DACA Dealings - Lana Zak


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Let's go live to the White House this morning correspondent lie on NASDAQ is joining us and a lot of the president introduced that 200 billion dollar infrastructure plan yesterday but. The focus still seems to be on rob Porter and another key aid their resignations last week. And and really the fact that the president hasn't directly addressed the domestic violence issue is that right. That's like good morning Brian NCs and come here at the white house press secretaries are Sanders said the president and the entire administration take domestic violence very seriously. And at one point ABC Cecilia Vega who's speaking with. Her ass. A why we haven't heard those words directly from the president himself especially. After it appeared that when he wish rob Porter well and and spoke. Rather highly of him. After these domestic abuse but. Allegations came to light it sounded like he might have been siding with Porter. And an even one of rob reporters ex wives who. Penned an op that it column in time magazine defending herself against like which she's sort of said was. President trump calling her a liar and her allegations a lot lies so. They're still continues to be questions because remember Porter resign to it wasn't that these allegations came delay and then he was. Dismissed by the White House rather these allegations came to light he resigned and then there was there was some talk from members of of the from administration. That that these allegations were slanderous and that that should he ought not to have. Been had his name drug in the mud and so all that has has led left a kind of a cloud over the White House in over these questions of domestic. Thought on the White House trying to turn its attention to docket and immigration the president tweeting about it this morning. Where we stand on negotiations between Democrats or Republicans on immigration. Well those that debate that open ended debates started yesterday in the senate McConnell had. Promised that that would happen as soon as they had. Path that spending bill remember that just passed on Friday morning so it was happening on Monday which. For the senate is light speed there isn't necessarily a bill that they are making progress towards though negotiations are continuing. We understand that they're going to try and continue this debate for. The duration of this week and then they really wanna have something wrapped up that they can have bipartisan support on that they can pass in the San. Art that's minus act reporting live from the White House this morning.