DACA Deal Coming? - Brad Mielke


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Time to move from Korea to. Washington is it time for immigration deal the president. Tweeting about it this morning and let's bring in Brad Melky here to see one is the latest Brad. Are Democrats and Republicans going to work together on docket with this deadline rapidly approaching. All they haven't agreed on who exactly comes to a grand bargain just yet what they did agree to last night overwhelmingly wish to. Open debate on what is sure to be sort of a momentous week. They're in the senate with something we haven't seen in awhile. A debate on a topic that we don't actually know. How cool and they voted 97 total one pit crews are the only holdout to begin that debate and what it is it's really the open ended question. What do we want to do about immigration policy in this country Democrats. Of course have been adamant that they want to deal that would protect the so called dreamers as young people who came to the country illegally as children. However that the big question is what will they perhaps. To trade away for that. Her for those streamers. They have made they've been clear that they that they would consider confection like. You know several billion dollars. For border security for president comes walk however. President competent dealt announcement conservatives in the senate has said that they they really want some some changes to the legal immigration system. In this country as well not just illegal immigration but but just about how many people are allowed in this country and from Blair. To that debate all gets under way today around 10 AM and we're hearing from Capitol Hill. That with just three weeks ago this debate really will probably wrap up the matter of days not weeks. I was gonna say this is a pretty rare occurrence for the senate to allow an open debate. It it is it open ended I mean would do they put an end date on it. It is technically got a technically they could go on as long as they want it to beaver now from several members of congress did is expected just a lot a couple of days Dick. Durbin. Senator from Illinois whose that sort of leading the bipartisan effort remember he talked a proposal. That president trump what it was rejected a while ago. He says three days that that's how long he's expected to last by the first day he as we have an answer he also told reporters yesterday. That make you actually it's not necessarily that optimistic about getting this deal done he heat and the number of a group of four from the house and the senate have been getting together every day. Part of Homeland Security officials about a potential compromise he has got that led nowhere. So far there are several different group proposals floating out you know floating around out there one of them just straight up he has some dollars for a walk. You give us you know dreamer protection the other ones are more conservative to have. Sort of bit the ideas the president competent pushing for and now president trump himself. It really upped the ante he says. This will be our last chance it will never be another opportunity that's from attorney just minutes ago. And so what he had left open the possibility that perhaps he might extend that docket deadline that he created. It this morning seemed to be suggesting he won't be extended not at all. Who is facing the most. Pressure to get a deal done Democrats or Republicans. You know it Democrats certainly had you know how a lot of lines that they haven't been. Specific group of people debate instead we will fight for you we will go to the mat for you that it of course about 700000. These undocumented young he immigrants. And they really did that a rallying cry to debate Republicans have not necessarily. Holder told their voters if you're gonna happen grand compromise on immigration. He's elevated not staked their claim that. However the big. If you for Republicans is they do not have a united front right now and so you can give mounting frustration in the Republican Party. That there are some members that are you know very interested agreement. Quick and Heidi bipartisan deal and others. Several in very close to president trump who are much out further on the right on this and that's greeting a little bit of animosity within the Republican Party right now. Our dads correspondent Brad milky on the immigration debate on Capitol Hill.