbal tea worked. We would check and it came up you know so like that it was interaction in ten years ago before that was text messages what replace that. Email now ten years ago if you're talking about just ten years ago AOL instant messenger it wasn't as. On your fault right ten years ago but it's a messenger Evelyn when they were home they'd have their. Desktop computer and they have their buddy list open and right so. I am. Here we come from but it is world where you're texting these girls to get the nova do you get to know them more. Because of of text messages or do you think it you know bill the last of that line I think the text messages is even those things. I think a lot of people do light on text messages he can't really read a person through text messages. I hate texting for the part that. You can't read tell. And a lot of voice if I'm being serious. You can read it taxes it means you can't be sarcastic. As much as something you don't know was well. Via text there's a fine line gesture mean and serial kill so and he played a perfectly calling on an option on wants to recall such a great point. Wanna be called the phone calls yeah fogel ruled mentally like phone calls where a deal like like talking with different. Here's the problem with people who only tax. And again I'm going right back to my side last segment. You can tell people. Who only tax for your crime not life and her colleagues. I really thought it was going it is do it. So here's the problem with the good while but when people do you detect ID like to mix it up with text and call because people who just taxed. You lose that sense of being able to communicate back and forth used so I think a huge huge. Being with Tony conversation is important in your losing it comes to tax. We'll check Ashley Martin export. Said I thought and move on to the next girl if you like you should probably responded by. Now human right. So that area right now she moved us or them woody take away from how are you better now. I'm not gonna waste my today and be on May be but before maybe I played. I read the situation all wrong and I you should have made the task after a report. Maybe I rushed. For you ran into the net use we use attend metaphor. The net you rushed the net. Possibly. Well what do you know next time if you can repeat what you do. I could say one thing. But an uncle he you just you would have more small talk. Unfortunately. It really helped my confidence if you miss one on but I'd. I fully well we're going on the radio personality and yeah I totally clear and out. No so my point though is that what if you could do it again and what would you do. That's a great question I don't know exactly which part of the part was huge Hannah. Okay I leave that out I would just an awesome enjoy and let the next game we hang out. Be the next time. Definitely use. Now I would have left it Ellis and enjoy that was just Edward in the tally that wasn't where you were right. We're I was confused myself now see you're saying that yours say that guy. That's great enjoy yourself that was kind of absolutely response to Austin enjoyed you know where you wouldn't say off with the duke of fine. The hue and you've sanction her fund is a great time and yeah we should have at. You've ever says that tonight. Did you vote what does out of like with collegial. Doesn't sound like you said. Well I wouldn't someone texting I felt party but it competent person doesn't care about them because a competent person thinks I'm worthy of your time. I'm telling you a favor right now you know probably a boring think I managing. I don't mostly in 85% of the people like no if I insult about it an event with people party. Other attacks keeps events what does this. That's set up the whole story but it's of the Asia at a party I'm sorry so stay arrow and she's signing. The psychic and a social way of his here's the point my point is you gonna show more confidence. That's always been my problem I'll get. I thought payouts how would you have read redone this in English on war. How would you have done if we do over I just what I said I would have left that awesome enjoy and know you're. It was still it. Is happening now are oh that's right that's just the beginning of weakness. I've got I mean really what's going on there's a horrible acid fire in my kitchen and there's all the horror you're like all right gentlemen I leave you girl and she's at a party. Pebble and seen how you wait 23 hours of actor. Rally in the and you say wait who's getting married what what what what parties. And then you find attitudes like totally non interest in speaking with you at all without it been again this all what was the and off to leave Hewitt so quick was the first response and in hasn't responded. It's like hey. Guess what. New slash. 