DACA, Paczki's and More - Dave Levinthal


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Dave Leventhal is here from the Center for Public Integrity in Washington and Dave for an Italian Europe buffalo guy. Do you realize what you're missing today it's clinch key day. Happened today I mean I that I should have gotten on a plane this morning and in an Arab. And again I would love to be an up close are about twenty different holidays celebrations festivals. Name that I I I'd look. The creator should you do come back for several of them a man up and going on here. This does Washington even know what today is at all. Well a lot of buffalo audience Q and in fact and there are thousands of but western New Yorkers here in DC I'll be talked about this before. He's been but they're dirty and a night in September cold buffalo night we all get together US capital money guy US and its I have. The capital and and have a raging parties per. But three hours with a much food and beer line as she could possibly ever watch her where they are a little piece people polonium that's. And Dave I'm gonna give you the hardest question you'll face all day you can only pick one. One point ski do you pick red raspberry lemon or Pruitt. Under their way from current and go. Heard one person that likes the prune punch keys I want to wonder now as popular as they used to be hey while. Going on M Washington the real reason we brought you on you know the president's. Has while a couple big topics going under is docket which will gates when a second but first. At this domestic abuse scandal that sell all around the White House. Is there any way the president can move on from this without directly facing questions. We have to and it's been several days since these the two men who it takes accusations that the massacre is what the White House. White House's trying mightily to move beyond this but it's not not going to be an easy thing to do lie in man made raises the overall question. Whether the White House say it's fostering that kind of behavior by employing people so who are facing these accusations but of course the upside of this does. Perhaps it accusations are just that accusations I think that the larger political fallout here. Is that the White House and how it's going to operate going forward whether John Kelly the chief of staff. Is truly going to lead to be able to it wrangled this White House staff in a way that a lot from function at at the most. I picked him up that it's an open question right now but a gap you know it it'll be curious he weather oh week from now. And you went even talking about that I think there's a possibility that I yes events will move beyond. And Dave what about a docket deal does it look like. That that there's a chance for some bipartisan agreement here honest. Posted on that things are moving forward at least to some degree out there there's the two point negotiations but kept Blake this event. It staunch critic about Donald Trump like is. Offered up a sort of a a middle ground tight vote offer to bridge the gap between what Donald Trump wants and immigration deal what Democrat. One out of immigration of course Democrats. Very much want to at some sort of long term deal port doc I and allowing people to worry children who have bought brought into the United States. As. Immigrant and I don't have paperwork that you have a passport citizenship Donald Trump while funding. The border security wants to build the wall on the southern border so. That's really the two extremes right here and now that's sort of the negotiation points but he can get to some sort of compromise of the metal in it if upper an open question right now it remains to be seen now but but at least the two sides are talking it's nothing. Is there are more pressure on Democrats to come to the table here because this is an issue they've talked about so much. Well it it thinks he tied to tango here they're allied I don't know up there's the pressure on anyone side politically speaking you know Democrats absolutely. Wanna make sure that this is something bad. Get gone to some degree because we that when he came to terms coming up at the 28 in mid terms come up and you have a lot of areas left wing Democrat. Who haven't had some success with you who haven't had at least something go their way is that not that's going to be potentially problematic. In an electoral. But I you know the Republicans are likely going to need at least some democratic support in order to get what they want. On their side the agenda so politic. Don't even in this day and age takes compromise and not for the deal to get done. It's gonna take Republicans and Democrats getting together at some level that the. Harry Dave if you can get here we got a box of punch keys for. I appreciated that we are never good Davis Dave Leventhal at the senate Republicans Hagerty in Washington.