Curtailing Security Clearances - Janai Norman


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Let's go live to the White House this morning and check in with correspondent shenae Norman and there's been more talk about John Brennan and his security clearance being pulled. And why that decision was made right. Great so there's been more talk about it but actually saw prison truck yesterday. He wouldn't answer any questions about it but you know some people are now starting to question the reasoning behind. That president deciding to revoke conference and security clearance because when. Press Secretary tears in her first trip this evening from the present they cited. Erratic behavior and wild outburst on television and on the Internet that the AC John Brennan has had towards the administration. But then later the president did an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Where he is the reasoning starts to try kind of oval itsy to any event starts connecting to the Russia investigation and saying that it was a move. That needed to be done. Looking at this military parade that the president's was kind of very gung ho about now says it will happen as scheduled though what do we know about actual plans that were made to have a parade. Right suing that they were in go working plans to try to get this underway but basically the parade. Has been postponed in won't be taking place this year so. We know that assuming that the president wanted to do but obviously that's not gonna happen this year. And we heard two about a 92 million dollar price tag but then later it sounds like James Madison now we won't even be close to that. Right because if DOD put out a statement and think they're now looking at the eight for 2019 fat military parade in that statement. Made no mention of that 92 million dollar. Price tag. So looking forward to next year to trying to make our teammates thank you it's to name Norman joining us live from the White House.