85% of people out there are gonna like yeah. I get that much sure you don't have any previous relations you know that probably be a really good idea here and as I'm off what he knows what. Why do you marvel mean those those those women. Everywhere there you don't know ideal that I would have you don't if you knew they'd work you would do with the people that would be in this category. Which argument strange people in government. And you're asking where where where I. But a lot of people you don't know GO attack they guys attacks are set how often was she on her foot the cuts there. That's a great point she wasn't. But again that there's this top purses very Smart person David is right. Awesome and enjoy it was probably taken wrong it probably some if you have a meaning temper tantrum. The attacks on some enjoy you know what I got time emphasis I was eating dinner. Maybe just came off the wrong. I like I thought I'd. I started this by all the blame beyond me I just. I've got a lot of answers thank you like well Joseph where I nest we have we're gonna call her Katrina we have three now on the phone call we've called her cell phone. And we've got three now on the phone so good three. Does it can you pictures. You know and huge sports. And there are ups. And third a better than they how how. Judge jury and you're borrowing ability to be. I didn't you know he would spare about the whole story that's January. And down mountain arts. I was in the friends don't you ever solo part of the group I got I gotta go Terry on the as I just assumed that I might have played it wrong you're right I might have been pushed that friends don't but you know Terry. The friends though is meant to be broken. In escaped. And or commit bank after it happened that the amendment act saying here I'm Barack. Haley hang out. Particularly invite me I might come out if that happened yet or are always why it under it back at eighty. What you shouldn't. Pull a lot of Nancy if it would have her out there though. Aaron and sent them out more obsolete and whenever he got out there and fight and actually went down. In that Terry's dad Terry put a hole a lot like that. Terry had a whole plan a backup plan he's like hey. He found an option that was better than her option like that I didn't work that's my problem I don't go into these situations with a plan to wrote in the game or did nothing wrong David's wrong. She was rude dismissive I liked. I don't know how we're talking about. Or you know it's crazy lesson learned not on it takes a house this lesson in life. I am not that I know I don't need smoke. Blown. Up everything I know what I look like okay. There are attracted people in this world I just don't happen to be part of that club there are really attractive beautiful people and I'm aware. That won't what are the neatest things in life is to meet a beautiful person who doesn't really acknowledge their beauty. That's always a cool thing yeah humble attractive person like that but there are many attractive people know this is what this is how I get through life. I'm attractive and beautiful and that's what I'm. OK sit out Joseph Bieber comes off. And Joseph beamer automatically assumes that these people because there's so attractive. They want nothing to do with a guy like you so you start to disqualify yourself. Before you even have an inner action. Because you know the ending. Your answer you just exercising. For the sake of axes. Kids it's not because it becomes a schtick for use king. It's a foolish. By next 656 it's still a yup I. Good to follow idling of rain is starting to calm down again here in Amherst remember we thunderstorm watch all of Western New York until 8 o'clock potential for some torrential downpours it looks like we are on. The cost of that here and Amber's sort of don't listen to Bolivia. Beamer you sound very nice they'll possibility he's on the bully sure. Don't change well you'll definitely find a person with the culture. I I don't know what that was they'd vote. Out of the I think it's all about your expertise. Expectations. For your particular competence. Madonna's you'll always be my agent number one problem if there's a lot of courage that the problem. It God's will have comments when I'm I'm I'm very I've been here three years and they're comfortable doing this. He's comfortable with particularly it was an interview. You would never asks went out the view no it's an awesome one. Techsters. You know get for the girl named Alicia. Valencia. Alicia only beach what do you see it's over. That's very that's Texas Gary thanks thanks to Eric I don't think it's gonna happen. Large distance here like. It better than mine intelligently and all right that's your primaries in part we don't know what tomorrow is gonna bring it. If it is a day without power of the GOP will be here yeah this is a lot of fun David thanks for having me on. I'm so what do you think eligible completely blow it going to be big story. I think for the next few days I mean he's got interviews at a next two days I think July. I think it's a big story but if he is 100% telling everything now. Then he recall he never. He did you you can forget things I've gotten people liked to. Two years ago for short and it's also now rarity these Russians right now that I've worked in Russia on behalf of this country. Allegedly. That's the exit. Anyway buy hourly ballot via a will be back tomorrow second time three to seven keep it here and download radio dot com for a your radio needs.