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Wednesday, April 25th

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Waiting. It's great to be. Thank you also from rolling with location changes. We were supposed to be at a particular community center and seems like the governor really didn't want us meeting there today so we got bumped out despite the fact that you're paying market rate is facing communities and didn't feel like they can brisket. So Lehman and another community center and we got kicked out of that one too. So we're very happy that the any different. Senator is with housing us today for some really great conversations that we have. On I just want to say I'm you know I'm here meaning winds. Grassroots leaders and activists in buffalo. And I guess that's really really threatening to the power establishment here it should Indy it's a democracy and we just I wanna talk. And I wanna hear from people in buffalo. What their experiences and particularly their experience with economic development here and I have to say their experiences is very. Three. Leaves a little lot wanting. That when I keep hearing from people is the economic development witches. A really good the really good place to start is what's needed but it's being done in a very. Gary sloppy play and and it varies. And the money is going to people who work great contributors of the governor's. And there is very little oversight there's certainly no. Bidding going on and there's very little job creation and no strings attached. On the thing that I keep hearing from people today as I. Heard from people in Syracuse as I heard from people in Rochester. Is that this kind of top down economic development. Just doesn't work it just doesn't work. For the members of the communities that need it most particularly. Communities of color. They know that all this economic development money is being spent here but they are just not. That we need to funds we need to stop giving tax breaks to corporations and millionaires and billionaires. And we need to. You know that Cuomo has cut 25 billion dollars. The State's revenue in the last. Seven years and we need that money and we need that money to invest in infrastructure. We need certainly in buffalo we need to invested in our our transportation system I mean there's. There's there's a study that the federal government. Stands five which says if you invest a billion dollars in transportation you create when he 5000. Jobs. Certainly buffalo it could really benefit from that kind of investment in her transportation system. We need to invest in our schools. Buffalo is snowed. Almost 71 million dollars and foundation aid we need death for our students but we also need that to create good jobs in our schools. We need to invest in green economy we need to. Commits to a 100% renewable energy and we need to hold. Polluters accountable and we need to then. Take that money to Turbo charge our transition. Which would create almost a 150000. Good jobs across this state in a targeted way starting with those communities. That were most affected by environmental pollution. We need to that we need to protect Lake Erie it is it is the most important resource that buffalo has. On but it's only it's only good as as long as it's clean. And we need to invest in in humans the humans service economy is the fastest growing part of our economy. Did experts say that I 2030 it's going to be the biggest part of our economy. It's the thing that Governor Cuomo has he's he's he's decimated spending two hour. Our cities and our Townsend and locality he needs cut almost 57000 human services jobs half an hour schools. But the other half is. That didn't get the jobs that we need just as much in day care and in home health aides and afterschool programs and in senior centers and nursing homes this is it that these kind of jobs. They can't be outsourced they have to happen. On site. And the thing that's I think really important to remember is we have to not just have more of these jobs. But we have to make sure these jobs are good jobs with a living wage and benefits and these jobs are. Overwhelmingly held by women and people of color and immigrants often by people who work in all three of those categories this is the the human carrying economy. And it's exactly the kind of infrastructure investment that has been lacking by this administration. We need to invest in. And clean water and clean air and we need to invest in transportation. And we need to invest in human services and this is what I'm hearing from people on the ground here in buffalo that. They appreciate all the money being spent they just wish they were seeing some. Today how much does it bother you win the public perception is that. You're running for governor but you only care about downstate the MTA and you don't care so much about upstate what do you say to those. I was say first of all that that's entirely untrue. And that it's we've got a lot of poverty in New York City that. Poverty in buffalo. And not concerns. In Syracuse is is is even worse right. And I think that it. You know the things that I'm running for the things that I wanted to do as governor. Are things that everybody in every part of the state wants we also regardless of their political party. People want. Schools that that educate their children well people lines. Water and airs its clean. People want transportation it gets them where they're where they're going and people want housing that they can actually forward I mean. One of the things that that buffalo is really struggling with right now in the same exactly the same with New York City is. Is because of the power of developers and and landlords. That people who actually live here not removing him from somebody else that the people that lived here for generations are completely being pushed out and we need to. We need to and you are no laws and we need to strengthen and that we need especially to expand them because. Buffalo needs to be for everybody people learn. Come on in Buffalo's grade has so much to offer but we can't