DACA's Role In Gov't Shutdown - Rosanna Berardi


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Let's bring in rescind a priority of priority. Immigration law talking about the government shut down and the big issue of course that led to it all about doc and immigration Roseanne thanks for joining us on. Undock it looks like they're kicking the can down the road again nimble revisit this issue coming up within the next few weeks before. Another deadline looms are you expecting one thing or another and should the people the so called dreamers affected. To be anticipating one thing more than anything else. The more he thanked her having any never adult content is corporation showed how they're now they are not in the last year. That they would bring captain banks it's hit the path is there any reflection of what our future old. I'm not really confident that by February 8 which isn't kept acutely. There's going to be an immigration deal on the people out the last time the preparation I would formally changed with and the people. That seeing your direction with back in 1990 tech he could believe. He and congress have given out there very candid glimpse of how they work and what going on. There are based on their performance regardless of the administration. It's really a short time screen. February deadline to get them people. Veteran pitcher can block comprehensive immigration reform in addition Q. You know the Democrat land Iraq that he. Could a short period on that part on. Roseanne there's another deadline that's coming up though that could affect dreamers that they're watching right. In early march. Yeah her shirt you know when the current bring that the doc program which let it. He quickly an executive order by the about it and get congress until the beginning of march to come out. The solution. Yeah everything that he did that is that. Neither had a terrific term eat it immediately. Or can he convert to six month window hit something on the Dow have to remember. It orders don't make that block congress should be making the block the president they'll keep congress the ability. In it Clinton apparently you some thing back here we go into late January. Nothing indictment. And how we have to get by February. And march. Yet both Geithner are really lacking and you know it turned the docket I had to protect. I would say that the dreamers will be allowed to stay here. I'm I don't think we have been beaten or the ability or the desire had to order a world in 800000 people. I'm but if I had to predict what the caveat to that would be it that agreement to stay but they're not allowed to sponsor and and the numbers that seem to be the real. Crux of the argument satellite known as chain migration and saying okay you're here at the dreamer that's great that you can't sponsor and T. And remember Harry and certainly I'll don't have. Permanent ban it in the United States. Nat geo expects whatever it immigration reform is visited over the next few weeks to be. Totally dot concentric or might it be more broad and deal with the larger immigration issues. Well docket certainly a hot button issue but inaccurate Agilent president trump campaign. Comprehensive immigration reform that one had hit the outpatient it campaign and an early what you need the seek seen in supporting. So I know the administration. And the inner eaten discussion. At that you know what document or are. We really want from the conference of the lot hasn't been changing over twenty years. It antiquated. Doesn't reflect. You know carried out immigration eat her hearing that you're required. Early on something or comprehend is that I think docket something. What the government want it happened. I want to remedy and they think that will probably be the EVP and treat cure or comprehend there in recent report. Brazilian if you hit it to gas how many. Dreamers are there here in Western New York are there hundreds or thousands. It really hard to say because I haven't seen the technical breakdown by. They say I'm you know in the country each week have a 10800 Taliban. Look at you buffalo media I was an hour or Q are they tend to be. My anger in a market to market the New York a lot and I'm they can be in there there there there. Aaron Rosanna thanks so much for the time it's Rosanna priority of a rarity immigration law. Talking about the main issue those the crux of the government shut down daka immigration reform and what we'll see over the next few weeks.