Cynthia Nixon Visits Buffalo - Steve Greenberg


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We're talking now about that Cynthia Nixon campaign for New York governor. With Steve Greenberg of Siena research institute Steve even watching this campaign it's still young only a little over a month old but. The authority is Cynthia Nixon in governor Cuomo's side right now. All written no question. The governor we're hoping to have moved selling tool. To get. Re nominated for a third term and simply erect a mix and grown a bit of a monkey wrench and and the governor planned. And you say. That that the campaign still early in the in the the primary will be. September 13 so it. All you know four and a half months away a lot of time. Forty Democrats to learn more about Cynthia Nixon decide whether they wanted to support for governor or or support Nixon. But you know early on. Nixon is remains unknown to all large walk from New York folders. Nearly half of New York voters including nearly half of Democrats. In the most recent Siena poll last week. Didn't know enough about Nixon to even have an opinion among all about Eric and among those who did we Democrat. 33%. Of Democrats you Nixon favorably compared to 23%. Who view her unfavorably. Whereas among Democrats Cuomo had to he can read 32%. Favorable rating. So he starts with a strong position. But there's a long way to go. As a long way to go it appears Nixon gaining some ground is this typical the trend we usually see in primaries where somebody is. Challenging an incumbent. Absolutely well you know. Andrew Cuomo was then known entity to the voters of this state and government out for nearly eight years in general for years format. Hud secretary it's all we're governor in terms. So no group home they're starting to learn about Cynthia Nixon. And the real challenge Nixon. Beyond getting home to the voters which is still to do is she got to convince voters in the case Democrats. She's got to convince them that even though they like Andrew Moore right now. They should not support him they should support car at copper challenger. Can make that case. Steve she was called out while she was here yesterday for finally getting to buffalo. Should she get to know the city since it's the second biggest city in the state. Are absolutely look at your candidate for governor. Our home you know we know that and a democratic primary the vast majority of bolts will come from down state. But you're running for governor. You should be familiar with buffalo and Rochester and Syracuse in Plattsburgh in Binghamton seeing. On an awkward count the and Orleans county and everywhere else. You know that you'd stay nineteen million people sixty recount these we have that natural upstate downstate divide. But. Candidate who wanna run statewide and wanna win statewide. Really have to. You know big. Become known to voters across the state and have to be familiar with boulders problems and issues across. In the meantime when looking at just this primary go that you mentioned most of the votes will come from downstate. While most of the votes also come from people who are maybe already aware. Of who Cynthia Nixon is just given who tends to vote in a primary. Absolutely look by the time we get to primary they'll daddy go on about Thursday at certain this year September 13. But don't the majority of democratic voters will be familiar with Nixon and also there will be making a choice based on that. But the thing that concerns me as an observer of the most is just. How New Yorkers. People are in the democratic primary for years ago and more challenged by separate out. In North Korean or less than 11%. Of registered Democrats voted. The gubernatorial general election four years ago way and a small ones get second term against rob mastery over that Westchester County executive. Only 36%. Little more than one hurdle here and actually vote. It concerns me the most is that. The electorate is getting more fewer people are and fortunately voting and what does particularly in primaries. It allows war. That that the more money in the Republican Party more and more you know. All right she certainly in the Democratic Party more or less livable. Or will likely voters went with the majority of New Yorkers. Are there all right or far left they tend to be much more in the middle. Are you Steve and we've enjoyed this banks that Steve Greenberg. He's a pollster with the Siena research institute.