prioritize those people at the expense of people that and here for each. His Nixon you see that you would hope that we could find good jobs for people. And you say that the governor's policies are incorrect obviously you've done your homework kind of lineup a little bit more about Lester. But the thing we constantly hear from people is taxes are too high. What would Cynthia Nixon due to cut taxes so that people don't see their tax bills constantly going out. Well I think. You know one of the things that would be my priority when I'm governor is too. Make sure that our schools are fully funded and make sure that that our schools are more equitably funded and that house to do we did. The state taking on a bigger share and not making them completely tied to property tax. Completely tying funding for our schools. As an example. Is. Very onerous on on on property holders and in four neighborhoods they can't possibly generate that. But also lets face it the suburbs. Yes I'll tell you what I mean Texas yes I'm in 74 simply 500 dollars. I'm not a rich person. And me and my taxes have gone out hundreds of dollars. What are you gonna do to support those schools that take the primary. If this taxes. There the bulk of the taxes hey wouldn't say the schools can and we only spent more than other states and on taxes for school. Well I I I gotta argue with you there we do you sort of just weeks until we do spend more. Than any other states. But it's because in our wealthy districts of and are wealthy districts are so overwhelmingly male we spend so much. We world when the second most and equally funded schools systems in the entire country only Illinois is worse than. And we do spend a lot isn't it it's it's a loose date we provide a lot of services that you can't you can't show on these school. In the east side of buffalo you can't jump school in Brown's you can't walk in those schools with me and say. Enough money's being spent here it's not and the fact of the matter is I hear you on your taxes. But we have we have almost. We have I think 400. 70000. Millionaires and billionaires hair. They can hear what Western New York not in lessening our across the state across the state. And those people can afford to pay to pay a little bit more that they would not even notice and this is something that the assembly has passed. And that has then you know I can't get traction in the Senate's. But hopefully it will soon when the Democrats have a majority of moving the states. Are people moving out because taxes wealthy people. Don't care about a little more taxes what wealthy people care about is clean water and good schools. And equity. And and and living in a place that's a good place to live and the way to make a place that place to live. And to welcome business and to make it livable for everybody of every economic class. Is to invest infrastructure. The medical. I business. The narrative that Cynthia Nixon is in New York City. And here it's slightly. Well we are we eat wheat we would this is that we're we've been just launched about four weeks. I'm really glad to be in buffalo and I will be back again and again and again we've started around the state to other places this night. It's my first trip as a candidate to buffalo but it's certainly not my first trip. To buffalo when I've been. Fighting for better schools. This Nixon many people are saying that just your being involved in the race is bringing the governor to the left bringing the democratic primary left them wondering do you agree with that and you think that. I do agree that that I do a risk that and I am really determined to be New York State's next governor but if we can pick up some. Some great progressive victories along the way I need I say all the better it's it's it's a time with Donald Trump in the White House. For Democrats that that it's it's not a time to centrism. If you're Republican you. He'd be Republican but I'm a Democrat and I'm an idiot Democrats and that's one thing that. IE I am encouraged to see our governor start to inch left toward he's he's still that long enough. You've heard about some you've heard about. We where's your criticisms about economic development state governor almost awful billion of course is very ambitious but Republicans are also chipping away at it talking about alleged pay to play election bid rigging. How do you maintain accurate criticism while yelled not looking like giving away for a from the liberal base Heidi differentiate from. The Republican attack on ovals and I'll. I think a disgust with corruption particularly and government is is a bipartisan issue and I think certainly. When you look at that it's conviction of joked about and the trial of a mentally or us coming up. I I I think it raises a lot of questions is this really how we want our our state governments to. Giveaways economic development dollars I certainly don't know a few people in New York it is what it. Then again we think about it. About things and. They see this situation that Governor Cuomo has created for the last seven and a half years making it. Really very comfortable and very close Ian and being rewarded actually for Democrats going over and and and and voting with Republicans. Heat he has he is. Has created this climate and it's not surprising that we're in the situation we are in the sense that's out there right now what do you think governor Arnold. Plan not to do the plastic bag and he. Well I plan to do that it did it to put it fee on plastic bags. I'm real. Strong arm and even better. 'cause I I'm really excited about that I think that's maybe that's a really heartfelt. Decision on his part. When last year in New York City week we had fought for four years to put a C on it and he came in proactively and feel it. I'm glad that he woke up 1 morning and saw the world differently. I look forward to how he will be seeing the world differently in the months to. Desperate today judge okay it was a special assembly election. Which. What about about about that very democratic district. The guy running against the governor when. There. Oh.